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  1. -1, If we want everyone to be completely equal, we should just limit the QL of everything in game to 20. Why does anything need to be above 20 QL anyways?
  2. +1 Be nice to have a "splitting only" waystone that doesn't act as a destination at all as well... But this is 80% of that.
  3. My concern is that as written the rules *do* protect such a loop, as long as it contains a couple waystones. deed A connects to deed B: A+--------+B someone who likes loops modifies the road: +------+ | | A+--+ +----B It is illegal according to the new rules to change it back if the + are waystones. And a waystone in the last 3 tiles of my perimeter is still my perimeter. So I read the new rules to say I have every right to tear them up and change them if I like. (as long as I replace any necessary path with an alternate route)
  4. I think characteristics are just another "skill". So they also transfer. But no secondary bonuses to attributes due to other skills or even parent and sub-skills. Just a flat comparison to each individual skill.
  5. And I've watched someone put waystones in my perimiter or others without permission. Also, I believe you can just build a road into the wilderness and put a waystone on the end any time you want, so how is "time decay" going to remove something that can be built or repaired any time by anyone? I understand the need for useful viable roads where they belong, but why should someone who doesn't even live in my neighborhood have the right to put in roads that I'm never allowed to remove that could cause the locals problems and that don't terminate on a deed at all? (ie: pave the whole forest, mountain, prarie etc) Well, none of this stuff pries up easily, but I still like to have the freedom to fix problems when I can. This is really easy to fix in the rules: Highway is defined as a paved terrain connecting two or more deeded waystones together via catseyes. There, that's all I'm really hoping for. Later we can argue if there should be a "scenic loop" clause, but I think that's a lot less important than the basic transportation and limits on abuse.
  6. I repeat, so we can or can't pry those up? Are only deeds viable destinations that must be preserved or do we have to preserve dead-end off deed waypoints?
  7. Does this mean off-deed waystones can never be removed? Because if not, welcome to the paving over of all of wurm. Perhaps off-deed waystones should be treated as catseye(s) as long as the deed to deed routes remain tenable?
  8. It would be nice, since the permissions still work now, if horses that were dead could still be managed until the permissions wear off. Otherwise I can't let someone else loot or pickup my own horse if I didn't plan for its death ahead of time and already give them permission... >.<
  9. Oh man!!! My "no steam" policy is starting to slip. Must... resist... clicking... dancing... bunny!!!
  10. -1 in the hopes of avoiding even MORE min-maxing newbies. I'm starting to get tired of new players not deigning to waste their time on any action without the absolutely optimal 90 QL 95 coc tool to complement their click lest it be wasted. It's ridiculous when they could accomplish twice as much with a 2 QL stone chisel if they didn't waste all their time running around begging for fancier tools. Especially when they're going to leave the game a week after joining your village, I don't see why it matters if they got a 95% bonus to stone cutting instead of a 70% bonus (reaching 27 instead of 25 skill before quitting).
  11. i will play MORE

    Just how much do you think Code Club AB is pulling in on Wurm? Depending on penny pinching, a total staff of 10 individuals (not developers total staff) could run you 2 million per year. I seriously doubt Wurm is pulling in anywhere near that much. Which doesn't even account for server and bandwidth costs. Right now they have 9 developers alone, not all paid full time sure, but then you have over 40 other odd staff members many volunteers sure. You seem to think they're making money hand over fist but quite frankly we're all getting a bargain when it comes to time and effort spent making this a fun game vs entertainment dollars per month. Just the last cooking update alone was amazing in terms of development speed for major new changes. Finally, I kinda doubt there's anyone on the planet who "knows Java" better than developers who wrote one of the first truly amazing client-server 3D Java games, and it's still in use!!! I'm pretty sure server side memory leaks are not going to affect client rendering times... If the server does have lag it usually shows up in slow action responses like the nightly backup lag.
  12. Actually, favor costs 50c per 1,000 lately, so for 1 silver you can create 700 dirt out of thin air, or dig up 1,000 dirt at 10i / action... Not as much difference as it once was. Sand is mostly ground up rock. However, it does take hundreds of years (at least) to turn rocks into sand naturally. Even with modern tools it isn't really feasible to reproduce this natural process artificially, so why would medieval wurmians be able to do what modern technology can't (or won't for economic reasons).
  13. Doh!! Forgot to check the parent topic!!! If you have the powers the WO GM's have, you should be able to hover at 500 or 1,000 feet and take a screenshot while looking down. Some of the WO maps are actually based on something like that I think. But the idea of needing something in inventory to see it in game is very cool.
  14. Have you looked at the out of game player maps? I think the GMs like to leave road and deed maps for the players to make.
  15. Someone in CA Help couldn't light an old fireplace in daytime on Xanadu. Two of us Indy folks couldn't snuff old fireplaces we had on Indy at night. A third person on pristine created a brand-new fireplace at night, lit it, then successfully snuffed. So some fireplaces you can snuff, some you can't, some you can light, some you can't. You're seriously telling me that if it's nighttime and I created a fireplace I can't turn the thing off to get rid of that annoying noise without bashing it to bits?!!