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  1. I'm wondering how good bisons draft bonus is going to be? Are they going to replace hell horses with horseshoes on carts/wagons? It would be nice to have something else than just hell horses used for everything, but at the same time you won't need as many horseshoes as you need now since most people use vehicles for transportation. Unless we are getting some new animal gear as well.
  2. Big +1. This should have been added long time ago. Let us finally see the stats and if someone doesn't like them, let them turn them off. Wurm has enough of so called "mystery" backed by "reliable" wurmpedia already.
  3. After some testing I must say I'm pretty dissapointed in these changes so far. Was expecting a major overhaul with more interactive gameplay. So far it seems like barely anything changed except for more visual indicators which are good. I'm not a pvp player so my feedback will be pve oriented with some new ideas. I hoped for more dynamic pve combat but at current state nothing is really going to change in pve. Changing attacking sides and using 1-3 skills during a fight (with tougher enemies) doesn't really make killing faster or worth hussle. Autofight seems to be working ok. Kinda looks like it's using moves and skills at random. In manual fight you can still do nothing and still efficiently kill stuff. Sometimes autofight tries to use skills a bit to quickly and gives you message like this "[20:20:31] You cannot use another special move for 0 seconds." thus skipping the turn for using special skill. Green/red skull icon doesn't really tell much about difficulty because fight is still too random. Hell scorpious or troll are shown as green at 90 skills/70 body stats. In scale set I can still get my ass kicked by fighting one or laugh at another because he did nothing. Skills could get more love as well. Skill that reduces food/water is completely useless in pve. Low Rider description says "Does a little bit of everything" but what does that mean? I think there should be more classic skill effects similar to stun and CR reduction. Maybe making skills being useable only while targeting certain body parts should be changed? Like let us pick our set of skills from the list and put them on a skill bar and make them work differently depending on targeted body part. Higher fighting skill mixed with specific weapon skill would let you use these skills, so players will have to unlock them first. For example attack that temporarily slows your target. If used while targeting lower parts, it will slow down movement, middle parts/hands - attack speed, top - blocks using skills maybe? More examples could be skills that utilize weapon enchantments with increased effect and some interesting outcome, guaranteeing/increasing critical strike chance, etc. These ideas most likely won't help much at this point and they would mostly affect pvp, so I'm gonna leave it for people who know more about pvp. Visual indicators are great, but please make them adjustable. Like the ring that shows from which side you are getting hit - make it movable, resizable, change opacity because we can barely see it. Add permanent, faint arrow which shows that you are being attacked by someone from that side. If you get hit, the arrow pulses like now, signaling that you got hit. Green/red text above bars informing about hits is just text taken out of combat log. It's probably usefull in pvp but I guess most freedomers will turn it off since it's not that important or even might be annoying for someone. I'd love to see some numbers instead. Regular numerical value like hit for 13,82. Next to it an icon indicating what damage type you dealt. If it's crit, make it bigger/easier to recognize. Maybe someone want's to see % of damage reduced by armor? Maybe what was the chance to hit of that attack? Misses and glances could be shown as well. All that info is in combat tab, so why not on screen? Let us decide what we can see, change it's location, change the size of font, color, etc. I'd love to see combat history window that would show me last fights. Damage dealt and received. I was hoping to finally see some real stats of my character. Character window could be expanded and show total/average values of your stats like critical chance, hit chance, damage etc. Checking more info while holding ALT could work very well with item stats. If you hold alt, you see % dmg reductions on armor and dmg/crit on weapons. Make rarity affect these stats as well. Also, as mentioned before, nothing about dual wield, archery, no new weapon types like one handed spears or crossbows. Would I call it combat update? Yes. Overhaul? Definitely not.
  4. Maybe change it so it works like sleep bonus. After 5 min of inactivity you get an orange notification that you will start losing favor from pool.
  5. Please remove Arvi from the list for Holy Crop. Thanks.
  6. Tried to get some of my iron back from smelting few bee smokers and didn't get anything. Thought they dropped on ground maybe but still nothing. Smokers just disappear.
  7. +1 would make chat more transparent since you wouldn't see all enchants numbers and tags
  8. Left layered 50 ql / 0 dmg 20c Please send to Arize, thanks
  9. Looks great! What about crafting window new look ? Is it getting some new functions as well ?
  10. You may remove my vyn priest Damao from the list as I did the RoS today. I guess you could remove Orran and Obrut as well since we all were together. Thanks for making this thread. Was really useful
  11. Thanks for adding my priests, but you did a typo in Arvi's name. It's ARvie and should be Arvi.
  12. Please add my priests as well Arvi (Fo) Damao (Vynora) best way would be to contact me instead the priests just in case
  13. Yesterday 19/3/2020 right at the end of the rift on Exodus I suddenly got disconnected. I was standing next to rift crystal waiting till my friend finishes burning last heart to close the rift and as soon as he did I got disconnected and reconnected again. Unfortunately, because of that I didn't get lump or rift materials as a reward. No rift points or progress towards the journal as well. I was waiting on my horse next to rift crystal and when I got off my horse to prepare for mining, my character froze in place when the closing happened. It wasn't a problem with my internet connection as my alt (Arvi) was still logged on Xanadu working. He was still online so it seems to be local problem on rift. Not sure if my horse is cursed but disconnect happened exactly when I got off, although this is only my opinion. Please check the link below. It contains important part from both logs (Arize and Arvi) twitter notification about shutting down and /rift ss. I know you can check it by yourself, but maybe it will make your lifes easier Hope it helps. Best regards, Arize
  14. Hello Could you please add Krotharin to your map? its located on 58Y 12X