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Found 5 results

  1. Wellcome to GTG! we are a traders guild focused on collecting wurm market data. Our specialities are bulk rares and bulk trading but we are not limited by that. Our main trade is keeping track of supply and demand by keeping record of recurring buyers and sellers. Our main goal is to broke information and connect supply chains thus making business more profitable to the seller, buyer and to us! everybody wins. Warning: Wurm has no automatic trade, its part of the game. All the data here is manualy garthered and wrote down. The only thing that makes this data "valid" it's your own personal trust on our skills to put in on paper. Public data: Click here to consult our public data about market prices! (got info) (b) = Information of buyers for trade (got info) (s) = information of sellers for trade To buy information: contact guild masters or traders. Even if you buy information, We can't make sure you will recive the same price from the buyer/seller as we do. ==================================== || Fixed Traders Guild offers: || ==================================== || Fixed buy offer: Rare Planks 30c || || No need to ask, just COD igoro. || || Fixed sell offer: Sugar beats 1k / 80c || || Contact igoro or xmagnum. || || Fixed sell offer: Dirt 1k / 1s || || we ship 5k+ stocked: 15k || ==================================== Ingame Guild Contacts: Guild masters and timezones: Igoro (GMT-3), Xmagnum (GMT-3). Guild Traders: TBA. Guild Navy for hire: Exists, not taking private contracts yet. ======================================================== Well established markets: (high supply and demand) Bulk planks. rare planks. Small Milk barrels 45kg. Next market being worked on: Bulk Brick market. ======================================================= (other trade markets might grow slowly while we build our databases) Services we provide: (you need to contact guild traders or guild masters ingame for pricing.) Register For high profile buyers and general mass manufacturing: Find instant offers of *mostly* bulk goods to supply your trade. If we don't find stock right away to ship it we will place orders with our registered suppliers. buy ahead: by paying extra fees you can reserve items (ex: rare planks) to be sold to you before anyone else. Prices fluctuate a lot less! Since all our deals are pre-planed by the traders guild. We will automaticly adjust the proper number of suppliers accordingly to your demand. our suppliers interchangeably makes your supply chain safier, stable and predictable! helps to Avoid work interruption to gather raw resources by timing constant flow of resources. Register For Supplier, Guild navy, VIP seller and Guild trader: (might have entrance fees): Our main suppliers wares are already sold before they even finish it! Grind you way into becoming a big supplier and have you wares to sell almost instantly Our navy will be at ready to pickup goods anytime! if you manage to get in the main supply chain you don't have to worry about finding buyers anymore. sell for a fixed contract price that almost don't fluctuate. Become a preferred supplier and a VIP Seller and sell reserve your bulk stock to be sold first. Gain access to information brokers and market trends and be able to switch your prodution to high demand goods. good money for starting players and old players! Also check out our freelance Guild navy carrer. (might have entrance fees) also: if you like selling and buying stuff and fiding new clients: associate with our traders guild and become a guild trader. Planned Future services: Taxi. Private freighting for hire. Private mercenary navy for hire. Private mercenary army for hire. Motto: keep our buyers buying and our sellers selling! Good profits to ya.
  2. Hello everyone, I am a Veteran returning player looking for an active Xanadu Alliance i currently hail from i 10/11. As well as open to villagers that are serious about being a part of a community.
  3. Wealth Beyond Measure! Note: As of 10/3/2020, the settlement has been disbanded and the guild dissolved. There was a number of reasons for this, mostly I just lament that more servers were released. The whole reason I was looking forwards to the Steam release was because it was one server, one for all, everyone in it together. Even if new servers were inevitable, staff explicitly said there wouldn't be new servers up for a long time, but that did not stand. I didn't take much offense to Melody, a tiny server seemed nice if only to act as a hunting grounds, dense mob populations and all that. Cadence was a slap in the face though. So, yeah, besides this, things just didn't work out after the first few months. There may come a time in the future when we return, especially if cool stuff is done with the huge amount of cash the Steam release raked in. So long, and thanks for all the fish. This post shall be kept preserved below. --- Greetings, outlander. We are The Guild of House Hlaalu. With the discovery of the Northern Freedom Isles, we're looking to expand our influence to these new lands, and as such we're recruiting new members for the journey. We have simple goals and a reliable hierarchy that benefits everyone. (For the time being, we'll be aiming for a presence on Harmony only. In the future, we may expand towards Defiance and/or Melody.) Let me explain what's in it for you, and how it will work. We seek to acquire wealth above all else. Wealth being silver, land, services, goods, materials, etc. Wealth requires labor. The more labor we have, the more wealth we'll have. Here is what we must ensure: Our deed(s) come first. Any wealth we have will always go into maintaining upkeep for at least 2 months so as to prevent decay. Sustaining premiums for all members comes next, and in order of access levels which will be explained further in; Golds get premium first over Silvers, and Silvers over Coppers. You, as a member providing us with labor, shall have limited access based on your role's access level to our collective wealth in order to create more wealth. In exchange, your premium shall be paid by us, assuming we can spare any from upkeep. Good deal, right? Do note; we're not paying you out of our pockets. If we do not have wealth to exchange for the silver needed, you'll have to wait until we do. Wealth is shared between members using a system of roles and access attached to said roles. Access levels primarily revolve around our warehouses, with higher access having greater bulks or more valuable goods. Certain buildings, doors, gates, and containers are also restricted by these. This is typically depicted by lamps and candelabras of the respective materials, or dyed banners. The access levels are as follows, highest to lowest: Seryll Access: Complete unrestricted access and authority, there's only one person with such and that's the Quartermaster. Gold Access: Generally has the autonomy and authority to enter or do most anything in the name of profit. They have their own deluxe housing. Silver Access: Access to the facilities and resources of a particular role. A special privilege of Silver is that every role within it is ranked and trusted equally to any other Silver role, with no bias or preference. True equality. They also have fair housing. Copper Access: Minimal access, they are only granted bunkhousing and common labor facilities. Iron Access: This level has no access to our warehouse at all and is not specific to any roles, rather this is the access level of non-members. The roles are as follows, and are color-coded to match their access level: Quartermaster: Responsible for safely storing away all our materials and goods, and distributing them to members as needed. Ensures equity for all members. Has domain over the warehouse, and everything else of course. Exclusive authority over what gets built and where, what may be locked and unlocked, and who gets promoted and when. Highest ranking among us and most trusted, his word is absolute. Councilman: Responsible for recruiting Cottars and making sure they don't get up to trouble. Has domain over almost anything. Granted almost anything. Near-equal rank and trust to the Quartermaster, but greater than Brokers. His word is law unless the Quartermaster says otherwise. Broker: Responsible for turning goods and materials into cold hard silver and not actually absconding with said silver. Has domain over risking what wealth we have to potentially make more, and autonomy to open trading outposts/merchantstalls where desired. Granted a wagon and large ship for moving goods in bulk. Near-equal rank and trust to the Quartermaster, but that trust can be easily lost if money is mishandled or always returned at a loss. Tribunal: Priests automatically qualify to be this rank since there are already so many restrictions on what they can do otherwise. They do whatever priests can still effectively do. Has domain over shrines. Granted gems and anything worth enchanting. Rank is higher than that of Scholars, so they can effectively order anyone around for anything they need. Scholar: A more trusted Freelancer, he does as he pleases for the cause. Only those who serve us extremely well find themselves with this role. Has domain over almost anything they desire. Granted almost anything they desire, and deluxe housing for them to furnish as they please. Rank is less than others of Gold rank, but they are to be regarded with utmost respect. Freelancer: A more trusted Cottar, they do whatever they want to be doing while still having responsibility to help others as needed. Granted a large cart and sailboat, and housing for them to furnish as they please. Slayer: Roam the lands killing and butchering anything that Cultivators don't want to keep around. Responsible for keeping forests and mines safe, and our settlements too of course. Forages and fishes in downtime. Not strictly required to do so, but expected to bring back things people have abandoned to rot. Has domain over slayer halls and CONAN, what is best in life?. Granted a large cart and sailboat for travel and hauling back loot. Ranger: Responsible for anything and everything that involves wood and charcoal. Has domain over lumberhouses, and pretty much anywhere there's trees(please replant them!). Granted a large cart and sailboat for the purposes of moving materials. Mariner: Responsible for building and improving ships. Expected to fish in downtime. Has domain over the seas and shores. Granted a large cart for moving materials, and a sailboat for personal use. Outfitter: Responsible for all things cloth and leather. Also handles ropemaking. Has no particular domain since tailoring can be done pretty much anywhere. Granted a large cart for general purposes. Cultivator: Responsible for fields of crops and creatures. Also handles dyemaking, and other natural substances like healing covers. Forages and fishes in downtime. Has domain over HUUUGE...tracts of land, farmsteads, and animal pens/pastures. Granted a large cart for general purposes. Smitherman: Responsible for anything and everything that involves metals. Has domain over smitheries. Granted a large cart for general purposes. Masoner: Responsible for anything and everything that involves stone and clay. Has domain over mines and masonry halls. Granted a large cart and sailboat for the purposes of moving materials. Cottar: Our common man, our backbone. He who does whatever needs doing. Has domain over nothing really, but expected to help with anything those above him demand. Granted bunks for resting, a small cart, and a rowboat. Lowest ranking among us, with little trust, but we put a lot of faith in them. Companion: Our allies from other settlements. Not responsible for anything at all, but in good faith we grant them access to the same things as Cottars, including the first level of our warehouse. Treat them with utmost respect. Outlander: Outsiders, people we don't know, people we're not affiliated with, or people we admonish. Responsible for nothing of course. Granted nothing, but never miss an opportunity to try and barter with one. Our policies: Our Short Term Goals: (Likely to always be in a state of flux) ✓ Claim an immaculate piece of land, something people would eventually want to purchase. To accomplish this, we shall break off into organized groups and search in all directions. Initially focus on construction of a warehouse(at least two tiers of access), and the crafthouse. Focus then on these in order: Farmstead, smithery, mason hall, lumberhouse, apartments. Interested in joining so far? New recruits always start as Cottars, and when qualified for a promotion may choose a Silver ranked role as desired(assuming the role has space, if it does not you may choose another or default to Freelancer). We have a discord server to maintain contact while offline, you'll pretty much be required to join for the time being. If you feel you would be a fine fit for House Hlaalu, simply post here your desire to contribute and what your grand ambitions are. I'll reach out to approved posts and send our server invite over a PM. You may serve House Hlaalu, and advance in the ranks, for above all things, House Hlaalu prizes initiative and ambition.
  4. A friend who's relatively new to wurm expressed a feeling he had about the way towns in wurm don't function like towns in other games or RL. He observed that players just build things around them and basically play by themselves mostly. This is basically true. We'll come together to complete a joint project, but then we go back to our private domain and exist there. Today, I was in a chat talking about starter towns, and I was trying to explain why I thought Esert is a weird place. It's because it has open space and occasional buildings. It should have a built-up street. And then I wondered what buildings a street would have to make it feel like a town on at the frontier of great adventures, and I thought about other games. Other games of this ilk tend to have taverns and guild houses and temples with NPCs in them, and you'd visit those to learn, advance, and to find lucrative/rewarding work. Aspects of this would work beautifully in Wurm. Wurm already has missions. If those missions were connected to physical buildings and NPCs in them, it would get people out of their silos, promote greater travel and exploration (to see what new mission can be found at a different town), and would make towns in themselves more meaningful to new and old players alike. The current system of pulling missions out of a HUD window break immersion. Having to visit an 'official' temple to learn about god A's latest whim in a personal mission would be great, as would meeting a farmer npc in a tavern and agreeing to supply x number of y item of z quality. This mechanic would get more people out and about, interacting and making the streets of Wurm more alive and buzzing. Missions could be cross server, and even include risky ones to Chaos maybe (take a priority message to someone, maybe) I have no idea how the economy of Wurm works, so I'm not going to suggest how mission would be rewarded, but any non-religious (or non meditation path... - why can't there be Schools of Path X for meditation to rival the temples and guilds?) needs a more concrete reward than sleep bonus. Someone must have suggested this before, but a quick search didn't show me anything like it.
  5. Hey everyone! This thread exists as the announcement and gathering place for the creation of a Wurm-spirited-Black Desert Online guild. As you all may know from this thread by Niki, Black Desert Online is due to launch March 3rd, just over a week from today! Several Wurmians have expressed an interest in playing this new mmorpg title, so it goes without saying that we need a guild for the collective Wurm community to band together in. The guild--right now we're going with the test name Dynasty of Wurm (DoW)--will be established on the NA side of the servers. Niki has requested this be setup on server #1 if possible, so that is what I'm aiming for. If you're planning to play on the EU side of servers, then perhaps we can arrange another Wurm guild in that region as well, but those plans haven't come up yet. Anyhow, if you're interested in playing Black Desert Online I encourage you to stick with your friendly neighborhood Wurmians and join the Dynasty of Wurm when we launch the guild. If you're totally pumped and excited to join in on our Wurm dynasty, feel free to leave a comment and show your support. Stay tuned in for any updates, and don't be afraid to ask questions. We look forward to seeing you in the Desert soon! Update: If you'd like to join this guild, be sure to play on NA server #1.