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Found 11 results

  1. Welcome to Cedar Cove We are a large settlement wanting to provide Inn, Trading, and Animal services. Currently we have 4-5 active deed members. We are US based, English speaking and constantly in discord. We have space for 3-4 more housing plots. We are looking for experienced players wanting to join our settlement. We can help provide transport if you are interested in joining. I cover upkeep on my own. Additionally, if you are interested in starting a village near cedar cove; there are 5-6 large good collapsed deeds in the area. All with or incredibly close to highway access. Most with direct water access. If you want to move into the area, message me and we can help you move. Happy Wurming
  2. Hello all, I just started wurm back up today and am interested in starting fresh with fellow adventurers! If you're new or just returning and looking to start fresh without the protection of a village then feel free to send me a message or leave a reply Ingame name: Acoustic Central Time Zone - On throughout all times of the day/night though Map: Xanadu
  3. Hello all, I just started wurm back up today and am interested in starting fresh with fellow adventurers! If you're new or just returning and looking to start fresh without the protection of a village then feel free to send me a message or leave a reply Ingame name: Acoustic Central Time Zone - On throughout all times of the day/night though
  4. I have been away for a while, and think it's time to get back in. I mostly focused on woodcutting, forestry, fine carp, brewing and cooking. But fancy doing a bit of mining and metallurgy, maybe some building. I'd like a deed by a forest, maybe with fruit trees/bushes. I live in the UK, but really don't mind joining a town from another timezone. A small plot to build a house would be preferable, but not necessary.
  5. Hey, I am a returning player looking for a new place to stay or community to join. Also happy to do pan filling. Contact me here or in game (Darylsbrother) Thanks.
  6. Hi all, I am returning player, started to play some years ago, stopped few times, now returning back. My old deed is gone. I made one small just for getting me packed up and refresh myself (north Indy). I would like to join thriving active community. I am playing mostly nights (21:00 - 4:00) and I am in GMT +1 (CET) My char is premium and I am at some 60+ skills, see the dump with skills above 50 only: I am friendly, fluent in english and I love to adventure, hunt, chat and hang out. I gladly participate on any bigger projects and I also like to help newbies. I have a ship (actually two, Knarr and Sailship) so I am selfsufficient and not limited, which island to join. PM here please, or ingame Erozaxx. I am gonna spam some village recruit posts as well right now, but I wanted to have consolidated info 'bout me on one place to refer to. Happy wurming.
  7. Hi, everyone! I started Wurm a little over a year ago and only played for 2 months, all of which I was premium. During my playtime I called Xanadu home and lodged at Amish Estates (nice place and people!) I didn't get very far in the game, very few of my skills are over 20. And I still consider myself a noob because this game is so complex you can play for a year and still not know everything about it. Recently my schedule has opened up to allow me time to invest in a new game and I have chosen Wurm! I'm looking to relocate to Independence; in fact my character Baeowulf is parked on Independence right now! ...I just don't know what direction I should be heading yet because I haven't found anyone to join. If anyone has room and is interested in having a new player, let me know! P.S. I was gifted a sailboat by a very generous friend on Xanadu to make the journey, which I still have. So getting around by water would be no problem for me.
  8. Hello there! I has been a year since I played Wurm for the last time. I believe there has been lots of changes in Wurm in the meantime. Just recently I have decided to return to Wurm, but my old village is gone. Thus, I am looking now for a new home. Most likely, I will not be able to play a lot, rather evenings (Europe). Currently, I am at K25 with no ship or horse to travel fast. I have not bought prem, yet. I am planning to get it once I will find a place to live. Since LW is my precious skill that makes me proud (it's 99), I would love to live in an area where I can find lots of skinnable animals for hides. It would be obliged if anyone accepted me into a village and picked me from K25 Xanadu to your village location. Here are some of my skills if you would like to know my charraceter better. Coal-making: 38.364834 Mining: 42.778526 Digging: 37.137993 Jewelry smithing: 71.70139 Tailoring: 40.231632 Leatherworking: 99.00851 Masonry: 45.138626 Hot food cooking: 50.61946 Butchering: 46.027344 Fishing: 30.995956 Gardening: 31.019495 Forestry: 37.871838 Fighting: 71.96108 Normal fighting: 47.082653 Miscellaneous items: 48.457993 Pickaxe: 44.46241 Repairing: 52.401978 Sickle: 32.862015 Hammer: 72.29303 * Natural substances: 30.784996 Axes: 47.224636 Hatchet: 61.606583 Huge axe: 42.426083 Longsword: 60.752354 Knives: 42.130375 Butchering knife: 55.2403 Woodcutting: 78.33514 Carpentry: 62.316235 Mind logic: 32.765293 Body: 31.896427 Body strength: 31.946312 Faith: 30.0 Favor: 30.0 Alignment: 100.0
  9. I have 3 silver in my bank I would like to move from chaos to independance. A few years ago the servers were switched to what they are now. for some reason I was placed on chaos server. Im a crafter not a fighter. I played wurm because I love all the crafting. I dont know why they put me on chaos. I did leather working to over 70 and I did a lot of terraforming and carpentry to 50 skill or so. I might join a village for a short time but I really like building up my own place if possible. I really just want to craft not participate in pvp. I do a little combat as needed but thats not my focus. if 3s is not enough I will make payments on a boat or buy some silver and pay. my gaming budget is around 20 a month. i buy a row boat for a few silver if it can be brought to me. I havent priced boats yet. sailboat be better if thats doable. i know how to survive on wurm just was hoping someone would be kind. I cover any expenses the next few weeks or I just grind my way out of here. Thanks i have a crude knife and mallet so far just need to make a regular carving knife then make a boat i guess.
  10. Hello there! I am a returning player searching for a small or starting village. I can perform menial tasks and will do my best to be of help to the village. I am planning on getting premium when my budget allows it. I am willing to join any type of village, honestly. I just want to be a part of a tight-knit community that will help me grow as a player. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you consider my request!
  11. So here's my rundown: Like alot of other players, I've not played in years and rolfs email sparked my memory. I eventually manage to reset my pass and login only to find that I'm trapped in 3 tiles in a village. Noone around, noones even heard of the village and my welcome back package is a couple snubby CMs telling me I should kill myself. I do some digging and find out a CM apparently owns the viilage. Further disinterest from other CMs when I ask as to her activeness and an almost warning for expecting them to give a damn. Then I discover that the apparent owner doesn't even play on my server... Two days into my wait, I'm told that had they known they were locking me there, I could get help, but since they probably didn't noone will help me. 10 seconds of a GMs time and I'd have bought premium and be on my jolly way. Instead, I have to resort to the forum for my grievances to be heard and hope the village owner ever returns and then agrees to let me out... This is not the way to get repeat business!