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Found 183 results

  1. Do you need higher ql food? Do you fail attaching runes to your stuff? Or would you like a longer action queue? Then you've come to the right place! With panfilling you can easily raise your cooking, HFC, mind logic and soul depth. I offer fast panfilling at affordable prices. Prices Filling 1s/1k pans Filling+materials 2s/1k pans Baking grinding 2s/k No longer offering baking grinding until cooking times are better, Payment methods I accept payments in silver, Paypal payments at 1€/s and Bitcoin payments. Location My cookhouse is located at F22 on Xanadu. For 50c I can bring my cookhouse to your place, all you need is forges. For orders over 10k outside Xanadu delivery is free. Skillgain and data If you're wondering how much pans is needed to reach a specific HFC skill you could take a look at the table below. For ML/SD/cooking skillgain predictions you could PM me. HFC skillgain, using sleep bonus, no affinity and not Vynora/Nahjo: The usual method My method 1-70 5k 5 70-90 9k 7.5k 90-95 9k 5k 95-99 29-30k 12-13k As you can see in the table I can save you a lot of money if you're looking to grind HFC at high skill. The bad thing with my method is that it reduces characteristics skillgain, which you may not want. The method doesn't require any extra effort when filling, so you decide which method you want to use, no extra fees added. Reviews [19:35:08] <Coastis> hmm, not sure what to say other than the man is a beast If you have any questions contact RobZ ingame.
  2. 🎉Cyber Monday Deals! ✨ Happy Cyber Monday! Each item comes with one "100ql Whetstone" for free! Enjoy! Rare File - 4s Rare Sickle - 4s Rare Small Anvil - 4s Rare Great Helm, Iron - 4s Rare Great Helm, Steel - 5s Rare Steel Staff - 5s Rare Trowel - 4s Rare Hammer - 4s Rare Lantern, Iron - 4s Rare Basinet Helm, Iron - 4s Rare Basinet Helm, Steel - 5s Rare Saw - 4s Rare Carving Knife, Iron - 4s Supreme Leather Adventurer Hat - 15s Supreme Butchering Knife, Iron - 20s Supreme Small Anvil, Iron - 20s Supreme Sickle, Iron - 25s Supreme Saw, Iron - 15s Supreme Carving Knife, Iron - 15s Supreme Hammer, Iron - 20s Thanks!
  3. Welcome to my shop, feel free to browse! All items are discounted and I am accepting offers on everything. Large Chest Weapons Rack Honey Barrels Rune Merchant Wine Barrels Visit this Google Doc for what each rune does, I am selling for 2c/QL. Not sure what the Honey and Wine goes for nowadays so please offer. Wine was made before the big cooking update. Also Selling 776 Beeswax at 45.09QL. May Libila guide you and have a nice day. #bringlibilatofreedom #libilaistheonetruegod #blacklegionliveson
  4. Offer of the day/week: 10x longsword - 40+ ql - 1 c/each Merchant Stock: 01: rare lamp, iron - 50 ql - 1 s sold 02: rare longsword, iron - 40 ql - 4 s sold 03: rare large barrel, pinewood - 51 ql - 1 s sold 04: opal staff, cedarwood - 2 ql - 40 dmg - 1 s sold 05: mallet, pinewood - 60 ql - 6 c sold 06: mask of the returner, leather - 91 ql - 3 s sold 07: hatchet, tin - 90 ql - 2 s 08: unfinished guard tower (hots) - 1 ql - 25 c sold 09: soft cap, cotton - 89 ql - 1 s sold 10: snow lantern - 99 ql - 1 s 11: rare knapsack, lindenwood - 45 ql - 1 s sold 12: rare champagne - 45 ql - 1 s sold 13: fantastic champagne - 90 ql - 1 s sold 14: 2x rare rock shards - 50+ ql - 5 c/each sold 15: 10x mallet - 60+ ql - 1 c/each 16: 10x rope tool - 50+ ql - 1 c/each sold 17: blood(goblin leader) - 100 ql - 50 c sold 18: supreme knapsack, iron - 90 ql - 2 s sold 19: 7x fishing rod - 50+ ql - 2 c/each 20: 10x longsword iron - 40+ ql - 1 c/each 21: Horde of the Summoned kingdom banner - 25 ql - 20 c sold 22: rare shield, iron - 30 ql - 1 s sold 23: longsword, iron - 74 ql - rt72 + botd43 - 1 s 24: longsword, iron - 61 ql - fa85 + coc87 - 1 s 25: pumpkin shoulder pad leather - 51 ql - 1 s 26: rare long bow - 31 ql - 2 s sold 27: rare small cart - 50 ql - 2 s sold 28: rare large chest - 50 ql - 2 s sold We are at Deli (Ingame-Map: U 12): You need Enchanted grass en costal-area Deli South-West? only 30 c per tile
  5. Hello again dear fellow Wurmians Like many times before time has come again for me to clean my house so i offer you results of my priest's byproducts in pursue for that awesome 101 cast and also results of me having the habbit to hoard everything and pick up everything while i'm looting deeds of Wurmians that are sadly long gone. And now i offer them to you for a very nice price Everything is organized in 3 groups by price of items (20c - 40c -60c per item), if you want someting post here and i will cod it to you from a 101 courier mailbox as soon as i log in Also if you buy 5 items you get one item of your choosing (from group you bought most items in ofc ) for free *Note since lot of you don't seem to read last post, pictures have been updated and sold items removed on 25.09.2017 26.09.2017. 01.10.2017. I will update it again after enough sales so it's easier to see what is available Also check my other thread for enchanted mats 60c per item 40c per item 20c per item
  6. Hello again dear fellow Wurmians As cleaning of mess called my house continues, i have to offer you another batch of cheap enchants, this time it's junk from my magic chest. Prices are listed in the last column on images, post here or message me ingame if you want something and i will cod from 101 courier mailbox (I know it doesn't really matter but i like to brag about it ). Ofcourse as usual C is for Circle of Cunning, W for Wind of Ages and B for Blessing of the Dark (equivelent to coc and woa combined) Also if you need cheap tools check my other sale post, a few of them is still left for sale Cheers
  7. Whetstone 89.17ql (80c) Stone Chisel, iron 83.36ql (70c) File, iron 82.87ql (70c) Rake, iron 82.65ql (70c) Mallet, oakenwood 76.69ql (65c) Butchering Knife, iron 74.16ql (60c) Hatchet, iron 71.97ql (60c) Hammer, iron 71.28ql (60c) Shovel, iron 71.24ql (60c) Pickaxe, iron 70.41ql (60c) Spyglass, brass 70.00ql (4.5s) Rope Tool, birchwood 65.19ql (55c) Currently located in EXODUS server but items can be CoD ed to other servers or will be delivered face to face. PM if interested.
  8. Hello, Legios here with some nice veiny virile horses for sale, pumped with Fight Milk since the day they were born, ready to accompany you in ANY adventure. nothing sexual. Here is a picture of my current stock (click to enlarge or use the link below): We are located here (H23):
  9. Lot of Rift Stone Shards, asking 7s for it, pick up welcomed, mailing posible
  10. WTS No enchants, asking 19.5s
  11. I don't know how it happened, but i ended up with a lot of duplicates: RARE small anvil 77ql 77woa 4.5s Weapons (you know you've always wanted to play around with something new, here's your chance for cheap!) Small maul, 22ql 16coc small maul 19ql, 25coc longspear, maplewood 36ql 62fb, 34woa large maul, 43ql 71fb The Odd Stuff: Explorer tents: 5c each 21.85 ql 30.29 ql 3.30 dmg 24.95 ql 31.80 ql 27.01 ql 29.96 ql 28.67 ql 3.49 dmg Brown bear helm, leather 68.06 ql 10c Toolbelt 50ql 5c Chain jacket 41ql 49 aosp 10c Chain jacket 47ql 35 aosp 10c Tools: Awl Iron 47ql 50coc 15c Awl Iron 46 ql 60 coc 20c carving knife, iron 26ql 83coc 30c File, iron 43ql coc 49 10c File, iron 45 ql coc 44 10c File, iron 54 ql coc 62 20c Fruit Press, rosewood 12ql coc 22 10c Grooming Brush, firwood 32ql 50 coc 10c Hammer, Iron 57ql 55 coc 15c Hammer, Iron 82ql 84 woa 30c hammer, Iron 51ql coc 55 15c hammer, iron 88ql 50coc 81woa 30c leather knife, iron 46ql 58coc 15c leather knife, iron 47ql 58coc 15c leather knife iron 45 ql 53coc 15c meditation rug, cotton 18ql, 47coc 20c needle, iron 47ql 51coc 15c needle, iron 46ql 44coc 10c pickaxe, steel 27ql coc 61 20c pickaxe, iron 20ql coc 85 40c pickaxe, iron 43ql woa 62 20c pickaxe, iron 44ql coc 42 woa 27 15c pickaxe, iron 85ql woa 84 40c 40c rake, iron 88ql 53 woa 15c saw, iron 54ql 6w 20coc 5c saw, iron 34ql 78coc 25c saw, iron 54ql 69woa 20c saw, iron 51ql 78coc 25c saw, iron 52ql 70botd 30c scissors, iron 44ql 55coc 15c scissors, iron 46ql 47coc 10c shovel, iron 36ql 64botd 25c shovel, iron 57ql 57botd 20c sickle, iron 19ql 77coc 25c sickle, iron 69ql 65coc 20c sickle, iron 67ql 69botd 25c small anvil, 18ql 47coc 10c stone chisel, iron 34ql coc 78 25c stone chisel, iron 70ql coc 71 25c stone chisel, iron 36ql woa 74 25c Feel free to message me in game for faster response.
  12. Tired of chopping down a forest on your own? Tired of filling up your 200 planter racks? Tired of spamming wine barrels for your beloved alcohol? Tired of making hundreds of pottery bricks that use up tons of clay? You have come to the right place! CURRENT STOCK: Erevorn's Variety Workshop now accepts orders for: WOODCUTTING: FINE CARPENTRY: POTTERY: GARDENING: FLETCHING: BLACKSMITHING: MINING: MASONRY: SHIELDS AND SHIELDSMITHING IMPS: DIGGING: OTHERS: RESOURCES FROM HUNTING: Special bargain deal! *For every thousand of mortar you order you get 100 pottery bricks for free! *Bargain available from 4pm CET +1 22-06-2017 until the CET+1 midnight of 30-06-2017 . If it turns rare, supreme or even fantastic it's yours! Contact Erevorn in-game or via the forums and place your order now! 1. Crates not provided unless agreed otherwise - additional payment of 10c per large crate and 5c per small crate. 2. Delivery coastal free over 4k items ordered; otherwise - 1s. 3. Delivery in-land possible ONLY on Xan - 2-3s depending on the difficulty of the road. 4. Bulk goods and services not listed above are ALSO available upon individual valuation and agreement. 5. Estimated time of completion per order - 1 week unless agreed otherwise. 6. You can cancel your order until it has been loaded and the transport is out.
  13. Items CoD'd from Xanadu. Post below, or PM me if interested!
  14. 0.35 in weight willing to take offers on it.
  15. Hi, I'm Forrest and I live in a Forest. I'm opening a small Carpentry and Fine Carpentry store, supplying creation of new goods and imping of existing ones! So whether you need your old, worn down ropetool imped back into life, need a new fishing rod or just want one of those fancy thrones to peer down over your slaves villagers, you've come to the right place. I can currently do both Fine and Regular Carpentry items up to 90ql+. No quality is too low either... if you want something 50ql, I can do that too! (Can do 95ql+ on request) Pricing isn't set in stone yet, just shoot me a PM here or reply down below and we can work something out at a reasonable rate. Oh, did I mention I also accept items in barter? Currently I'm in need of veggies, creation rares, sleep powders and more... I'm open to a lot of things really, don't be afraid to ask!
  16. Have been cleaning and organizing my deed a little bit and found a lot of stuff i don't need anymore so i decided to sell them The pricing is simple: 50c per 80-85 power echant for coc and woa 60c per 80-85 power enchant for botd and nimb and 86-89 power enchant for coc and woa 70c per 86-89 power enchant for botd and nimb Tools even with high ql and enchants bellow 80 power are free So if some item has 2 enchants, just sum prices from mini table above and that's the price Post here what do you want, or message me ingame (same name) and i will cod it from 101 courier mailbox as soon as i can Cheers
  17. As a heads up: Classes have started back for me so I am a bit too pressed for time now to update these lists, however, I do log on from time to time to refill merchants with whatever random goods I have available. As of 1/28/17, horse stalls at my deed are all filled, all are 5-spd, all have reduced for quick-sale prices (10c for normal colors, for example). Self-service. My merch at Glasshollow has a lot of recipes atm. New tools and things will be available once I replenish my ore stores, I have had a very unfortunate cave-in recently that destroyed... alot >.o. Soon, though. Promise. Items located on merchant at (J-9) Misareaux Coast: New recipes added, 1c each. Stop by and fill your cookbooks! I also sell ponies from (J-9): Including Jets and Piebalds! Bloodbays coming soon~ Items sold from merchant at (C-11) Glasshollow Market: Stock updated as of 12/4/16
  18. Read The Following Notices: Contact: Yiraia (or Siasia) Deed: Moonlight Shadows in Exodus (s18) Blacksmithing Iron Tools 5c 50ql 7c 60ql 10c 70ql Horseshoe Sets (Iron) 12c 50ql 20c 60ql 32c 70ql Bulk Lamps 20c:5 lamps (50ql) Only iron unless supplied different materials. Imperial street lamps are not included. Additional discount on lamp may be included if order is large. Improving is also an option. Read notices and pm me if interested.
  19. Not a Merchant ( limited Time only sale ) WTS ad will close at the end of the timers ! EVENT IS NOW OVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ CLOSE THIS POST ! All Sales Finalized .............. 'CLOSED NO MORE SALES SORRY... Will have to wait until im ready to do another sale ! or catch me n game WTS posts... Not much left ...... Rare Cheese Drill #2 Cedar wood 81 BOTD 93+ QL 6.00 Silver 1.25 Silver 1) Combat Scythe, Iron @ 83 QL with ( 60 Nimble ) ( 57 Life Transfer ) ( 57 Circle of Cunning ) 60c 2) 3) 4) 5) Short Sword, Iron @ 76 QL with ( 74 Nimble ) ( 75 Life Transfer ) ( 87 Circle Of Cunning ) ( 61 Mind Stealer ) 0.75 Silver 6) 7) Two Handed Sword, Iron @ 95 QL with ( 96 Life Transfer ) ( 101 Circle Of Cunning ) 1.00 Silver 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 12) 13 14) 15) Glimmer Steel, Carving Knife, @ 88.90 Quality ( it will increase the chance of increasing rarity when improved (10%) 1.00s 16) 17) Tin Leather Knife @ 84+ QL ( Blank ) 100 Silver 18) 19) Lead, Axe @ 84 QL ( Blank ) 1.50 Silver 20) 21) 22) 90+ QL Star Emerald 100 Silver 23) 24) 25)
  20. All are 75 copper each. Buy 2 and get 1 items free. Need to clear out old stock. File 41q 85coc File 46q 85coc File 80q 80coc File 80q 87coc File 80q 89woa Hammer 80q 81woa Hammer 80q 85woa Needle 80q 80woa Needle 80q 81woa Needle 80q 84woa Needle 80q 85woa Needle 80q 88woa Scissors 7q 80coc Scissors 1q 81coc Scissors 6q 85coc Scissors 80q 83woa Scissors 80q 85woa Scissors 80q 85woa Leather Knife 1q 81coc Leather Knife 1q 81coc Leather Knife 1q 81coc Leather Knife 1q 82coc Leather Knife 1q 85coc Leather Knife 80q 80woa Leather Knife 80q 80woa Leather Knife 80q 83woa Leather Knife 80q 84woa Awl 1q 83coc Awl 1q 83coc Awl 80q 82coc Trowel 1q 85coc Trowel 1q 86coc Trowel 1q 88coc Trowel 80q 82woa Trowel 80q 85woa Trowel 80q 86woa Trowel 80q 88woa Trowel 80q 89woa
  21. New to the game? Have a town that needs to supply your new members with enchanted skillers? Have a few coopers to spare for a deal? If you said "YES I DO SHAZ!!" then you've come to the right place. Heavy discounts on a hoard of Circle of Cunning (coc) enchanted tools with 70+ power. All tools are iron unless otherwise specified. 1minute mailbox time! Prices are 2copper per power with a base of 30copper @ 70c: 70c = 30c 75c = 40c 80c = 50c 90c = 90c (+4 per power) ex. 77c item is 44copper. Sales List: Butchering Knives (all 58-60ql) 70c 71c (x2) 72c 73c 74c 76c 77c 79c 81c (x4) 82c 83c 85c 86c (x2) 87c 88c 90c (x2) 93c 96c 32ql 65c/65w (50copper) Carving Knife 16ql 74c 15ql 75c File 8ql 83c 24ql 92c Hammer 47ql 70c 57ql 73c 6ql 73c 16ql 73c 8ql 74c 56ql 75c 56ql 76c 9ql 76c 54ql 77c 53ql 79c 53ql 79c 32ql 80c 40ql 84c 76ql 93c Hatchet 20ql 71c 21ql 75c 38ql 78c 78ql 79c/83woa (1.4s) Leather Knife 35ql 73c 44ql 96c Mallet 71ql 75c87w (75copper) 71ql 71c64w (70copper) 18ql 83c60w (80copper) 55ql 66c66w (50copper) Needle 69ql 79c Pickaxe (iron) 32ql 70c 56ql 71c 59ql 71c 56ql 72c 38ql 72c 57ql 78c 59ql 81c 57ql 82c 33ql 82c46w (+20copper) 48ql 83c 59ql 85c 30ql 87c 24ql 88c Pickaxe (steel) --> ADD 10c to cost! 50ql 70c 42ql 72c 44ql 72c 37ql 73c 38ql 77c 50ql 77c 51ql 78c 44ql 80c 42ql 83c 53ql 83c 46ql 85c 33ql 87c Rake 9ql 69c (25copper) 16ql 70c 46ql 75c 35ql 75c Saw 13ql 79c Shovel 45ql 74c 59ql 74c68w (+20copper) 51ql 73c75w (+30copper)
  22. Want to sell Rare Strange Bone 25s Open to negotiation.
  23. Selling these enchanted horse packages, You'll see the number of the packages on the backpack. COD will be added to the final price. With saddle: 4,5s 4,3s Without saddle: 2,5s 2,5s 2,3s 2,2s 2,1s 2s
  24. BOTD = COC + WOA Sent from Xanadu. 70+ casts - 50c each 80+ casts - 1s each 90+ casts - 2s each
  25. sleep powder

    as title says, selling 6x Sleep Powder for 1s/ea free delivery on Pristine free delivery to coast if you buy all otherwise pickup at Blossom (Pristine)