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Found 2 results

  1. Please give PVE alliances with enough members the opportunity to have a PVE alliance flair package similar to kingdoms. There is no reason to deny us this... There is a larger amount of players playing the pve portion than the PvP portion of the game. Codeclub AB will make money because there will be more people paying for this feature. Why shouldn't people that dont participate in pvp be able to form thier own pve banners/wagons/tents the syetem is already in the game. Pros - more income for Codeclub AB - more color - ability to showcase/ form alliance spirit/pride - less inequality in the pvp/pve balance Cons -Some more work for code club AB introducing new graphics (but i think the skinning process for those items is already there) -PVP will lose profit selling thier special colors. Solutions? One option would be dissallowing certain colors in freedom so pvp players could maintain some pride "pvp colors" ( ex. red or black or w/e) increasing the price to 2g for alliance flair package since it is less volatile than pvp. Please give feedback and state where you play pvp or pve or both. Thanks for your time and i play on Xanadu PVE only
  2. Okay, after seeing the whole explosion on IRC last night, it seems that weapons are being altered more on people being hit by something new or by opinion, so lets run through logically what weapons should be good at and less proficient with. Pole-arms: More reach - bonus against horses (impaling) and rider {& maybe should reach second floors?} Long and cumbersome - small weapons and close fighting is difficult and incurs a penalty. No shield - hello arrow pin cushion. Two handed - unweildy on a horse, should be penalised. Can reach across between ships - bonus. Slow Huge damage. Low parry 5 against and 3 for it. Medium weapons: Shield Moderate damage Medium speed. Moderate parry No mounted penalty Don't bridge between ships well. No defense penalty against small, huge or pole arms when on the ground. 1 against, 3 for and 3 neutral Small weapons: Shield Smaller damage Faster Parries more Bonus against huge weapons and pole-arms if on the ground and in their ideal range. Bonus on horses, easier to balance. Penalty on ships, almost no reach. Penalty if huge weapons or pole arms are in their perfect range (can't reach them well) 3 against and 5 for it. Huge weapons: Arrow pin-cushion. Slow High damage Low parry Mounted penalty - pulls you off balance using two hands and heavy weapon. Bridges ship gaps okay (neutral) Bonus against small weapons at ideal range. Penalty against small weapons if they are too close. 5 against, 2 for and 1 neutral. Axes - higher damage, low parry Mauls - moderate damage, moderate parry Swords - low damage, high parry. The blunt forte of a sword is a lot of weapon to block with, a mauls head can be thrust in the way to block somewhat. Offensive large weapons put you into a kill or be killed situation. They are heavy and should tired you out more, thus they should require lighter armour or incur further penalties. Small weapons are defensive, you weather the attack and try to exhaust your opponent before going in for the kill. Now you lot can argue the numbers and I will update this post. Edit: Tactics Neutral First bonus of using a formation, is that if a few singular people step up close or run through, they take all the damage of the group in one hit, i.e. SPLAT! Secondly, some of the damage is spread across the defense. Aggressive formation gives you a bonus to attack but penalises your defense (Can your 2 handers punch through those shields before they die to break the formation?) Defensive would be something you do in reaction to an ambush, multiple formations or aggressive ones, if you can with the timer to make one. Obviously, you get defensive bonuses and offensive penalties. Speed reduced. Ambush speed bonus, use a few front ones to take the brunt of the arrows, could rush out of a mine, slaughter some innocents or rush out of a back gate, whip off a few arrows and run back inside. Notes 2 handed fighters get a small defense bonus, so long as they are sandwiched by a shield fighter on each side. Attacks against a formation, the damage falls on the front lines, your shields, then 2 handed fighters, take the arrows protecting the poles, ranged and priests. (There would need to be some facing, three point calculations to make sure they are shooting the priest from behind.) Obviously, poles and melee can all hit the front lines. They can also help heal up the front line. If the front three of an aggressive formation dies, the formation collapses, needs to retreat and reform. If 60% of the shields die in a defensive formation then it collapses. If 50% of the neutral formation dies, it collapses. If the front two of an ambush die, it collapses. Being mounted, damage would be split, maybe 70% to riders and 30% to horses. More poles, more counter to horses, so ratio alters. Weapons determine position, at the time the formation is put together, so, if you want the priest position equip a statuette. If you are a combat priest then have the right weapon. Game mechanics Ships have formations, we can already move in groups that are controlled by a team leader. The shapes are simple, we have collision control from houses. Ultimately, formations would help to reduce the hokey-pokey, put your right foot in, take your left foot out dancing around that we have for "player versus player" combat of today.