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Found 12 results

  1. I think I've found what appears to be a bug for the TREEGROWTH setting when using multiple servers. Below is the code that appears to be executing for each configured server in the cluster on startup. Notice that all except the TREEGROWTH setting update its setting for the server data being loaded. But for TREEGROWTH, it updates the static value for the currently running server, which means that each clustered server's value will keep overwriting the setting until the last one is reached. This means that the last server in the SERVERS table will determine that setting for the server that is running, not necessarily its own entry. And depending on the hosting service configuration strategies, the SERVERS table may not actually contain the correct values for other clustered servers anyway. try { ((ServerEntry)entry).pLimit = rs.getInt("MAXPLAYERS"); ((ServerEntry)entry).maxCreatures = rs.getInt("MAXCREATURES"); ((ServerEntry)entry).maxTypedCreatures = ((ServerEntry)entry).maxCreatures / 8; ((ServerEntry)entry).percentAggCreatures = rs.getFloat("PERCENT_AGG_CREATURES"); TilePoller.treeGrowth = ((ServerEntry)entry).treeGrowth = rs.getInt("TREEGROWTH"); ((ServerEntry)((Object)entry)).setSkillGainRate(rs.getFloat("SKILLGAINRATE")); ((ServerEntry)((Object)entry)).setActionTimer(rs.getFloat("ACTIONTIMER")); ((ServerEntry)((Object)entry)).setHotaDelay(rs.getInt("HOTADELAY")); } catch (Exception ex) { ... } I was wondering why my treegrowth setting made no difference for some servers in my cluster; I think this might explain it. When I manually set all values to the same in the database (for that server) the situation improved.
  2. (I've moved this from a different topic to prevent it being confused with someone else's setup.) I have three servers clustered on servers hosted by PingPerfect. Most everything is working properly. They are set up in a horizontal arrangement, West -> Central -> East. We can plot a course from the Central server to either of the others, but do not get the option to plot a course from West -> East or vice versa; we must first go to the Central server. Each server's wurmlogin.db references each server in the SERVERS table. The SERVERNEIGHBORS table for each has two entries, as such: (I've put WestID, etc. instead of the actual server IDs for clarity.) West Server Server Neighbor Direction WestID CentralID EAST CentralID EastID EAST Central Server Server Neighbor Direction CentralID WestID WEST CentralID EastID EAST East Server Server Neighbor Direction EastID CentralID WEST CentralID WestID WEST Am I missing something here, or is there somewhere else I should look?
  3. Hey there first of all i would like to apologise if there is already a post about this. My issue is that i am wanting to make a server cluster, i am currently using Linux Centos7 to run the initial server so as ive stated on the heading it is a headless server im running and cant use a gui to configure the servers. I can easily enough set up another server but the issue is setting up the advanced settings for the cluster, i cant seem to find any of the settings in a configuration file on my initial server. Hoping you guys can help out Thanks in advance alicheek
  4. Noticed an issue with support tickets being opened up and changing original player for the ticket and the contents being changed. In some instances the time stamps are incorrect as well. Player opens a support ticket on cluster 1 CA responds to ticket on cluster 2 and escalates to a GM GM opens same ticket on login server ... Player changes to a random player other than the original owner. Time stamps between the responses change out of order between customer, CA, and GM. Looks to me as if some issues are going on with messaging between clusters with support tickets. This started me checking mail as well. I'll follow up. Cluster 1 Cluster 2 (same ticket) also note: This ticket was open by a player named Rantul and his ticket. So same ticket shows two different players as who opened the support ticket and the original ticket who it belongs to isn't even listed....
  5. I am trying to set up a second server to connect to our existing server, have gone through the wiki tutorial which was great help. First server works fine and has been for ages, loading up the second server with the Adventure database and I get the following error: That's a really unhelpful error message, my best guess is there maybe a database issue with kingdoms, but where it is and how to fix it I have no idea.
  6. Has anyone been able to work at all with default portals or know how to set them up? I imagine it might have something to do with the information in the set data section, but I can't find any documentation on it anyplace. Any ideas?
  7. !!!!Hello every one our server "Olympus Group" is looking for New players!!!! Cluster[Events][2.5XP][PVE-1[Login] We are a 200 Slot DEICATED 24/7 Server. Join our website at: Join us on TeamSpeak at: The Olympus Group was founded by Hades as the face of our Wurm Unlimited server The Overview of the Olympus Group Our overview is to run a Wurm claster where the game is well balanced and fair to all players, where the server owner and GM'S take the time to ask players about things that need work, fixing or improvement as a whole. (EVENTS ARE ON HOLD TELL WE GET MORE MEMBERS) We have events most days where you can walk away with some good loot and thing you can play with : we have a fishing event which is really fun Scavenger hunts Deal or No Deal-type game Random chests Random fight Trivia with Wurm themed questions Mods We will be adding mods that have a positive effect on the server and game play. For example: a bug fix is a positive effect, on the other hand, adding no restrictions for priests would be a unbalanced and unfair mod. Server rates: Skill gain rate and timer speed : 2.5x (we feel this gives a nice rate for players with the will to play Wurm the way it was meant to be played, and it removes some of the grind) PVE map size is 4096 with a max creatures of 64K - aggressive creatures 35% PVP map size is 2048 with a max creatures of 25K - aggressive creatures 35% Our minimum mining hits is 51 - we feel that this give the right amount of rock and mining rate We have deeding costs and upkeep enabled Field growth is set at 4hr per tick, 6 ticks per cycle. Notes and Misc. Information: We have a fully dedicated TeamSpeak with 512 slots so there is room for everyone! Server: (No password Required.) Olympus Forum is in depth and has an incredible range of features. Both the PvE and PvP maps are custom made and any additional maps will also be custom made. The GM Team Server Owner: Hades Server Fairplay Officer: Needed Head GM and Community Manager: Needed GM: xxToastEaterxx GM: MindOverMatt Event Coordinators: Needed-LATER The CA Team Head Moderator: Needed CM: PlayON CA: Needed CA: Needed Our server has Mature Management and Mature players. We also need staff, so join the server play build a good reputation and prove your self. Parents: If your child is Seeing/Hearing/Reading unacceptable content it is your job to monitor what you child does on the Internet, we assume no responsibility as checking ages is extremely difficult. ANY OLD MEMBERS WHO WANT TO COME BACK, GET YOUR BUTS ON TEAMSPEAK.
  8. Many of you may know me as Zazamari from....various servers. I have had this server waiting in my data center for a while as the interest in the minecraft servers died off. Wurm has always been a great game to me and I am happy to announce that the Earf gaming network has been re-activated with the start of Earf 2, the Wurm Unlimited edition. This server is in a class 2 datacenter with plenty of CPU and RAM if interest is great enough options can be made to enhance the experience even further but here is the current plan: Currently: -1 PvE server (thanks to Jerico for letting me use his map ) -2x skill rate -3x action timer -20k mobs, 30% aggressive -All others default, skills start at 1, stats start at 20 In the near future: -1 PvP server (Now open!) -This will likely be opened soon after everyone has gotten settled and gotten some basic materials and supplies set up -8192 in size -Suggestions will be considered regarding mods or server changes -Events will be held here -First 6 people to join will receive 1g as seed money to start their respective kingdoms off safely, 2 from each kingdom will be given this -For those that want to join PvP immediately I have set up alts in the respective starting towns, if you wish to immediately go to the PvP server upon joining simply ask and you can be summoned there since we do not have portals yet. -50k creatures, 50% agressive -5xskillgain, 10x action timers In the far future -3 more PvP servers -Each will be for the 3 main kingdoms -Other PvP home servers -These could be paid for by large kingdoms to help fund hardware upgrades etc Up until December 1st all deeds are free Deed upkeep on PvE now forever disabled, creation and expansion will still cost coin, simply find a GM (My GM account is Zazanari) and ask to be given some starting cash (10s), additional cash can be drained from traders for expansion. On December 1st deed upkeep costs will be enabled and villages will be responsible for maintaining upkeep in their deeds. Also on December 1st the first dragons and other legendary creatures will be spawned (unless spawned early by the server) The server is in a class 2 datacenter in Texas with a 100/100Mb connection with multiple gigabit redundant uplinks to the web. The server sits on an SSD and is backed up hourly to an onsite storage device. Historically it has has 99.99% uptime even with several servers running on the system so I consider it quite stable in fact its been 106 days since its last reboot (done by me not a crash). You can find the server listed in the browser as: Earf 2 We have a website being redesigned in a more generic fashion rather than minecraft specific, I will update this post once its been completed there will be forums and other thingys in it. Please pardon my dirt as I put the finishing touches on spawn. PvE Map (login location): PvP (8192x8192 version of Xallo's map here: map image purposefully crappy to discourage preplanning and encourage exploration
  9. Currently 2 servers with 1 more in development/testing. Interactive maps, cluster info and a tutorial on how to install the maps for our servers in to your client can be found with this link. We've been running VWT Home since 23rd of October 2015. VWT Home - 2048x2048, landing server, 8000 creatures (30% hostile), altars VWT South - 4096x4096, 16000 creatures - will be increased once population rises (25% hostile), has a couple of no-PvP zones, altars All new players have the option of 3 kingdoms to join: Freedom Isles (Freedom), Dragonsteel Militia (Mol Rehan based PMK) or Tenebrous Exiles (HotS based PMK) all with their associated newbie villages which have most newbie resources close by. We're currently looking for more active players to join Tenebrous Exiles and Dragonsteel Militia so as to balance the three kingdoms. There is even a spot for an active player to become the King/Queen of Dragonsteel Militia as we already have a King for Tenebrous Exiles. Game mechanic settings: PvP - yes Skillgain - 1x Characteristics start at 20 Fighting starts at 5 All other skills start at 1 Combat rating - 1x Action timers - 1.4x (subject to change) Upkeep is enabled Free deeds are disabled Minimum mining actions - 40 Breeding modifier - 1x Field growth - 8 hours Tree spread - 1x More active players are also needed to become priests and meditation leaders. We're hosting events every month (with prizes or loot) which are decided by polls so the players get to choose what we do that month. Silver (and gold) coins can be made available along with skill dumps from your Wurm Online character should people find playing on our servers enjoyable and wish to donate to the running costs of the servers. If you didn't check out the cluster info link above: to connect to the servers search for "VWT Home" in the server list. The Violent Isles waits for you...
  10. I need a command in game or something that I can run to properly backup all character information across all of my servers. For some reason this game does not seem to backup my character data for those characters on my clustered servers. This is a HUGE flaw. Basically all of my characters on clustered servers get rolled back at each restart. This is a huge bug and I do not know why other people have not experienced this, or are not complaining about this.
  11. Hello! I was thinking it would be great to have a cluster based trade channel for the chats about tradeing, adverting, work/service offering and all kind of chan in this subject. Each cluster (epic,old freedom, new freedom) get a new chat tab and all the servers which part of that cluster can chat with each other. In this way the GL and normal chanels will not "spamed" with trade links and adds.