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  1. Bump, dirt piles are still waiting for a buyer.
  2. Hello! So I found out today that we have on Xanadu this on-going mission: Name: Everyone: Scary word to help Libila Creator: System Started: 15.11.2017 22:57 Progress: 1.0% Expires: 18.11.2017 22:57 Difficulty: 6 / 7 Description: Libila demands you to sacrifice 18 Tortoise that have appeared across the land. Use a sacrificial knife on them inside the domain of Libila after weakening them to at least half of their health. Rewards: 15m sleep bonus for each participant upon completion of this mission as well as 166 karma per creature with 180m extra sleep bonus split between participants upon completion (30m max each) But we are not able to have Blacklight altars on PvE, right? So there is no Libila's domain on PvE servers. So... you cannot do this mission on PvE server.
  3. Hmm, just have to point out: I have never done panfilling with such method. I have used 10 frying pans and 10 pottery bowls and filled them in oven one by one all the way up to 88 HFC. When done so, I have felt it has been one of the most satisfying skills to level up. Was even more before the cooking update.
  4. Bump for lowered prices!
  5. Oi Shrimpiie, I would like to deliver those 600 x 70ql wool strings and 600 x 70ql cotton strings for you that you ordered many months ago . Is there some time next week I could deliver or shall I just drop them on some specific location?
  6. Your healing cover potency is way too low for such hit (number (1) indicates the potency, where 25 is max). Try to combine tooth + gland, that should do the work.
  7. Got bunch of junk almost all the way up to 50. Revealed one piece of and eagle statue and that's about it. Not RNG's favorite, nope...
  8. Hello dear, of course there is. I've made a rare Fo altar for all of the dedicated Fo priests at the Sanctuary, where all the sermons are. If there's something you need, just give us a shout!
  9. Just provided 30 of 88ql meals to the crafting area! Things getting warmed up.
  10. Hello! I want to sell 9k of dirt in crates. Quality varies from 25ish to 70. Prices: 70c/1k without crates 85c/1k with crates (1k are delivered in 4 large crates) Pick-up at G23 Xanadu, southern bayside from Summerholt. Deed is called Whisperfell. Can deliver to any coastal deed on PvE servers. Prices for the delivery is 1s, when delivering on east side of Xanadu, rest of coastal Xanadu and other PvE servers are 2,5s.
  11. I'd see PvPers loving this. Definitely +1
  12. We got the BEST bartender, check out drink menu during the festival! [17:31:46] <Timowicz> I am waiting for delivery of some flasks and jars, they should arrive in an half an hour and I will be able to serve you same drinks afterwards If you have your own, you can come down to [17:32:19] <Timowicz> NEXA Sanctuary token and taste some beverages, brewed both locally and imported from the south. [17:33:46] <Timowicz> I have some non-alcoholic beverages too in case you need a hydration. There are three barrels in the kitchen, lemonade, parsley tea and strawberriesade. [17:35:05] <Timowicz> I have some down here too as well as wide variety of booze. Pale ale, vodka, special brew, rice wine, moonshine, pilsner, white wine, cider, bitter, lemon gin, mead, red wine from the south, brown ale [17:35:27] <Timowicz> and apple gin Can import more, if there is interest in something specific.
  13. Aye, Summerholt Fall Festival is starting today, be sure to be in the festival area today because we are starting within few hours. Lots of fun happening during this weekend, sermons have already started at Amish Sanctuary and Market area. And by the way, thanks for popping our festival up in the weekly news Retro!
  14. Well, you're gonna like it, since it's completely free. You are free to donate stuff for the event managers if you want, but that is not required for the attending. You can bring your tools, weapons, even a ship if you own one for the crafters to improve them. And as I said, completely free. People do it for fun, for having a great time with each other and getting higher and higher skill alongside. We also do sermons the whole time, those priests there really thank for appearing there and being a listener will help them to get better gains for the priesting skills. Not sure of the low spec rig, I'd say you come and try out. I'm pretty sure it's not gonna be that huge of an event that your game becomes unplayable when you arrive on area and you can also be online when it's not too crowded, if that's the case. Be sure to drop by and spend some time with us!
  15. Bump for the impalong, it's starting today! Grab your priests, newbies, talents and stuff and come spend time with us imping, doing sermons and attending to all the events!