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  1. I suggested the creature cages over 2 years ago! I'm tremendously happy that the devs implemented yet another of my ideas. Happy anniversary wurmers!!
  2. In case you haven't noticed, the economy is flooded and shitty 'cause there are only a handful of marketable skills. More diversity = healthier economy.
  3. It's not about making money to pay for premmy, it's about being able to be, let's say, a fisherman, and still be able to sell your stuff and get the coin to buy what other people sell. No one has all the skills, eventually you'll buy something from another player, and that's the very principle of a healthy economy: you specialize on making specific stuff, sell your stuff and buy the stuff you're unable to make. I'm talking about ingame economy, you're missing the point. With more marketable skills, you have a more diverse market, less people working on the same old main trades, and therefore those main trades such as weaponsmithing will unflood and their prices will go up. It gets the economy going.
  4. Ehh? What are you talking about? I'm talking about work. Everyone can easily make 5k bricks, sell them and "play for free". My point is, there's a huge skill list, but only a small, limited number of them are profitable or even marketable. I don't want to make it easier to make money, I just want new ways to make money, and I want to be able to properly enjoy the game by choosing the skill I want, not the skill the market wants, and still be able to make a living out of it.
  5. You'll still need to grind up your skills of choice in order to make money out of 'em. My point is exactly being able to specialize in any skill you want and still be able to make a living out of it. You'll have to grind and work just the same. Also, the market won't feel a thing, in fact it would grow. Why? 'Cause if you can make money out of any skill, people won't focus so much on the most common professions we see at the market today, such as bulks, weaponsmithing, shipbuilding...and they'll still need those. For an instance: Let's say you're a fisherman. Your fishing is now 90+, and in order to find and catch the most profitable fish, you'll need some nice, high ql, enchanted rods you're unable to make, so you'll buy these. Likewise, maybe you want plenty of space to store your catches, equipment, food, water...but you're no shipbuilder, so you'll buy a ship. In fact, you'll buy everything, 'cause you only know how to fish at the moment. While this example is quite extreme, it clearly shows why being able to specialized on random stuff gets the economy going. Let's talk about the fisherman further. What changes do we need in Fishing in order to make it profitable? Simple, we need a system where fish are useful in a unique way, and the higher your skill and the fancier your equipment, the higher your profits. Yes, as of now, higher ql fish are more valuable than low ql, but who the hell buys fish anyway? Now, people would buy from the fisherman if some fishes, in addition to the meat and fat, yielded glands used in strong potions such and waterbreathing, pufferfish poison could be used on arrows, clams yielded pearls, uncommon fish meat were used in rare have to make all the professions useful, you have to give people a reason to want what the fisherman catches!
  6. The game should provide us ways to live out of any skill. Who wants to be a Fisherman for a living? Well I'd want, if only I could sell fishes or retrieve valuable stuff from a fish. My point is, there are tons of skills but while some are highly profitable and/or have high demand, there are some with almost zero demand. We should be able to choose a skill, any skill, grind it up and really make a living out of it, otherwise there's little to no reason to have such a vast skill list.
  7. I'm teaching a friend of mine the game's very basics and he came up with the following question: Can I make a living out of hunting? Is it worth it? Well, you can get a coin now and then from inspiration rolls and you get a lot of furs and hides so I guess you can also do some leatherworking, cooking...? Being a hunter also demands having a set of armour and being able to repair I guess hunters would also need to be platesmith and miner...? He could also tame stuff, maybe...? Anyway, I wish I knew the answer so please leave your thoughts.
  8. ...her new roots burrowed deep into the ground, immobilizing her, and Betty's dreams couldn't reach any higher than her tallest branch. Centuries passed as Betty burrowed her roots as deep as her sorrows. Her strong roots and dreams drawed Fo's attention, and he gave her strenght to grow higher and higher. And even higher her spirit rose, as Vynora's tears rained down upon her, whose mind was now renewed, thirsty for knowledge and discovery. Betty grew and grew, her branches trying to reach the skies once again, which led...
  9. That's exactly the point, let's bring real meadmaking.
  10. Mead is a fermented beverage, pretty similar to wine. EDIT: Yes, I know there is mead in the game, I'm just suggesting how mead should work in order to make it simple, more realistic and able to age like wine. We should be able to use water + honey to make mead, which can be stored indefinitely and, like wine, would reach higher quality over time and have the same effects. We have the bees, mead could be easily implemented as a kind of wine, only with a different recipe. Please upvote, let's make this happen!
  11. First, I'd like to thank Kuja, who first introduced me to my allies. Next I want to thanks the Lemosa Alliance, the nice people who took me in, helped me, taught me and gave me opportunity to work. I'd like to thank specially: - Billingsley, The Hellhorse Rider, The Madman, The guy who goes around killing stuff and lives in a huge golden castle...who provided me with a place to camp, some tools, my first plate armor and allowed me to work with him, learn stuff and grow; - Tsalib, The Master Shipbuilder, who allowed me to use his mine for my first projects, helped me in many ways and sold me my first ship (actually he would've give me for free, he's that kind, but I refused); - Phoenixus, The Kind, The Tailor, The Master Mason, The Master Chef, who showed me what true kindness feels like, taught me much, helped me in many ways and still helps. I actually have to convince her to accept the coin for the job. My deed's first guard tower, Phoenix Watch, is named after her who improved it for me so I could have enough guards to face the many dangers of northern Xan. - Diceusinfinitus, The Winemaker, who allowed me to camp and work by his deed, provided me tools, taught me a thing or two about sailing, allowed me to scavenge some old places with him (where I found very useful stuff!) and withstood the annoyance of two newbs sawing planks day and night for weeks, almost driving him mad with the constant noise. Such a nice guy, we used to chat a lot; - Gofs, who taught me about enchanting, repaired my stuff and provided my with my first enchanted tools and AOSP armor; - Tallios, The Entepreneur, a respectable businessman who helped me and shares my dream of a huge, centralized market for our alliance. I'm also pretty sure I owe him silver lol I hope I can repay all the help I had by bringing new people into the alliance and helping them in any way I can. The allies and this game's amazing community are the main reason I came to stay. I hope the dev's don't let this community die, and as the game grows older and older, I wonder what the future has in store. Eventually it'll need to be remade with a new engine.
  12. This is brilliant, I don't know how it's not implemented yet. People have been smoking meat to prevent decay since forever. We're already able to make like cheese, pizza and other fancy stuff and still can't make jerky? Outrageous.