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  1. The Screenshots Thread

    I think he is... laughing at me....
  2. Bump for a great mentor!
  3. Rares and supremes clearout

    Supreme small maul and small metal shield to AJBlack please. Both for 25?
  4. Ost-in-Edhil - The Elven Fortress on Xanadu

    Unfortunately I have to say that Yldrania is quite right. It took me a long time to scout the mountain properly. There was a very steep slope and I had to create a few tiles via surface mining to stand on and regain stamina. But in the end it worked and I got mountain goat way before I reached the top. If you'd like, I can help you ascend any mountain you'd like to deed. I'd love to be able to be of assistance.
  5. No-Use Inventory Group

    No, and that's what I've been doing as well. But then as a player who doesn't have that much time to play, you may forget about it and it decays so same result as using it. Yes, I do that. But no matter how many groups you have, or where you store stuff (for example in your backpack), if you're building something and you hit continue with the mats in your inventory, they will be used. That's what I want to prevent, and since we have this grouping system I figure it might be a good idea to have it. Yes, there should be restrictions for sure. You shouldn't be able to do anything with the item in this group other than drag it back out if you want to use it, but it would help avoid accidental usage of stuff.
  6. No-Use Inventory Group

    After recently using enchanted materials to build fences, by accident, I was looking for a way to keep it in my inventory so it wouldn't decay but also not have it be used automatically for an action. For instance, I used a rare shaft to build a fence even though there were plenty of non-rares in my inventory. I also used a rare clay to build a wall just because I didn't have a way to store it, and I don't have the time to run back and forth to drop everything and pick it back up. It would be nice to have one group in the inventory with no special functions except that anything that's inside of it won't be used automatically for actions.
  7. Supreme Knarr

    Timer doesn't seem to be working here. Good luck with the auction! If I wasn't on a mountaintop I would be all over it
  8. wta Libram of the Night - one charge (SOLD)

    So, this is my first Wurm auction... my last bid is over an hour ago, does this mean that I won? NEVER MIND XD
  9. wta Libram of the Night - one charge (SOLD)

    How long have you been looking for this tome? --- Let's take further discussion to PM. Outside of auctions
  10. wta Libram of the Night - one charge (SOLD)

    Well, that's not a great great reason so I'll continue bidding as it's in my personal goals. 220
  11. wta Libram of the Night - one charge (SOLD)

    How come you want it so badly if I may ask? You've completed your personal goals already, haven't you? 215