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Found 4 results

  1. The new 'kick portal' feature for portals is really great. Previously moving graphics were crashing my machine when I went close to a portal. Now I can 'kick' the portal and switch them off - it's a life saver! Unfortunately the particles from beehives and fountains are still causing the same problem. Please can we have the kick option added to beehives and fountains? Thanks very much.
  2. Windowed resizable. Would like to hear from anyone else who suffers this: Shortly after my view looks on an Epic Portal, my whole PC system freezes and hangs, and has to be restarted. This seems to happen more often at night time, and I've had to start turning around and looking behind me and averting my 'gaze' when I know I have to pass an Epic Portal, so that I do not look at them directly. I believe this has only happened since the portals have had the new transparency with the 'glow' in the centre. I am wondering if it is the combined load of transparency and lighting causing an overload on my system. Any ideas on which settings I could change to alleviate this would be great. In the meantime I've developed the neck of an owl and sometimes turn 270 degrees to avoid looking at the portals!
  3. Question to Portals

    Hi I need a litle help here to figure out whats wrong in my portal settings. I have used the regular Wurm portal. Have set data1 to the worldid on the other server. On the other server i have builded a deed, set it as permanent hometown and in the settings changed all the spawn points to the location of the token in the town. Restarted the whole cluster and when i use the portal it drops me on the other server as it shall do but at the corner of the map X, Y 0 have tried to build the portal first and the hometown after and nothing changes at all. is there something here i have missed or doing wrong ? the only thing im trying to do is to be able to teleport from my hometown at the loginserver to the hometown on my other server.
  4. Has anyone been able to work at all with default portals or know how to set them up? I imagine it might have something to do with the information in the set data section, but I can't find any documentation on it anyplace. Any ideas?