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  1. I tend to listen old Wurm music quite a bit when Wurming. I started playing on the time when old music still played in-game, so brings a lot of wonderful memories. And I agree, that old music is just splendid!
  2. Y14-Y15 and X17-X18 corner, please add Whisperfell.
  3. This occurs also on wagons and I assume on carts too. Was a second worried why my ponies were gone from the wagon, but they were invisible.
  4. We can all agree that Wurm Online just looks so splendid. The landscape, creativity of shapes and decoration, building... Makes everything look so nice and unique. I stop every now and then and just admire the beauty of it. Truly beautiful screenshots.
  5. Bunratty Castle disbanded.
  6. Needed 2 casts on my sweet rare huge axe. The power was beyond imagination (Nimb94, CoC97), the service was friendly and super fast! Can totally recommend.
  7. I don't get your math, I understand like Oblivionreaver and Wurmpedia states.
  8. This has been on for years, I suggest you try out as Kichi advised.
  9. Hmm, I have different experience on landing on Harmony. I have played over 7 years on SFI and decided to start fresh, because I love to start fresh. I started on the first day, though it was laggy, I totally understood the reasons behind it. Devs pushed so many updates in so short time, basically daily in the beginning. Yes, two other servers were opened, but they explained that there were no good spots to deed anymore and especially the beaches were crowded and claimed already. So others wouldn't get a chance to find a perfect spot for them. I haven't found Harmony too dead, I have played and heard on places and servers where the definition of dead server is actually only few people on the whole server. I totally get why people feel like Harmony has died out because of the other servers. I have a pleasant spot on Harmony which I'm more happy about than I ever was on any other deeds I've ever had. I have folks bumping into local every now and then. I have traveled across the server and seen many active deeds. Of course, also the collapsing ones, but still. I do not care about some people abusing stuff in the early games, of course that's breaking the rules, but there will always be maniac grinders to get it on the top right away even without the abuse. They do not affect my game play at all and I haven't seen anyone dominating too much of the market or the pricing. Within few months, many others have found themselves on market and selling their stuff they have slowly grinded too. So I totally get your point of view, but I wanted to share my own experience. I'm happy on Harmony, happier than I have been in a long time on SFI.
  10. My in-game name is Kadminty, send it to her pls.
  11. Excellent service! Very fast, good pricing and perfect quality! Can totally recommend.
  12. Hello, I would need my huge axe imped to 80ql. I would like to send it over. Please contact me via forums or in-game Kadminty whenever ready to receive the axe for imping. Thank you in advance!