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  1. I've been playing the game on different devices, and the lighting varies strongly between the different ones. On my television screen, I can see clearly even at night, however on my laptop even with a lantern it is difficult to see from dusk till after dawn, and with shadows active, even then. I am now using a separate gamma control program in order to make the game playable, but it would be amazing to see a gamma adjustment feature implemented in the game itself. There can certainly be restrictions on it to not make it exploitable, but the differences on a variety of devices are too great to ignore.
  2. Got an offer of 6S for that one already, sorry
  3. Demonqueen or AJBlack - will be online again later today. Will pass PM. Make an offer please
  4. Can do. Please contact me in-game or via PM about delivery.
  5. I was hoping for 5 Silvers for it. 5S and free delivery?
  6. Make an offer. Delivery is possible, either for free or at a small fee depending on the value of what you're buying. Contact in-game: Demonqueen Pickup if you pick up: Vinyamar, S8, Xanadu PENDING Rare Unfinished Altar Rare Paupers High Chair Rare Unfinished Coffer SOLD Rare Unfinished Lounge Chair Rare Unfinished Lounge Chair Rare Unfinished Cupboard Rare Unfinished Well
  7. Due to Yldrania's continued severe health issues after her vacation, I will be taking care of the market for a while. Please contact me here or in-game at AJBlack or Demonqueen if you're still interested. We apologize for the inconvenience. Yldrania has been dealing with severe health issues and is unable to play at this point in time. I will be taking care of the market until she is back so feel free to contact me should you still be interested in any goods.
  8. Entry #3 - The Mine We're slowly making progress! Apart from starting to learn how to cook, I've opened my mine and started expanding it a bit. In the meanwhile there is copper, tin and sandstone available, however no iron veins just yet. The view from my place is absolutely great. I love how in one direction I can watch the slow movement of the waves clashing into the far away server border while on the other side there are busy people trying to follow their every-day lives as they build their deeds. Could a spot be any more perfect?
  9. Entry #2 - Expanding to the main land It's been a quiet few weeks just mining away on my island and picking sprouts in fear that my forest will be quickly depleted. As it happens, I have been encouraged by my friend & leader Yldrania to help our alliance and expand my project into a larger one, so her and I have created a new character and deeded the main land across from the island. I will be keeping track of my island deed on this topic only, however I wanted to post a quick update on what is happening. It appears that the new deed will be rather mountainous and created in cooperation with my alliance, so I am very much looking forward to getting started with it. On the island itself it has been a slow journey of trying to find iron and finally managing to find some iron and copper. I'm still waiting for the shack to decay in order to deed the rest of the "Lonely" Island. For some reason I feel like I can't get started on any building projects until I have, because I'm not really sure what I want to do with the space I've acquired. I guess it doesn't have to be logical In the meanwhile I've created a rather large mine and gathered a lot of mixed grass, sprouts and other miscellaneous items. Food is still a problem - I am eating raw fish but it isn't really doing too great so if anyone knows an easy way to get started with cooking, that would be much appreciated.
  10. Thank you for the warm welcome. From what I've seen it's an amazing alliance so far and I look forward to meeting the rest of you guys
  11. This would be absolutely amazing! I was killed by so many things so far that I have stopped counting and I have absolutely no idea how to get started. Thank you everyone for your amazing support and advise, it's really nice coming into a game where the newbies aren't rejected but encouraged and supported by everyone
  12. Entry #1 - The Way to Paaweelr There isn't much to show you I'm afraid, I've just been busy setting up the basic things on a new deed. There was a pretty large mine I explored that is largely underwater - maybe someone can help explain how I can raise this so I don't have to swim the entire time and can actually use it? I also learned more about the kindness of the people who play this game - I was asking for a Paaweelr conversion for my alt, who I would like to priest eventually, and immediately someone stepped up to help convert me. I didn't have a boat so someone else let me use their sailing boat to get there and back - so much support provided by the community! After a lengthy trip on a sailing boat, I have managed to get my conversion and am now a loyal follower of Paaweelr with my alt Demonqueen. I think that due to the skill benefits, I will convert to Vynora on my main. Afterwards I asked in trade chat for an imp on my BotD pickaxe, which was only at quality 8. Surprisingly, someone immediately messaged me and offered to do the imp to quality 85 for free. Seriously, how great can a community be? Bottom line, it hasn't been super exciting but it's certainly been a great experience in Wurm these past few days. Now the big thing is waiting until I can finish deeding the island when the shack has decayed, and meeting my neighbours. I have learned of one neighbour who sometimes appears in local and has also deeded fairly recently so maybe there's a chance to become friends there! In general I have just beem overwhelmed by all the support provided by everyone so far and I believe that this may be the reason I have decided to dedicate more of my time to this game than others at this point in time. I will post more screenshots and news when I get them - for now it's just filling BSB's and FSB's with things I might need someday when I figure out what they're useful for
  13. I believe that these could be an amazing addition to the game. We have added things like this in other games and it has contributed in major ways to how group fights felt to players. In my opinion, this could either be done by implementing a specific shield for all kingdoms that just applies their logo, or one could go further and suggest that each kingdom has the chance to create a specific set of armor and weaponry to set themselves apart from others. For example, Freedomers could be presented with a very friendly Knight type armor, example in spoiler: Whereas for instance, the Crusaders could design an armor more like this, for example: Or the Horde as an evil legion, could go for something darker, perhaps like this: I think that, as a bottom line, it would be amazing if each kingdom could design a set of armor and weaponry specifically for members of their own kingdom, perhaps with an added restriction to the item so that only members of said kingdom can wear it. It would make the entire feel of having one's own kingdom or being part of one much stronger than just showing it with tabards in my opinion.
  14. True. I might regret it one day, but for now all I can think about is changing my environment as fast as possible
  15. Some of the posts on this forum that I have seen about other peoples' deeds and projects were simply mind blowing and amazing. There are enormous projects with so much time, effort and money invested in them that it's barely believable anyone would have that kind of passion for a game, but I understand why: This game is unique. With all the chains of restriction every day life wraps around us as people, the universe of Wurm offers one major escape from that: Freedom. We each have the freedom to completely decide on our own lives and journeys, and absolutely nothing is forced on any of us. Whether we want to roam the lands as hunters, devote ourselves to a deity, lead armies of warriors into battle or build majestic palaces - it is all possible for us here in Wurm. I have had the pleasure of being introduced to this game by a very supportive friend, who encouraged me to keep playing after my first deed plan overwhelmed me. Instead of an isolated valley with no support or connection to the outside world, I have now found a little island at O8, Xanadu, which I called Lonely Isle. (Motivating name, isn't it?) Anyway, while my journey will most definitely not be as majestic and impressive as those of many others who share here, maybe there are one or two people interested in seeing what new players are up to these days, so here goes my very first project: The Lonely Isle As I have already mentioned, The Lonely Isle is located on Xanadu, O8, pretty much right at the central Western shore. The annotations are alliance annotations from the alliance I joined, so please do not mind them, as I don't know how to turn them off. The black star annotation is my deed. Let me give you an idea of my place first. Unfortunately I couldn't deed the entirety of it yet, because of a little one-tile shed that was half decayed in the middle of the island with nothing around it. I shall call it: Shack of Delay. It also came with a bit of equipment at about 50 damage - including a rare large barrel. My first rare! I have a great view towards Newspring Island as well as in the other direction from here. It's a nice, small island with a mine underneath it which I haven't yet explored. Since I'm on an island, I decided to begin my journey with a lot of gardening and forestry, gathering sprouts and flowers in order to be able to replant what I will cut in the future. Here's the "corner view" of my upper island. To be very honest, I have barely paid attention to the lower parts of the island so far. The plan for the island is to make a dark sort of evil and unwelcoming place that still maintains a magical aura. Yea, I don't really have any exact idea for how to achieve that yet either but I'll get there. First couple of days are most likely just going to be creating some basic things, foraging, botanizing, exploring the area. After that I hope to wait until the house decays in order to deed over the rest of the place and plan the deed in the deed planner. If anyone has any helpful tips or ideas for this, please don't be shy and give me your ideas! I'll also be using this to journal my life in Wurm, since my Wurm Blog website is currently still under construction, so you guys will have to put up with me posting here for now