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  1. CoD to Demonqueen please.
  2. Here a little overview of my plans:
  3. In order to gain access to rock, I've encountered special challenges at this location. While there is rock everywhere below, it's tough to access it without falling to one's doom, so I've started building a mine entrance:
  4. View from my new deed:
  5. After getting bored of my quiet little starter deed, I decided to take on a larger scale project in this game. I've picked a spot on the highest mountain I could find in Xan, spent 13 tedious hours getting up there and finally dropped my deed yesterday. Just look at that awesome view! P.S. I shall be using this thread as a progress update on the deed development and to showcase what I consider Elven in Wurm!
  6. Looking to buy multiple sets of tools. Set #1 Full Set of WoA Tools Set #2 Full Set of CoC Tools Set #3 Set of Statuettes of Each Deity Payment in Euros via PayPal preferred. Since I live on a mountaintop deed without mailbox, I'd prefer to have the tools handed over to me in person, I can suicide a character to any starter town or you can Vteleport a new alt to my deed. PM me with offers and prices.
  7. Still loads available!
  8. Through sheer luck I've found 3 chickens, a ram and a sheep on my island. Of course I immediately began breeding in order to increase the number of animals on this little island, but it is amazing that there have been some different species on it already! My mine has progressed a lot. I have now uncovered Sandstone, Slate, Iron, Lead, Silver, Copper and more and will be having a great time mining all of those out and smelting the ore to lumps. It's a slow process, especially if you can't play as much as you'd like, but it's getting there. I'm still waiting for the house that is blocking the deed expansion to decay. 16 damage on it now... this is going to take a while.
  9. Bump! Still a lot of things for sale!
  10. More trades completed, but still a lot for sale
  11. Just got it as well. I hope it helps to bring some new players to the game!
  12. Will PM you now. I can do 5 for it, including delivery?