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Found 26 results

  1. Welcome Wurmians to Lunar Armory! (Old Support Beams Factorytm) I'm glad to present you Lunar Armory! And I'd love to offer you my goods. From armors and tools, to crops and bulk lamps and support beams! Also I'm glad to mention, that old and famous Support Beams Factory works again!. I hope that you'll enjoy my offer, and all of you might be sure that I'll do my best to extend and improve my offer as much as I can! Orders Tracking: Current Orders Status: None ongoing orders Lunar Merchant- Rares: Lunar Merchant- Enchants: Lunar Merchant- Misc: Lunar Support Beams Factory: Lunar Workshop Offer: Blacksmithing: Leatherworking: Plate Armor smithing: Chain Armor smithing: Shield smithing: Carpentry: Lunar Winery Offer: Orders History: Alternative payments: 50QL+ LW potions= 80c 50QL+ Tailoring Potions= 70c 50QL+ Stone cutting potions= 70c 50QL+ WC potions= 1s Seryll lumps (1kg)= 3s Other Moon metals (1kg)= 4s Rift Materials= 4c Dirt (1k)= 70c Blacklist (People that i won't trade with)
  2. Brick & Mortar Services

    Providing Brick, Mortar, Concrete, and Support Beam Services. Your satisfaction is my focus. Taking and filling orders. My stockpile is continuously increasing. I follow through and deliver. Ask any of the players below. Mortar: 2.25s per 1k [4k in-stock] Stockpiling. Shafts: 1s per 1k [1k in-stock] Planks: 1.5s per 1k [1k in-stock] Clay: 1s per 1k [1k in-stock] Bricks: 2s per 1k Stone: [4k in-stock] Round Stone: [Taking Orders] Sandstone: [2k in-stock]] Marble: [2k in-stock] @ 2.25s per k Slate: [Taking Orders] @ 2.25s per k Slabs: 1s per 100 Sandstone: [100 in-stock] 1s per 100 Marble: [Taking Orders] Concrete: 1s per 100 [250 in-stock] Support Beams: 4s per 100 [125 in-stock] I deliver for free usually. I do crate swaps or will deliver to a BSB. ** Need more than what I have in stock? Put in an order request and I will provide you with delivery time-table** Iron Construction Items: Blank Bulk Tools/Weapons: For Enchanters Tools: Weapons & Shields: Meditation Rugs: PM me in game @ Mrzodiac
  3. Please close.

    Please close.
  4. Bulk Supplies

    Raw Materials: Clay 1s/k Lumps1 1s/k Marble Shards 1s/k Slate Shards 1s/k Tar 1s/k 1 mined lumps (silver, gold, iron, copper, zinc, tin, lead) Building Materials: Bricks 2s/k Floor boards 4s/100 Mortar 2s/k Nails 1.5s/k Planks 1s/k Ribbons 1s/100 Shafts 1s/k Support beams 4s/100 If planks or shafts need to be made from a certain material please tell me so upon placing the order. Quality-wise anything comes at whatever it comes out at. If you need lumps or shards at a higher QL PM me. Need anything else? Feel free to PM me either on forums or ingame. Pickup at D22 Exodus or delivery on orders of 5s or above.
  5. Support Beams

    Selling support beams, made to order 3s/100 - free delivery to coastal areas on anything over 100 beams Reply or message me on forums to purchase
  6. WTS 300 support beams

    300 support beams for 11s delivery can be arranged or they can be picked up at Black Pearl on Exo S16
  7. 2.5s/100 I pick up 3s/100 delivered to J24 Xanadu (Everien Shores) Will come pick them anywhere on Xanadu or any knarr-accessible area on any other server.
  8. sold

    Price: 4s/100 Free delivery included
  9. Wurm Depot

    Hello, welcome to Wurm Depot Now accepting orders for bulk materials. I use two alts plus another guy and his alt, so we get orders finished pretty fast. Free delivery to any coastal areas except chaos, crate exchange or 10c per crate (crates will be free once I can make them myself). During downtime we will work on stockpiling materials to cut down on the waiting time, we understand that when you want to build something you don't want to wait forever for your materials. Price List: Bricks 2s/k Mortar 2s/k Concrete 1s/100 Support Beams 3.5s/100 Slate Slabs 10s/100 Planks 1s/k If there is anything not on the list just let me know. PM Mousepad, Drual, or Rionor in game or post/PM here. Looking forward to supplying all your building needs. Thanks for your consideration.
  10. WTS 100 support beams = 4c each or 4s for all. Located Xanadu J11 Pick up Only or I can deliver depending on your location, PM
  11. So what i have in stock atm: NAME: Quantity: Price: Mortar 2000 (will be more) 4s Support Beams 100 4s Rare unfinished Forge 1 8s Rare small crate 1 2s Lead ore 2000++ 1k/1s I will be able to transport these things in about 2-3 days I have 7k of clay in stock also so i can make more mortar Tommorow will be more mortar in stock PM ME for more info my nick ingame :riderpl
  12. [DELI] WTS 100 support beams

    Hey all, it's Jacobacon. I wanna sell 100 support beams cooked fresh this evening. 3.5s any coastal delivery except Chaos. Includes crate. PM me Jacobacon or reply to this thread.
  13. WTS 5k mortar 2s per K SOLD 4k Dirt 1s per K SOLD 1k Bricks 2s SOLD 1k Iron lumps ( 15 ql ) 1s SOLD 1k Copper lumps ( 11.8 ql ) 1s SOLD 1k Tin lumps ( 27 ql ) 1s SOLD 100 x Support Beams 5s SOLD 8 x 70 ql Saw 20c each 30 Large (Cedar) Crates 10c each SOLD 12k Onions 91ql 1s per k or 10s for the lot I live on Xanadu server R14 Can deliver on any server coast (except Chaos) pm me here or game. Orders 3s or more free delivery PM me or Zetzu here or in game
  14. SOLD - Please close

    Hello everyone, I have 600 support beams for sale, and am willing to deliver to any coastal area on Freedom Isles (not Chaos) 4s/100 beams, or 22s if you buy all 600. I'll knock 50c off orders of 100 beams or more if you are willing to pick up from Independance L18, Sand Castle
  15. 60ql cedar knarr for sale together with 43 large crates, and mooring rope, 7s for all applewood corbita 50ql, 1s Pick up only from Xanadu, H17 Maes Knoll Please contact ingame to be sure i'm online Also can build ships for custom orders, large crates (5c/crate), wagon (can imp to 50ql, 50c), support beams (3c/beam)

    2k bricks, 100 support beams. PM me Zaefran. i can make all sort of things, just ask.
  17. As the title states, i'm looking to sell 250 mine support beams. id like to get what seems to be the "New standard" price for them , 4c each. but i'm willing to negotiate slightly if you intend to by the full 250. i'm also willing to deliver anywhere (including anywhere inland) and to any server Except chaos. my only requirement is that you must buy at least 50 support beams . id prefer to not have to deliver 5 support beams to southern celebration when i live on xanadu if i don't have to . I'd prefer to make contact in-game or here on the forums rather then forum pm. I'm reachable in-game at dedri or derpaderp at U.S.A prime-time pretty much any night of the week (im usually on from 6pm CST to around 10pm CST and most of the day during the weekend) Thank you very much for your time and i hope to be hearing from you soon , safe travels fellow wurmians.
  18. PC on support beams

    I need about 200 support beams, and would like to find out if I can afford to buy them. Please PM me with your suggestions.
  19. Carpentry stuff from Aurora Keep on Deliverance. Tools 50ql - 10c 60ql - 20c 70ql - 30c 80ql - 50c Ships'n'boats Rowing Boat - 50c Small Sailing boat - 1.5s Corbita - 5s Cog - 10s Knarr - 15s Other BSB - 10c Large crate - 10c Support beam - 5c Enchanted grass - 50c We are located at Aurora Keep (18/35), you can pick up your ordered items for free or get them per mail. Delivery is usually free unless you live far away or in a place that is difficult to access. Delivery fees will never exceed 50c, but delivery is only possible on deliverance.
  20. Beam me up, Scotty

    Welcome to my third try of a Merchant Ad What can you find here? The answer is: Support Beams Pick Up* Support Beam x20 for 1.4s Support Beam x50 for 3.25s Support Beam x100 for 6.0s Delivery is possible** *East Pristine, Reddit Harbour **Release and Pristine add 50c, for East Xanadu add 80c. Only to coastal regions (for farer islands i ll charge extra fees. Can be discuessed via pm) Larger Orders will take some time! PM me or comment if you need some
  21. Balmora's Bulk Items

    Balmora's Bulk Shop Hey I am new to the business but I'm looking for a medium order to fill, testing the grounds before I go full force in to this type of work. If interested please post, and PM me. I'm located in Tamriel 24x 6y, Up where old Europa used to be. Delivery can be negotiated, upon order anything above 10s Delivery is free. Items For Sale Working on Weapon Smithing Bulk Weapons @ 20QL 100/1s Spells Current Skill 56.88 (Will keep this updated I'll do 10% off anything higher then 10s.
  22. Support Beams for sale 3.5s per 50 missing one ribbon, ribbons are included Chain armour, Iron 80ql Jackets and Pants 70c each All other pieces 50c each Chain Armour, iron 70ql Jackets and Pants 55c each All other pieces 35c each Mortar 3S per 1000 1S per 300 50c per 120 PM me here or in game.
  23. Location: Shadowthorn, 5 minutes south of FM. Bulk Support Beams for sale missing one ribbon, ribbons are included Chain armour, Iron 80ql Jackets and Pants 70c each All other pieces 50c each Chain Armour, iron 70ql Jackets and Pants 55c each All other pieces 35c each Mortar 1000 / 3S 300 /1S PM me here or in game.
  24. Location: Shadowthorn, 5 minutes south of FM. Support Beams for sale 3.5s per 50 missing one ribbon, ribbons are included Chain armour, Iron 80ql Jackets and Pants 70c each All other pieces 50c each Chain Armour, iron 70ql Jackets and Pants 55c each All other pieces 35c each PM me here or in game.
  25. Pc Support Beams

    I need 100 support beams, delivered to the southeast of Deliverance. Any offers or price info?