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Found 3 results

  1. Well, it would seem that making black dye is still broken - or at least so RNG'd as to make it virtually impossible to make high ql dye. I have 79 natural substances skill and 45+ alchemy skill, but: Using over 90 x 81ql acorns, tannin resulting over 70ql was less than 1 in 10 Using over 75 x 87ql iron lumps and the 50-70+ql tannin, the black dye results were: 15kg of 73ql black dye and 17kg of 53ql black dye. 73ql black dye is R23, G23, B23 = dark grey not black 53ql black dye is R43, G43, B43 = grey and not black This is RNG at its worst and would suggest to the new Dev team: PLEASE to look into this - you have done such a great job on other RNG actions like beverage making - please do do look into this. Pleeeeeaaase.
  2. I think most veterans and newbies alike get annoyed with the RNG, the "50% chance" is not 50%. Combat mechanics are basically Progress Quest, which affects both PVP and PVE enjoyment of the game. My two friends have joined Wurm and they both enjoy PVP in other games, we play Counter Strike, EVE and such together but when they realised what the combat is like in Wurm, they immediately went, "Meh, re-rolling to a PVE server." P.S. After that - please make it so that Rare flash only happens if you succeed. Edit: To add to the RNG thing. It is really annoying to keep getting really low enchantments when you have 90+ channelling or keep making QL1 items. If you have 90 skill that should at least let you start off with 50-60 QL items. (Imagine a great artist has to draw a kids drawing of a house before they can keep on painting over it until they achieve their house on the prairies enchanting piece. It is absurd to have a 1%-25% roll when you have put so much into grinding a skill.) Edit 2: While we are fundamental changes; how about parcelling land? That way you can give permission to a village for an area of tiles and then there would be less drama and probably more people sharing a village. Larger deeds with more people on them. Edit3: This old thread has some stuff that might make combat a little deeper at least.
  3. And in light of the recent drama, i suggest a system that will at least partially prevent any more butthurt drama: tldr first cus you people dont read: a voting system ON TOP of what we have for emperor or king or whatever, you need a certain minimum support from the faction to even be able to do the emperor thing. Full suggestion: a command used to make it obvious who you would support most as your emperor /support [name] you can support max 3 names, they dont have to be unique (so you can support 1 person x3 if you really like him or her, or spread your vote evenly over 3 names if you cant decide) you have to have minimum 5% of the faction's total support before you can do the thing to become the emperor. only count the people that used the command as upper bound, so if only 5 people use the command on themselves in the entire faction, each has 20% support even tho hundereds of people are in the faction. on deed token you can see who has how much support, who gave them the support is anonymous. even if an emperor is selected the support ###### stays active, so emperor can see his constituances etc evolve if needed. This for all kingdoms, including pmk's, all just on top of what they already have.