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  1. My proposal is a solution to a current problem in Wurm. Right now the economy of wurm is kinda stagnant with rare item prices dropping, ship prices dropping (no so much anymore cause people stopped making). What i think would help the economy is a vanity item vendor that sells items for points. People could exchange rare items (maybe horses and ships and possibly non rare items) for points or fractions of points. These points could then be used to purchase vanity items that are not craftable in the game (Cloaks , Dresses, Etc). I know this goes against the devices of a sandbox and i dont think we would have this problem if stuff dissapeared from the game or population was larger. This could be something that should temporarily appear maybe a seasonal cleanup to purge the game of excess rares and offer limited vanity items. As it is now this is a solution to our economy being kinda stagnant. Other sandbox games have done this also (Ultima Online , etc) with success.
  2. WTS Tomes

    Id like to buy a charge of green tome for 30 s if you are ok with that COD to Killroth Thanks
  3. PVE Alliance Decor/Flair package

    +1 let the people who play on freedom have nice things to...
  4. PVE Alliance Decor/Flair package

    No one ever said about giving it to freedom for free (or i didnt anyway) i just want everyone to be treated equally. I want the option for legitimate Alliances of more than 15+ villages and or villages with 25+ premiums to be able to pay 1g and have thier own identity. As it stands now Alliances have been overlooked totally permissions are awful...the only options a leader has is removing a village and setting motd I want pve goals for an alliance maybe like the journal (build a lighthouse/giant windmill/whatever huge project) 3.A graphic to unite our larger alliances under one banner like pvp kingdoms. Im ok with there being a limited number of whatever productions (25 wagons / 50 tents w/e) I dont care about the silvers I just want the alliance experience enriched. I dont care about the other perks pvp kingdoms get (better casting) etc etc I know Devs got alot going on just saying might be something to look into for the new Frontiers where they talking about pve coming together to fight a threat.
  5. PVE Alliance Decor/Flair package

    we already know u are -1
  6. PVE Alliance Decor/Flair package

    An Alliance/deed Journal. - Faeran has been talking about this for a while. Could make an alliance/deed based journal system. complete goals together - each stage unlocks a certain decorative level. Examples of deed/alliance journal steps completed a # of missions together Slayed # beasts at a rift contributed x% to server giant colossus (or whatever big project) reached x amount of players reached a total skill level of x remained as an alliance of x number of players for over 30 days Could also add steps related to new Frontier whatever that is
  7. Legacy statues!

    +1 more statues for archeology.
  8. PMK Stuff from 1% kingdom influence.

    i would never buy chaos stuff ever. only thing i ever bought was a tower for 50c like 8 yrs ago. I just think its wrong that chaos has a monopoly on this stuff. I think its wrong that everyone elses actions are considered less "worthwhile" just because we dont have the time or will to kill people on chaos. I think its wrong that we are not allowed to have any unique identifiers for pve alliances tabard /etc ( which are present in most any online game) its all about the $$
  9. PMK Stuff from 1% kingdom influence.

    -1 this is the only tactic people on freedom have for stopping the fake chaos economy. give alliances the ability to create our own custom template on pve and this wouldnt happen.
  10. WTB Nukacola

    Hope you get it back good luck:) havent seen it around
  11. We need new helmet graphics, Horned helmet, Tassled Helmet, Gothic Plate, Ringmail, etc No need for new stats use what we have similar to how Bascinet and full helm are same. Platesmithing, Chainsmithing, needs some buffs (additional BADASS graphics) pretty please
  12. it was a 45 slope. i guess if this isnt addressed it means its ok to make forests of death?:P i guess this would also be a client bug not server bug
  13. With the new collision trees its possible to slide down a slope and fall into a bounce trap behind a tree.
  14. Rework Journal.

    Hard is fine but forcing people to choose direction isnt what a sandbox should be about. Highlighting features of the game are great "try spearing a fish , dig up 1 or 10 caches, learn some recipes" sure. But if indepth difficulty is whats planned on journal there should be paths. (pick these skills etc) If we are making Wurm into a adventure themepark then sure this is fine. Might wanna add some dungeons then though.
  15. Rework Journal.

    Advanced Journal entries should be based on stuff everyone has to do. If you are going to force specific skills those should be a sub set of Journal entries. Yes i think that a little dabble of everything should be in journal at the first few tiers. But you are focusing too much on a couple skills for the advanced tiers. If that is your plan to make people focus on certain skills for journal advancement give us options to pick our direction. There is several other issues with Journal also , like the fact that it doesnt retroactively remember what you did "make a collosus" Well if you have already made about 4 and still have to make one what is the landscape gonna be like with all the new ones. Several of the entries are locked behind paywalls. "wear a fully enchanted scale suit" Thats fine if you go to all the public slayings for next decade. " Welcome to Wurm its a sandbox you can do anything you want heres a journal to help you out learning the game. Oh cool you want to progress in your learning of wurm yeah you are going to have to fish and do archeology. Welcome to the best sandbox game there is. Oh you want access to ingame vanity items yeah you are going to have to try out our 2 new systems if you like them or not. Oh you didnt like fishing for the last 7 years you played... oh you will love our new system especially after grinding up to 90 to complete journal."