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  1. In all fairness I don't think a map reset is gonna work. The underlying problem is that people don't get skill for both clusters on epic and thus will focus their main efforts in grinding on freedom rather than epic. Thus we end up with ghost towns on epic which reduces the chance of sporadik pvp by a huge ammount.
  2. Size and flatness is nice. The chokepointed island crap aint. Just add more defensive terrain towards the outer edges far from hota or something.
  3. Edit: nvm im bad at reading while on the train apparantly
  4. Considering epic has had a couple of server resets... Whats the highest time since disband to unlock an item? Any timer thats over a year?
  5. Ah righto, good point. Guess that works.
  6. Why would they implement a one-time ability to do that? where is the logic in it?
  7. that makes no sense...
  8. The reasons were removed. Now only -1 remain.
  9. -1
  10. As a pvper i dunno really... kinda makes defense too easy -1
  11. choices

    @Buddasoooo.. been 11 months. Whats up?
  12. -1, but i personally think a week max per level is a good length. With complete removal people would just flip flop daily which would be silly. *cough* meditation rework budda planned to implement which include shorter timers *cough*
  13. Tried stealing a black bear rug and got the message "[20:35:36] You cannot take the black bear rug as it is in use." Was mounted, faithfull/lawfull off. Noone was interacting with it. Regular rightclick menu steal action. Had no perms for the building it was in.
  14. All the influence has dropped by tremendous ammounts. (>75% for Roman republic)