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  1. [09:43:43] Farming increased by 0,0104 to 92,0012

  2. The item you are looking for is fishing line these days. Search that on Wurmpedia, that should help you along. Also in-game journal provides a guide on how to fish.
  3. We are active as ever! If you need more information in-game, tag @Kadmintor @DaletheGood !
  4. Rift - 7 Apr 2020

    We had splendid rift raid! Bunch of people showed up. Thank you everyone for joining!
  5. Rift - 7 Apr 2020

    We found a way in! We have mined the collapsed tiles so the road is passable. -> Go to Doom tunnel. If you are heading from Summerholt, turn on the first section you come across on the right side. It is around the steppes just north from Doom tunnel. -> Follow the tunnel up. Go across the steppes via road. You come to a T section road, head right on the next tunnel. -> Continue as far as you can via roads and tunnels and you'll end up to the rift.
  6. Hello there @Jotz! I'm certain that we have a spot for you, at least in Amish Estates. It is managed by JackJones and several others, you can find the link about Amish Estates on the first post in this very topic. Hopefully we find a suitable place for you to stay!
  7. [13:01:04] You have just received the title 'Saucier'!


    Finally, I achieved Hot Food Cooking skill to 90. :) 

  8. Nice idea, would make a great addition to all those weaponries and armories. +1 for this!
  9. Yes, one cast should just occur at the time, not 3 for sure. Next cast could happen over a month or two, when the charge has reached a certain point via praying players.
  10. EDIT: Oof, my reading today is at awful level. So yes, have noticed the same issue.
  11. Yesterday I saw that Rite of Spring had been cast on Xanadu. Now it seems that it is somewhat bugged; people are able to pray multiple times and get 0.12 ticks out of it. Ticks vary among the players who have reported the gains, however pretty much all can agree that the ticks are higher than the Wiki suggests (0.1 mind logic and 5hrs sleep bonus to all online Vynoran followers). So I'm asking, is this intended through the recent priest changes, or a bug?
  12. Your deed looks absolutely lovely! I truly hope someone will join your deed, good luck on finding citizens!
  13. As the title says, a black venerable horse turned into white upon death. EDIT: Also after butchering the corpse doesn't turn into a pile, but stays on the full corpse look.