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  1. boat changes are great. Leaves people no excused for bad parking and harbors full of boat arent ruined by a sea of sails.
  2. This has been asked for several times and would solve alot of drama. This would open up the experience of killing a unique to more people besides slaying teams.
  3. Options never hurt anyone but i think there should be option to have a different basic underwear also. Possibly make it a jackal skin you can apply to your character and have options. But more important things like cloaks besides the mastery cloak should be added.
  4. We should have the ability to engrave an item. This would be to note ownership/add flair/ add personalized messages for gifts. "With a deft hand you make a permanent engraving on your blacksmith hammer forever commemorating this moment" This would dull/dmg the awl a good amount but leave a permanent message on the item. This should only be allowed on items on your person or items you are the owner of. I know we have the ability to rename but this adds an examine message and cant just be erased. Its for making stuff personal and security or special gifts.
  5. So during the time when skill transfer was active people must have been able to gain additional Jackal points everytime they went back and forth between freedom and jackal. Some people with hardly any rift beacon kills are setting with hundreds of points from going back and forth. (and yes i realize kills, hearts , etc give points ) but they were shocked to learn they had so many points so wondering if the skill transfer was multiplying peoples jackal points. Why was there no Reset?
  6. The new Steam server should not be a pvp and a pve server seperate. As it is now it seems to be pvp is very motivated about money instead of the fun of pvping. Make the pvp aspect as a direct portal (same skills/skill gain) to a capture the area type server like challenge or something where people can go to have fun. Get rid of the monetary gains from capping uniques/full loot pvp and make the game more enjoyable without the major losses. Make unique bosses like rift beacons. you could even have clear all the rift beacons and the dragon beacon will spawn on map. One of the main issues right now with wurm is the fact that pve cannot enjoy many things thanks to pvp/pve barriers. Why cant pve have Tabards to distinguish thier alliance? Why are wagon/tent only availble to pvp kingdoms? Is it a large profit to code club /game chest club to have people buying silver or every alliance dropping 100 + dollars for the ability to create a more meshed alliance experience. in addition to jackal for weapon skins make a rare item token to where people can trade in rares to stimulate the economy. If there is a lack of artwork for skins open up the submission to others besides the team.
  7. 5 day auction 1545 ql worth of gems 7s min bid 16s buyout sniper 1 hour rule
  8. So Jackal is under the leadership of the new company. That puts new perspective.
  9. Selling 3 breeding pairs of horses 80c per pair or 50c each. also have 3 pelts 20c each if anyone still needs.
  10. Would be cool if foragin we would find Jackal Moonstones and Wurm Moonstones that let us teleport to other server. foraging on wurm = jackal moonstone foraging on jackal = wurm moonstones
  11. If we construct a lodestone on Jackal will it teleport us to freedom? If not can we get an item called freedom lodestone added to crafting. For deeds far form starter.
  12. Pelts!!!

    Yes we need more pelts and more low level monsters will help get fighting skill gains faster Just drop a few rat spawners near starter area like 5. or sell on trader
  13. *Bump* Lets stimulate the wurm economy
  14. My proposal is a solution to a current problem in Wurm. Right now the economy of wurm is kinda stagnant with rare item prices dropping, ship prices dropping (no so much anymore cause people stopped making). What i think would help the economy is a vanity item vendor that sells items for points. People could exchange rare items (maybe horses and ships and possibly non rare items) for points or fractions of points. These points could then be used to purchase vanity items that are not craftable in the game (Cloaks , Dresses, Etc). I know this goes against the devices of a sandbox and i dont think we would have this problem if stuff dissapeared from the game or population was larger. This could be something that should temporarily appear maybe a seasonal cleanup to purge the game of excess rares and offer limited vanity items. As it is now this is a solution to our economy being kinda stagnant. Other sandbox games have done this also (Ultima Online , etc) with success.
  15. WTS Tomes

    Id like to buy a charge of green tome for 30 s if you are ok with that COD to Killroth Thanks