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  1. No, that's not same tool: - in slopped areas flattens creates staircases steps - smooth returns staircase to a inclined plane
  2. As reinforced walls can be removed outdeed with magic /money and as reinforced walls can be removed on deed with mining, why couldn't reinforced walls be removed outdeed ?
  3. I did not find this subject in suggestion. I suggest allowing the closure of an open mine tile. A standard mined tile yields around 50 stone shards. Why couldn't 50 Stone Shards fill a cleared mine tile? Of course, you have to fix the shards with mortar or concrete. Maybe 50 also to make the reclosing process not cheaper with labor than with magic / money. Of course, the 80 Stone Shards cannot be stored in the player's inventory and a process must be performed with incomplete steps, such as with transmutation (but here easier because there is no transmutation). Of course, closing a 235 high mine tile should be more difficult to close than the standard high mine tile (40 high I think). For this, I suggest allowing only if the high average is less than 40, if the mine is higher, start with concrete to reduce the height.
  4. Counter part: in relation with the other subject on landshape decay. You say is not worth because it will erase your landshape work. That i can understood. But you also said you have decided to yourself erase some crafted landscapes. This smooth tool will allow to make the job not automatically but user commanded. You also said that this is too good tool because fully automatic. Not more than flatten or level command are compared to dig / unload. If you dont ask to remove flatten and level command why shouldn't be a smooth command ?
  5. No. Flatten removes spikes when landscape around is flat. But when landscape is sloped it makes angles, not smooth at all considering surrounding tiles.
  6. When cities such as Troy is leaved alone, when a deed is disbanded, houses start to decay and finish to dispear. I suggest to add a mecanism that will lightly change landscape to return it to natural. The mecanism will continue the decaying process on the terraforming work wich was done to plan buildings. I suggest to make the same way cave-in occurs: rarely, randomly. Maybe best way is to sometimes smooth a tile with its adjacents. Sometime could be timer or some trigger: tree groth / death. But dunes also change et n'ont pas d'arbres...
  7. I suggest to add a smooth command at sand or dirt tiles, to remove the spikes at the angles. Take into account levels of the surrounding tiles to adjust levels angles of the considered tile: do successively for each of the four angles of the considered tile, add a level if the average of the four neighboring angles (N / S / E / W) is at least 1/2 dirt level higher than the considered angle at tile, else remove if it is lower by at least 1/2. That will allow to erase from landscape things such as digging holes.
  8. I suggest to add hability to check high of ceiling with pickaxe over corners of mine tiles. I also suggest to check ceiling slope but seems harder to make simple interface.
  9. That's it Vorticella, faster than draging cart yourself, but Borstaskor of course not faster than it will do if driven.
  10. Digging dirt and sand and let it decay is currently removing the dirt from the game. At small words it will lead to rocky planet. I suggest that instead of dispear, when decayed piles let on ground flows with a similar process as drop on ground. As a pile can have 100 items, drop on ground will make an incredible strange high mount. The pile could flow on the four corners of the tile. 25 high may be even to much maybe flow over next corners too: surrounding tiles (9 tiles in total, 16 corners). Example could be: drop at a corner, turn around the 4 corners of the considered tile to drop 1 at each (max 4 items). Make two turns(max 8 items). Then start with the surrounding tiles, with one of the 12 others corners and turn around theses. (max 12 items). Then restart process with center tile. This will make a small smouth mount over theses tiles (max high is +5 at corners of the center tile). An other is there are sand and dirt but also rock and veins shards. Maybe rockpile outside could flow into dirt or into sand. In mines neither dirt nor stone shards can return to ground and raise floor. Only concrete can. Maybe should that be reconsidered too ?
  11. Right. I found this and that. May be more.
  12. What i suggest is not a ride cart option that involves to be embarked / not on ground, but more like the drag feature without depend on the toon's stamina and strength. Yes the object is to be able to work at a tile, move next, work, move and so on without need to climb up / down each time. Will also allow use of large cart for low skilled toons.