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  1. Full PvP Ban(Defiance) - 4/12/2021 ENDED - 4/16/2021 ~ 23:00 CEST Effective immediately all PvP related activities on the Defiance server are suspended. The reason for the implementation of a Full PvP Ban at this time is due to a bug village conversion mechanics. This Full PvP Ban will remain effective for an indefinite time or until stated otherwise. There will be a 24 hour warning when we are prepared to suspend the ban. A public list of PvP/Raid directives can be found here. Thank You, Wurm Online Team
  2. closed

    Looking for raw dragon scale. Color doesn't matter. Paying 55s/kg, possibly more for bigger chunks. Let me know what you want for the skin. PM me here, on Discord (Capi#1337) or ingame (Phynx)
  3. I had an idea which could be addded to my concept. Perhaps it would not be visually announced like a rift, with a huge beam. Rather maybe some kind of special den looking like structure spawning at the epicenter of the next spawn. Or some scorched earth if its a dragon. That way people would still need to go out of their way. Could even add a way to activate the object and have THEN a beam appear. So people could still go and look for it and everyone would be able to find it once located.
  4. SFI has 7 servers if you exclude Chaos. so.. in reality its something around 10 give or take across all servers.
  5. Okay, I still need an answer. How are you coming up with 98 uniques per month. Isn't it only one per couple weeks? I do not get your math
  6. Maybe you're just paranoid
  7. One unique roughly per month.. about a dozen servers you need to take into consideration. How is that 98? Have I not been clear that not every unique will spawn every month?! And there are technically 8 time slots per weekend per server which would end up at around 35 slots per server (which will probably never be needed). I think we would be fine. Read above. I never said the rate of uniques should be increased. Those numbers would be stupid. Yeah I have thought about it and 6 hours might actually be good as well. Or even better.
  8. You can unequip all armour and equip one piece at a time. You will get a buff icon saying what is what. But here is a chart: Light: Unarmoured, Cloth and Leather Medium: Studded, Chain (not 100% sure on Chain) Heavy: Plate and any drake armour
  9. Okay, here are a couple things that may not be clear. I do not like the fact that people just bring alts, have them sit there and get something. While it doesnt hurt anyone for blood, it does for the dragon hide and scale as that's distributed to everyone around. That's why I wanted everything but the blood distributed through a new system. The rift system may not be perfect but it may be a base one could work with and improve. Experiencing technical difficulties sucks, sure. But it can't be the case every time. And enabling or rather removing the "This creature is too crowded" thing and adding something like a damage reduction based on people targeting it could be worth considering. And I do not think it is really possible to find a solution to who is an alt and who is not. We should rather take a look at if the character is useful for the event or not. Bringing 20 1FS alts, is probably not much of a benefit over the guy with his Fo priest and 2 batteries attached. But uh, isn't it like that. The amount you get is usually abysmal because there are so many people? Having a new system would increase the amount you get by contributing. The more contribute, the more loot spawns. It needs to be capped at some value which should be adjusted and time goes on. One unique roughly per month.. about a dozen servers you need to take into consideration. How is that 98? Have I not been clear that not every unique will spawn every month?! And there are technically 8 time slots per weekend per server which would end up at around 35 slots per server (which will probably never be needed). I think we would be fine.
  10. So I have been thinking about a concept that could possibly help with how we deal with uniques and especially killing them and making it fair for everyone. The biggest issue I see is, that people pen them, may or may not host a public slaying so you can get some blood from it. Most of the loot is kept to those who find/pen it. Sure, it's a reward for them going out of their way and locate it but I believe there is a better way. Why not make them more like an event type of thing. Have them be announced on the server (and twitter, Niarja..) and have them be at a specific spot which is undeeded and protected from founding a deed there. Kind of like a rift. Which brings me to the next point: Loot distribution The total possible loot (Drake hide, Dragon Scale, Sorcery items..) is based on how many people participate. Now there needs to be a threshold for them to account for more scale/hide and all since you'd just bring 500 alts and get more loots. So make it that loot gets rolled based on the Rift system. Kind of I guess. The more you hit/deal damage, heal and so forth the more points you get. and then you get rewarded for it. So you would get [Your points] / [Total points] of [Hide, Scale and Sorcery items]. Sorcery items should be rolled based upon the top 33% of the players or so. (Maybe have one charge rolled for the people at the lower end too) Up for discussion I guess. So even if you did not really help much you will still get something. And everyone should still get blood since that's already fine I guess. And the more people chip in and help, the more everyone gets. I hope that alts will not be a problem otherwise there needs to be some thresholds in order to get rewards. Overall you would be able to attend much more slayings I assume than you probably can now and effort would still be rewarded. I know this would mean that there is no actual hunting anymore. But maybe that is the thing we need to cut in order for more people to join and leave with loot happily. Disclaimer: I did not post this in the Suggestions, because this is far from a final form but I wanted to see if what the general feel is in the community and if that would help or not. If it doesn't well just scrap my idea and move along. But having uniques a public event type of thing is a much better idea I imagine that how the state is now. EDIT: I forgot a major factor! All events will be once a month on a random weekend day. And to make it fair for everyone, they will be 8 hours later on the next event to account for the different time zones. Starting at 7AM GMT on a Friday to 11PM GMT Sunday. That would fit more timezones and different lifestyles.
  11. I am looking to acquire more Discord Moderators so anyone who is interested please send me a PM with the details stated above.
  12. The flower pot may already be gone and will be removed from the game after a server restart. At least that is what I encountered most of the time
  13. Hey Capi.


    I know none of you guys are on elevation any longer. However, did you have a decent or useable map of the new ele?