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Found 11 results

  1. While I was doing something else, I came up with this. Basically it adds a new tab in the server GUI that allows you to enable/disable and configure mods that use Ago's Mod Loader all from the server interface and not having to fiddle with files. Screenshots & Features: Requirements: Ago's Mod Loader Instructions: Extract the zip file to your mod folders Downloads: Github Changelog: 1.3 Added new data type: Choices. This allows dropdown menus with pre-defined values. Older changelogs: Info for developers:
  2. It would be nice, since the permissions still work now, if horses that were dead could still be managed until the permissions wear off. Otherwise I can't let someone else loot or pickup my own horse if I didn't plan for its death ahead of time and already give them permission... >.<
  3. Hi! So, I've been running a small private WU server for myself and a few friends. We can't however, for the life of us, seem to be able to get branding to work properly. We've branded a number of horses while on deed, but despite them showing as branded when examined, there's no manage / permissions options when right clicking them, nor is there an option to manage animals when the deed owner right clicks their own body, nor are we able to equip the animals (When trying to put a saddle or horseshoes on them it says "You are not allowed to do that"). I've done a bit of searching and can't seem to find anyone else having this problem. Is there something we're doing wrong?
  4. Hey all, a few months ago I made this IRC bot for my personal use to make a few WU server management things a bit easier on myself. I've just done some changes on it last night to remove passwords etc, and put it up on Github. You can check it out at I'm not sure how useful it'll be to anyone as is, it doesn't come prepackaged, so you'll need to sort out the IRC libraries yourself, and it also needs a few classes from the WU code from server.jar and common.jar. You can either pull those classes out individually, or just add the server.jar and common.jar to the classpath when running it. It currently lets you shutdown the server, broadcast messages, add money to someone's bank, and remove money from someones bank. At the very least it might be a good example for someone trying to make use of the RMI commands.
  5. We are able to manage from anywhere on the server boats, carts (large/small), wagons, animals, gates, mine doors, buildings and even individual doors. Which has been a pretty amazing feature of the permissions system. We should also be able to remotely manage the chests, coffers, bsbs and anything else we can put a name on, lock and use permissions to manage. It is not to bad on the small servers, but on the large servers such as xanadu, chaos, indy this is a big inconvenience when you need to give someone access to something locked up that you are not even close to. edit; To simplify matters, since some people may be using 100s of bsb's/chests for storage, only have containers that have a lock added listed in the manage list.
  6. So when you have 100+ gates, the Manage Gates menu prompts you for 0-99 or 100-199. I apparently have just enough gates that one doesn't appear on either selection. 100-199 shows blank.
  7. Currently for shared buildings on a deed you have to either have one person handle adding and removing people from writs OR you have to share the password of a writ holder with multiple people, neither of which is practical. Logging characters in and out in order to access the one who holds the writs is bothersome and if only one person has access to them people may become locked out of something they need if that person is away. Handing your password to others also exposes you to the possibility of account theft and vandalism for which you're held personally responsible in accordance with the game rules. The suggestion: Create a "Writ binder" that is a permissions group tied to the settlement token. How it works: - When a writ is part of the deed an entry of it is spawned in the writ binder -- The entries in the writ binder have the same functionality as you would have when holding the writ, including the ability to be able to attach a lock to the door - A permission check for handling the binder is included (which could be included either in the roles themselves OR at a management page of the binder only accessible to the mayor) - Different binder groups can be created, ex. "Resources", "Bedding" and different roles may have access to all, parts or none of the binder groups How to use it: - The mayor decides which roles should be allowed to handle the different binder groups -- Writs are placed in a standard binder group and may then be moved into a player created group -- Roles with access to the binder may also be given the ability to hand others binder access or to create binder groups, for example - To add or remove someone to a writ (or any of the other writ functions) you visit the token and choose the "Writ binder" option -- The binder then presents you with a window that displays the binder groups that you have access to and the writs that belong to them. The writs in each group are listed in alphabetical order and you choose which one you want to manage, which opens up a regular writ management window
  8. Could we have an individual setting for cultivation? I would love to be able to allow a villager to cultivate a packed tile without giving them the ability to terraform on the deed. Allowing the villager to terraform = risk of being griefed. Allowing them the right to just cultivate = harmless. I was hoping this would be enabled with the new management system coming up - but it did not appear to be there as an option in the screenshot given to us by the devs. So anyone else been wishing for this to be its own setting?
  9. Bridges need permissions management. I should be able to unload a crate on a finished bridge off-deed and someone should be able to take items from it. Please make this happen. It works with normal tiles off-deed so I don't see why a bridge would be different.
  10. If this forum (buildings/maint) should be where bugs are managed, then GMs who receive support tickets should be adding/updating threads here with the information on /support tickets. Note: They can always ask the user to do this themselves, but users aren't always going to do that.. in which case the responsibility of a valid ticket opened in game being properly managed should seem to fall on the GM handling that ticket. No? PS - I would have posted this on Enki's town thread but he locked it for some reason... apparently worried it might get the wrong attention? enki post here:
  11. Hey Wurmers! Got a question about a secondary settlement we're about to put up. Basically what i want to do is have a deed that every villager in my current deed could enter this second settlement and pretty much have permissions to do everything around there (farm, craft, use boxes, beds, storage etc.), without them being actual members of the deed. What i think i need to do is: - Fully wall in the settlement with walls. - Make entrances with "gatehouses" (one tile buildings). Then i lock said gatehouses and give my villagers writ permission to enter the houses, so they can get inside the deed. - Put lots of stuff for visitors to be allowed on the deed permissions (aside from destroy houses, fences and plan building) Is there anything other special stuff involved in creating such a space? Any hidden permission setting that could potentially make the deed exploitable? Thanks, Kai