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  1. I don't see 100 milking either, what hooliganism is this!?
  2. Oopsie, temporary use of 'Park N Play' at x44/y44/45 is over, this can be removed, sorry for the delayed change Many thanks to map peeps
  3. Thank you Vayu, the wiki has been edited as per the request of the GM team
  4. Would love to see the logs from these "CA's" promoting a mechanic bypass that is obviously a bug and needs fixing.
  5. Seems that if a bridge is planned prior to a restart, the player who planned it can bypass the inability to plan the next bridge after the restart. [With the first unfinished] [11:50:04] <xxxxxx> (xxx) if you plan the first before a server shutdown you can often plan a 2nd after the restart
  6. +1 THISSSSSSSSSSSS I've been birching about this forever!!!
  7. Bump! Please feel free to view the first comment, originally just 'Reserved' Now with some amazing screenshots!
  8. Entertainment Update! Woot!! Applying the finishing touches to discord, and the food stuffs. Fabricant has been added to the events! Thank you FAB!
  9. I received some amazing screenshots of the deeds for the party. Here you go Here is the view of the party deed [from the east] and big Tavern and Inn where the party will take place between games and events. The backside of the tavern, parking is at the parking deed, you won't get in the mine door, sorry >3 Overhead view of Psychedelic Sanctum, the party deed! The big pottery building is the Tavern and Inn, in front of it to the left is the small slate Snack Shack! Visit the shack for free food, drinks, and a complimentary special party drink![First come, first serve. limited product!] Across the western bridge and NW up the shore is the Park N Play deed, park your ships here on deed for safe keeping, come play with us in the Imperial Dragonsmith Arena, or participate in some games with us and win some really cool prizes! Peep the Imperial Dragonsmith Arena! Equipped with plenty of seating for safely viewing games or potential carnage! Come play a brutal wurm-style Capture-the-flag! [Credit to Stanlee for the design and game mechanics!] Lastly, here's a view of the bay that contains both Psychedelic Sanctum, and Park N Play!
  10. Attention SFI: @Shydowand I would like to formally invite you all to celebrate with us on Saturday November 20th 12pm EST- 12am EST. [11am-11pm Central][9am-9pm PST] We will be hosting a sort of non-impalong party with some competitive games, a prize raffle, free food, and fancy drinks in honor of Shydow reaching his 100 Plate Armor Smithing title. He worked very hard for this and the support from the community was outstanding, and so we'd like to give back! Some very kind and wealthy people have donated their time and gifts to our prize pool. We also received some amazing ideas for games from our community. Some games you can expect to play with us: Yellow Potion hide-n-seek, and an elite Wurm-style capture the flag. Please join us for the party, the games, and some potential carnage in the Arena. @Fabricant will be joining us after 12pm Eastern to run some exciting tasks for us, WARNING: COME PREPARED!! > Release Community Map This party spans over 2 deeds on the SE coast of Release, the main deed 'Psychedelic Sanctum'[T24] will feature the food and beverages [Located at and in front of the Psychedelic Tavern and Inn and Snack Shack] this will also provide a place for our priests to hang out safely. [Sermon Circles welcome, please organize amongst yourselves]. Across the bridge from the main deed will be 'Park N Play'[S24] a place to park your boats securely on deed to avoid decay, as well as our Capture the Flag game and the Imperial Dragonsmith Arena built for sparring and potential GM carnage. All are welcome, and we hope to see you there! Discord is Live!: Disclaimer: Zero tolerance policy for people who become rude/belligerent from consumption! P.S. neither deed is on a highway
  11. Thank you soooo much for your quick work kesa all the love
  12. Hi! I would love to officially have 'Psychedelic Sanctum' added, this is located as the entire island at x45/y46/47 Also a temporary add for 'Park N Play' at x44/y44/45 Please and many thanks