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  1. It is not that items on pvp servers should be exclusive... thats totally fine and awesome. This is about the fact that PVP people play for the $$$$ and loot and not the pvp experience...they shouldn't be able to peddle their wares on freedom unless we can form our own PVE kingdoms. we have several alliances with 30+ villages and are very active. The fact that we arent even considered giving the option of making our own banner/regalia due to our "Freedumb" play style is a slap in the face. Lets not even get started with the fact that our PVE equivelant of "Kingdoms" the only thing we have alliance is so roughed out as far as permissions/options that it was probabaly only glanced over for 5 mins upon creating the ability to form alliance. (there is only 2 options "kick village" and set motd)
  2. Yes for all those reasons PVP is fun there is no need to create artificial economies and incentive to cater to the smallest yet most vocal population of wurm. This only makes it more niche and less attractive to a broad audience.
  3. +1 have i +1:ed this already it is the best suggestion ever. Right after log cabin walls, and different roof styles
  4. No you dont need an incentive to pvp. You PVP cause you want to kill and grief people and rob thier crap. We play pve cause we like the sandbox element. Theres your incentive.
  5. You shouldnt be playing PVP to make money. If you dont like that then make money on pve. We dont want to start this wagon/banner sales BullSh*t again.
  6. huge +1 but title is misleading it should just be "Freedom Islands Hotas and Kingdom Wagons" Dont think northern freedom has this problem since cant trasnfer junk from pvp. Hopefully one day they just seperate chaos with a teleporter and give them a big middle finger. either that or transfer it to defiance. Also note that pvp players are the most vocal on the forums since half of wurm pvp is done on forums.
  7. +1 Gable roofs , dormers, ability to change slope. This is like on the top 5 most requested features.
  8. +1 such a ridiculous pointless goal. Its the worst in the whole journal system. Even worse than kill a creature with catapult. which no one would ever do in normal game play. Going to a rift is an actual in game activity and is thoroughly enjoyed/rewarded by many. at least before the jackal changes:/ This game has enough grind in it to not force people to play a priest as a prayer B*tch strapped to the altar. Also sitting with 70 prayer as last goal cause i refuse to mind numbingly sit in front of a stupid altar for weeks and months on end working on a skill that provides absolutely no benefit. Also this is one of those skills that people macro heavily and many have gotten banned doing farming gems so its wrong to have that as a journal to encourage/benefit that activity.
  9. Still waiting on the ability to select your sorcery title.... Is there a reason you cant? I mean id gladly not have 10000 Lomaner titles in exchange for being able to us a relevant title that you use loyalty to get...
  10. make uniques rift based. They dont leave area ...cant build on them cant modify terrain cant deed them. Give everyone a shot at attending.
  11. Agree this could go along with the log cabin walls we need...
  12. thats more like a pantry than a larder
  13. Bump...still cant select the sorcery title that shows...after dropping all the loyalty to get a specific title cant even pick it.
  14. This would be a helpful band-aid. But we do need the ability to pick what we dispel or the ability to rearrange the properties on an item. oops sorry capslock was on.