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  1. For incentives to pvp/roam.... randomly add a [insert name here] event where all combat oriented skillgain and rank increase by 25% for a weekend.
  2. Just make the potential favor start decaying after 1 min of normal favor being maxed. That way people can keep grinding without annoyances since a failed cast remove a tiny bit of favor and thus give time to cast again without efficiency losses.
  3. By that logic players shouldnt be able to quickly equip/de-equip armour to move faster either.
  4. So you support buffing priests with spell dmg and abilities so they can actually 1v1 without using melee "like other games" aswell as removing the non pvp limitations then? doubt it.
  5. A massive diffrense is the accessability to skillgain bonuses on pve. 10% as vyn follower and 25% extra from meditation which gives a netgain of 35% comparable to grinding smithing, woodcutting, mining and other good skills. its like having a lil bit more than a third of a sleep powders effect but forever. Slap on some actual sleep bonus and its a 200% vs 270% gain. As many people have mentioned the rites also pop 24/7 on various servers cuz everyone is a vyn follower for the obvious 10%-to-bloody-everything bonus... and there is no cooldown on the rites benefits. The items made can be sold for additional sleep powder to build the character even faster. So why are people on pvp? To fight stuff. They find that aspect of the game enjoyable. But if they like the base game too, then losing out on a third of your potential xp gain is quite a huge longterm issue. A person could spend 3 months grinding instead of 4.... 3 years instead of 4... etc. So ya gotta counter that with pvp-specific stuff. If they are lockpickable like a house and also quite weak then i dont see an issue. I think off-deed reinforcement beams should be mine-able on pvp yet more resiliant than a ordinary tile. I think that players shouldn't be forced to rely on priests to disintegrate tiles. We want to incentivise roaming the lands, getting into pvp and reaping rewards from being brave and doing so. Make the "temporary affinities" from kills be a 20% skillgain bonus that last a week. Make treasure chests contain sleep powder and viewable from 50% longer range. (and perhaps make them less often have high ql locks to make them more available to the masses?). Perhaps more frequent? Reward sleep bonus from going out and doing hotas. Add valrei missions which reward sleep bonus. If its seen as "not enough" then just increase quantity untill it becomes desirable. Hunting is supposedly getting fixed, so imma just ignore that, but thats a big issue atm. Something important to keep in mind is that if a pvper is out roaming the land for 5 hours, then thats 5 hours of grinding "lost". So if they get some sleep bonus or skillgain benefit from it then A) They feel like they have obtained something from their efforts and been rewarded, thus making them more likely to do it again Regained some of the grind-time they lost out on by running around and thus more likely to keep doing it. Not to mention that it will incentivie people to go out in lesser groups roaming the map rather than a bait-zerg force. Thus giving spontaneous pvp at any time of the day. But every pvp encounter has winners and losers. Thus to deal with regearing after losses: Rather than just having the armour smithing title affect improving stuff, Let the following title types affect improvements.... Armour smithing: All items of its subskills (for the subskills which are over 50) Weapon smithing: All weapons (including sickles, scythes, etc) Tailoring: Saddles and the armour of its subskills (for the subskills which are over 50) Blacksmithing: Horse shoes. Jewelry smithing: Pendelums and rings Bowyery: Bows. Fletching: Arrows Optionally a player can equip one of the subskill titles and then it only benefits that subskill rather than all of the subskills under a parent skill. It's fine for now. I havn't seen a deed yet which seems uncrackable in 6 hours. Well ya made shield bashing godawfull to level and special moves are kinda hidden away.... So yea no wonder non-priests are getting frustrated. Get shield bashing easier to level and make special moves easier to use (not in terms of skill but rather the stamina drain and what not). Perhaps add some more flavour to special moves aswell. Get inspiration from other MMO's, theres soooooo many interesting combat abilities out there so im sure ya guys can be creative about it. Heck, they could even be integrated into normal combat by simply triggering on the next weapon swing. Kinda like turning on "ranged mode" yet the moment you do the action it deactive. yay~ How about this: Each spawned camp has a visble meter that starts empty and represent 24 hours. Pretty similar to how valrei missions are like. (theres a pic below for those unfamiliar) If a camp is capped by a kingdom then it starts filling up with the kingdoms colour (Red MR, Purple HOTS, Blue JK). If a enemy kingdom overtakes it then the bar lowers to 0 and then increase again but with the new kingdoms colour. After the bar is filled it becomes lootable by the kingdom and reset its meter again. Basicly its a progress bar to getting Moon metal. Also hovering over the bars would quickly tell the camp name, its quadrant, if a kingdom holds it and how long time is left to finish the bar. Once again, pretty damn similar to valrei missions. Basicly make it a integrated part of the server and not something you need to read external twitter messages or go to settlement tokens for. It's there. It's visual and everyone will know what the situation of the hota is at a glance. also i heavily disagree with this part: "Any neutral camps, or camps controlled by other kingdoms, remain in play." Also i don't think it would hurt if they spawned more often (more involvement in more timezones. more oppurtunities to go out roaming. more non-primetime pvp) but require more camps to win. Just remember. The biggest reason to not be on pvp is the lack of skillgain. Counter it.
  6. the non-english help channel keeps turning back on after being turned off in the profile. It's annoying as hell. Please fix it.
  7. Does that mean Defiance is next? cuz it sure as heck is lagging a lot after the "fix".
  8. Fix the mobs... We are on a server to fight but cant go hunting properely. It's ###### and makes people sit on deed all day long instead of going out roaming/hunting which in turn reduce/remove sporadic pvp from occuring.
  9. Well that explains a fair bit...
  10. I suggest that forests are less dense than they currently are on Defiance. Hunting/PVP in super dense forests where you only see a 2-3 tiles forwards isn't as enjoyable as less dense forests. Therefor i suggest the implementation of something similar to the following: When a tree reach either of the 4 stages where it would normally be able to spread itself it will spread up to 5 tiles away. It will do a check for a random tile within this area and see if it is a tile it can spread to (aka grass/mycelium), if it fails it will retry once. If it's of the oak/willow type it will naturally avoid the 2-tile kill-radius around itself. Upon picking an eligible tile it checks the 3x3 around the location. If the ammount of trees in that zone is greater than 3 it doesnt spread. It will retry the tile picking once incase its too dense at the location. And thats about it. It makes it less cancerous to hunt and pvp in dense forests.
  11. Other priotised projects? BL asked for changes ages ago back when there was no kings.
  12. Nice changes... Guess they didnt like worg breeding lol