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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there, I figured I would make a post on the forums in case anyone else was interested in joining our alliance. We are a loose-knit group of solo players and a few villages from all over the world. We offer light chat, with a friendly and mature group of people, and an annotated map. We have a discord to keep in touch outside the game. Everything in the alliance is opt-in, no pressure do your own thing. We also have allied with a large village, Elysium, with many amenities to offer if you'd rather join a village. We are located in the area shown below (stars are allied deeds, triangles are other settlements). So if you live nearby and would like to join, feel free to send Prabhupada a tell in game. If you'd like to join Elysium as a villager, please send a tell to Torthur. Or message me on the forum here (I dont check often so if I dont reply, look for me in game)
  2. I played Wurm Online for a year or so a while back and recently picked up Wurm Unlimited so that I could have a blank map all to myself and not have to spend hours looking for a suitable spot that wasn't already settled. So now I'm going solo-dolo without the help of a village. I'm looking for input as to where to focus during the beginning so I can make sure I have a firm base of operations. In WO I would normally make a bee-line to an established village and work in conjuction with them (farm the fields, gather iron, then collect from communal resources to build my house). However my goal is to stay solo as long as possible so that I have an established area and then open it up to the public. Please give me any suggestions on how you would personally go about this task. Current gameplan: 1) Find a wooded area near the shore 2) Place down tent and hunt nearby game to have a small food stash 3) Gather basic crops and create a small (4x4) field to have renewable food 4) Put all my efforts into building a rowboat 5) Pack-up and sail nomadically until I find the "Promised Land" (Area with all resources relatively near ie iron, wood, water, clay, tar) 6) Place tent again 7) Begin creating farmstead 8) Deed the land and expand deed to be large enough to support a village 9) Create basic communal workshop, dock, and farmland (Possibly designate lots of land for villagers) 10) Open world to the public My biggest concern is I know how to accomplish 1-7, even if it will be slow going especially trying to find an area that not only has resources but that could also support a village worth of resources. How large of an area should I be looking to deed? Is it worthwhile to build the communal buildings ahead of time and risk over-building or is it better to add things as the village grows? What should I be looking to build in order to support a community so far the villages I join have a mine, workshop, farm, and animal pen, but I've seen some that have communal housing and others that had the layouts of legitimate cities with shops, churches, jails, etc. Finally, my intent is to make it a water-side village and as such I'd rather not build a highway to my village but rather make it as close to exclusively accessible by water as I can, I know that will hamper my efforts greatly but maybe build a few boats at the starter towns and give directions?
  3. Latest News from Mythmoor Prime We are excited to share some original creations in Mythmoor - Wurm Unlimited. Conquerors will win special, ever rotating in game rewards in surprise locations scattered throughout the event locations. Come join our community on Mythmoor Prime in these adventures and experience the thrill of Online Gaming in a whole new way. HOTA is enjoyable as a Solo or Group Player Event, although PVP. The rest are created as a minimum of 2 and up Groups. A very special, full of surprises... HOTA Maze (once conquered - resets every 36 Hours ) A PVE Maze (GM Hosted only) A PVP Event Arena A Dungeon High & Low Level - Fight Skill (GM Hosted only) Island of Doom (PVE Group Event / GM Hosted only) Weekly GM & Player Hosted Events Mythmoor Prime Map of Event Areas Starter Town - Moor's Rest PVP Events - Tickets Will Call PVP Event Arena (Player Hosted) Dungeon High & Low Level - Fight Skill (GM Hosted only) PVP Event Arena (Player Hosted) and PVE Maze (GM Hosted only) HOTA Maze (PVP) Inside the HOTA Maze Island of Doom ( GM Hosted only)
  4. Name: Bloobear Cost: $50 Canadian or Best offer. Please no offers in Silver. Location: Golden Valley Server Permanent character status. Reason for sale, Retiring/Quitting. Moving on. See my other sale here Great for survival-esque play style without an overcrowded community. holding you back. Challenges, building a home, limited skills, wolves are your worst nightmare, and Sharks too. Current location: Set by water, lots of trees, a good size mine with 2, maybe 3 iron veins, a forge, tools. You're good to pickup and craft and survive as you are now- or you can ditch all goods and go roughing it, GoodLuck making a crude carving knife if you choose that path Skills Skills dumped at 7-Jul-2014 ----- Prospecting: 17.773144 Axes: 12.790723 Hatchet: 15.181935 Woodcutting: 20.000444 Carpentry: 19.909767 Nature: 13.256299 Animal husbandry: 11.915242 Farming: 14.952982 Botanizing: 11.957889 Foraging: 18.12645 Normal fighting: 10.411366 Aggressive fighting: 13.832204 Miscellaneous items: 17.255632 Hammer: 14.159893 Repairing: 20.00082 Pickaxe: 18.068787 Digging: 15.075194 Mining: 16.66529 Soul strength: 20.000399 Soul depth: 20.000584 Mind speed: 20.000826 Mind logic: 20.000029 Body: 12.430862 Body stamina: 20.001158 Body strength: 20.001608 Body control: 20.001028
  5. "Over time, the population of every village approaches one. Most players quit, or become mayors. Why fight it?" -- Garis of Wealdin The Northmere Alliance is a federation of land owners based in the northeast of Celebration, and we're always on the lookout for good players. Whether they seek citizenship in one of our villages, or to settle in the northeast, we can usually tell which players are made for these mountains. In general, rather than recruiting lots of new players into one village and spending all of our time trying to keep them happy and motivated, or living like hermits and getting discouraged in our fortresses of solitude, our members are usually deed owners, dedicated specialist craftsmen, or aspiring deed owners. This means we're almost all premium players with some skin in the game, who can appreciate the challenge and pride that comes from building up your own settlement. Our alliance gives us several advantages. Currently, every member of The Northmere is a premium player. If a villager wants to set out and found their own settlement, they can do so with the full support of the alliance. With mostly solo deeds, each of our members can set permissions for other member on a per-person basis, as they see fit. We don't have rules telling you what you have to contribute or what to do with your deed. For example, if a member want to give one someone mining access for a week, that's up to them. Our ranks include priests of Magranon, Fo, and Vynora. We have access to every major resource, and several rare metal types. We tend not to price-gouge one another, and none of us needs a handout. We also have high expectations of our our members. We want them to be active, intelligent, and of reasonably good character. We don't recruit part time occupants of Celebration, but only players who are committed to living here. Since nobody can turn off the /alliance channel, we expect people to conduct themselves in /alliance chat according to the rules that govern local chat. We save the rowdy, offensive, and wildly inappropriate talk for IRC, and have a system in place for resolving the rare conflicts that pop up. If someone needs to leave, for personal reasons or to get some space, or if they lapse for a while due to RL, they can come back. As an alliance, we work together to develop infrastructure in our region, especially roads, highways, tunnels, towers, ports, and mines. We keep a good balance between progress on the home front and development of our region. If this sounds like a community you'd enjoy, drop me a PM on the forums, or send a message to me, Liviella, Nicefrog, Crick, or Eldris in game.