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Found 18 results

  1. Hello everyone, I have made a simple code for separating the village and alliance chat. All you need is a webserver to host the bot, a bot user created at and have the dev mode on Discord enabled. It currently only allows one village input but I will allow separate channels per village in the future. INSTALLATION: Create a new bot user at . Name has to be the village name. Add it to your guild (discord server) with read/send message and read message history permissions) Insert your bot token in the .env file BOT_TOKEN='YOUR TOKEN GOES HERE' Create an input channel and create a webhook to it. Oh and make sure to add and enable it ingame! Create two output channels. Names are up to you. Copy the village and alliance channel IDs into the .env file OUTPUT_VILLAGE='VILLAGE CHANNEL ID' OUTPUT_ALLIANCE='ALLIANCE CHANNEL ID' Copy your Guild ID into the .env file. GUILD_ID='GUILD ID GOES HERE' Choose if you want to display the messages as embeds or plain messages USE_EMBEDS='true/false' Save everything and upload all files to a server. Run 'npm i' to install the bot Run the bot using something like the pm2 package (Make sure to run it from the base dir and not from /src. So it would look like this: 'pm2 ./src/index.js' Profit To get the IDs just enable the dev mode (google it if you don't know how) and rightclick the channels and the guild name on the left navigation bar. I hope this is all explained enough. If anything is unclear or you encounter a bug just post here or message me on the Wurm Online Discord Server which is usually quicker. Feel free to use the source code to embed it to your bot or change it to your needs. LINK: If you need any help setting everything up drop me a Discord DM. Capi Discord Administrator
  2. Hi, I have created a simple discord relay mod that connects the kingdom chats to a discord server. Features: Sends all messages from kingdom chat to the appropriate kingdom text channel on discord Sends all messages from kingdom channels to appropriate kingdom channels in wurm Planned features: Support for villages and alliances Auto creation of village channels and proper permission management for users to read them on discord Discord user to wurm player linking Requirements: Discord server needs to have has text channels for all kingdoms with the same name as the kingdoms in game. Discord bot user ( with an auth token Ago's mod loader v29.2+ Don't forget to configure the mod in the Current version is v0.2 You can find the release here: If you encounter any problems, please use the issues tracker on github (preferably) or reply to this thread. Have fun, whisper2shade
  3. Hi there, I figured I would make a post on the forums in case anyone else was interested in joining our alliance. We are a loose-knit group of solo players and a few villages from all over the world. We offer light chat, with a friendly and mature group of people, and an annotated map. We have a discord to keep in touch outside the game. Everything in the alliance is opt-in, no pressure do your own thing. We also have allied with a large village, Elysium, with many amenities to offer if you'd rather join a village. We are located in the area shown below (stars are allied deeds, triangles are other settlements). So if you live nearby and would like to join, feel free to send Prabhupada a tell in game. If you'd like to join Elysium as a villager, please send a tell to Torthur. Or message me on the forum here (I dont check often so if I dont reply, look for me in game)
  4. Hello People! Today i come to you because i encountered a very weird problem. I have the discord relay mod installed for about a year and it never broke anything. Now when i try to start my server the discord relay mod boots up fine finds the channels, complains about the categories not being channels, and then the server freezes. If i disable the mod, server boots up just fine. Anybody else got the same problem, or have any tips? I already tried everthing i can do on the discord side, giving the bot admin privileges and all. It would be a big loss too loose that connectivity. Sincerely, Arathok
  5. Melody Discord

    Hello fellow Melodites! The topic has been brought up a few times about the need to get Melody residents connected with recruitment, commerce, services, community projects, mayor contacts, organized events and more! My neighbor and I have setup such a Discord server and are encouraging all those who want to advertise, mingle search for players and be known within the Melody server community. A list of channels/features we have setup: - Wurm Online information dump channel with a full list of current online resources and tools. - Community Projects are non-personal deed related projects that contribute to the server. Roadways, highways, tunnels, water ways/canals and structures built by players. If you have such a project that you'd like to post assistance, please add the type of project, location, proposals and what labor/material services are needed.Community projects channel. - A list of deed/settlement mayors who join the discord. - Streamer and content creator advertising channel so people know when your content is live. - Village recruitment for those looking to join or recruit for an established deed. - Marketplace to move your product: WTS - Wanting To Sell / WTB - Wanting To Buy / WTT - Wanting to Trade / PC - Price Check specifically for Melody. - Services channel provides a place to look for and advertise your labored work. Looking for skilled up? Want to advertise your own services? We got a channel for that. - Deed Planner gallery posting and design services so people can get great design ideas from great visionaries! - Bot support for spam, role assignment and XP. All users are auto assigned a citizen role, mayors and content creators get a special role with verification and GM's / forum moderators get their own role when verified as well.
  6. This is a client mod. Requires client modloader This mod transfers messages from arbitrary chat tab(Village chat for example) to Discord channel.. Also there is a way to print the list of online players to Discord. Setup instructions: Install mod following instructions of Ago's Client Mod Launcher Modify the file. This file must contain the discord bot token, the name of discord server and the transfer list. Example: discordTransfers=Village->villagechat;Alliance->alliancechat Messages from village or alliance chats will be transferred to corresponding Discord chat rooms - villagechat and alliancechat respectively 3. The Discord bot must be added to the discord server and have rights to read and write messages to the chat room. 4. Read online manuals of how to get Discord bot token. That seems to be a nice tutorial. 5. Download a java library from here and copy to the directory where WurmLauncher.exe file lies. How to use: In the game console type "discord on". Any messages you get in configured chats will be transferred to discord and vice versa. If someone will type "!who" in the discord chat room - the bot will answer with the list of online players in corresponding chat tab. The timeout is 10 seconds. "discord off" in game console will turn mod off. "discord info" will print out every transfers you configured
  7. Lately it feels anything said lately that is nitpicking or mild in nature on Wurm official discord is being handled poorly. Such events as, forcefully hiding entire dialog's between players, cover ups, bans, and even mutes. Even recently and I've been the victim of this, aggressive posting by staff members misinterpreting players. Worst case scenario; active ingame bans because of what people jokingly meme'd about because they assumed it had more freedom of speech than ingame. People make mistakes, discord for the most part isn't a police state overall in other channels, so I'm not sure why this game in particular treats it customers in this manner. Generally Wurm discord is a police state at the moment. Most users hardly use it anymore because of fear of getting muted or banned. Anything said can be used to misquote you at any given time. A lot of us have moved onto a new discord that is censor free and less annoying. What do you think? Have you noticed this as well?
  8. Scarlet Cove is a brand new 1x1x original map server. We are looking for players who are dedicated and enjoy the grind of the game. We will be hosting events. +1x skill 1x action +20,000 mobs +35% aggressive +Free Deeding (Must have a deed to join a team) +Upkeep enabled +Skills start at 1 +Body Control starts at 22 +Mind Logic starts at 21 +Priest Restrictions, unlimited prayers 20 minutes apart, no linking required +Starter City-Scarlet Cove Bounty diglikemining fireburntime libilafixes Timepay - every 30 mins in game players receive 1 copper (only 1 char per steam ID) More potables Cropmod Harvesthelper JPWM_offspringNames (can use a tag to name horses) Noholyground Discord;
  9. Brand new server! Eventually will become a cluster as the community grows. PVPVE (PVE will only be INSIDE the capital city.) Everything on this server such as events or content all depends on the players. You play how you want! Everything is community funded and community ran so make your mark today! Don't forget to join our discord. Map: Ocrea 2k Maximum Creatures: 50,000 Skill gain rate: 2.0 Charistics start value: 20.0 Mind logic skill start value: 20.0 Body Control skill start value: 20.0 Fight skill start value: 10.0 Overall skill start value: 1.0 Player combat rating modifier: 3.0 Action speed multiplier: 3.0 Minimum mining hits required: 40 Breeding time modifier: 5.0 Deeding is free until at least 3 kingdoms are established. There is currently no community map, I haven't worked out how to get one set up. Help would be greatly appreciated. Role-play is currently being worked on due to having issues getting the forums established. PVP will be faction based. A PVE area will be established in the center of the map as the capital city. Player made kingdoms are allowed and encouraged. Anyone who claims "No Kingdom" will be considered a bandit. Working on modifying the game file to reflect this. Discord: I hope to see you in the land of Zaylander!
  10. Hi, as the title reads I've created a Discord server for Wurm Online Feel free to join and have a chat! Note: Wurm Online is a game produced by Code Club AB. Wurm Online and Code Club AB do not endorse and are not responsible or liable for any content, products, services or information available on this Discord server. This Discord server is not connected to Wurm Online nor is it the official website. Please visit the Wurm Online Official Site at
  11. Hello all! We have a little server ready for you! Join our fresh community and be part of a new great adventure!
  12. Eclipse - Yaga Hi Everyone! This week saw a (slightly bumpy) update which will be the last content update before the big one, with the new skill, Valrei overhaul, and a whole bunch of new systems and changes. We'll go into detail with each one over the coming weeks, starting today But first... Patch Notes The wagoner! The introduction of the highway system was part 1, with part 2, we introduce the wagoner! Remember this hidden person? The wagoner provides a way of sending bulk items (e.g. bricks, etc) to a particular deed in a semi-automated way. Deliveries may be pre-paid or CoD. A maximum of 20 large crates may be sent in a single delivery, and transport runs between deeds. Wagoners operate a special wagon for their deliveries. When making a delivery, the wagoner will load his/her wagon, and drive it from the origin to the destination, unload the goods, before returning to his/her home deed. Wagoners use the new highway system to navigate, so the origin and destination need to be connected to the same highway network. The wagoner will be available via a contract sold on traders as well as public ones at starter deeds. They may be set to charge a small fee per crate delivered, or free use. Mine door showcase We've teased the gold and steel mine doors, but today we reveal all four of the new ones! The rock one will remain the same to blend in of course, sometimes standing out isn't in your best interests. Community Content - Official Discord As discord becomes more and more popular, there's been a few questions about getting an official discord up and running, and today we launch it! Discord is a text and voice chat system that can be used on mobile, in a browser, or on a desktop client. It's a great way of connecting and getting to know your fellow Wurmians out of the game so jump in and try it out today (we may even include some giveaways!) Simply follow this link, sign up if you haven't used Discord before, and get started! There's more to come before the next update, We'll be catching up with the guys from Factional Fight and we'll be revealing all the details about the new skill in a special video starring myself and Budda! I know you're all as keen as I am for that, so keep your eyes peeled! Until then though, keep on wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  13. Hi Wurmians! Since this is not a "game" suggestion but more of a community one this might be the wrong section and if so please correct me. Personally I would love to see a Discord server for the Wurm online people, I was thinking about making an unofficial one myself but I think it would be better if it was the staff that did it. Maybe @Retrogradewould be the most fitting person for making one. I love IRC but I know that a lot of people don't so a Discord server might be more fitting especially for the newer audience coming in and back to the game with the upcoming changes. If this is a matter of resources and time I can setup the server for the team as long as they do the initial creation and so fourth claim ownership. Take care and grind hard
  14. Happy Midsummer! Message Niki in the Wurm Discord for a exclusive 5% off your order! s=silver i=iron Why am I charging iron? I developed a new system and software to keep track of sales using character logs. This is private use for now. Thanks for the cooperation! Items that are not marked are low QL and blank. Rare Large Shield, Iron 4s1i Rare Sickle, Iron 4s2i Rare Leather Knife, Iron 4s5i Rare Lantern, Iron 4s6i Special deals: Rare Crowbar, Steel 5s Ever wanted to be like Gordon Freeman in Half Life? Now you can! HL3 Confirmed? (You can wield it yes, and it glows!) Rare Scythe, Steel 6s Rare Staff, Steel 10s A unique weapon, which does blunt damage.
  15. New Survival Server

    EXTREME PVE Your invited to visit our new server, Setup as a "Survival Server", we have placed a portal (1 Way) from our Kings Castle to the new Survival Server Take Temperature Damage - Find a Campfire, Some warm clothes or get Indoors! Temperatures on the northern side of the map are considerable colder. Forget growing anything, anytime.... All crops have specific seasons You can fertilize and water most crops to help promote out of season growth, and larger Yields. Don't just run down to the beach and drink that salt water Ponds are not safe either! You'll need to boil your water Or get it from a clean well. 100,000 Creatures!!!! With 75% of them being Hostile!! Grab Your sword!! Remember the Survival Server Pays 3x Bounty's! More Survival Mechanics are on the way so stake your claim today! Forums, Maps, Mods List and more is Located At: Server Uptime and Current Status:
  16. Look For ---===[[[ Norhaven Online ]]]===--- In your Wurm Unlimited Server Browser Visit Norhaven Online: Here is our server stats and Current Mods Lands Of Norhaven is a PvE based, socially centered and active, family friendly Wurm server.Our server is arranged where deeds, and deed upkeep are turned on, with a special in game merchant network system, server project reimbursement program, and special player events in place to help with acquiring in game currency, including bounty system for creature kills.Daily Backups - Immediate Updates Enjoy the following character statistics in Lands Of Norhaven 1:Maximum Creatures 15,000 Agressive Creatures: 45%Skill gain rate multiplier: 5Characteristics start value: 20.0Mind Logic Start: 25.0Body Control Skill Start Value: 25.0Fight Skill start value: 10.0Overall skill start value: 1.0Player Combat rating modifier: 3.0Action speed Multiplier: 5Mining Minimum mining hits required: 21Enjoy the following character statistics in Lands Of Norhaven 2 (Survival Server): Temperature survival mechanics (Check your Tempature type /mytemp Warm up by a campfire, stove or other flame.Players with newbie buffs ARE NOT affected by the temperature survival mechanicsHard mode is Enabled.Enabled water disease mechanics (If it doesn't come from a well, taste it, boil it before drinking!!)Seasonal Growth Mechanics (Cant grow just anything, any time of the year! Different seasons for Different cops)Colder in the north, warmer in the southMaximum Creatures: 100,000 Aggressive Creatures: 75%Skill gain rate multiplier: 5Characteristics start value: 20.0Mind Logic Start: 25.0Body Control Skill Start Value: 25.0Fight Skill start value: 10.0Overall skill start value: 1.0Player Combat rating modifier: 3.0Action speed Multiplier: 5Mining Minimum mining hits required: 21Discord ChatWebsite, Forums, Server Information
  17. In Minecraft we can have cross chat Minecraft server <-> Discord server. Something like that would be cool for wurm unlimited Heres the Bukkit Discord Bot So, Wurm servers can have a official Discord chat server with cross chat with people playing and people can talk even if they not playing, using the mobile app web browser ou qualquer coisa que rode o Discord. Is it possible to do?
  18. Just to share this public discord server. This is a portuguese server but feel free to join if you want learn portuguese Abaixo o link para o servidor público Discord para o Wurm Unlimited e Wurm Online Discord link -> Também existe um grupo no facebook