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  1. Congrats @ntstlkrYou are now the proud owner of this brilliant Seryll plate set!~ I will have it in the mail to you immediately
  2. *** Looks like the auction timer broke. This auction ends roughly 6:45pm Monday Central Time. 7:45pm Monday Eastern Time, and 4:45pm Monday night Pacific Standard Time ***
  3. Bump Less than a week left
  4. *Coffee Bump* Good morning, happy sunday!
  5. The Album link, both female and male models!!! The entire set has been runed to reduce damage taken. [12:30:41] A steel rune of Vynora has been attached, so it will reduce damage taken (10%) Fully AoSp'd set. All casts are at 101 or higher The whole set is in fact just shy of 90ql, but not by much ***A big THANK YOU to @Rocklobsterfor the cast work! Phenomenal service, as always!*** Wiki link for Aosp: Start Bid: 85s Increment Required: 1s Buyout: No Reserve: No Sniper Protection: 1 hour ***Please keep any comments to bids or friendly bumps, I WILL NOT tolerate trolling, ty *** If you have any questions about the set feel free to pm me via the forums, or in game as Sugarfoxx. * Don't shoot the Auctioneer, I'm merely a host * -South Freedom ONLY, DO NOT BID IF YOU BELONG TO North Freedom, as we cannot trade between clusters -
  6. This island has been around for years and years, probably even came with deliverance as a natural island. Its rather fun
  7. Me too!! I would love to be able to use these +1
  8. BUMPING THE ORIGINAL POST, which is why this thread was created. I DON'T USE STEAM, I AM SFI ONLY.
  9. *super sad bump* man its bad, I cant play for more than 3 mins without a crash.
  10. This issue keeps reoccuring no matter what I'm doing or how many clients I have open.. Only one crashes at a time, but its the same kind of crash to desktop and its becoming more and more frequent. If anyone can help me with this I would be eternally greatful hs_err_pid26552 Error log! Console Log: