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  1. Retro Dragon!

    This dragon hatchling also knows how to fly: (There's also something wrong with my hands trying to hold that maul)
  2. Heya! I'm looking for custom enchants for my shortsword. The enchants would be Lifetransfer, Circle of Cunning and Nimbleness. I will pay for the highest casts possible. Could you enchant those for me? If this suits you, I will send the shortword. Thank you in advance!
  3. Hmm, interesting, since you can turn off lamps if wanted to during night time, but fireplace doesn't turn off. See the difference? So I would say it isn't working as intended if compared how lamps work, because they don't act similarly in this turning off matter.
  4. Hello! I asked about this on CA help, where they advised me to create a forum topic about the issue. So the issue is that during night time, fireplaces turn automatically on. However, they cannot be snuffed off during night time, it is like forcing the fire stay lit until it is dawn again. This creates some inconvenience; I cannot load lit fireplace, so I would have to wait until dawn in order to do that. When trying to snuff it, it will turn off for half a second, then right after turns back on. I would assume this "forced lit" feature isn't meant as it is. This happens on deed.
  5. I was looking for this for awhile until I got them off too, but as Oblivionnreaver said, it should just those options.
  6. This is a great idea. There's some sort of dynamic music playing, I hear "North Towards the Iron Gap" and "Flatland Stride" many times when I head into the wild, but these doesn't play on deed pretty much at all. The newer soundtracks are even divided to "Meditation and Work" and "Travel and Exploration".
  7. Seems servers are down: https://status.wurmonline.com/
  8. To Kadmint please, carving knife blade steel, high coc butchering knife blade steel, high coc stone chisel blade steel, high coc Thank you!
  9. This happens also to me on my green scale pants. Apparently it's more of a client bug.
  10. Year of 1100

    Demona will do several(?) runs during the day so everyone has a chance to catch up.
  11. OMG yes, this is so annoying. Very well explained the matter.
  12. Year of 1100

    I want to give a bump to this, it is only few days away! Still asking if anyone's up for hosting a party for celebration?
  13. Quite right, forgot this page totally. Apparently it doesn't update the "Goals" page's number until you relog. Thank you for this.
  14. Hello! So I've been doing quite a bunch of imping bows this morning. I've gained now 4,5 levels of bowyery, which means I've been able to improve successfully many times. However, this does not add anything to "Goals" page's "Every day, in every way" or final journal achievement page "improve items 100 000 times". I did bunch of chain armor smithing yesterday, gaining none as well. Tested inside a container and inside inventory imping, none adds towards neither achievement. This one can be moved to Community Assistance or sorts.
  15. Epic catalogue! I'm not on this catalogue, however my backside can be seen on Mangonerogue combat outfit -picture. The usual spot, where I stood most of the Impalong.