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  1. choices

    hahaha, gonna move it up the list in a few months eh? So work wont even begin untill atleast around august (I bet it will begin far later in the year, if at all)... Meaning this suggestion which was made before christmas will most likely not appear prior to the next christmas. Pathetic frankly. edit: but thanks for clarifying that its not a "near future change" 5 months later. Totally didnt realise it after ya gave nearly a half year of silence.
  2. Wrong. Kingdom coffers money (aka traders, animals, foraging etc) is from deeds of your Kingdom. (freedom is a Kingdom) So without someone in your Kingdom paying, then you get nada. P2w with leeching in short. The spenders on a server give parts of deed Costs to others...
  3. You mean like res stones which takes away your loss and the enemys rightfully gained loot? yea. those excist. a 50 guard size 500 deed is hard as ###### to raid and helps a lot in security. Another clear observable advantage. Farwalker stones that teleports you to locations you set (which can be used to instantly reinforce any deed on the map or ambush a ton of locations if you got enough. another tremendous advantage. Sleep bonus that literally gets you double leveling progression. Another clear tremendous advantage in this number based game. It's you who don't understand P2W.
  4. Magical Chests. Sleep powder. The special coloured garden gnome. Ageless title. Deeds. Shaker orbs. Rods of transmutation. Ressurection stones. Merchants. Tuning forks. Farwalker stones. Farwalker twigs. Seasonal items only given by having premium. Uh... look at the stuff above. Ya think 50% chance to not lose your items (items that can be valued to 300 euro) is something tiny? Are ya freekin kidding? Let alone deeds?! You are a P2W and you encourage trading where people swap your premium curency against ingame items. That premium currency eventually goes into deeds or premium time and thus become direct profits for you. Your job is to talk, but im sorry you are a P2W by definition and nothing you say can change it. Unless you talk about WU.
  5. Wurm is already p2w. Anyone believing diffrently is disillusioned. Especially in pvp but also pve. Priest alts, deeds, sleep powder, a tradeable ingame premium currency which people trade for ingame items and accounts (50% of deed upkeeps goes to traders, rare coins etc, its never unpaid). Not calling this game a p2w is just an outright lie. Wurm is p2w
  6. comic relief

    This happend in black summit on elevation.
  7. Ohh.... That's pretty awesome. Thanks for the clarification. Sowwy
  8. Uhm... So if we hit ONE wall/object only per shoot? So destroying buildings is 3x (or more if people repair) timeconsuming? Is this a joke? Did someone tell you raiding was too fast in a pm or something? (at work so i can't test atm)
  9. Well people would turn hots after like 15 shoots...? Enemy please.
  10. Add a wardeed on test. 300 deep 3x3 pit with another 300 high 1tile dirtwall around it (600 slope total on the inside). Then add another 300 high 2tile dirtwall 10 tiles to the side of it. Its a good simulation of a basic wardeed. Oh and a 8 story token house and longhouses on the dirtwalls. Kkthxbai
  11. Want a good catapult system? There is 4 modes. One arch which is very vertical (5tiles/10winches), one that is for long distance (20tiles/10winches) and two inbetween that is 10 and 15. Skill and QL affect accuracy. If its a hit it damage all the crap on the level of the tile it hits. If its a miss it hit another random tile in a 3x3, the radius increase by another 1 for every 10 winches past minimum. (iow 20->30->40->50) and most importantly... this is very important... It tells you about each wall/fence/floor/person you hit and has a diffrent message when you hit a empty structure tile. oh and a winch option where you type in the number of winches you wanna do rather than doing 10, 5, 2 for 17. and if we are allowed to dream it would look more like this
  12. Whats the goal of this change...? The extra dmg over distance is kinda pointless, since its capped at 20 and people tend to bring crates of ammo. Winching for long distances is unfavorable since the DPS is lower and thus easy to repair. Ammo consumption is really not a big thing for catapults, people move them for max DPS and tricky shoots. Changing the winching angle based on skill and ql just makes it harder to learn the distances since raids got diffrent ql siege equipment and one person may call out "I winch 23 from here" which will no longer be the same for another person with diffrent skill. And doesn't dirtwalls still block? 45 degree archs arent ideal for catapulting, merely distance. ideally you want archs that fly as vertically as possible to avoid the dirtwalls. I mean the lower arched flying projectile in the pic below fly FURTHER but is utterely useless for actual raiding. I'm just a bit confused about the test changes. Mind clearing up why they were coded?
  13. It's been said before in the past. The skills are the same. Meditation, valrei titles and posessions separate. Epic has no skillbonus % but uses a curve to determine effective skill. Taddaaaa~ But devs refuse any kind of merge. so thats that.
  14. No. There is your answer. You dont need retro to do it. I'm so fed up with the lies and false promises. Stop wasting time trying to change anything and just accept the fact pvp is not going to last.