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  1. This guy is the best Lib priest in the whole world, sells cheap enchantments with high cast and ql. I am really satisfied with the bussiness we made and I will be surely gonna buy from him again. Hey why are you still looking at the comments? Just order stuff, he even lowered the prices!
  2. Ymediocrity wins! Congratz, for further information please pm Audrie ingame!
  3. [13:00:40] A smelter made from bricks and clay, fits more ore than a forge. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The smelter has some irregularities that must be removed with a stone chisel. Ql: 60.116302, Dam: 0.0. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Audr.e'. The fire is not lit. Starting bid: 15s Min. increments: 1s Buyout: 40s 30 minutes snipe protection Can deliver, also pickup available.