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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I'll try to keep this short and actionable. Often when I'm working through an action queue in crafting, I cannot tell how far along I am just by looking at the colored circles representing the queue. The two colors representing the states free and queued look nearly identical to me. So, I'll usually just keep track of where I'm at via the events log. This is a bit cumbersome though when alt-tabbing in and out of the game. Fortunately, this is the only part of the UI I've struggled with when it comes to my deuteranopia colorblindness. My suggestion is to have an alternative color set for the action queue indicators, or maybe some sort of text representation of it. Thank you, Picture for reference of UI section I am speaking about.
  2. As it stands now there is no real options for an Alliance leader to have any control over his alliance. The only options are kick an entire village, disband the alliance, or set the motd. This is very limited. I have no ability to bring up a menu and see which alliance member is part of which village. I have no event log to check what the other villages are doing(inviting other deeds etc) I have no ability to stop deeds from adding more deeds to the alliance. currently my alliance has 38 deeds in it and a large number of active players. It is hard to keep track of whats going on without some kind of event log for the alliance. The things id like to see added are... 1. Ability to control if member deeds in an alliance can invite other deeds into the alliance.(this should be an option under manange politics for an alliance leader) 2. Ability to view all alliance members (example: "playername" "member of what deed" "join date" "last online date" 3. Ability to remove individual people from a deed without kicking their entire village. (would need to be able to view what deed they belonged to. <see point 2>) While you are changing stuff in permissions please make Alliances more controllable as they are now they are a snowball with alliance leader trying to see which people get rolled up in the snowball and chasing it down a mountain. Thanks
  3. Hi, Don't know if anyone else feels like this, but when foraging, I would be pleased to have the option to discard iron rocks and birchwood branches (as for logs, which have the option "discard"). Main reasons being: 1. they are heavy; and 2. they are not wanted in most cases, particularly if they are low ql 3. this would avoid littering Devs: Please consider doing this and implement it, if not too much trouble. Many thanks, in hope.... Baloo
  4. the turn options for bsbs appear twice on the menus,i expected them to only appear once.
  5. currently there is the options to show 2 digits 3 and 4, after that only the show all option which goes to 7 digits. so why not add it so we can set it for 5 and 6 digits too. it would help when your skill isnt high enough to use the "all" option
  6. I cannot draw but really would like the option to build walls like in the pic here, so that you can have the option to build just a little strip of wall either to the left or right of a tile, or just across the top, or half arch to the left or half arch to the right...please. We can then build tall arches, or wide arches, as big as we want. All of these parts have to line up when built next to or on top of each other, and when the arches are built there is empty space to the side where the wall is not built, so if you build another one on the adjacent tile they line up like one big over two tile arch, same principle for building them on top of each other to create very tall open spaces.
  7. My wife has this idea, to see if the devs could change how the chat works. we use to play another game, that had this option for the chat. ok, so i'm sure everyone in wurm, is sick and tired of tab'ing through the chat tabs. why is wurm so difficult to have all the chats in one window? ok, so in this other game we played, the chat had the ability to have multiple tabs for chats, like wurm does now, but within each window, you could choose which logs went in that window. so, we wurm has "local", "village", "alliance", "kingdom", "global kingdom", "PMs", "Death" tabs in the "Chat Window", right? and "event", "friends", "help", "skills", "support" tabs and maybe a couple others in the "Event Window", right? my wife's idea: 1st NOTE* these would be options to how the chat and event windows can work. its not changing them completely. its just added options! 1. add option to combine all possible chat/event tabs into 1 chat tab or event tab or multiple tabs. 2. add option to choose which chat options you want to see in each chat tab or event tab. 3. add option to choose a specific color for each chat option( so you can have multiple chats all in the same tab, and tell them apart ). 4. add option to change background colors of the chat and event tab windows. 5. add option that remember which chat you last typed in, and it will stay in that chat until you specifically change the chat with /local , /alliance , /village and etc. 6. add option to show which chat you're typing in as well in a small box left of the window where you type as well. 2nd NOTE: would have to change player window as well with the options above or the ability to be able to change them. one thing i didn't think about, is the player windows, and i guess you could condense the player windows into 1 as well, with the ability to change the colors of the players in the window. IE players in the same village, you choose the color, which trumps all below. players in same alliance, you choose the color, which trumps all below. players in same kingdom, you choose the color, which trumps all below.( might have to be same as players in local, otherwise could be used to quickly determine the enemy in local? ) players in local, you choose the color. what this does for players of WurmOnline: 1. adds the ability to have less tabs in those windows so you dont have to tab between each chat or event. 2. adds customization to your own interface of needed windows. 3. adds the ability to condense player windows into 1 with colors. This would not change how PM's are. those should still show up as their own chat window tab. Please let me know your input on this or if there are any other suggestions/ideas similar to this. Thank You! PS. this was the wife's idea. I'm just posting for her!