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Found 12 results

  1. Hi 33/CST looking for a group to start fresh with, or not to far into the game. I've owned this game for awhile now and kinda know how to play. I would like a group with dedicated roles as I think that would be interesting to learn the game in parts. For my availability, I'm free throughout the weekend and weekdays 6pm to 9pm
  2. Hello everyone, I am a Veteran returning player looking for an active Xanadu Alliance i currently hail from i 10/11. As well as open to villagers that are serious about being a part of a community.
  3. Well, with the new HP movie coming out, the hype is real. For me, anyways. me and a few other fans have set up a Wizarding World Experience group where we complete tasks in order to gain points for our chosen Hogwarts House and school. Currently we're at around 50 members, which is not very much, so the fun and competition is rather limited, but I'd love to see the group expand. We're also looking for loads of staff people to help us run the group! If you're interested, here's a link to our group: Please answer all questions. In the meanwhile, you can use this thread to talk about anything Harry Potter P.S. Yes, we are thinking of trying to build Hogwarts in Wurm
  4. Hello everyone, I'm looking for Spanish players. We are a group of 6, playing in a private server (Valoria) and we are looking for people who want to play with us. We also have a Steam group:
  5. Latest News from Mythmoor Prime We are excited to share some original creations in Mythmoor - Wurm Unlimited. Conquerors will win special, ever rotating in game rewards in surprise locations scattered throughout the event locations. Come join our community on Mythmoor Prime in these adventures and experience the thrill of Online Gaming in a whole new way. HOTA is enjoyable as a Solo or Group Player Event, although PVP. The rest are created as a minimum of 2 and up Groups. A very special, full of surprises... HOTA Maze (once conquered - resets every 36 Hours ) A PVE Maze (GM Hosted only) A PVP Event Arena A Dungeon High & Low Level - Fight Skill (GM Hosted only) Island of Doom (PVE Group Event / GM Hosted only) Weekly GM & Player Hosted Events Mythmoor Prime Map of Event Areas Starter Town - Moor's Rest PVP Events - Tickets Will Call PVP Event Arena (Player Hosted) Dungeon High & Low Level - Fight Skill (GM Hosted only) PVP Event Arena (Player Hosted) and PVE Maze (GM Hosted only) HOTA Maze (PVP) Inside the HOTA Maze Island of Doom ( GM Hosted only)
  6. Heya, I am looking for a group of people to play Wurm with. im a pretty tech savvy aussie chick. i have played Wurm before but a while back. i have a wicked sense of humor that is probably way too innapropriate at times. just not that keen to play Wurm alone, its always better with a group. i would like people on TS or some other form of comms. thanks, QueenofMeme
  7. Rather than appearing in my root inventory, it drops into my "tools" group. Others in G-chat confirmed this as well. Thanks!
  8. So after talking with some of the other players here’s a suggestion to the permissions system Groups: Anyone can create personal groups. You will be able to add anyone of the same and enemy kingdom to the group. You will be able to give the group access to writs, boats, mine doors, etc. You will be able to type /managegroups which will bring up a window where he can see all the groups he own. If you click manage on a group you get a new window where you can change different settings and add new members: If wurm can handle the massive amount of data it would to pull, those two windows could easily go into one: Here you can just select the group you want to change and it will show up on the right. The usability of the interface would be much better, but it will require wurm to pull a lot more of data The whole point of this group system is so that you no longer need to add different people to your friends list to give them access to different things and you won’t need different alt’s to own your stuff to have different permission settings. In the way I see it this would enable you to make let’s say Group1(G1) with all your alts in it, add G1 to your writ and all your alts now have access, then you can make G2 with all your close friends who should also have access and add them. This would enable you too quickly and pain free add and remove multiple people from write, boats etc. If a writ or boat is given to a new person the writ/boat should be stripped of all players/groups and it’s up to the new owner to add people/groups. This suggestion will require some of the current permission system to change so it would not be a thing that’s doable right now but should be done with the much needed rewrite some of the other permissions systems like the writs.
  9. This is an idea I have been tossing around in my head ever since PMKs were being discussed. I had a very fine draft, but misplaced it. As a result this is a very loose framework with many missing pieces. I'm posting this as is, with the intention of adding more over time as an evolving process with input from other players. I'd like to request that pure 100% pvp players stay out of this unless you plan to constructively add input. Player made republics (PMRs) would be the non-pvp equivalent of PMKs for the rest of the freedom cluster and would serve roughly same function but tailored to the forms and needs of non-pvp game play. Essentially their purpose would be to facilitate larger, more robust social groups and to encourage the creation of a group that has more longevity than a single large deed or cadre of individual players could provide. Most non-pvp large social groups revolve around one of two models. The original was the 'big deed' which required one or a few big spenders to own everything. Non-owners had very limited rights and influence as owners protected their investment from thieves and griefers. Many newcomers are unwilling to join a deed because of the lack of freedom and for fear of oppression. Eventually, the best move off to their own deeds or the owners become inactive and the community collapses. The alliance system allowed a new model where people that left the main deed to form their own deeds could still stay linked with a central chat and had some limited extra permissions. It also allowed coalitions of independent deeds to join up for social interaction. Unfortunately, the permission controls were less than ideal and perimeters were a problem. The desire to maintain an area of open country kept many perimeters large and thus tightly held alliances were very spread out. Some groups formed their own alliance (of their many satellite deeds) to allow access for themselves but would not join others for security reasons. My idea for a PMR would be centered around combining the best and avoiding the worst of the above. It would try to be more than durable any single deed or player, try to maximize the liberty of as many as possible all while encouraging players to settle in close proximity to maximize interaction. It would also open up a potentially exciting new social gaming experience with internal politics, factions and intrigues as Republics grow and age. And just like PMKs, Republics would get their own artwork. Founding the Republic: Just like a PMK it starts with a declaration in front of a minimum crowd in local. Each person nearby gets a pop-up asking them if they wish to pledge to the Republic and how much. If the total pledged is over 1G, the monies are removed from the player's accounts, the "Object is placed (see below) and the Player that initiated the action is made "Doge" (see below). Anyone that contributed more than 5s can opt to automatically be a member of the republic. Any deed held by a member joins the Republic. Citizens of those deeds automatically become members of the Republic. The Republic "Object": needs a name: PMRs would be founded around a central non-deed structure. Can not be placed on a deed or be deeded over. It would serve as a respawn point for members of the Republic. It would create a "Republic" channel that all members or the republic (those granted or deeds that joined) would have access. It would also project a 'republic perimeter'. At the object any player that is not a member of another republic can add their name to a list of potential candidates for joining. The Republic Perimeter: This functions somewhat differently from normal deed perimeter. The idea here is to encourage players to cluster their deeds inside one shared perimeter and to allow larger groups of players blanket control over a block of land around them, rather than a patchwork of perimeters from deeds. It overlaps all Republic deeds and perimeters. It continues to prevent deed placement (see below) and block non-member perimeters. Its expansion is blocked by non-member deeds and their perimeters. It is configurable in size on each cardinal direction from the Object. Paid for out of the Republic Coffers. Ideally tiles paid for by member deeds would not be charged to the Republic. What you lose by joining: Under default settings, if part of your deed or perimeter overlaps with the republic perimeter you would not be able to expand your deed or perimeter beyond its current size without consent of the republic. Reducing its size is allowed, but you forfeit the right to expand back to the original size later without consent. The idea here is to avoid perimeter wars within the republic. The Republic Government: Similar to historical republics, PMRs would be ruled by a minority. The primary mechanism is 'by decree' where a member proposes a change in settings, there is a voting period, and the result is automatic. One of two systems to distribute votes could be adopted: Democracy : Each deed owner and (anyone granted the right to vote) each has one vote. Plutocracy (default) : Any member of the Republic can donate to the Republic Upkeep and has a vote proportionate to their contribution to their current coffers. Both minimums and maximums per account can be set by decree. Upkeep from the republic is taken from all contributors equally, so share decreases over time without additional input. Vote sizes would be available information in some way, perhaps as a list in the voting interface. Any member (even those that can't vote) can submit a motion for deliberation. Voters can cast their vote at any republic deed token or at the republic token. Votes last a week during which players can change their vote. Simple majority of cast votes wins. Possible Decrees: It is the intention that every setting and option for Republics can be set by decree. Each member can have as single submission for vote at a time but can withdraw or change it at will. Officers can have two. Those marked with R can be revoked by decree as well. Those marked F can be set for fast resolution by the Doge. Some would create blanket rules for the entire Republic. Grant Universal Suffrage R: All citizens of all deeds in the republic automatically get to vote. Change form to a Democracy/Plutocracy: This swaps the system of vote distribution between the two options. Set Village Tax to %: A default of zero, this increases all member deed's upkeeps by the %, with the extra going to the Republic's coffers. Deedholder's get credit for all monies taxed as contributions if the republic is a Plutocracy. Possible values between 0 and 5? Disallow Village Perimeters in the Republic R : An option for the more dominant republics, this suppresses all deed perimeters to their default 5 tiles within the Republic. Member deeds outside the Republic's borders are not affected. Set vote cap to %: For Plutocracies, this caps the influence any given player can have regardless of their contributions. Possible values 1% to 20%, with 20% being the default? Change the name of the Republic to ______: Generates a server wide event message. Set <non-member> to KOS across the Republic: R F ? Some would create or assign special officer roles and titles to allow specific players to perform special duties. Grant <member> Surveyor: R F This player would be allowed to start the deed placement dialog inside the Republic's Borders. and set all the necessary features, but hand off or designate the actual deed to another member of the republic. This officer position would allow the Republic greater control and flexibility in allowing its members to place deeds without voting. Grant <member> Doge: R This sets the 'leader' of the PMR. the leader's primary mechanical function is to allow bursts of activity in the government. Many proposals (marked (F) ) the Doge can set to take a single day instead of the normal week. Some important proposals can not be set for rapid voting. ? Some would allow members specific permissions, often a one-time event. Allow <member> to place a deed. F Normally the republic perimeter would prevent deed placement. This gives the named member the right to place a single deed. Expires after one week. Allow <deed> to resize. F One time. Expires after one week. Essentially it allows the deed tool to ignore the republic perimeter during a single resize session. Grant <member> a boon of a silver coin. Used as reward system for good citizens, by vote a small amount can be given from the coffers to a member. ?
  10. Simple. As with /vinvite (/villageinvite), make a /ginvite, or /groupinvite command to invite people to a group who may be far away. This will be useful for group PM's, etc. This command could be used to make a group as well if the player who initiates it isn't already in one. Limit the command to friends only so it can't be abused.
  11. Forum Moderators, could i get this post moved to Town Square since i didn't realize that players without a forum account can even view the Epic forum at all. Since it's a broadcast and not a discussion that's a problem. Thanks. The Alt Army. Hello, I'd like to announce the first of what hopefully will be a new and successful Serenity Campaign. It borrows the central idea from another game but which works just as well in Wurm. It's called the Alt Army. Basically, what the idea allows is for us on JKH to both have alot if not most of the benefits associated from living together in a single mega deed. and All the Benefits of living alone or in small groups and villages scattered across the map. It also removes the liability in terms of money and defence of the mega deed and removes the most of the Organizational barriers that the scatter defence has. How this works Everyone creates a new alt with the name of their main character and the words alt or army or JKHA or the like as the new alts Name. We will then schedule some dates and times for people to hop on their army alt and do whatever project/task is to be done. the first project (conviently) that we'll use to set up and work the kinks out of the program is in StrongBox where your alt will spawn. The project is simple and should allow us it get everything set up and grouped while at the same time performing a public service project that benefits everyone. We're going to clear cut (after we've picked the sprouts and fruits if applicable) the SB perimeter. All the Bushes and Apple trees need to go. All of them. Later on we will construct small public enclosures with all of the bush and tree types individually in their own enclosures to allow everyone to access the sprouts and fruits as well as having the entire Plant ecosystem in one place. (Oaks will be locked and the sprouts given away to army members due to their scarcity) After the opening project is done in a few days and we've got a good majority of the active people enrolled we will be moving together as a group around the server (obviously in chunks since not everyone is online at the exact same time) Performing projects both for the Public such as Tower construction, canals/terraforming and then alternating to a project done for a specific deed or undeeded group that is in and active in the Army as the reward for participating in the Alt army beyond the fun, doing good works as well as meeting and working with all the people on Serenity you perhaps see in K-Chat or elsewhere but live on the other side of the map from. The biggest reward of this project is the Central organization it will allow us and that we in JKH have struggled with. Without losing the unbound and open nature that JKH is unmatched in. This is a Casual, Part time, in people spare time type project. It allows everyone to work and help and interact in one place on one thing while still keeping their own stuff, and deeds and projects and such across that map. So what you need to do is simple 1. Make an alt with your main's name and JKHA or Army or alt or the like. (sadly i'd say use the exact same thing after the mains name but i know that trolls would quickly snap up real JKH players army names and prevent the actual resident from using it.) 2. Spawn in Strongbox and follow the instructions from there. You alt will be joining the deed called "Serenity Alt Army put your alt in" which is inside the walls of the former fighting academy. this will allow us to group together for easy communication, boat and transportation rights, ally deed suicide spawning and general grouping. but it won't be an actual deed other then that. you'll also get a sickle. Message me, I'll be in StrongBox to enroll you in the Army. 3. Start Chopping down trees and bushes in the large SB perimeter as well as meet all your new fellow alt Army members. Be sure to check and grab and sprouts or fruits before chopping for replanting both here and else where should anyone want Grape, Lavender, Apple or Oleander sprouts. This is just the first of hopefully many such projects and adventures we will be having, Together. PVP To clear up any confusion this project is not to build an "Army" in the military unit sense. Think of it like the Army Corps of Engineers done risk free with alts that have nothing to lose if you die or are killed. At the very least it will allow some easily gathered group PvP for those online at the time. since everyone will have an alt in the same place even if their mains live on opposite sides of the map.
  12. Royal Oak Preaching Enterprise Introduction: Royal Oak is pleased to announce that it will host a preaching group for Fo, Mag, and Vyn priest/esses. Grinding a priest(ess)'s faith is indeed mundane and tedious. However, a preaching group can speed up that process (More info here:, and since priests/followers of different religions can now "listen" to each other, faith gain has gotten even easier. Location: Royal Oak, Independence (63x, 49y) (http://www.rosshicks.../images/map.png) I understand that this isn't favorable to many people. Time: Royal Oak Preaching Enteprise is planning on being the 24/7 sermon group for Independence. To make prayer resets possible is up to you. I will take note of people's timezones so we can "harmonize" and eventually organize a schedule and be an even more effcient preaching group. Features: -Royal Oak is offering 60+ QL golden Fo and Mag altars and an 80+ QL golden Vyn altar (credit goes to Aetherwalker). The dominant domain is Vynora. -Free and easy access to the shore for fishing for soul depth . -Free access to meditation rugs as well as a Love and Knowledge tile. (escort suggested) -Free access to a pinewood forest for your body control. (escort suggested) -Free access to animals to GROOM/TAME for your taming/animal husbandry skill and soul depth.* -Free access to mines for you Mag priests.* -You can purchase 50+ QL cotton/wemp for your body control/ropemaking skills.* -Access to 4 forges and 300 frying pans to lightly grind your HFC and soul depth (you can purchase materials from us).* -Free meals from me [unless donated (look at previous)] -If you have features you would like to suggest or have ANY questions, forum PM me. (* = requires permission) Some Absolute Rules: -DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT cut oak trees. Period. No exception. [if you want to make a carpentry item (ropetool, grooming brush, or spindle) and REQUIRE oak, I will provide you with oak]. -Do not spam the local chat. We will ultilize the irc. (our channel is #royaloak) -Do not "ninja" preach. Meaning these few things... ~Do not log in and preach. Always ask for the queue... ~Try your best not to preach and log off right away. If you preach once, it is courteous to at least stay till the next person preaches... ~Do not log off while someone is preaching. -Need to argue? Utilize PM. However, if things go out of hand (which I doubt will happen) I will intervene and calm things down. -Concerning the provided feature above... ~If you utilized the forge and pans for HFC and soul depth grinding, empty out the pans... -Listen to what Royal Oak staff says (includes but not limited to Banzai, Thunderstruck, Yourshadow, and Bobmcjeffery). -Do not be stupid. Ask us questions and we will be more than happy to assist you. -Most of all, enjoy your stay and your faith gains . Final Note: I know this is far from central Independence and I know the group will probably have some trouble in maintaing a strong, dedicated, and well-sized group. But I hope this will successful and be helpful to the priests of Independence.