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  1. Ages of Urath

    You have to apply to get the password: http://AgesOfUrath.com
  2. I was going to reply to this as well.. If you think modding cheats is something to force CC to fix exploits in PVP good luck with that.. This and all the other client side exploit / anti game mechanics hacks which give select players an advantage over another player is why I'll never focus on PVP on our server.. Also yes.. Tree collision is NOT something done on the server side.. There is nothing an admin can do can turn this feature on or off. It was forced on us with a previous patch. The only option to make it fair for an entire server population is write a mod for the server modloader that pushes it out as a client mod.. *sigh*
  3. Ages of Urath

    Nekash's Mystery Event Start: Saturday, Sep 3, 06:00:00 pm (GMT -4) Event End: Saturday, Sep 3, 07:30:00 pm (GMT -4) Created By: [Staff] Nekash An event for anyone and everyone. The more participants the better the prizes. Summoning will be available, you cannot be on a horse, cart or boat.
  4. Ages of Urath

    Application required for access. We're no longer public.
  5. Hey Razor. My son and I were playing on your server but now it has been locked. Any way we can get back in?

  6. Thanks for rebooting my clusters with no warning *sigh* Please tell me you just moved my servers to a dedicated rack so I can stop bashing you for the 2k im paying you a year!
  7. [old thread]

    Great players, good staff, and a warm community. +1
  8. Sorry I probably didn't help this in the Bug report thread, nor the OP on this thread...but I do appreciate your efforts in doing something with WU it was never intended to do. Hopefully you don't get to offended about my frustrations in that thread this morning. Most important when I say "CC" I'm not talking to you or the developers because I know who's doing the work and the limited staffing. My fault is my own mostly. I have had a clear vision which definitely exceeded that of which WU was marketed for. I wanted that ultimate sandbox world for more than just friends but a whole community. Some of my best friends have been made from opening up public servers to strangers and meeting new people. I never intended to compete with Wurm because my development path isn't even focused on the same gameplay (but its success does sell more copies of WU). I wont bore anyone with the details of my vision because this is by no means an advertisement.... That said.. We burned out a coder, and most of my staff because of limitations with the WU engine as it stands. My frustrations got the best of me this morning and I pulled a pretty drastic move by closing down my server to the public to try and salvage the great GM's and CA staff we have, and a super community of old and new friends over the last year.
  9. Ages of Urath

    Hi Very little has been modded to add overhead. IN fact most of the mods are bandaids to fix bugs 5 mods to be exact and we're still losing the battle on poll timers and micro lagging. I appreciate your feedback. I do think we have a great staff and im glad to hear other people see that too. There is no delay on meditation but the path questions are default. *I think* You'd really have to ask someone online. The breeding timers are vanilla and vary. This actually seems buggy because the poll timers are behind.. When these zone checks aka poll times / timers get delayed things like age / decay are also effected. Hope you continue to enjoy the game. I dont plan on ever shutting down, but I cant promise the server will eventually ###### itself if we dont get some serious rewrite of the way the game polls zones on maps..... Cheers.
  10. The bottom line and the truth: 1. No hosting provider listed on this forum is going to handle more than (2) 4k maps in a log in / cluster configuration. CC should have recommended a small map for a login server when they introduced the cluster configuration. #fail 2. Im not spending $2,000+ on hosting a game per year. If you have 50+ users on a 4k map with 1 cluster your poll timers will average 2s per zone eventually as the map fills up with any item that ages, decays.... Yes about everything in the game. [03:40:31 PM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.Server: Lag detected at Zones.pollnextzones (0.5): 0.616 seconds [03:40:41 PM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.zones.Zone: Zone at 1024, 3840 polled 6 tiles. That took 1737.9359 millis. [03:40:41 PM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.Server: Lag detected at Zones.pollnextzones (0.5): 1.742 seconds [03:40:41 PM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.Server: Elapsed time (1743ms) for this loop was more than 1 second so adding it to the lag count, which is now: 785 (4 hours of up time 29 users on login 10 on cluster) as an admin if you can understand whats going on above you'll know what this means. Yup.. im averaging 1 to 2s poll timers per tick... The login server is collecting so much garbage has lag counts empty! Yes Empty. Im not hosting these servers on crap.. Its on a dedicated machine (the highest Citadel has to offer and your bill will be $2400 per year ..... when my pre paid year is up im done with this provider. Sorry... and yup.. I've got X5 32 core Enterprise servers at home i was hosting on but didn't have DDOS protection so I moved it to a hosting company. Even on these servers I can see poll timers go up empty of players.... CC is throwing high end servers instead of fixing poll timer issues on WO.. Even with GV as a login server Xanadu runs like crap! Any player who still plays there knows im speaking the truth. When Urath goes down... Which eventually it probably will, players will either quit playing WU or move to another server and pound it into the ground. Ive burned out a coder trying to bandaid this world we're creating, and a staff that gets to hear tons of complaints daily about lag and other issues related to the above. We're getting tired.. Im getting tired... I dont get paid for this. It should be fun right? Getting pretty tired of it.. Really sorry but I needed to vent.. I see no light at the end of this tunnel.. Just a train. If i could make one recommendation to CC without making a lot of changes to the 6000 lines of code involved in the polling cycles i would make one.. add a configuration flag in the Wurm.ini to turn off polling a deed or just turn off decay on deed. Your worst enemy is containers within containers. The amount of time it takes to loop through storage containers inside storage containers is INSANE! I password protected Ages of Urath. Its by referral only.. I wish the public servers the best of luck. Cheers
  11. If you liked Everquest and you like complex systems but with as little or as much micro management as you want, and dont require immediate gratification from doing a single action you will love Wurm. I promise you. It can be a mix of real time strategy, and kingdom building, and even survival depending on the server that Everquest never had. You couldn't build a ship with your own virtual hands, and sail around a complete virtual world in EverQuest. Its probably one of the most original open sand box games ever created. (personal opinion) If you're looking for modern graphics, combat sequences mixed with lots of animation for each, and thats all you care about...and require an end game scenario so you can say you beat the game... probably not for you. SO my answer is... Unity and unreal engines mean your looking for the latter, and here is your challenge with those engines to date... You're going to have a ton of terraforming issues with broken mesh, and geo tears.... but hey... you'll get your modern graphics you're looking for.. you just lose all the things that make Wurm Unique. Variable bridges, variable houses, movable, shapeable terrain.
  12. Yea its a pretty serious issue. We're always over max creature count, though ive not done all the homework you did here, both my clusters are a mess (yes also did a full creature purge). They still ignore aggro ratio.. we have a mod that deletes {#destory command basically} any creature thats not in a whitelist <ondeed, branded, hitched, blah blah> Old creatures aggo and domestic. It runs aggressively on startup and constantly during normal operation purging creatures around the map. Guess what?? We're still over spawn limits Glad you took the time to map it all out.. I just say "yo.... Keenan.. Aggro ratio is still jacked up, and your ignoring #maxcreature counts" "My dungeon lairs wont spawn *sigh*"