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  1. I always need silver pretty much. Pass me a PM with how much you have!
  2. Bump, still wanting to buy.
  3. As title says, I want to buy one gold for EUR 85. If you're a regular gold seller, I buy gold multiple times a month so I'd be more than happy to build up a long-term trading relationship. Bought plenty of times before, good references, good standing, verified PayPal, payment before CoD as usual.
  4. Bunch more lamps and a wine barrel and some other stuff purchased. Hoping to find the rest as well!
  5. If you accept 1S each for the iron torch lamps, you can CoD them to me.
  6. 1 Larder and 1 Meditation Rug purchased. 2nd Larder purchased.
  7. It's going well. I'm spending a lot of time on it and starting to see some progress. I'll be doing an update video at the end of the month and after that I'll be doing update videos on the 1st of every month to keep track of my progress! Thank you for your interest in my project, it's amazing to have this kind of community around me
  8. Bump for you. Saw you started spamming your ad again. It's nice to see you finally back for real. Had a few items return but seems everything gets picked up almost instantly now!
  9. I'd take the boat if you still have it. Please PM me if you do!
  10. No idea about the price but I'm always interested in rare or supreme ships if you're looking for a buyer
  11. 1G is in my opinion a bit much for these 3 but good luck with the sale. If you can't sell at this price you can always contact me for purchase at a lower price, but 1G is definitely too much in my eyes for what is provided.
  12. I have added a Horde of the Summoned Guard Tower to my list of desired items. If anyone has a rare/supreme HotS unfinished guard tower, I'll be looking to buy. As it is important for my deed's design, I will be very open to pricing suggestions.
  13. Managed to find a dioptra, an oven, a forge and got some pending sales that I hope will go through. Please get in touch if you have anything that may be of interest to me!
  14. I've fallen in love with Wurm quite recently, and I've decided to use my love for collecting in this game. As such, I'd like to furnish my place with shiny things only, so whenever I have decided on a plan for a new building on my deed, I will make a post in which I'd like to buy all the furniture necessary for that house. I've chosen to begin my Wurm life with a huge project that will probably take a few years for completion. Please bear with me on the pricing I am currently on a mountaintop deed, so items need to be UNFINISHED or MAILABLE in order for me to be able to get them to my deed as there is no access. New alts have to be able to carry them and get them to my deed with vteleport until a road has been established. SUPREMES are preferred, but I am also interested in rares! I am looking to buy the following: MAILABLE STUFF: 80 x Torch Lamp // Purchased: 11 2 x Meditation Rug // Purchased: 1 2 x Spinning Wheel // Purchased: 0 12 x Still // Purchased: 0 1 x Range Pole // Purchased: 1 1 x Dioptra // Purchased: 1 STUFF I WILL PICK UP: In order to pick up from you, I will need to port a character to your deed with vinvite and suicide and then vteleport my character back to my own deed a day later. This is currently the only way for me to get things to my deed. Can Be Finished Or Unfinished 33 x Bulk Storage Bin // Purchased: 0 8 x Food Storage Bin // Purchased: 0 2 x Larder // Purchased: 2 18 x Small Wine Barrel // Purchased: 1 2 x Large Barrel // Purchased: 1 HAS TO BE UNFINISHED 1 x Spirit Castle // Purchased: 0 4 x Stone Altar // Purchased: 2 2 x Marble Brazier Pillar // Purchased: 0 1 x Wooden Altar // Purchased: 1 2 x Floor Loom // Purchased: 0 3 x Large Chest // Purchased: 0 4 x Kiln // Purchased: 0 6 x Oven // Purchased: 1 6 x Forge // Purchased: 5 6 x Smelter // Purchased: 0 1 x HotS Guard Tower // Purchased: 0 I realize that it's a lot of stuff so I'll keep this thread bumped and active until I've found all I'm looking for Thanks in advance to all who help me start my collection!
  15. I'd like to order transmutation liquid. Could you please get in touch with me via PM?