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  1. make uniques rift based. They dont leave area ...cant build on them cant modify terrain cant deed them. Give everyone a shot at attending.
  2. Agree this could go along with the log cabin walls we need...
  3. thats more like a pantry than a larder
  4. Bump...still cant select the sorcery title that shows...after dropping all the loyalty to get a specific title cant even pick it.
  5. This would be a helpful band-aid. But we do need the ability to pick what we dispel or the ability to rearrange the properties on an item. oops sorry capslock was on.
  6. changing the way skill gain works for shield might be better then adding yet another half hidden/system thing to wurm. either that or a toggle whatever +1
  7. I didnt say anything about waiving the cost. I said give us the right to spend 1g and have our own alliance pattern just like you pvp people have your own. There is several alliances that have lasted longer than kingdoms, groups of 20-30+ deeds that work together ,play together. To say that our play experience is less worthwhile than a pvp experience is ridiculous (i play all pvp games just wurm pvp isnt my style). We also contribute to recruiting people to wurm /supporting the servers/creating an enviroment to welcome and grow wurm... To get slapped in the face saying our experience/play isnt worth the time of the devs to let us show our alliance pride is shite.
  8. Actually you are the one with a sense of entitlement?? You think that we went around and colored everything years ago with runes and now you want it for free? lol Plus this thread is a necro thread from several years ago... You yourself have had plenty of time. To be rude when to me when i gave both sides of argument + and - plenty of room shows lack of consideration on many levels.
  9. Do u go to twitch prime loot store i hardly call some random mobile games "mafia online" and seven deadly sins" mainstream. Also im not sure it costs money to put them up there since its advertisement for both amazon/twitch and wurm online.
  10. +1 this is something that has been suggested many times by people in the past. Roofs are what adds character to a home. Gable ends, Hip returns, bullnose roofs, double gables. Gables are something we definitely need. I almost think they need to go into a "Roof mode" like setting like making a bridge. Where u customize the pitch of the whole roof i would stick with 2 settings 6/12 and 9/12 pitch and then decide on the edges of the roof if it will be a gable or hip profile.
  11. To get more attention to the steam server you should have a skin giveaway on twitch prime also. These draw alot of attention and i know free stuff always brings my attention to games at least enough to investigate them if they are in my sphere of interest.
  12. I dont think personal heraldry needs to be a thing but we do need something for alliances/villages.
  13. give a large bonus to sacrificing arch shards... 100 shards = 1s rare window bonus. would make it worth getting rid of them.
  14. Bump. Several threads regarding this can we get an official answer and merge on the threads. Also if you cant do something for filthy casual wurm players who dont like 300 slope dirt walls you might as well let them craft useful items on pvp servers that are OP like wand of sea, bag of keeping, staff of land etc. I mean if you are going to have a situation in a sandbox where only certain people can have a community and others just get to be hermits supporting the valued customers why not go ham.