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Found 1 result

  1. ¨*~Come join NEXA, the north-east Xanadu alliance!~*¨ ¨*~We are a few dozen deeds collected in and about Summerholt, gathered around two core purposes:~*¨ ¨*~Help others have fun playing Wurm Online~*¨ ¨*~Commiserate about grinding various Wurm Online skills~*¨ ¨*~Location~*¨ ¨*~Alliance has settled around the starter town Summerholt and made several highways leading different directions from Summerholt.~*¨ ¨*~Most of our alliance members live close Summerholt, but many deeds have joined around NE parts because of the great community.~*¨ ¨*~The north-east area is accessible by a public Eden tunnel, which is located H23, where the blue square stands on the map. ~*¨ ¨*~Another tunnel is at G22, called Doom Tunnel, where the red globe stands on the map.~*¨ ¨*~We help newcomers and we are home to Amish Estates, one of the biggest and most successful communal deeds around.~*¨ ¨*~Amish deed complex (Amish Estates, Paradise, Sanctuary) lies in the heart of our alliance.~*¨ ¨*~Community~*¨ ¨*~Our number one benefit is a highly active and sometimes hilarious Alliance chat window.~*¨ ¨*~Many of our players participate in Xanadu and/or Wurm-wide events, such as rift fights, unique hunts and communal adventures.~*¨ ¨*~We have countless crafters: weaponsmiths, armorsmiths, carpenters, masons, chefs, enchanters, etc.; you name it, we've got it!~*¨ ¨*~Best of all, we have experience and we are always ready to help each other out without a question.~*¨ Moonlight Bay, southern shore of Summerholt lake. Tenshi's Hill, east from Summerholt. ¨*~Services~*¨ ¨*~We have an active market settled in Amish Sanctuary, with plenty of merchants and merchant spots to place one. ~*¨ ¨*~As a market's heart stands our large church with every god's altar provided. Ask for sermons running!~*¨ ¨*~Other amenities~*¨ ¨*~Website ~*¨ ¨*~Recipe list (thanks to Olafhairybreeks)~*¨ ¨*~NEXA Guide to Life in Wurm, sharing knowledge about Wurm~*¨ ¨*~Discord space~*¨ ¨*~How to apply and why is NEXA a good choice for the alliance?~*¨ ¨*~You can ask anyone around local area or via forum message, like @Kadmintor @DaletheGood for an alliance invitation. ~*¨ ¨*~Any deed owner within the alliance is able to invite you to join (just have to meet face to face 😉)~*¨ ¨*~We highly encourage the local deed owners to join!~*¨ ¨*~NEXA is active community and is located on a largely established area but yet a lot of untouched ground to work with ~*¨ ¨*~→ large highway connection gives you a chance to connect with the community if you desire!~*¨ ¨*~And of course, as we live up north... We have perfect hunting grounds as well, a lot of mobs to hunt~*¨ ¨*~... but if you want a safe spot to enjoy your game, that is completely possible as well~*¨ ¨*~We do a lot of business via Discord and alliance chat with each other, so you have a local market as a support!~*¨ ¨*~Even templars are so happy in our community that they will participate on crafting!~*¨ List of the current alliance deed members: A Hobbit's Haven, Amish Creek, Amish Estates, Amish Paradise, Aquas Retreat, Banana Ville, Belonga Mar, Birdland, Blackberry Hill, Blissful Folly, Bos Harbor, Bos Mountain View Place, Bottled In Bond, Bottled-in-bond, Bottled-in-bond Docks, Cuaisin, Dinglederry, Doompurr, Dragonwyck, Dragonwyck Smiths, Dusky Bay, Emerald Bay, Fedria, Gaul, Gestalt, Glaemweard Cottage, Gnipahellir, Heathenville, Hell Hound Hill, Hindleap, Home Sweet Home, Homesteadin, Icarium's Refuge, Jellyfish Outpost, Jenkins' Unremarkable Residence, Just Another Settlement, Kamakazee Keep, Kangaroo Pouch, Korriban, Kronies Kingdom, Ladau, Lake Woebegone, Lakeview, Lakewood, Lindenview, Lorewood Gardens, Luxor, Meadowdale, Mirror's Reach, Moonshine Ridge, Mrzodiac's, Mt Olympus, Nexa Market And Sanctuary, Niflheimr, Oceanview Harbor, Oceanview Southern Outpost, Pengkalan Raja Dolphin, Peri's Haven, Pluckyduckyville, Quiet Cove, Rapidron's Memorial, Raven Bay, Rough And Ready, Sanctorium, Sapphire Bay, Shimmergrove, Silden, Sindria, Skyforge, Svartskard, Tenshi's Hill, The Hideaway, The Oasis, The Wraith, Tiger Bay, Tylel Alora, Village Of The Gods, Votherheim, Waterside Ridge, Whisperfell, Whitewood Grove, Windrip Canal, Windrip Estate, Wismar, Wurkin Here Boss, Xylandia and Your Mother's Down In Memphis. Whisperfell's road to heaven. There are no strangers here, just friends who haven't met yet. - Jackjones