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  1. the settlement of Minas Morgul in Pristine was disbanded around the end of September early October lost 1 trader would be quite grateful to get a refund on him after spending all of that money
  2. Alright so updating to AMD's latest Catalyst Beta driver 14.3 fixed all of the issues If anyone has 14.1 that's where the problems occur thanks!
  3. This first Image is with me having my cursor over the downed tree my highlighter doesnt detect it. Obviously here i can clearly see the wall but i cant highlight it to do possible repairs. This is what it looks like being inside a cave close to the exit it generates objects inside the cave i can highlight cave walls and it shows whats outside but i cant sell the cave textures and yes I've verified re-download this game updated java and graphics card, and downgraded to see if it would fix also did graphic changes in settings. once again inside a cave and no I can't highlight that dead body to possibly get its pelt. What a cave looks like from the outside Doesn't detect the floor just the dirt underneath and also doesn't detect any part of the house except the door
  4. Why hello Wurmians I am I need of your help solving this issue that I'm posting hoping to find someone who could fix it since the GM's unfortunately didn't know what's up with the thing basically the problem with my game is that caves do not render (i.e. when I enter a cave all I see is game objects inside the cave and the skybox/day-night cycle.) My other issue is that most game objects for me are not selectable and I can't highlight them like they aren't there but I can see them (for example; One of the objects that I can't interact with is a wall it doesn't appear for me to highlight so I can't right click and possibly repair any damages that the wall could have sustained, but I can clearly see the object and if I go into it acts like a barrier like how it should.) Currently the only objects I AM capable of interacting with are carts both big and small, chests, doors, living players and NPC's, Banners, and the ground. any help would be appreciated will be posting pics if its not working ill post links from photobucket.
  5. sorry this took too long but Yasmine has been afk much like I have been but I guess she has a lot of silver in her deed haha and I saw the deed you built nicely done! to bad I've been afk for so long and never gave you a proper welcome so welcome!
  6. Minas Morgul at Y30 X32 settlement, trader, merchant, mailbox
  7. Raidcall is a fast growing pretty common used program. and Team Speak always gives me issues so I prefer Raidcall
  8. Come One Come All!!! (Pristine Players Preferably) Raidcall Group Dedicated to Pristine and making communication between players much easier! Just go to this link below! http://www.raidcall....php?sid=5606792 The more people we get the better it is and better the communication between players! So please join If the above Link is giving you a hard time follow these alternate steps 1. download raidcall 2. Go to the tab "Groups" in search bar at top left paste 5606792 in search bar and it should take you right to group
  9. Progress has been made in the name of Libila! may her spirit guide us!
  10. I was contacted earlier when i asked if I could buy more than just 10s at a time and was told yes the option should show up once I've purchased something and made sure paypal was varified and it went through, and to wait 24hr from purchase time. Well paypal is verified i bought stuff 12/18/12 it all went through but im still not able to see the other options if i was able to upload a picture from my computer i would show issue but appears it doesnt give me the availablity to do so.