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  1. Hi everyone, I'm selling 2k bricks for 4s. Pick up only from Pristine M20. I do not have any transport like a boat sorry.
  2. Looking to buy a good starter account, Budget 140 euros
  3. Make me offers or pm me
  4. Thanks I have updated my post
  5. 2s per 1K Stone Bricks Will deliver all around XAN. Delivery charges may be applied depending on distance from i12
  6. Hi im looking to buy a priest account for Vynora or Libila I'm looking for frequent casts. Woa and coc or BOTD. Not really bothered about the cast strength as i will be playing it as well For now i dont have a budget so just make me an offer.
  7. Send to ZeusGod Stone Chisel, Iron 91.18 coc80 woa93 1.50
  8. WTS 100 support beams = 4c each or 4s for all. Located Xanadu J11 Pick up Only or I can deliver depending on your location, PM