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  1. 15, apple, xcapi
  2. Quick service of 3k war arrows. 10/10. He even delievered it to my doorstep!
  3. Title says it all. I want to buy a rare or supreme sailboat at 90ql. The higher the better. A rune would be great too. I need it delivered to Deliverance. Post here or send me a PM.
  4. Will be coming as a sme priest but mainly to attend sermons
  5. You use a staff made out of a star gem and a wooden staff. you simply activate it and rclick someone else, you or the floor.
  6. yes
  7. -1 Do not remove it for everyone. If anything make it a toggle or something in the client settings (Show combat stance in 'Event'). It is sometimes helpful in PvP to have redundance to see what stance you are in at the moment in case you're not always aware of it.
  8. im not home so i can only tell you that the crusader one is this
  9. Could you please add all current PMK banners etc? (DD, WU, Panda, Crusaders)
  10. -