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  1. Someone in CA Help couldn't light an old fireplace in daytime on Xanadu. Two of us Indy folks couldn't snuff old fireplaces we had on Indy at night. A third person on pristine created a brand-new fireplace at night, lit it, then successfully snuffed. So some fireplaces you can snuff, some you can't, some you can light, some you can't. You're seriously telling me that if it's nighttime and I created a fireplace I can't turn the thing off to get rid of that annoying noise without bashing it to bits?!!
  2. I get the feeling this was all part of PvP back in the day on Epic etc. I have a friend who likes to tell me about what a big deal it was to loot someone's plate or have your own plate looted. But fast-forward to today and everyone is rolling around in full scale or glimmer armor. I'm happy to risk a couple days or even a week of smithing work, but risking years of effort and/or hundreds of dollars on one encounter, not so much.
  3. +1 to any new window model with bars on it and plenty of open viewing space. Plain stone barred walls are so disappointing...
  4. I can't believe the word trader isn't in this thread. We already have traders with cool things to buy. It certainly makes sense to have more really cool nifty flashy meaningless stuff on traders. I'm 100% behind that. But why do we need to invent some other new "microtransaction" store or system? Premium time really isn't that much and is inline with nearly all other MMO subscriptions. It generally only becomes an issue with regards to alts which we already have more than enough of thanks. Comparing to WoW makes no sense to those of us with no desire to play WoW. Obviously something was done right or we wouldn't be here. In fact if you're down to one account and want to pay less than you are, you can always go non-premium every other month. Compared to ISP and cable TV, Wurm premium time is a huge bargain. Lack of players is a huge problem. However, I don't think money is what's chasing new people off. I've met some people who only want to earn money by playing Wurm. You can do pretty well non-premium in Wurm. The devs even made one-time premium a bargain with the new 30 attribute cap.
  5. Odd, I was told I couldn't expand a deed a few tiles over a heritage site a while back. Maybe they were just saying I wouldn't be able to change the non-heritage portion of my deed anymore, but an extra 5 tiles would have been really useful for the non-heritage mine underneath etc...
  6. I totally agree with this. If anyone with valuables can just log them out on an alt, what's the point of "full-loot" PVP at all? Encouraged altitis taken just a bit too far I guess. I used to play MUDs where every time you logged out all your possessions dropped to the floor, you could store in a castle but it was subject to attack. Any Freedomer who wants to keep their skills and go PVP already has the option. Why repeat it yet again ad infinium on Epic? If that's not enough, put up a new PVP server on Freedom, but I don't get the feeling "we need more room on Chaos" is the message of this thread. If anything, there is some strange desire to PVP by those afraid of Chaos. I don't think that desire is capable of repopulating Epic. If anything a convoluted merge will open more loopholes and make things even more weird and lopsided. The whole religion carries over, so the player's "godhood" may as well too. That's about the only thing we should be sharing between clusters. Of course, if we turned off new gods for a couple years I think that might be a good thing, there's more than enough already. (Note: that's assuming "godhood" is nothing more than a title, freedom doesn't have room for mega-champions so "title-only" carryover) Final thought: Do we really want to try and encourage emigration away from Freedom when it barely has enough players as it is?
  7. If that happens I really really better be able to ride a dragon, or at least a drake or a wyvern of some sort.
  8. +2, actually there may be a few more things we could warn about too! Embark or drag or open any vehicle you don't own with no permissions. Ride a horse that isn't branded for the first time. Warning *NOT* to accept teleport when joining a new deed, although maybe that's emphasizing an edge case. Turning on climb-mode. Walking on tile over 25 slope for the first time. Swimming, warn about not moving if very low on stamina. Entering Epic, mention the "no see ems" in local where you can't see other players in local if they don't talk first. Walking 30 tiles, a note about reading maps and being aware of location since there's no auto-mapping in Wurm. Who knows what else...
  9. -1, I don't see how carrying around 2 or 3 jugs doesn't accomplish this, especially using "fillers" as JakeRivers suggests.
  10. Wurmpedia says a troll can do over 50 dmg in 1 hit. I know when I was a completely new character a couple years ago wearing maybe 50 QL chain, I would get hit pretty close to 40 dmg (sometimes) in one hit by a troll. Combine this with a possible "face-hit" as Yiraia first mentioned and you can definitely have very "unlucky" troll encounters. That said, I'm pretty sure everyone in this thread talking about troll-killing, except maybe RavenLure, is using Life Transfer. You really CAN'T compare a troll fight, or any fight, having life transfer with another fight without it. I've got 70 FS with 56 two-handed weapon skill and at least 10 more Body Strength than the OP and if I use only 70 QL non-enchanted chain + weapon I really can't be sure I'm going to win in a fight with a venerable troll without fleeing and bandaging. So yeah, they're tough, but they've always been tough. More than that they're unpredictable. Have a backup plan unless you're geared to do 10 phenomenal rifts in a row without dying.
  11. I thought we weren't allowed to deed over heritage sites, that was the whole point or something?
  12. For the pottery thing, why would quality affect the chance to break? Is a Ming vase any less fragile than a 6-year-olds "ashtray"?
  13. Being "first" really shouldn't matter that much. If anything, the nearest connected deeds to a given section of highway should have an easier time making changes. Possibly next most important would be someone who has crossed over that section of road 15 out of the last 30 days. I'd expect an avid road builder to move to Xanadu once their starting server is all built up (nothing left for them to do otherwise).
  14. There have to be like 50 kinds of rice wine and sake is one of them: From wikipedia: Sake - A rice wine from Japan. The most widely known type of rice wine in North America because of its ubiquitous appearance in Japanese restaurants. (see: But yeah, I believe mead does get better with age at least to some point.
  15. Maybe this could only kick in if the item is over 70+ QL? (many enchants don't work below 70 QL anyways) Sorry to seem lazy, but how many items fit in a trash heap again? I also don't relish the notion of a trash-heap in the middle of my church... I suppose I could sacrifice failures assuming it's allowed, but I'm not sure everything I cast on can fit in an altar (halberd etc).