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  1. Hi Malajane Please COD 1 of them to me, Sugarfoxx
  2. +1 Been wanting this for literal years.
  3. SugarFoxx but not SugarGoblin?

  4. I don't see 100 milking either, what hooliganism is this!?
  5. Oopsie, temporary use of 'Park N Play' at x44/y44/45 is over, this can be removed, sorry for the delayed change Many thanks to map peeps
  6. Thank you Vayu, the wiki has been edited as per the request of the GM team
  7. Would love to see the logs from these "CA's" promoting a mechanic bypass that is obviously a bug and needs fixing.
  8. Seems that if a bridge is planned prior to a restart, the player who planned it can bypass the inability to plan the next bridge after the restart. [With the first unfinished] [11:50:04] <xxxxxx> (xxx) if you plan the first before a server shutdown you can often plan a 2nd after the restart
  9. +1 THISSSSSSSSSSSS I've been birching about this forever!!!