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  1. no its just a new point that was brought up. theres plenty of older points still being worked on.
  2. Tier 1 (1 player): One ressurection stone, 5kg of Seryll, 1 roll on the awesome table, cosmetic kit, 1 roll on the regular table, winner pack Tier 2 (3 players): 5 kg of Seryll, 2 rolls on the regular table, winner pack Tier 3 (5 players): 3 kg of Seryll, winner pack Awesome table Roll for one of the following: Huge egg Wand of the seas Modified sculpting wand Modification: 100ql Sculpting wand that loses 0.33ql per height removed. recharges 1ql per day. Supreme strange bone Cosmetic kit Always rewards: One random mask Two random shoulderpads of the same type Regular table: Spyglass Rare satchel with 5 rare star diamonds (WL) or 5 rare black opals (BL) of 95-100ql Rare strange bone Droppable summer hat Jackal orb. When activated it lets you pick a jackal skin of your choice. Satchel with 50 yellow potions Ressurection stone Small magical chest Droppable summer hat Winner pack: 5 sleep powder Champagne Fantastic/Supreme/Rare depending on tier. Note: a roll always give 1 reward option.
  3. Oh and the client just shut down without further error messages. im not sure when the "console.log" file is supposed to be generated, i didnt see it among the java crash files..
  4. sidenote: it works to log in sometimes... which is kinda weird.
  5. sounds like the max resistance for healing is a bit too high and needs to be brought down a bit.
  6. How 2 fix LOF/Scorn. Fixed ammount of hitpoints that scale acording to power of the cast:
  7. I found the issue. the thread can be closed.
  8. champs is cancer. hope not. especially considering this:
  9. it cancels sacrifice and shield bashing too. bet devs went the lazy route and just made it cancel everything.
  10. After the latest update the standard client crashes as i log in with the character. I get the welcome message and then it crashes without any further info (no error window). Error file (hs_err_pid8992.log): I've tried: Removing all config files/player folders/packs. Reinstalling wurm reinstalling Java updating the graphic drivers No issues occur on the low memory client... but that one is godawfull on a big screen.