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Found 41 results

  1. The Northern Freedom Isles Market has a lot of active members and we are the center of a Harmony-based alliance focused on trade. We have a large market currently under development, where we expect many vendors will turn into an endgame market. Why join an alliance? Here are some useful perks of being part of our alliance: 1. You'll be able to easily ask our members if they have a certain product available for sale. We already have some merchants set up selling wares at our settlement. 2. If your settlement is large with several merchants, you will be able to have a small building in our market deed, with private access for only your villagers. The larger your village, the bigger the building. You'll be able to store stuff in the building to sell later on your merchant. 3. Your merchant will get more traffic and you will be able to see other wares all in one convenient location. 4. There are 3 main locations for merchants in our market. The prime location is for our marketeers, the secondary location (still great locations) are for our allies. And the third (and less favorable) location is for all others who want to place a merchant with us. What's the key point here? Join our alliance! 5. Place your merchants in our market and help us get more sellers while we help you get more buyers and traffic. 6. You'll be able to use our outposts later, which will provide safety and a place to rest while traveling. This is to be determined at a later time. This sounds too good to be true. What's the catch? There's really no reason NOT to join an alliance. You can set permissions for people in your alliance the same as you can set permissions for all other groups. Your village will continue to be safe as long as you don't give alliance members any special permissions that you don't want to trust them with. We look forward to adding you to the growing list of villages in our alliance. You can message me here or leave a comment, but the most effective way of joining will be messaging Turkeys while logged into Harmony. Thanks for reading! -Turkeys
  2. I have invited two people into my preexisting alliance. The first time I invited a person once they accepted both mine and their alliance chats showed only us. Both of our maps had no alliance annotations. We both logged. It solved the alliance chat but not the annotations. After a second re-log everything was fine. The second person I invited the same thing happened to them and I only lost annotations. I re-logged and was fine. They however rel-logged twice before seeing annotations. Server: Melody Toon names: Volodar, momogoblin, xxxstranglerxxx Alliance: Moonlight Shores Times: between 11:00-11:15 am EST and Between 7:45-8:00 pm EST
  3. Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. What We Offer ➽ Community Essentials: Forum, Website, Discord, IRC ➽ Active, chatty people in Alliance Chat ➽ A community that stretches not only across one but currently FIVE servers ➽ Regular Events for Members only (treasure hunts, jousting & other fun stuff) ➽ Regular Giveaways (Public & Private) ➽ Guides & Support ➽ Alliance Trading Post (deed & people dedicated to trading with and for members) ➽ Alliance Capital (giant deed with only rare+ furnishing) ➽ Public & Private Slayings ➽ Multiple Alliance Managers to ensure survival of the community Come Visit Us! Website: Forum: Discord: Check out featured alliance deeds and more about us in Wurm here: We are looking to expand to Release, Pristine and Chaos! If you are interested in becoming an alliance manager for one of these servers, please get in touch! We are an alliance, not a village. If you would like to join a village associated with us, please let me know! The requirements to join with your deed are simple: We do not restrict you or your village's activities in any way. We do not require participation in any events or giveaways. We do not ask you to leave other alliances on other servers, or your PvP kingdoms. We do not ask you to maintain permanent activity. The #1 way to be removed from the alliance is to lose your deed. In this case you automatically lose membership of the alliance. The #2 way to be removed is if you break the few rules we have and cause damage to our community. It is important to us to emphasize that PvP players are allowed to join our group, but any PvP grudges held against other players are not to be brought into our community environment. We exist to unite players to create a unique group of people, not to fuel wars between kingdoms on PvE servers. Current Deed Count Xanadu: 64 Current Deed Count Deliverance: 40 Current Deed Count Independence: 6 Current Deed Count Celebration: 11 Current Deed Count Melody: 11 Current Deed Count Release: 1 Current Deed Count Harmony: 1 Alliance Managers: 8 Last Update: 2020/08/05 If you have any questions or would like to join, please contact us in one of the following ways: ✎ Comment Here For XANADU ✉ Send a private message to @Dracaa or @leander For DELIVERANCE ✉ Send a private message to @VelvetSun For INDEPENDENCE ✉ Send a private message to @Shrimpiie For CELEBRATION ✉ Send a private message to me. For MELODY ✉ Send a private message to @Gawainor to me. For RELEASE ✉ Send a private message to @Alpengeist For HARMONY ✉ Send a private message to @nachtiti Pass me a PM in-game on Yldrania Contact us via our Forums or Discord! ALLIANCE HISTORY
  4. Gondamon is recruiting, and we want you to join us! Our deed's size is currently 25 South, 10 North, 15 East and West, and we will expand it bit by bit! Our village is surrounded with a Steppe, a Forest, and a BIG Mountain to be mined! Our village is completely walled off from the dangerous wild animals and we even have a 50QL Guard Tower(spawns npc guardians so they can help you subjugate monsters) too. We are located at the foot of the mountain at P-11. We have alliences with 4 other Villages too. Requirements: Be mature. Be willing to contribute to the village and help with the deed plans, terraforming and other stuff. We have both new, and both veteran people from all around the world so don't worry about your timezone! If you want to be the part of the family, you can contact me on Discord or ingame. Discord ID: Yurippie#7261 Ingame ID: Brotteil In case you can't find me online, you can contact "Azell". Discord ID: Azell/Perci#8139 Ingame ID: Azell Here are some screenshots so you can see it with your own eyes too!
  5. ¨*~Come join NEXA, the north-east Xanadu alliance!~*¨ ¨*~We are a few dozen deeds collected in and about Summerholt, gathered around two core purposes:~*¨ ¨*~Help others have fun playing Wurm Online~*¨ ¨*~Commiserate about grinding various Wurm Online skills~*¨ ¨*~Location~*¨ ¨*~Alliance has settled around the starter town Summerholt and made several highways leading different directions from Summerholt.~*¨ ¨*~Most of our alliance members live close Summerholt, but many deeds have joined around NE parts because of the great community.~*¨ ¨*~The north-east area is accessible by a public Eden tunnel, which is located H23, where the blue square stands on the map. ~*¨ ¨*~Another tunnel is at G22, called Doom Tunnel, where the red globe stands on the map.~*¨ ¨*~We help newcomers and we are home to Amish Estates, one of the biggest and most successful communal deeds around.~*¨ ¨*~Amish deed complex (Amish Estates, Paradise, Sanctuary) lies in the heart of our alliance.~*¨ ¨*~Community~*¨ ¨*~Our number one benefit is a highly active and sometimes hilarious Alliance chat window.~*¨ ¨*~Many of our players participate in Xanadu and/or Wurm-wide events, such as rift fights, unique hunts and communal adventures.~*¨ ¨*~We have countless crafters: weaponsmiths, armorsmiths, carpenters, masons, chefs, enchanters, etc.; you name it, we've got it!~*¨ ¨*~Best of all, we have experience and we are always ready to help each other out without a question.~*¨ Moonlight Bay, southern shore of Summerholt lake. Tenshi's Hill, east from Summerholt. ¨*~Services~*¨ ¨*~We have an active market settled in Amish Sanctuary, with plenty of merchants and merchant spots to place one. ~*¨ ¨*~As a market's heart stands our large church with every god's altar provided. Ask for sermons running!~*¨ ¨*~Other amenities~*¨ ¨*~Website ~*¨ ¨*~Recipe list (thanks to Olafhairybreeks)~*¨ ¨*~NEXA Guide to Life in Wurm, sharing knowledge about Wurm~*¨ ¨*~Discord space~*¨ ¨*~How to apply and why is NEXA a good choice for the alliance?~*¨ ¨*~You can ask anyone around local area or via forum message, like @Kadmintor @DaletheGood for an alliance invitation. ~*¨ ¨*~Any deed owner within the alliance is able to invite you to join (just have to meet face to face )~*¨ ¨*~We highly encourage the local deed owners to join!~*¨ ¨*~NEXA is active community and is located on a largely established area but yet a lot of untouched ground to work with ~*¨ ¨*~→ large highway connection gives you a chance to connect with the community if you desire!~*¨ ¨*~And of course, as we live up north... We have perfect hunting grounds as well, a lot of mobs to hunt~*¨ ¨*~... but if you want a safe spot to enjoy your game, that is completely possible as well~*¨ ¨*~We do a lot of business via Discord and alliance chat with each other, so you have a local market as a support!~*¨ ¨*~Even templars are so happy in our community that they will participate on crafting!~*¨ List of the current alliance deed members: A Hobbit's Haven, Amish Creek, Amish Estates, Amish Paradise, Aquas Retreat, Banana Ville, Belonga Mar, Birdland, Blackberry Hill, Blissful Folly, Bos Harbor, Bos Mountain View Place, Bottled In Bond, Bottled-in-bond, Bottled-in-bond Docks, Cuaisin, Dinglederry, Doompurr, Dragonwyck, Dragonwyck Smiths, Dusky Bay, Emerald Bay, Fedria, Gaul, Gestalt, Glaemweard Cottage, Gnipahellir, Heathenville, Hell Hound Hill, Hindleap, Home Sweet Home, Homesteadin, Icarium's Refuge, Jellyfish Outpost, Jenkins' Unremarkable Residence, Just Another Settlement, Kamakazee Keep, Kangaroo Pouch, Korriban, Kronies Kingdom, Ladau, Lake Woebegone, Lakeview, Lakewood, Lindenview, Lorewood Gardens, Luxor, Meadowdale, Mirror's Reach, Moonshine Ridge, Mrzodiac's, Mt Olympus, Nexa Market And Sanctuary, Niflheimr, Oceanview Harbor, Oceanview Southern Outpost, Pengkalan Raja Dolphin, Peri's Haven, Pluckyduckyville, Quiet Cove, Rapidron's Memorial, Raven Bay, Rough And Ready, Sanctorium, Sapphire Bay, Shimmergrove, Silden, Sindria, Skyforge, Svartskard, Tenshi's Hill, The Hideaway, The Oasis, The Wraith, Tiger Bay, Tylel Alora, Village Of The Gods, Votherheim, Waterside Ridge, Whisperfell, Whitewood Grove, Windrip Canal, Windrip Estate, Wismar, Wurkin Here Boss, Xylandia and Your Mother's Down In Memphis. Whisperfell's road to heaven. There are no strangers here, just friends who haven't met yet. - Jackjones
  6. Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. What We Offer ➽ Community Essentials: Forum, Website, Discord, IRC ➽ Active, chatty people in Alliance Chat ➽ Regular Events for Members only (treasure hunts, jousting & other fun stuff) ➽ Regular Giveaways (Public & Private) ➽ Guides & Support ➽ Alliance Trading Post (deed & people dedicated to trading with and for members) ➽ Alliance Capital (giant deed with only rare+ furnishing) ➽ Public & Private Slayings ➽ A community that stretches all across the server ➽ Multiple Alliance Managers to ensure survival of the community Forum: Website: We are an alliance, not a village. As such, the requirements to join are few and simple. You can join if: ✔ You are mayor of a deed on Xanadu. OR ✔ You are member of a deed on Xanadu with politics rights and permission of the mayor to join the alliance. ✔ You are not part of another Xanadu alliance or willing to leave the one you are in. ✔ Alternatively you can join one of our recruiting deeds. OR ✔ You are mayor of a deed on Deliverance. OR ✔ You are member of a deed on Deliverance with politics rights and permission of the mayor to join the alliance. ✔ You are not part of another Deliverance alliance or willing to leave the one you are in. ✔ Alternatively you can join one of our recruiting deeds. OR ✔ You are mayor of a deed on Independence. OR ✔ You are member of a deed on Independence with politics rights and permission of the mayor to join the alliance. ✔ You are not part of another Independence alliance or willing to leave the one you are in. ✔ Alternatively you can join one of our recruiting deeds. OR ✔ You are mayor of a deed on Celebration. OR ✔ You are member of a deed on Celebration with politics rights and permission of the mayor to join the alliance. ✔ You are not part of another Celebration alliance or willing to leave the one you are in. ✔ Alternatively you can join one of our recruiting deeds. ? We do not restrict you or your village's activities in any way. ? ? We do not require participation in any events or giveaways. ? ? We do not ask you to leave other alliances on other servers, or your PvP kingdoms. ? ? We do not ask you to maintain permanent activity. ? ??? The #1 way to be removed from the alliance is to lose your deed. In this case you automatically lose membership of the alliance. ??? ??? The #2 way to be removed is if you break the few rules we have and cause damage to our community. ??? It is important to us to emphasize that PvP players are allowed to join our group, but any PvP grudges held against other players are not to be brought into our community environment. We exist to unite players to create a unique group of people, not to fuel wars between kingdoms on PvE servers. ?Current Deed Count Xanadu: 70 ?Current Deed Count Deliverance: 32 ?Current Deed Count Independence: 7 ?Current Deed Count Celebration: 7 ?Alliance Managers: 9 If you have any questions or would like to join, please contact us in one of the following ways: ✎ Comment Here For XANADU ✉ Send a private message to me, @Yldrania, @Dracaa For DELIVERANCE ✉ Send a private message to @VelvetSun For INDEPENDENCE ✉ Send a private message to @LumpyGravy or @Shrimpiie For CELEBRATION ✉ Send a private message to @Yldrania ☭ Pass me a PM in-game on AJBlack ? Sign up on our forums & contact us there ?????????? Alliance History
  7. Copper Canyon is welcoming anyone who wants to join! We are M 22 on the in-game map right between the Eastern Steppe and Crystal Lake. We have space enough space for someone to build in a 5x4 area, or you can just live in the main building. We are part of a alliance called Eastern steppe alliance or ESA for short, everyone is surrounding the east steppe. Our mine is ready for use it had lead, gold and iron, and it is connected to the capital of ESA witch is Oak Harbour. Copper canyon has been settled here for 1 month, and no plans of disbanding anytime soon. The main building is the workshop / home with supplies for anyone to use, just replenish them as you go, if there is something are are not sure about do not feel afraid to ask me about it. The deed is not enclosed at all, so aggros will wander in, we do not have any Templars, but there is a guard tower on-deed, but still be on the look out for them. For the most part, our alliance is made up of folks who play somewhat "hermit" style. We're all happy to help as and when we can, but mostly do our own thing. If you're looking for a village with lots of village-participation activities to get involved in, we are probably not the right fit. However, if you're just after a spot to hang out, craft, build, and maybe jump into a chat about how amazing cheese and bacon are, we've got you covered. You do not have to pay for Rent or Upkeep While upkeep would be appreciated you do not have to send your silver on it when you could use it elsewhere. Message Supermastermind in game, send me a PM on the form, Or post a comment this form post to get more information or to join
  8. I don't make suggestions but I just thought I would put this idea out there. I am sure something like this has been suggested before. But here it goes: If two different want to work together to fight they can merge. Two account will get "married" to make the alliance with the two kingdom. You still have two separate kingdoms but the "Alliance role" is now the two kingdom together talking and permissions "alliance" would mean both kingdoms could do that. But the "kingdom" role/permission would be the said kingdom you are with. Then when you break/undo the alliance you either have a war to take over the other kingdom and fight.. or you just have peaceful break. When the two kingdoms ally together the towers of the kingdoms will be friendly. This would make pvp more like role playing. More like rl kingdoms back in the day. Or say people of two different kingdoms want to play together but they don't want to leave the kingdom they are part of if the two kingdoms are of with it they can ally together. Or if there are two smaller but upcoming kingdoms that want to fight not to low of numbers to fight they can Ally together till they get the number to fight alone. I can also see some changes that would need to be made if two kingdoms come together. Champhood would need to be that if you join two kingdoms together you are still only allowed 3 champs, because then kingdoms would be just joining together so they can have 6 Champs. Officers roles will be among both the kingdoms not having two of each. Because you would not want to have people creating kingdoms just to take advantage of have double of everything. Like let's say everyone wanted to take on one kingdom because that said kingdom is getting to big or "toxic behavior" that is making the server not fun. Two of the kingdoms could just Married/allied together and been able to enter deeds and help defends and fight. You wouldnt have to convert a the other kingdom deeds or bash towers. This would encourage more people to be involved hence they can make a kingdom with friends ally with someone for protection to get bigger before doing their own thing.. I don't know if I am making sense of my idea. But I think this would put a new aspect to the pvp side of things.
  9. What is it? The Camara Hub is a brand new deed, part of the Uncanny Legion Alliance, located West of Celebration. It was founded 15/10/2019. Population: 3. Who are we looking for? We are looking for people that would like to join so that we can be reasonably self-sustaining. We have close to nothing yet except some help from a deed of the Alliance located nearby so you have to want to start from scratch. I will put an emphasis on teamwork as the goal is to create a small tight-knit community rather than a big village. Interested? Send me a message through the forum or directly in game, ign: Minstaer. 20/10/2019 update We now have 3 members as things start to get going. We're still recruiting.
  10. Please give PVE alliances with enough members the opportunity to have a PVE alliance flair package similar to kingdoms. There is no reason to deny us this... There is a larger amount of players playing the pve portion than the PvP portion of the game. Codeclub AB will make money because there will be more people paying for this feature. Why shouldn't people that dont participate in pvp be able to form thier own pve banners/wagons/tents the syetem is already in the game. Pros - more income for Codeclub AB - more color - ability to showcase/ form alliance spirit/pride - less inequality in the pvp/pve balance Cons -Some more work for code club AB introducing new graphics (but i think the skinning process for those items is already there) -PVP will lose profit selling thier special colors. Solutions? One option would be dissallowing certain colors in freedom so pvp players could maintain some pride "pvp colors" ( ex. red or black or w/e) increasing the price to 2g for alliance flair package since it is less volatile than pvp. Please give feedback and state where you play pvp or pve or both. Thanks for your time and i play on Xanadu PVE only
  11. If a person logs out while stealthed the alliance list is missing entries when they log back in. Got 3 in alliance right now (people who have logged in while i was connected) and 8+ in village.
  12. The names, Thekraken, I'm a 6+ year player whose played on almost every server at some point in time. I'm looking to join an alliance in indy, I'm active most days ( ughhh like that work thing gets in the way...) I really enjoy wurm for the sense of community, so I'm looking for an active alliance, where I can contribute. I'd love to be apart of a large project, working towards a goal, something that is bigger than just me. I'm an easy going guy and down for just about anything. My timezone is EST and play at nights. If you want to know more specifics about me PM me in game or on the forums.
  13. The ShadowFly Alliance is a group of villages and deeds on Freedom, Xanadu. We exist for three reasons: Communication, Support & Trading. While other PvE alliances are purely in-game constructs that exist between almost random villages in the same area, SFA is a server-wide community of active villages looking to enhance their Wurm experience with good company, immediate support and safe trading partners. Apart from our in-game activity in Alliance chat, we offer our own website & forums that includes our very own trading post in which we post trading offers and requests for one another that are certain to receive 100% serious responses from verified members of our community, as well as a dedicated Teamspeak3 server which is optional to use and includes channels for each of our allied villages. While we do not require any activity on forums or ts3 server from any of our members and do not attempt to control the activity of any of our allied parties, we appreciate regular communication with at least the mayors of every deed to make sure they are still active in the game and interested in being a part of our alliance. In difference to many other alliances, we also offer such things as celebrations, tournaments and giveaways. Find out which we have planned for the next 2 years! Currently our alliance is preparing for our 1st annual Deed Design Contest! Find more information here: Take our Alliance Survey! Current Allied Villages (In Order Joined): Archdale (R22) (Mayor: Birdwatcher) Hilltop Town (S21) (Mayor: Haraldost) Vinyamar (S8) (Mayor: Yldrania) The Graceful Degradation Project (L18) (Mayor: Almost) Sweetwater Bay (S15) (Mayor: Kalypsio) Shadow Cove (H11) (Mayor: Eleraan) Fern Tree (R14) (Mayor: Silentsmith) Modreth (Q25) (Mayor: Davih) Falcetto (Q25) (Mayor: Luttuosa) Imladlavan (S8) (Mayor: Mirabloodarc) Cartoria (L26) (Mayor: Capricius) Warland (S8) (Mayor: Warlander) Dagon Fel (D14) (Mayor: Hewhohordesmanypillows) Dragon's Fang (T25) (Mayor: Toma) Pleasantview (R25) (Mayor: Berentel) Isenach (Q25) (Mayor: Vinberg) Honey Bay (R21) (Mayor: Snowtech) Sklinopolis (Q25) (Mayor: Sklinax) Stickhers Freedom (S9) (Mayor: Stickher) Elderstock Castle (Q25) (Mayor: Sorion) Iron Phoenix (F14) (Mayor: Zipzip) Khazad Dum (R8) (Mayor: Xenonpl) Windspears (G18) (Mayor: Flubb) Oceanside Rise (Q14) (Mayor: Goodwin) Aincrad (T23) (Mayor: Milkdrop) Edmonton (L26) (Mayor: Narille) Catscratch Hovel (S24) (Mayor: ) Eden (T8) (Mayor: Qwizat) Black Rock Isle (Q26) (Mayor: Dyf) Redania (S24) (Mayor: Radovid) Kiwiana (R23) (Mayor: Draygon) Thorne Cliff (C20) (Mayor: Bloodscythe) Moonlight's Castle (O8) (Mayor: Alkhadias) Moonlight Haven (O8) (Mayor: Amarenaguy) Sklepy (T18) (Mayor: Pangaron) Vrchy (T18) (Mayor: Zoidberg) Aztarian (H15) (Mayor: Callius) Kanata (J24) (Mayor: Budzilla) Ebony Veil (Q15) (Mayor: Stinky) Midgar (T8) (Mayor: Theia) Blissful Folly (D16) (Mayor: Xallo) Niflheimr (B15) (Mayor: Xarban) Enuntqua (E13) (Mayor: Galeer) Deepwoods (J14) (Mayor: Bastet) Tol Eressea (O8) (Mayor: AJBlack) Zenithia (D19) (Mayor: Quarry) Quarry's Canal (D19) (Mayor: Azusa) Dunlap Hill (D19) (Mayor: Phoenixus) Morgoth (E19) (Mayor: Malcore) Palmyra (D19) (Mayor: Billingsley) Mag Mell (P9) (Mayor: Eoghan) Ironwoods (C20) Karnakia Kittenhold Lavender Hill Lookout Mountain Mag Mell Docks Monastery Mountainview North Shore Nowhere Red Rover Hunting Lodge (C20) Rome Sovengarde Tindrem Tranquility Vyzeni Lakeview Zenithia Market (D19) Click Here To Visit Our Forums! Please PM Me For Our Ts3 IP If You'd Like To Join! How To Join? It's simple: Pass Me A PM Here On The Forums With Your Request To Join! Question? Reply here or simply pass me a private message here on the forums with your question! The R.I.P. List
  14. I attended the rift event last night on Indy. I got killed and an alliance mate decided to pick up my corpse and carry it back to my village, instead of letting me do so with my alt. I had set release corpse so my alt could do so and spent way too long looking for it before the alliance mate told me what he did. Due to some stupid mistakes on my part it was almost a day before I got back to my village. When I went to get my items, I got the message that I was unable to loot my own corpse. I tried a lot of things, the only way I found to break that was to do release corpse a second time. I should not have had to do that, it's my corpse.
  15. We are welcoming new and returning players at the N. Indy Academy. Brand new and looking for a place to stay as to make survival a little easier? Want to get back in the game without starting your own deed? Tired of being lonely? Looking for a strong community? WHY Indepence? Its the perfect size Xanadu is too large to travel from edge to edge comfortably (and the other servers are too small instead = little wildneress left.) Steady playerbase With WU, Independence didn't loose nearly the amounf ot players that Xanadu did! We are old, experienced, and we love this server too much to abandon it. It has the most active ratio of players in relation to the server size, hence you get a lot of activity = active alliance = activa trade/barter system. We had people move here from Xanadu in search of a more active community. So what can we offer you here on this great server? We are right on the beach of Colossus lake (Independence server), just a couple of tiles from water and convenient highways to help you navigate. All the basic resources are very conveniently located here. This village is also part of an alliance, with several experienced and friendly players - this allows you to use the alliance chat channel to get in touch with the surrounding community, in times of need, or just for fun. (The village itself is an alliance creation, hence a lot of us are invested in the Academy). Don't forget that you get a free teleportation to the Academy as well (if you haven't already used this option when joining another deed.) Housing: We got two options for housing atm: Your very own locked room in our inn (til something else opens up OR you/we build something new for you ) Empty land to build on The available plots of land are 4x6 - but a 3x6 house would be max due to the other tiles being on a slope (mild slope for farming, fences or such) So what do we have to offer? Resources: The mine entrance is on deed, with the main material needed (iron) being right inside the entrance. Very convenient. Tar and clay are within 2 minutes of travelling either by boat or on foot (or in a cart or wagon if you got premium). A public farm area where you can grow crops, tend to them and eventually harvest them. The farm also holds animals for grooming, milking, shearing and breeding. It also has a kitchen with ovens and a storage area for crops, seeds and wood needed to fuel the ovens. A Public workshop where we have set up some of the basic tools you will need (several forges, anvils, a loom and such). The alliance - this might be your greatest resource ever. Need advice? In dire need of some assistance? The alliance probably got your back. Safety: Gated community to keep trolls out, and guardtower on deed if somehow something does finds its way in. So what are you waiting for?! Come on in! 'How' do you ask? Just contact me on the forums, or send a PM to Seancarl in game (also me). It also works to talk to Asdf, Malchimus or Lillie for an invitation.
  16. I played years ago i think it was around 2008 and for a while in 2011. or close to the time before wild became chaos. I'm trying find safe environment to craft in but i have a deed atm. i not sure weather to move into a village or join alliance. i really think i need to interact more on wurm online or i start to lose interest in the game. my highest skill is leatherworking at 70. i got 50 or so in building skills such as digging carpentry masonry. it seems i been trying this game for years and just realizing i need to interact more and not be so isolated. i was caught up in crafting rather than fighting so much. i tried wurm unlimited for a few months on a private game and found it too quiet sept for the npcs that seemed to repeat similar messages over and over. i'm kind of quiet a lot but when i start talking to to go on and on. im looking to join a group of a few mature people that love wurm but dont think the game is more important than real life lol. i tend to spend a lot of time gaming but i think i still need make friends i can trust. i know its hard to reach out to strangers and have them do things to your settlement but i know now that this is just a game. we cant keep our places perfect even though we like to that's why they set permissions. i rambled enough. i just like a chance to try again at this community and find more friends that are active.
  17. As it stands now there is no real options for an Alliance leader to have any control over his alliance. The only options are kick an entire village, disband the alliance, or set the motd. This is very limited. I have no ability to bring up a menu and see which alliance member is part of which village. I have no event log to check what the other villages are doing(inviting other deeds etc) I have no ability to stop deeds from adding more deeds to the alliance. currently my alliance has 38 deeds in it and a large number of active players. It is hard to keep track of whats going on without some kind of event log for the alliance. The things id like to see added are... 1. Ability to control if member deeds in an alliance can invite other deeds into the alliance.(this should be an option under manange politics for an alliance leader) 2. Ability to view all alliance members (example: "playername" "member of what deed" "join date" "last online date" 3. Ability to remove individual people from a deed without kicking their entire village. (would need to be able to view what deed they belonged to. <see point 2>) While you are changing stuff in permissions please make Alliances more controllable as they are now they are a snowball with alliance leader trying to see which people get rolled up in the snowball and chasing it down a mountain. Thanks
  18. Hello! I'm Synchronosis and I run a new deed named Grey Run on the Northwest coastal region of Pristine. I'm looking for new and old players alike to who want a friendly and active place to expand their Wurm experience. The deed is ocean-side. A water strip of tiles is on the deed for safe storage. There is a mine, expanded daily. 3 minute walk from Blossom Market. Friendly alliance included! PM me here or find me in game at Synchronosis to join today :)!
  19. Hello Wanderer. So we have the rather large deed on the west coast (i8) The Mahasattva Bodhisattva Sangha. The deed is as the name implies. We are also part of a large alliance with a number of deeds that would surely also welcome new teammates. Who we are: We are a pretty diverse group as far as gender and age. Some are 16 some are over 60. It works. We're all friends. Brandonsf: Me. Often quiet or on Chaos. Been playing for about 3 years. A sinister man by nature. Vindekator: Jack of all trades. Has a (correct) answer to your questions and will help you out in anyway he can if you need it. Vind is also our resident sea-shantyist for those long sails to Chaos. Tinaskat: From Denmark. Jill of all trades. Can build just about anything. Lokius: Co-Founder of the village. Started earlier this year. Extremely helpful. Our Mystery. Expensivesurvival: Our farmer, tailor, and Redditer. Social, talkative and fun(ny). Rathalos: Ratha likes to say "meep" and "Throw waffles"..whatever that means. Extremely friendly. O.o Gurzan: Our newest member. Born on Xanadu. A native if you will.. our male Pocahontas. He will be deeding just south of us shortly and could most deff use some help. He is Hungarian! Khloey: Likes horses and "cute things" like piles of nails on the ground. Jimmybrasher: Explorer, Fisherman, Blacksmith, and ..A Might Fine Carpenter. Very social, fun and on a good bit. Razgyrz: Builder of fine homes. The Bowyer. On the fast track to a pretty good toon. We have a few priests here and I have a pretty good Vyn priest for enchants and good food. I won't go into everyone in alliance, but as I said, I am sure most are also looking for other villagers and such if you prefer a village they have. Who we are looking for: We're really looking for a mix of people; be you young or more mature. We have the means to make you some great enchanted tools and gear, but that is earned. We work as a team. Some of us play on Chaos a good bit under the Mol-Rehan banner and you are welcome to adventure there with us there as well. Would like people social and fun, but quiet is fine too. If you are into big team projects, this is the place for you. This large deed needs a lot of work! I'd like to say we offer quick acceleration in the game. We have a pretty big and lovely deed and you are welcome to make a house as you like here. It's a sandbox game and we like to just let people sandbox it around here. Our only caveat is that if you are gone for over a few months we reserve the right to take your house down so another can have your plot. No sense in having space unused. If you are interested in joining our team, feel free to drop me, or any of the villagers a PM.
  20. Esteron has been growing! We have a fairly large Alliance named Kingdom of Esteron, with many friendly active members (both new and old!). The Esteron Market is currently being rebuilt and is coming together nicely. With this growth we have been working together and now have 8 priests who play daily. We've decided to make a Cathedral - Estonia - for all our priests to gather and hopefully bring in fellow priests/followers from near and far, even if just to visit! Along with the large cathedral we will be building a large village, for people wishing to stay, long or short amounts of time. If you are looking for a nice community to play with there are several deeds in our area that will accept villagers, and there is plenty of nice space if you are looking to make yourself a deed. We thought we would make a post to let people know a fairly large cathedral is in the works and everyone is welcome Currently we are doing sermons, daily, but not scheduled, for now. We are located at S25 (south of Esteron). Come by, say hello! We will post some screenshots of the cathedral on deed planner and of the progress we make. If anyone has any questions feel free to message myself on the forums or in game at anytime. You can also contact Polojordan, Redexorcist or Beastwolf in game.
  21. I'm in an alliance. I have no idea who or which deed is the "leader" of the alliance. We used to know, but the deed disbanded and leader status transferred elsewhere. Nothing shows us where. Did it transfer to the next oldest deed? Seems logical it should. Does it transfer randomly? That is more what I expect from Wurm. Info only shows deeds in apha order. Would love a sort by "joined date" and actually list the date. Would love the alliance leader having an option to set a successor deed as well. Anything would be better than the mystery we have today. Thank you! Edit: forgot to add in a possible option, that I see in other games: Alliance (guild) tax. There have been many "Academy" alliances out there and it would be nice to have a tax option that could be used to help fund the Academy deed automatically. Sure, people can send money to the Academy mayor, but it is nice to have an easy, automatic option to keep it running.
  22. Esteron has had a recent growth spurt!! Join our Alliance. -We are currently adding all deeds in the area to the alliance. If you live near the Esteron Area and you are looking to join the alliance or a deed, Contact Beastwolf, Grumpyman, Treadwell, Redexorcist, Cambriaa, or Polojordan. -Very friendly, no forced jobs or anything, and we are also helping rebuild the Esteron Market, so get a good spot while it lasts! -Lonely players are always welcome and I will add anyone to my deed that needs a group to play with. -Alliance chat is active for the most part. -If you have any other questions just ask, I get on every day and have played for a little over 2 years now. -We try and hold Sermons daily. -We are always willing to help and look forward to any new members that join. (map cred- Cambriaa)
  23. Current alliance has become mostly inactive so I'm getting a bit lonely. I'm looking for an active alliance preferably in the Esteron area. I Live down at T24, "Devil's Workshop" is my deed, right next to "Devils Harbor" on the community map. I have basic/decent skills (Posted here) and am more than willing to help with alliance projects if there is any. Thanks in advance!
  24. Just a quick survey here everyone. I recently spoke with someone in a topic concerning roleplay and its place in video games. I suggested to one of the participants - Malena - that I would help construct a roleplay village if she could find enough people interested in the concept. Today I'm curious to know how many people would be interested in playing in a proper roleplay village and/or alliance. I'm talking good structured roleplay, with rules to reinforce the atmosphere/setting, backstory, possible "quests" and even village/alliance specific currency. If anyone is interested in this level of roleplay within Wurm, please do comment here. If you are not interested in playing in such a village, then please do not respond. I'd like this thread to remain void of any derailment or hatefulness. As I told Malena, if there are enough people who would seriously enjoy this kind of playstyle then I'd be happy to lend myself and what resources I have available to construct such a village. Thank you.
  25. New Port Benden has: No Vacancies What is a Port Benden??? Years ago on Wild, before Chaos, Port Benden was founded on the east coast around the BL/JK border. Carving it's long port into a hillside of rock and erecting many homes and fields. Players came from many realms to live here and it prosperred in loot and trade. Later, when the server became Chaos and pvp was reinstated fully, the town's vulnerabilites were discussed and it was relocated to a large fortress deed that rivaled others in size. After a time we packed up and decided to try Celebration, and here we remain to this day. We've conquered a large natural island and made it our home. Okay, an Island, go on.. In the spirit of beginning anew, we bought a large island in the very Southeast corner of Celebration. After much hard work the old deeds were completely removed and a large central Town was erected in the middle of the island. New Port Benden was born. It's large and the perimeter is 51 tiles, it nearly covers the entire island. We aimed to be the only deed here and it's been so for over a year. It's peaceful, quiet, natural, and a good place to enjoy Wurm. Why should I join and what do you offer? We're mature, we have the largest alliance on Celebration (making up nearly half or so of the server, as population goes). We know how to run deeds and have done so for years without drama. We're experienced in many facets of Wurm and are able to pass our knowledge on. We offer the following: Mature environment, your kids won't have your hand in front of their eyes when your logged in.Large, finished, Town with supplies and just about everything you'd need to play Wurm5x7 housing plot to build on as you please, exceptions noted further downExperienced players that have been around for years and are willing to help youFreedom to learn and play the game... we don't require you to grind 1000 bricks to pay for your homeWebsite dedicated to the alliance and villages we collaborate with. Keep in touch with anyone at any time!Clay, tar, Public mine with gold, copper, iron, zinc, tin, and lead (somewhere).We aren't going anywhere, we love the game and plan to stay for a very long time.More, I'm sure of it, most likely just forgot it at this pointWhat do I have to do... It's not a big list, honestly lol Stay active and contribute if/when you can... that's all anyone could ever ask.We don't require you to grind anything you don't want to, however, we do ask that you work on fight skills to better protect yourself.We don't ask you to contribute to the upkeep on the Town. It's your option to donate your money to keep the town running, money isn't an issue.Be mature. We have a large alliance that works pretty well together but we don't care for drama.We don't hardly ask for help, but on major projects we appreciate a bit of aid when you can give it.We ask you keep your home 3 floors or less. Pics or it didn't happen! Well, alright, since you asked Viewing the Town from on the rock cliffs outside it. The Cathedral of Three. I'd like to remodel it sometime but it's still pleasant inside. Could probably use some benches though. The Grand Arena. Screenshot was taken from deedplanner when I first planned it. 5x9 combat area, 2 levels of seating for many spectators. View of the arena when first entering it's doors. At some point I'll remodel the doors into portcullises.