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  1. presumed spelling error

    If derived from Latin, which the word essentially is, it would have to be Scorpii.
  2. hiya aj anytime youre ready mello is on to send off crates


  3. WTA Small Magical Chest, Steel

    Is steel special on a magic chest? If so, what are the differences to regular ones?
  4. UCLG Marketplace

    New Today: Sales Since Launch: 50 --- THANK YOU FOR 50 SALES! Thank you very much to anyone who purchased from us and helped our alliance to continue by doing so.
  5. Just because it sucks so much

    I'm sure that there is some way to fix the dropping and picking up on the same tile? I live on a mountain and for me it has had a great impact on a lot of things when surface mining, even when recovering my corpse because I fell. It's near impossible to do that now without having stamina sandwiches. If I need to climb to a tile and I drop my tent for safety, it has happened multiple times that I couldn't reach the tent anymore to put things I wanted preserved in it and I ended up losing them. I understand and agree completely with the security issue taking priority over convenience and player experience, however I truly hope that picking things up on the same tile, at least, regardless of slope, will be possible again at some point.
  6. We are now offering weekly Discord giveaways! Answer a riddle about Wurm and get a prize! Further news: We are offering paid work within the alliance. Need premium or upkeep? No problem anymore!
  7. There SHOULD be an achievement for this!

    Yeah I figure it's somewhere low enough to show 0 but not enough to kill me. Seems challenging enough to be worth an achievement, right?
  8. UCLG Marketplace

    [10:29:20] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thank you very much!
  9. There SHOULD be an achievement for this!

    This should be in the bug reports section then since I didn't get one.
  10. Personal Goals Disappearing Not Fixed

    Server: Independence Character Name: Themorrighan I spawned on Indy and stayed there, but I can try taking an epic portal or having someone pick me up to transfer servers to see if that helps, if it's needed.
  11. On a character that is 81 days old [23:07:17] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of Awakening, week 1 of the White Shark starfall, 1074. That's 81 days, 1 hour and 32 minutes ago. My personal goals on that alt have disappeared. Relogging for lotime has not fixed it. I am still getting achievements, everything else works fine just the Personal goals are gone. I was told to post here after asking in CA.
  12. Achievement Update: Clumsy

    I've fallen a lot, and on all my alts I got it at 125 times. (125 times on the Fall counter in statistics)
  13. Clumsy Try to be more gentle when climbing Silver Fall down and take some damage. The requirement is to Fall 125 times.
  14. Living on a mountain has its ups and downs. This down resulted in an unexpected ending: This is me, being alive at 0% health. There should be an achievement for this as I've never seen this happen before... and I fall from mountains A LOT.
  15. The Screenshots Thread

    Alive at 0% Health - Yes I survived. I healed my wounds and walked away.