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  1. I'm not sure what happened but several people are reporting to me that they haven't gotten meditation ticks in over a week. Was there a change to meditation or could it be related to the hetzer thing?
  2. Naming was wrong i was thinking of a large pottery planter such as these.
  3. Let us plant fruit trees/bushes in large planters. 1. Would add more to pottery 2. would fit into our theme. 3. would add more options for decorating deed and houses besides planted in ground which can be pretty ugly /doesnt work indoors. 4. would allow fruit trees/bushes in houses. A couple limiters. Maybe the plants would never grow past the young or mature stage /stay small. So they couldnt be abused to gather fruit etc. or even possibly no fruit just a small graphic for decorating.
  4. +1 Who is this Nahjo you speak of? I think they changed herb saccing for lib?
  5. Bump: 2/20/2- 7 pm here we are again : on Xanadu Here we go : on Celebration Its basically 16x harder to complete missions on Xanadu due to size.
  6. +1 this doesnt remove from the sandbox aspect of this game. Have never ONCE heard a new player . damn i really like travelling around in wurm for hours to get to a location. Plus the option is still there. If they want to travel they can (you people need to realizing adding something doesnt mean everyone will use it 24/7 just look at how how legalization of a substance doesnt mean everyone will use it) That ones dude argument about its only worthwhile on xan (but xanadu people can move to small servers blah blah blah) What the hell do you care? if its not your server whats it matter if we have teleporters on it?
  7. So thats why im only able to login about 50% of the time? Its been bad for about a month will be nice with AWS. Thanks.
  8. I guess if its a suggestion it would be to either A. limit area specific missions to 1 at a time or B.Remove area specific (traitor/avatar/) missions form xanadu. One possible solution would be all servers have 3 missions 1 of them would be area specific. the other 2 could be crafting specific. (make those only reset once an hour even if they are completed quickly) While im bringing up crafting specific missions they should also be items that can be picked up and put into a trash bin (i.e. no mailboxes/large chests /etc)
  9. I guess that is probably the issues. Vague area specific missions on a server thats 16x several of them. Probabaly should look into that but its xanadu so no one cares anymore the silver rush is done:P
  10. Xanadu often has missions that are very hard to complete whereas the smaller servers have quite easy missions. Currently on celebrations 2/18/20 currently on Xanadu 2/18/20
  11. If you are just going to railroad the post with something totally unrelated just to be rude i dont think thats fitting with the rules of the suggestion forum? If you werent trying to be then sorry i misread.
  12. as title shows if u open a book full of papyrus while placed it shows nothing... this makes player libraries impossible without take permissions (picking up book)
  13. +1 love the idea of a whip would make a neat weapon and add flavor.
  14. +1 This has been suggested before and would be a great addition especially on xanadu Since we have 9 starting cities and a huge highway system. just make it like 1 copper for every 1000 tiles away it is. Just go wagoneer speed would be very handy even slower would be ok.
  15. +1 Yep large projects for alliances to build have been asked for a long time. i think Faeran and Griphyth suggested these and several others. There needs more community goals to build together. (windmill passively grind grains into flour / rocksalt into salt/ ) sawmill to make planks etc. This is something always asked for.