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  1. Great topic and congrats from the achievement, truly one of a kind! This topic also states that no matter if you have personal achievements to achieve, you are able to achieve those with other people and you pretty much need other people's help. Teamwork is the essence of Wurm, I would say.
  2. Rare iron lumps and arrow shaft sold!
  3. Hey there, I'm looking to sell few items. 53ql rare hammer, iron (can imp to 80ql if needed) 50ql rare spatula, birchwood (can imp to 75ql if needed) 19ql rare arrow shaft, cedarwood 36ql and 16ql rare iron lump (1.0kg each) 46ql rare silver lump (0.1kg). Give me an offer about the item you are interested in!
  4. I love it! +1
  5. I have had several breaks during my Wurmian life, some of them lasted couple of months, some longer. But I always followed the news what was going on in Wurm and every time I returned I found something great features, new adventures (i.e. rifts) or some new people to come across with. And it's always annoying to realize that your premium has run out (ugh!). I have been always careful so that I do not lose my deed during my time off, I have had always that little feeling that I will be returning, no matter what. All the creations, hard work and animals cant be just dumped by the inactivity. Wurm Online has come a long journey and I'm very eager to see where it heads next. Maybe we will see new Summer event, since I truly enjoyed the last one...! And I would imagine many would return when something special happens, like events or so, what pulls people together and encourages you to spend time with amazing company.
  6. Moved to Wood scraps. Btw, I would definitely join, if only I would live there... that festival looks awesome! Hopefully some fellow Wurmians would join you.
  7. Moved to the WU section.
  8. deed for sale

    Moved to Want To Sell section.
  9. We are still looking for new members to join our alliance! We are super active and you can always find someone to chat with! Also updated information on the first post.
  10. I will buy them.
  11. Moved to Town Square.
  12. Ugh, that I can agree with, although I really like that shield of mine. Let the leather straps and outlines stand out as metal.
  13. I have the quite opposite experience. Small metal shield looks awesome with any color, but plate armor (excluding helm) looks just matte and somehow dirty.
  14. OMG Malena, I simply love those log looking house walls!
  15. *Checks the new woodtypes on deed* Boy they look good... but gotta rework all the stuff because of the different colours!