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  1. Ahahaha, how long has it been "working in progress"? Well it's good to have it on board FINALLY, since this is very much wanted feature! So thanks for checking the old archives and blowing the dust off.
  2. Aye, improves QoL, so definitely +1.
  3. Bump for the great alliance! New year has started with several projects coming along throughout the community, make sure to tune in.
  4. Hey there! I can highly recommend the area around Summerholt, also NEXA alliance. Area is populated with very active, helpful and kind people who are willing to contribute the best for the community. We have lots of potential space around the area just for someone to pick and create something marvelous. We also have existing villages like Amish Estates, if you end up on wanting a start with other people. Hope we meet in-game!
  5. Moved to Community Assistance.
  6. This. I'd like to see it to be able to create from basic material, so it's not depended on rare material and unique hunting etc. And yes, would benefit all of the players. Would make alchemy much more interesting and give versatile usage of herbs or so.
  7. I simply love winter in Wurm. It's so pretty, like these pictures show.
  8. Last time I barely missed this beautiful set, so I bid SET 1 for 15s.
  9. Yay, found one! Thanks for the treat!
  10. Thanks for the slaying!
  11. Finally, after 4 long years, I'm able to join the fight!
  12. Hyvää Joulua, God Jul, Merry Christmas! And best wishes for the following year of 2018!
  13. Do you buy rare piece of wool cloth? Also have rare silver lump and rare iron lump.
  14. I LOVE this idea! +1!