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  1. cant transfer my priest

    I have just received help for the same issue. However, the waiting time is quite long because you need GM help to fix it so expect to wait a while and keep your char online. Going AFK doesn't seem to matter, they fix it in the meantime and you can transfer when you're back and tell them it worked.
  2. Top 10 games (other than Wurm)

    Dragon Age: Inquisition Dragon Age: Origins Dragon Age: II The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion The Town of Light The Cat Lady Jazz Jackrabbit Life is Strange
  3. Reworks of Darq Canal

    Looking forward to working together with Thorin on the improvements of the tunnel to make it as pretty and useful as possible.
  4. This is happening on all my characters regardless of settings. Please note that the fences are painted black so the color is not a glitch.
  5. Can we please un-tame animals in crates?

    Nope. I just purchase a lot of champion animals, and in no way, shape or form can we un-tame. Not that I know of. If I missed something, please enlighten me - but we have tried right clicking the creature AS WELL AS untaming in management.
  6. It is really frustrating when you're trying to buy animals, and you're in the middle of a server, and you have to leave the server each time to get that creature un-tamed. PLEASE allow us to un-tame creatures that are in crates via the management system. EDIT: For those who don't know: You are unable to tame, charm or dominate a creature while you have one tamed that is in a cage. With this update, you would be able to load multiple creatures at the same time without major time issues.
  7. Message for animals stop leading due to walls/etc

    +1 I spent an hour running down through tunnels to the shore with horses for a wagon just to discover I had stopped leading them at the entrance to the caves - resulting in me having to run an hour and a half back up, and grab them again. Please put an end to that!
  8. Disembarking Knarr under Bridge gives Damage

    I can not take a picture because I sailed away and I'm not sure where it was but I can describe the set-up. I was on a knarr, sailing near the coast on Xanadu. There was a marble bridge. Flat marble bridge with multiple arches across maybe a dozen tiles or so. Underneath the marble bridge was water at 5 depth. I could still walk there. A champion troll was standing in one of the arches, trapped. I disembarked in the other arch, far away from the troll who was fighting guards from a nearby guard tower at this point. I checked my combat logs - they were clear, the champ troll was just hitting guards. I stood next to the knarr - disembarked on the tile next to it, out of reach of the champ troll too btw, and did nothing at all. I kept getting damage and didn't know what was happening so I re-embarked on the boat. After that, I got the message that I am teleporting as per the logs above. I sailed away and I had a bad wound on my foot which left me at 20 health. I checked the combat logs and they are clear. Combat logs: That's that. Event logs: After that I tried to bandage and got a run-in with a crocodile that ultimately killed me.
  9. [00:40:55] You leave the knarr. [00:40:57] Ouch! That hurt! [00:40:57] Ouch! That hurt! [00:40:58] Ouch! That hurt! [00:41:05] Ouch! That hurt! [00:41:15] You board on the knarr as the captain. [00:41:15] You are teleporting and cannot perform actions right now. I disembarked under an arched marble bridge at 5 depth and kept getting damage. I almost died from it. EDIT: Combat log is CLEAR.
  10. Wurm Online "Cancer Sucks" Fundraiser for Tich

    Bump for a good cause - I dont know if this is still ongoing but if it is, donate what you can, people!
  11. Two more people have decided to join us We are happy to have them!
  12. WTS Characters & Items

    You can CoD the rare lamp for 1S to Ajblack - also the Opal Staff, if you are selling that one. We spoke in-game so feel free to PM me about more.