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Found 19 results

  1. I know the measuring jugs are supposed to be fixed, but I have a problem with my rare one. I keep it in a small rare chest in my inventory. I used to be able to set the volume with the jug inside the small chest, but now I can't set the volume unless I drag it out of the small chest into the 'root' of the inventory. This is quite inconvenient as I keep all my cooking tools in this small chest in my inventory. I tried the measuring jug in a knapsack, and in a satchel, and it didn't work in those containers either. Please can you fix it so that measuring jugs work when in containers in inventory - like they did before the patch - not just in the 'root'. Thanks.
  2. Ash: would be nice if all containers that have the burn option gave ash over time based on how much you burn. Currently you have to build a bunch of coal piles or create an entire field full of camp fires. The reason… Your containers that burn fuel will only produce 1 ash? I think ash should be accumulated over time. So it seems current containers have a burn count down timer of sorts that adds time up to a maximum; then counts down until the fire goes out. Why not add a total burn time counter in the containers that reaches a max time then resets. Every time that counter reaches its max time it produces an Ash (0.10 ash as I recall) in the container. It will slowly fill up until it completely stifles the fire and needs to be cleared out. Now this shouldn’t be intended to inundate a player with Ash so the “Ash Timer” reset time should be… one or one half the max burn time so you only get one to two ash per refueling action. This also improves the issue with players accumulating A LOT of wood scrap from other projects. Speaking of which… Scrap: It also would be nice if coal Piles use primarily wood scrap rather than a ton of logs. It not only makes more sense (I’ve seen coal piles built in RL and you really do use mostly undesirable wood for it) but also improves the overabundance of wood scrap. I would say it would be nice to see a craft list for coal piles to be more like this: 3x Dirt 4x logs (17kg or better) 150x Wood scrap Crafting timers would have to be shortened for the large quantity of Scrap to add or have similar timers and have a requirement that the scrap has to be 10 Kg or better so the player would need to combine it. It would be enhanced even further if you had to craft the dirt into mud first but that would add a whole new ingredient to the game, Likely prohibitive for the devs. Thank-you for any thoughts on these subjects everyone! Happy Wurming!
  3. Good morning everyone, Last night, I was working with my forge, and as always, I struggled to find anything inside my bsb. Mainly because there is so much stuff in it (like everything I collected that can fit in a bsb). My suggestion is to add a little text input to filter down the content of the bsb. What do you think ?
  4. Small and Large pottery amphora's missing from containers comparison page,
  5. Who enjoys the look of marble and slate craftables? For a much fancier lifestyle why not surround yourself with premium white or shadow black built from your very hands and tools? Now we have a few choices for each such as floor plans, marble statues, and bridges, but i believe we can do so much more with what we already have as well! Everyone likes the new and improved so lets expand our options here and live the high life!!;) Maybe even a new cart or wagon plan 6 animal hitch to cover weight difference i petition for more craftables with Marble and Slate similar to the options of stone, what say you my fellow wurmians?
  6. Hi, I would be so grateful, as I am sure many players would, if there could be some consistency in the listing of items in inventory and containers. That is: if the item name could always appearing first. For example: "zinc lumps", rather than "lumps, zinc" and "grass, bunches of mixed", "thatch, bunches of" and "sand, heaps of", as is the usual case with most lists. Then, when looking for sand, it is found under the items beginning with 's' rather than (surprise!) under 'h'. Thank you, in hope....
  7. Permission systems are hard to understand (having a couple of layered rules) and all the checks are done in the background, intransparently. When you drive a wagon or take something from a container, where you realistically need to use a key the game just does the check in the background. The player gets no feedback whether a lock & key were involved. Instead, a player has the memorize whether they already locked, unlocked and relocked (for temporary access), checked the boat after a server crossing, etc. So unless you repeatedly double-check using examine and cross-indexing your friend list and manage list, it's really just guesswork if your stuff is secured or not. Since we are as players responsible for keeping tight security in a cooperative environment, please give us the tools for identifying security problems easily and efficiently! Some suggestions to help with making the current lock and access status more transparent: 1. Event log notification of key usage: add some text like "<XYZ> uses the key for the <item>'s lock." to any interaction messages, like taking or dropping stuff. 2. Icons for container inventory and vehicle management (somewhere at the top): a ) Lock icon that displays whether the vehicle or container is locked or unlocked b ) Pickup icon that shows current rights of access to inventory: - green: access only granted to owner and specific users (vehicle management) or villager roles - yellow: access granted to owner and people who sit on the friend list or alliance (or any new group in the new permissions system) - red: access granted to anybody Of course the pickup icon would change status when a vehicle is moved off-deed for instance or when it's locked/unlocked. On deed an unlocked vehicle may show the green pickup icon when inside a building and the yellow icon when moved outside, and the red pickup icon when off-deed. On being locked there the pickup icon changes to green again. I wonder whether the pickup icon idea is really feasible, or whether vehicles need a driving rights icon instead or in addition to ensure indication of security status?
  8. I'd like to see an option for leatherworkers and tailors to make saddlebags. Make them equippable much as you do saddles and bridles, and make the horse unable to be ridden while equipped with saddlebags. Make the saddlebags containers so that a horse with them equipped is essentially a "pack mule". It would be really nice if we could take a horse out and have them haul things for us!
  9. Hi, I have been noticing all sorts of inaccuracies occurring when adding items to containers, such as BSBs and crates. Here is an example, with a BSB and square pieces of cloth: Start 2 pieces of 62.47 ql, add one piece of 36.39, end with 3 pieces of 52.91ql - which is not correct. Now, here is some simple arithmetic 2 x 62.47 = 124.94 add 36.39 = 161.33 divide by 3 = 53.78 - not 52.91 In this simple example I lose .87ql on 3 pieces of cloth - i lost .87ql on all 3 pieces of cloth 3 x 52.91 = 158.73 add 41.75 = 200.48 divide by 4 = 50.12 - not 49.84 Now I have lost .28ql on 4 pieces of cloth - that is working with the wurm calculations. If the calculations worked properly, then the result should be: 3 x 53.78 = 161.33 add 41.75 = 203.48 divide by 4 = 50.77 There are 4 pieces in my BSB with 49.84ql This means that I have lost .93ql per piece = a total loss of 3.72ql 50.77 - 49.84 = .93 x 4 = 3.72 If my calculations are incorrect, please advise accordingly. If they are correct, surely it is a simple matter of some accurate coding to correct this error. Thank you, PS: If this has been reported before, I apologise. However, the search engine on Wurm is poor to say the least.
  10. Would it not be wonderful to be able to create mini BSBs, like drawers, each holding say up to 100 items, that can be loaded on transporters, rafts, boats and carts - and stackable on the ground to make a 2 x 2 or 3 x 3 etc "chest of drawers" in which one can store items for a particular craft, be it carpentry or leather working or alchemy (why, oh why can't mushrooms be stored!? - dried mushrooms?) - rather than having to resort to messy and huge BSB arrangements. Each "drawer" could be say half a tile wide and half a tile deep on the ground. 100 could be loaded on a raft or say 10 on an empty cart, taking up a proportion of the space of a small crate....
  11. For Sale: 1 Rare Water Skin Price: 4s + COD Location: Corinth on Xanadu server (S14) A skin sown from leather with a wooden plug in a strap. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The water skin has some excess leather that needs to be cut away with a leather knife. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, '.su'. Thanks for looking!
  12. Hi - Please see this topic and give it some support, if you concur: Many thanks - in hope
  13. It would be quite helpful to have a progress meter or some kind of indication to show how close a container is to being full. A meter could fit nicely across the top of a window on a wagon or boat or other volume based containers.
  14. Perhaps we can add generic permissions to any containers/doors inside the perimeter of a home. So that things like below can happen. Bedrooms for multiple residents in a home. Private chests within a home. Housing a noob who needs a friend to protect them. etc some modifications and ideas to go with this or replace this keys now behave as writs keys now behave as writs when the matching locks are inside a structure doors within homes now have permissions similar to writs containers now have permissions like boats/carts etc
  15. Deeds need to become more secure in the PvE environment especially pertaining to crafted items like ships being built on deed. If one is building a ship and has one piece left to place to finish the creation, it should be able to be left until the person whom you intend ownership of it can come with your permission to finish it. I believe that people with shoreline properties should not have to build inside a building and use the "ship transporter," if they want to build a ship. It makes little sense that one cannot build a ship on a deed tile right next to the water without the possibility of some random player coming, finishing it, and leaving with it, even with the deed roles being locked to the public. As people pay for deeds and maintainence of them, it is not unreasonable to have some expectation of security on those tiles, in the PvE environment. I do realize that such a suggestion would not work in the PvP environment, due to the mechanics and type of game play. The members in my alliance all believe that PvE deeds should have ironclad security for all containers and crafted items and I speak for all of us. Moreover, if this idea of securing crafted items like ships cannot be implemented due to coding or another unforeseeable mechanical issue, than at the very least, there should be some sort of event logging system or tool that GMs can use to help with recovery or find out where it has gone other than using "tracking." A player can track. GMs should have access to other tools to assist them with this. In the event they have been provided such tools, I then must pose the question, why are they not being used? Finally, most new players are not aware of this type of situation and would assume the safety of items they are crafting on their deeds and the safety of containers on their deeds, whether inside a building or not. Issues of this nature could likely cause a domino effect with player retention, as people will become frustrated, that they cannot have security on spaces they pay to rent in the game and items they make can go missing without support being able to asisst them more, than telling them that "it's a costly lesson." Overall, it can equate to a loss of revenue and bad name developing for Wurm, which would be a shame, especially with all the new players we are expecting to join this gaming community.
  16. Large crate and small crate should be added to the containers page.
  17. I'll mail the pan/s to the winner/s. For the first pan(45QL) type: 1# + the bid For the second pan(44QL) type: 2# + the bid Starting bid: 30s each. Minimum increase: 5s Buyout: 60s Auction Ended
  18. I think you should be able to cut mixed grass and then weave it into primitive armors, containers, and lead ropes. They can and should be weaker versions than currently available, but nice for a newbie to start with because current armors all require iron and forge phase which can take some time to get to for a brand new player.