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  1. Woop map dumps! Finally my deed shows up in Xanadu map dump.
  2. Bump, still looking for the lantern! If you have some other colours, I might consider those too!
  3. Only if they won't be messing around with our garbage bins. Would be horrible sight if all the trash tossed into bins would be lying around because of raccoons. But I love the idea, more animals in Wurm is better!
  4. As the title says, I am eager to buy a high ql lantern with light green glow. PM me through forums or in-game (same in-game name as the forum name) for your offer. I have bought one, thank you all for your offers!
  5. We have active sermon group at G24 Xanadu, just a bit to east from Summerholt. Feel free to join!
  6. Moved to Community Assistance.
  7. I can deliver 2x large crate of wool strings and 2x large crate of cotton strings for 4,5s.
  8. -1 I like when you can re-map in other games, but I don't see it working in Wurm. Some skills have been earned through very hard work and I'd hate to see it become irrelevant. I think it's the whole point of the game; skilling is hard and that is what makes me still play it.
  9. Damn, I'm working on that very hour... Been looking for forest giant killing for a so long time and still haven't been able to attend to any. But have a good luck on the killing!
  10. Budda has addressed earlier that personal goals will be looked into and there will be changes made. Just have to be patient with it.
  11. Check this out, it might help:
  12. Sermons running 24/7 at Sanctuary Market, 5 min travel by highway east of Summerholt. Get your new priest powered up or help working priests by coming up and listening! Meals provided!
  13. Sermons going 24/7, meet us at NEXA market and hop in!
  14. I shall be there!
  15. 10 75c