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  1. Add it below Freedom isles maybe
  2. What's your character name in Wurm?  I don't get on WO discord.


    I'm going to be in game as nicedreams

    1. Capi


      Ill message you shortly!

  3. PC/WTS SOTG Sme Priest

  4. PC/WTS SOTG Sme Priest

    Okay I will sell this account. PM me with an offer
  5. WTB Labmonkey

    Yeah i only got lmonkey from you not labmonkey
  6. PC/WTS SOTG Sme Priest

  7. Remove Horse gear from Bury All

    im pretty sure its tied to digging which everyone has disabled because noone wants a stranger on your deed digging down your dirt.
  8. Let me know what you want. If a price doesn't sound good to you, offer me anything. Sold all bracelets all shoulder pads addy helmet
  9. I buy statue fragments for the new statues. You get them from archaeology or the easter eggs. PM me on forums, IRC or Discord. (Capi) Or ingame as Phynx
  10. PC/WTS SOTG Sme Priest

  11. PC/WTS SOTG Sme Priest 12th Eidolon Red Tome Considering selling it if anyone is interested.
  12. closed

    basket to tiba
  13. Brick & Mortar Services

    Ordered 2k sandstone bricks, 1k marble bricks, 1k clay and 2k mortar and got it all delivered to my deed. definitely recommending this guy!
  14. 2017 Xmas Saddle Sacks and Saddle bags

    It was possible without runes before the hotfix. Just checked and the saddles dont fit in it anymore so that loophole is closed.