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  1. A colourful day

    Ohhh! Yay!! cow haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttt~!!!!! weee
  2. This is utterly awful. I'm so sorry that this happened, you guys have shown the community nothing but kindness. I'm sickened by the idea of some selfish individual taking advantage. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you guys to lighten the burden of the lost items. Sugarfoxx- T24 Release I am not on the highway system, therefore I have added them to my KOS list. They are not welcome here on release
  3. I'm ever so shocked to see an ample amount of whining and complaining. How about a thank you? Thank you Scooter for finding this and making it public! You did a great job, and yes this is short notice but it's going to be just fine and it'll be a lot of fun as well.
  4. Whew that was a doozy, but at least we know that@Shydowcan tank a dragon for 4 1/2 minutes and not drop below half health!

  6. Lost dragon

    Its a cave tunnel
  7. Lost dragon

    Anyone know if the canal near the blue dot is an above ground canal or a tunnel. My assumption is that it is an above ground canal due to the other ones saying 'tunnel'
  8. I've had this happen as well recently. I has a rare chunk of wool in my inventory and it took about 5.50 points of damage for.. literally no reason at all. r.i.p.
  9. Oh... at least you got your FS restored, happy for you. I was blatantly told no. Kind of a displeasing turn around.
  10. Yasss the wurm world needs more champ doggos!~ Currently working with Yldrania on grabbing some males I'm still up for some females
  11. Looking to buy some champ dogs to replace the ones that passed away... Pm me on forums or in game as Sugarfoxx w/ price and what you have. greatly appreciated woof woof, looking forward to buying a doggo... or 5
  12. I love this! what a wonderful resource MCM has always made the best dyes in wurm, I've been a customer for nearly 6 yrs and he has always produced excellent dyes upon request Wonderful, Friendly bump
  13. It happened to me last night.. drat... I walked out onto the bridge and was insta-killed... [00:44:58] Ouch! That hurt! [00:44:58] You are dead. Now I'm terrified to use the bridge... it's rather strategically placed so I hope there is a fix. Here is a picture of the scene of the crime and the investigation team
  14. Positive, the person who did it for me, does it all the time and has 0 issues
  15. That tile beside it can be raised with concrete and re-opened.. I could potentially just buckle down and mine it out, but I thought that it was odd that the lava wasn't working from the outside. sugar 0 sadstone 2 (rip)