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Found 34 results

  1. The Future of Southern Bay Estates: My vision for this may never come to pass, however if it does not get started, it will never take shape. So here goes the details.. ( Kind of centrally located in Xanadu , NE J14 ) I think around December 2022 is when most things/buildings should be ready. ( Currently Blacksmith shop, and Tailor shop is built ) I'm looking to create a RP "supported" village.. We will have professions, titles and a purpose for players looking for one, if your not already tied up in your personal skill gain.. which I know most are of course.. So what do i mean by role play "supported" ? Well.. basically, if you want to role play , its completely fine, if you are not one to role play, you won't hinder the ones who do.. And really all you have to do is live in the environment you are in.. While in the Realm of wurm, there are no cars, no guns, no cell phones.. So why should that be brought up in conversation in game.. No Politics, No Religion, Other than the in Realm politics and Religions... That's my 2 cents on it.. everyone has their own opinion on RP.. But if you have any specific questions on it.. pls fill free to contact me. Now titles and professions, I'm sure your interested... There will be a Duke of course.. Me, However I have thought of the Voting system for new leader of the deed.. that's some hardcore reality.. so still thinking on that one.. depends on the community and how it grows.. (I try not to ramble too much) So. 1 Duke, 3 possible Advisors, Knight Commander 1, maybe 2.. Knights.. unlimited. Squires.. These roles will have complete descriptions later.. ( trying to minimize this post) Nobles.. and Villagers..... Professions.. Sure you can be whatever you want.. but perhaps you want to stand out.. Blacksmith, Tailor, Mason, Quartermaster*, Carpenter, Shipwright, Farmer, Cook, Alchemist... Some of these titles/professions are unique and have special jobs.. Most you can probably figure out on your own. If you have any questions on a particular profession or title. pls msg me. Also, this is very much a work (idea) in progress.. If you would like to have input in the early stages.. by all means.. im open for conversation.. Again.. this is a ways away.. but I want to get the information out there if anyone is looking for something like this.. Let me know.. I look forward to hearing from you.. Taking in new players that need direction, as well as Vets who can help give it... Safe travels!!…. Destion, and his crazy priest brother Delrago.. Discord contact Destion#0243
  2. Aesarius Aesarius, a very small humble world, for eons has closely guarded a great secret. This secret was passed from king to king through the eras. Each king vowed to protect the secret knowing that if it were ever found out, the world would be altered forever. The fourth era was ruled by Hardwin son of Adlard the Mighty. His careful watch during the time of the dark wars earned him the title Hardwin the Vigilant. Although there were occasional whispers, no one from outside Aesarius ever proved the existence of the secret. Through 4 eras, the kings managed to maintain peace and the world was one great kingdom. But Azohra with her ability to sense and locate power listened to the whispers. Through veiled channels she hired the Ebony Wolf Band to search out the secret. She was not disappointed. They discovered gemstones with the power to stave off death and protect warriors from the impacts of death if they were to die. Although these gems were rare, they provided significant advantage in battles. Throughout the dark wars, the Black Wolf Band never chose a side. They were available to hire for both sides. When Azorha sent her best generals and wizards to Aesarius, some of the Black Wolf Band went back on their contract and made it back to Aesarius in time to warn the king. Hardwin the Vigilant sent word to the high priests to call for help from the light gods and began preparing to stand against the intruders. The battle, known as The Withering, was fought mostly with magic. As the wizards and priests used up their own powers, they began to call on the earth for more. Deserts started to form. The battle ended when the entire world was so devoid of life that no one could survive it. Many of the priests and wizards were able to retreat to other worlds to save their own lives. Aesarius fell only a few months before The Last Battle. With the king was always a small band of his soldiers known as the Sanguine Sentry because of their fierce devotion to the king and their belief that they could protect him even in the most hopeless situations. When he fell in the second wave of The Withering, they took him to Grentia the world of healing. He survived and has been watching over Aesarius from a distance. While most of his resources are gone, he has slowly built his small band of soldiers for the day when Aesarius is whole once again. The Ebony Wolf Band has also been watching Aesarius from a distance. A few of the members still remember the gems they found and are waiting for the time when they can try to harvest them and sell them for profit or use them. As time has passed, the world has slowly regained it’s strength, and seems to be habitable once again. Both of the organizations have sent individuals and teams to survey the world, discover if it truly is habitable again, and determine if it still produces the gemstones. What part do you play? Are you part of the Sanguine Sentry? Are you hired by the Ebony Wolf Band? Are you unaffiliated but you’ve heard the world is habitable again? Server Stats Sister Server to Vrystoria - someday they will link RP-PVP - Custom Factions (kingdoms) to enhance roleplay. 1x skill gain 2x action timers Custom Map Size = 4048x4048 60,000 mobs 95% aggressive Deed Start up cost -enabled Deed upkeep - enabled Skills start at 1 Characteristics start at 19.5 Starter gear is a tent and a compass. Priests Priest restrictions active All deities can be followed across all kingdoms. Max Faith 150 Faith gains scaled Statuette quality and rarity matter for spellcasting Taxes - will go up if you are offline for more than three weeks Bounty on Burn- Burn corpses instead of bury, Earn coin and Karma No Crop Decay - Crops that are grown will not wither Treasure Maps Survival Mod
  3. I know we're not really meant to repost already existing suggestions, but the ones I've seen from a quick keyword search are either one sentence wonders or a decade old. I thought it'd be a good idea to create a fresh thread with a more fleshed-out version of the idea. Overview: I think a Hairdressing/Barbering skill would be a great addition to the game. It would allow players the freedom to customise their hair without completely removing the use of the Hand Mirror. Hairdressing/Barbering would also open up a lot of potential for player interaction and roleplay depending on how it's setup. I also think the random appearance when you first spawn and the Hand Mirror should remain the same, not adding any of the new haircuts or colours to them, to incentivise the training and use of the new skill. Apart from adding new hair/facial hair styles, I think a lot of the things that would be involved in making this a skill are already in the game. I'm not saying this would be easy, there's obviously going to be a lot of back end work to make it happen, but it'll surely lighten the load if this skill does go into development. How it could work: You would use a pair of scissors on another player, this would open up a prompt for the other player which they would have to accept/deny (similar to dueling), if they do accept then a window (similar to the Hand Mirror window) would appear for the person who used the scissors allowing them to customise the other player's hair. When the hairdresser completes the haircut there could also be a further window that appears for the player receiving the haircut where they consent to the changes (to avoid griefing). There is also the potential for dyes to be used to change the hair colour which would open up a much wider variety of options for customisation. For those who want to cut their own hair, a mirror would need to be added to the game which they would use scissors on to open the Hand Mirror-esque window allowing them to customise their hair. Since cutting your own hair is arguably harder to do, it should require a higher skill to perform that specific haircut on yourself than it would to perform it on another player. Finally, so the skill doesn't solely rely on player interaction or spam cutting your own hair, there would also need to be some sort of training dummy-esque item added to the game that allows you to train your skill on it. This could simply be made by combining thatch or strings of cloth with a training dummy, which would add 'hair' to it. As your Hairdressing/Barbering skill increases you would unlock a wider variety of styles and possibly a broader RGB spectrum for dyes. Scuffed mockup: Please avoid responding with +1/-1 as the devs ignore those kinds of comments. Instead give feedback or possible additions to the idea, thanks
  4. Vrystoria

    Welcome !!! The Vrystoria server is a welcoming and diverse server, from the moment you are dropped into the world starting at the player made town of Keldor, you are immersed in rich story line and dialogue from the various NPC's that surround you, lodgings available for the weary traveler and plenty to do right on your doorstep. For those adventurers among us there are several dungeons to explore and a treasure trove of wonders to discover. There are several large settlements outside of the initial 'Capital' to visit all with friendly players to interact with, RP is encouraged in the local chats, but those that enjoy the game without the RP element are also welcome. The story of Vrystoria is an organic and evolving story line that grows with the players who can directly influence it as they progress in Vrystoria. all linked around the World History and the Deity Hestlin comes a story line that you, the player, now control. Whether you’re a travelling trader selling their wares or an intrepid miner venturing in the underground chasms looking for rare ores to liberate, a wielder of Hammer and Tongs spending hours in front of the Smelter and Forge or a master of the cloth making fine garments for your fellow Vrystorians. Your story is still yet to be told, but told it shall be and no better place than the welcoming and friendly civilisation of Vrystoria ! Come and join us on the journey of a lifetime.!! Role Play Who do you want to be? We encourage every player to create and develop a character. Everyone impacts the world. More Info History Vrystoria has a rich and unique history. Every character will have the opportunity to help shape the world More Info Rules Playing on Vrystoria constitutes acceptance of the rules listed on the rules page. Please be familiar with them. More Info Stats and Mods Server Stats PvE 1x skill gain (weapon smithing is 3x) 2x action timers Custom Map Size = 2048x2048 25,000 mobs 75% aggressive Deed Start up cost -enabled Deed upkeep - enabled Skills start at 1 Fight skill starts at 10 Characteristics start at 20 Body control starts at 21 Starter gear is 10ql Sorcery Items available as dungeon loot. Priests No priest restrictions Max Faith 150 Faith gains scaled Statuette quality and rarity matter for spellcasting Custom deity - details here Taxes - will go up if you are offline for more than three weeks Bounty - Coin paid to those who kill mobs Bounty on Burn- Burn corpses instead of bury, Earn coin and Karma No Crop Decay - Crops that are grown will not wither Inbreed Warning - Gives a warning if you are attempting to inbreed Dungeon Mod - Cool way to get loot from dungeons Drake mount - Drakes to ride Kingdom items and tabbards - craftable pretty stuff
  5. Copper Canyon is welcoming anyone who wants to join! We are M 22 on the in-game map right between the Eastern Steppe and Crystal Lake. We have space enough space for someone to build in a 5x4 area, or you can just live in the main building. We are part of a alliance called Eastern steppe alliance or ESA for short, everyone is surrounding the east steppe. Our mine is ready for use it had lead, gold and iron, and it is connected to the capital of ESA witch is Oak Harbour. Copper canyon has been settled here for 1 month, and no plans of disbanding anytime soon. The main building is the workshop / home with supplies for anyone to use, just replenish them as you go, if there is something are are not sure about do not feel afraid to ask me about it. The deed is not enclosed at all, so aggros will wander in, we do not have any Templars, but there is a guard tower on-deed, but still be on the look out for them. For the most part, our alliance is made up of folks who play somewhat "hermit" style. We're all happy to help as and when we can, but mostly do our own thing. If you're looking for a village with lots of village-participation activities to get involved in, we are probably not the right fit. However, if you're just after a spot to hang out, craft, build, and maybe jump into a chat about how amazing cheese and bacon are, we've got you covered. You do not have to pay for Rent or Upkeep While upkeep would be appreciated you do not have to send your silver on it when you could use it elsewhere. Message Supermastermind in game, send me a PM on the form, Or post a comment this form post to get more information or to join
  6. I will be taking my server machine and colocating it at my buddies data center here in the very near future. On that server I want to build the mother of all Roleplay Servers!. Im thinking about 10x on the rates fast timers and mods. The only problem is I'm not super famillar with Wurm as I have only been playing for about 6 months. Not sure what mods to have and such. I want a some what WUrm Official feel to it, but with higher rates and such. I would also like trade routes setup and stuff like that. My question is what forum could I use to help find people that would want to help set this up. I am looking for people dedicated to the RP aspect of if, and maybe even thinking of developing a mod that creates jobs on the server. Like anyone would do /Furniture and it would list every one on the server that registered as a furniture maker. I have a friend that can write mods, when hes not busy at microsoft working on the new windows release lol. Mainly I am looking for builders and admins and server managers. People to help with the daily running of the server and developing the town and villages and such. I plan on having atleast one custom map at this time, but might expand it to a total of 5, we will see. If you would like to discuss this with me either respond to this message or shoot me a PM on here. Im usually on about 12 hours a day, so the likelyhood that I will get to your message quickly is quite high! Samos
  7. Brand new server! Eventually will become a cluster as the community grows. PVPVE (PVE will only be INSIDE the capital city.) Everything on this server such as events or content all depends on the players. You play how you want! Everything is community funded and community ran so make your mark today! Don't forget to join our discord. Map: Ocrea 2k Maximum Creatures: 50,000 Skill gain rate: 2.0 Charistics start value: 20.0 Mind logic skill start value: 20.0 Body Control skill start value: 20.0 Fight skill start value: 10.0 Overall skill start value: 1.0 Player combat rating modifier: 3.0 Action speed multiplier: 3.0 Minimum mining hits required: 40 Breeding time modifier: 5.0 Deeding is free until at least 3 kingdoms are established. There is currently no community map, I haven't worked out how to get one set up. Help would be greatly appreciated. Role-play is currently being worked on due to having issues getting the forums established. PVP will be faction based. A PVE area will be established in the center of the map as the capital city. Player made kingdoms are allowed and encouraged. Anyone who claims "No Kingdom" will be considered a bandit. Working on modifying the game file to reflect this. Discord: I hope to see you in the land of Zaylander!
  8. pls close this thread
  9. Faerun is a new heavy role-play server. We welcome all levels to the server. Those that are new to Wurm or new to role-play. The setting is West vs East. Brand new server so plenty of room to grow. Player made events held to encourage role-play. The server is modded but skills start out at 1 and 19.50 for characteristics. Timers are set to x1 for both skill gain and action. This is a custom map inspired by the Forgotten series, DnD novels.
  10. I feel that the only REAL thing that Wurm needs is the ability to use your mic ingame and chat with people in your local area. Anyone else who has some good ideas for Wurm to make a it a better RP game please do reply with your idea.
  11. A friend and I have been considering buying this game especially since it is on sale for Steam. We're willing to try it out but only if there is a good RP server. Let me specify what we're looking for. We of course want to be part of community that really wants to RP. We would like to not be too restricted by rules. Making the entire server open PvP would be great as long as there is something to balance the more aggressive actions of others, whether it be a rule or a mechanic. The thrill of possibly dying at any second combined with the fun of interacting with others at the same time is amazing and the main point of playing. Ex: Being killed on sight wouldn't be fun but being robbed by bandits would be. Having someone just pull out a sword, yell "lol kek" and kill you at a Tavern wouldn't be fun. A Noble calling you a "vile beggar" which leads to a bar fight and then you die in it would be fun. Having your base destroyed for no reason wouldn't be fun but getting into a land dispute that starts a war or feud between families/cities would be. Is there any server like this? I've seen some other posts around RP as I combed the threads but they were about a year old. It made me lose hope.
  12. Hey! My husband and I are wondering if there's a way to increase the amount of text you can enter in on one go, in the text box. As it stands currently, it is very limited (Maybe enough for one vaguely descriptive sentence) and the breaks can cause for some chat confusion. Additionally, me and my S.O. are avid role-players and would enjoy having the ability to use Wurm as a font for creative writing. Is there any way to manage a script that can extend the chat by any large amount? Or does an option exist already? I have been searching for it thoroughly but have come up with no results, thus far.
  13. Radiant Islands - RP/PVP - Pirates The World of Wurm is vast with countless undiscovered lands, dotting a chaotic world full of strange beast and warring gods. The Radiant Islands was among those lands considered lost for all times until a group of retreating vagabonds discovered its shores. The vagabonds were led by the notorious brigand, Coren Scorpio, who captained the wicked ship “Wailing Widow”. They were luck to find the shores of the Radiant, because their stores were plum dry and the crew near madness. The captain and his men rallied with their new found luck and decided to colonize a small piece of the islands. A retreat, you could say, but it was more like a rat infested hole where they hid their loot and shiny babbles. The captain named the small town they constructed, Laguna. It was there they formed their base of operation as they continued their pirating in the closer trade routes. Precious ores were eventually discovered in the mountain chains that formed the islands. This was good and bad for the pirates. This brought in miners, traders, and other fortune seekers into their waters. The good was that it meant a boom in business, but it also meant more pirates. More pirates meant more competition which was never good for business. Naturally, small skirmishes erupted up between small pirate factions, and the merchants and miners hired in heavier guns to protect their cargoes. Since then, it has been a sour experience. Laguna has become a haven for all types of pirates. Merchants have even pushed their way into the area, conducting black market trading in the town. A cultural change has taken shape around him, and the captain wasn’t thrilled about the outlook. Server Info RP/PVP Custom Map Pirate RP Skill Rate x10 Action Speed x5 Free Deeds Free Rowboats Random Item Spawns Active GMs with years of RP experience Creative Plotlines and Content 2 GB Citadel Server Come join us on in launching our new RP server. We look forward to creating great stories with you!
  14. Hi, I'm just checking out Wurm Online again after a long period of lull! This Wurm Unlimited thingamajig seems rather interesting. Out of interest, has anyone created a Roleplay server? i.e. modded Wurm to include quests, NPCs, storylines and races? If not, is there anyone working on such? <3
  15. I know you play D&D, or something similar. Wurm is just slow enough to allow role playing and a dungeon master to make changes in real time. Can we make this happen? If some or all of these are possible please let me know. I'm still trying to figure this out. For reference, the best virtual table top game is RP tools. A DM can role play NPC's with a quick click and effectively run a text based campaign with around 4 players. Wurm Unlimited is 3D, and can so do this. Here's what's needed. There are three types of players to satisfy Bartle's Taxonomy we have simply... Dungeon Masters Players who enjoy creating and running content for players. These people need god powers, spawning, scripting NPC's, coding the works. 1. Need the ability to quickly travel, impersonate/ take over NPC's to handle scenarios and role play the baddies, dogs, even horses. 2. Add basic scripts and flags to NPC's. Similar to MInecrafts command block, can we add a parchment of scripting code on an NPC and be able to code them? Notes will be needed should other DM's or role players impersinate the NPC. If the scripts are avilable in real time then quick debugging can be performed by DMs. Go here, modify basic replies, flag words to initiate a quest, etc. Role Players Players that don't necessarily want to create content, but want to role play NPC like characters, adding to the story and other elements. 1. Free parchment to keep in game notes, similar to Eve Online. Eventers Players that want to go in, kill, interact, do, accomplish, upgrade, level up, etc. These are already fairly well covered. These players need to be flagged, by higher tiers so DM's can recognize Role Players and Eventers, Role players need to identify RPers and eventers, eventing players don't need to know since they just need to be able to play the game. Extras Dice Bag GUI of a bag and a set of dice that can be rolled with a click. The option to automatically state a verified role should be selectable. Deck of Cards The ability to quickly and easily shuffle a deck of cards and hand them out to players.
  16. IFDGaming (Ill-Fated Devils Gaming) is an experienced gaming community and would love to share our server with you.The server is fast and hosted on dedicated hardware that we directly manage and features a 1Gb symmetrical connection as well as SSD HDs.Our server is considered light RP PVE and will soon have a PVP cluster available.. Our #1 rule is "Don't be a Jerk". We have several settlements looking for new players as well as plenty of room for new settlements.Our admins are very active. We do not allow admins to use their powers unless absolutely necessary. We accept suggestions from players wishing to help make the server better.Our website is located at: We also host a teamspeak at: - If your tribe needs a private channel, we will be happy to create one for you.Server Name: | PVE Roleplay | 4xAction/Skill | Teamspeak/WebsiteStill unsure? Check us out anyway and base your opinion off our players. I'm sure you'll stay.
  17. Welcome to Riviera! Roleplay and fun are most important to us! Note that we run the server 100% Vanilla and do not plan on using mods in the future. The new server was set up on 9th February 2019 and has plenty of space to build and explore. Settings: Server name : Riviera PvE IP : Port : 3724 Random Spawns 100% Vanilla Freedom Kingdom Map Size: 4096x4096 PvE (No PvP) Skill gain rate multiplier : 3x Action Timer multiplier : 3x Epic Settings : Enabled (Makes skills more effective) Max Creatures : 30.000 % Aggro Creatures : 35% Since your spawn is random, you can start a new civilisation anywhere! Rough map overview: Shoutout to Artimis for sharing this awesome map! Join us today!
  18. Wicked playground for the mad, Bakery of undead, and neutral ground for curious wurm players. Here in Deathfell we turn sane people insane, dance with the corpses, and sell their souls to Libila! We are now open for recruitment, regardless of whether you wish to be a fighter, crafter, or builder, and to play with us full time or part time. History Deathfell is a Black Legion village. Construction began on 24 June 2014 and the deed was founded on 06 July 2014. Built upon a lot of blood and adrenalin, we pride ourselves for being insane enough to keep going while enemies push us. What do we offer? - Be part of building the village and growing one of the underdog kingdoms of Chaos. - An active alliance that is willing (and happy) to help each other. - Community! We work together, bonding for greater teamwork (or brotherhood). - Be part of our events and evil cultist ceremonies! Stay tuned on this thread for comics! And check this thread for our newsletter! - Supplied gear and tools so you don't have to bring your valuables here. - A chance to experiences the KvK (Kingdom vs Kingdom) side of wurm, with big drama like the Game of Thrones. ps: death by another player only results in 0.01 body, 0.01 body strength, and 0.25 FS lost, no other skills are affected. - Play both in chaos and freedom if you want to, or stay here full time to receive the greatest love hatred of Libila! Some screenshots How do I join? Click the apply button below and don't forget to mention that you wish to join Deathfell! Or contact Nicrolis
  19. Welcome to Avuzent! PvE Server Map: PvP Server Maps: Main Server: Adventure Server Map: Not yet implemented. Website: Chat/Voice Comms: Steam Group: Avuzo Entertainment Vote Here: Staff: Owner/Admin: Llurendt Co-Admin: Remeliss Moderators (Minor admins, basically mute/kick if needed): Aedon Wrigley Community Manager: We need one! Responsibilities will include updating the various threads and helping to greet new players to the server and get them settled in. PM me if interested either here or on steam. Server Rules: Current Features: Planned Features: Speculative Features (These things could be fun, but may not be possible just now): Server Specs: Avuzent is operated by me, a student of computer science and all-around good guy. I've got years of experience with management both real world and in-game. The server machine is in my home so I am able to quickly address any issues. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask! My staff and I are more than happy to address any problems or questions you have. See you ingame! -Llurendt
  20. Hello everyone! We have been busy testing and playing on the server ourselves but I thought I'd post a little information about our server. Steam Group Staff: Dexter (IGN: Crierd) - Server Owner / Admin Deez (IGN: Munk) - Admin LokiHavok (IGN: Drust) - Admin Rules: - No metagaming (using OOC knowledge while IC) - No mixing chat channels (Local is RP only, Global and PMs are OOC) Rates: - Default Wurm Unlimited Skill Gain - Epic Skill Settings (Faster skill gains that level off at higher levels) Free2Play: We're completely free to play. You will never have to pay for in game items or perks and will be able to do everything that you can in Wurm Online through in game means. Events: We will be hosting events for holidays and milestones, typically setting the server to twice the skill gain. We also plan to do RP events but that's to be determined.
  21. I have started a roleplay server with a couple of friends, we just started out so theres 10x skill rate and 3x gather rate to help people get started. I know very little about Wurm its self but I know how to run a server so if anyone wants to try you can pm me and application and try to get yourself GM.
  22. Has there been any talk of creating a role play server yet? A buddy and I were talking about this the other day, and we are hoping someone is going to step up to the challenge. I've started several RP communities over the years in Wurm, and some of them might of been successful if I would of had the time for them. Its kind of the same situation now for me, I'd almost be willing to start up a RP server, but I feel like I'd be doing a disservice to the community if I didn't have the time. If someone does decide to take up the challenge, I'd be willing to help them.
  23. Gather around. I ask that you take a brief moment to hear my words. Young and old. Wise and Uneducated. It is time you learned of another. The lands of Wurm are ancient. This we know. They tumble and war. Shifting in shape and size as gods that are above in Valeria fight for power. --- Fo! His creation around you. To create. To love. All Stolen. Warped, the true purpose of which lost within the annuals of time. Vynora,many secrets has she gathered. Many secrets abused. What lies in the darkness of the void? Vynora knows well and she would fight to keep it hidden Magranon will stand at the top of the world one day. And weep. For the fighting he has spread and the chaos it has brought. Libila, her followers. Dark and full of deceit. They can be considered victims. Not victors as the world will decay if they are brought the power they so seek. The demigods. Pretenders. Usurpers. They have risen within the lands. Stealing shards of power that they believed would save them. Alas, soon to be to no avail. --- I beesech you to listen to the truth. For this I know. My words are as truth as the visions have came to me within my sleep. The great elder Wurm stirs. The lands have been under the command of the others for too long, and the great creator will return. And take back what is rightfully its. It was the beginning, and without rightful worship it shall be the end. Pay attention and believe as its word will follow soon. - First Prophet Rexxian. The laws of the Elder Wurm are few and far in between. What we instead receive are tales of his brilliance. Or indeed tales that will guide and assist in your travels through the land of Wurm. The Elder Wurm asks no tribute. No real worship. Only that you believe, for that belief is his power. Your actions are your own.
  24. Just a quick survey here everyone. I recently spoke with someone in a topic concerning roleplay and its place in video games. I suggested to one of the participants - Malena - that I would help construct a roleplay village if she could find enough people interested in the concept. Today I'm curious to know how many people would be interested in playing in a proper roleplay village and/or alliance. I'm talking good structured roleplay, with rules to reinforce the atmosphere/setting, backstory, possible "quests" and even village/alliance specific currency. If anyone is interested in this level of roleplay within Wurm, please do comment here. If you are not interested in playing in such a village, then please do not respond. I'd like this thread to remain void of any derailment or hatefulness. As I told Malena, if there are enough people who would seriously enjoy this kind of playstyle then I'd be happy to lend myself and what resources I have available to construct such a village. Thank you.
  25. The journey to Celebration or there and back again So I've sold an unfinished item to Siakka at Celebration. Now how to get it there, as unfinished can't be mailed. Well first step is to buy a sail ship. Not that I don't like swimming, but the pile weights 86kg so walking with it is a snails race and well them sharks... Became a proud owner of small sail ship. Bottle of champain broken at the hull, the name Sailozaxx (very thoughtful I know ) etched to the stern and off we go, arrrr. Well not that fast. Some real preparation has to be done first. Loads of cotton, as I can fight, I really can, but my love of fast and light armour often brings me holes as pumpkins in my poor body and broken limbs are also not exceptions. Also I will need to load my ship with some barells, meals because who would like to eat just mackerels and several other goodies. As I live inland, that will be two journeys. One with cart loading my ship up, second one walking to finally set my sails off. During my foot travel I lost a way a bit so I've met this friendly lad who I asked for the right way: He kindly pointed the way with his huge shod club, before trying to break my skull with it. I've politely decapitated him, as I am well behaved even to strangers, as mother taught me. Well as nothing more holds me at the land, my animals are fed, my farmland tended and my wine is ripeing in the barells raise the anchor scurvy dogs! Because that will be long journey and nothing much could be done while sailing, why don't we write a record of our journey. Not everyone has time to slack and travel around and I want to look back one day and say my offsprings - see that forested pennisula infested with lava spiders? There used to be Mottistone lighthouse back then when I was travelling to Celebration. Passing the Lighthouse the gale turned to North east, so I applaud myself for chosing the right way, catch the breeze in my sail and enjoy the waves splashing to the hull. I am passing HowlBarrow and endorsing the terraforming efforts the folks put into the settlement: when suddenly something huge moves under the ship. With the menacing look huge shark ascends from the depths, doubtless came to taste my sirloin for his dinner. I've kissed my huge axe, the incoscious ritual I do before every fight and make some fillets out of that monster. That was my first meeting with this species so the fight was unbalanced and my body looks like bloody steak before frying it on pan. Well few first aid attempts later I butchered the corpse of huge beast, played a while with my Vyn and Mag puppets to regain some mental balance and raised the anchor again. Half of Deliverances' west coast still awaits to be passed and inspected by this adventurous lad and my every neuron is eager to see what great adventures are awaiting me on Exodus and Celebration later (if they ever knew, they'd rather scream…but back to that later). DarkHoldHarbour and Vindekator are two nice and well defined settlements on the west shore of Deli. No one who I could wave to, so I at least adored the Colossus and White lighthouse tower while passing by: DarkHoldHarbour: Vindekator: Approaching MithEstate and Hills Of Swedes, the place looks amazing from the distance but the closer ones get the more in awe he looks up to the buildings and landscape emitting the dedication and hardwork invested from every brick and slope of that place: Rather smaller but still nicely built and funny named fort Kompetenzzentrum lies further south just before MRLightHouse Hotel Bay opens its mouth. The few occupants of nearby settlements waved at me happily and warmly anytime I was passing and last mile or two of the western Deli shore awaits before I show my back to my home and head on to the danger, adventure and telltale inspiration. "Sea horses" sculpture watch the water surface and their looks bless my journey as I bypass them adoring the fine details of the noble bodies: LeGrosseFentes - this place just caught my heart. The person was not at home unfortunately, so I could not warmily express to him or her how harmonic and soothing effect the look at this settlement had: The more harmonic and peaceful the LeGrosseFentes had on me, the more hard vain hit me when saw the rocky side of Witches Cauldron peak, where USA used to stand. Never saw that place and never will see it again as it remains unfortunately only in the stories and maybe the marking on the map will remind us for some time, where this undoubtely living place once stood: The USAs' desolation and sadness goes away as lightning when I sail a bit more south and hit the most amazing place I've met yet on my journey. Not from the amount of work and greatness of the place, which is not small though neither, but the story behind. The place all the time you pass it just tells you the story of love and sharing of the good and bad and just from watching the place one feels strong need to run out and kiss and hug first suitable person. The place of love and commitment to others hearth just emanates and I could not make myself move further and leave this place behind me. My hat off and really slowly clap to anyone who built and raised the Castle of Love on the sunlight: Well the hearth warmly pounding, but journey awaits and northeast gale is blowing my ship further south where more places and adventures await. And not far away near Sleepy Hollow bay, next to the place I called Miku Harbour the destiny again shown its teeth: While looking for someone to wave to, enjoying Miku Harbour view and trying to figure out, what corpse is lying at the top of someones gate a huge octopus approached my way: My scratches from the last fight were not yet fully healed and another beast from the deep is trying to stop me in my plans, but that’s wrong opponent you've chosen you tentacled beast. Or is that a trial from Vynora, testing my worthiness of holding the Salty Sailor title? Any of that might be true and after a lethal yet quick fight, parrying the tentacles trying to strangle me or shove me of my boat a victory finally found its way to my kissed axe blade and the ink sac and few scratches were my award. With adrenaline still bursting through my veins I sticked to the wheel and with salty song on my lips took off again south where the wilderness awaits. Next to Lunatic Smithery the proof, that fools and lunatics are blessed with luck from stars, as rare SS can't be in possesion of anyone else than really lucky (or really wealthy) person: On the southern shore just unfertile rocks raise from the see and the more I realize that the more surprised I am to see an olive farm next to a Dream Shore place on the side of the rocky slope. That is again either humankind dedication show-off or unpredictability and the power of the nature presentation, which both is something always mention worthy: The shore of Deliverance runs behind me already and last piece of land, like if the place did not want me to leave and streched its last grasp towards my ship i pass the MississipyGhost Isle. This sad place, raised from the mass of water with single willow is sadly waving goodbye to every sailor sailing south like if this is the last greetings on this world to him… hopefully not, but the dangers awaits and no one knows: The wind in my ears starts whispering and one could hear words like "danger" and "crossing the border" in it if enough phantasy used, but we realistic sailors have just bursts of laugh to the evil winds and bravely aim our ship south further from the shore of Deliverance where in mists and fog land named Exodus awaits for me…