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  1. Current state of discord moderation.

    Well then bring them to me. I absolutely can't stand people who complain about a system and bring up arguments and don't present me any facts. I haven't gotten a Pm about someone's messages getting censored because it contained something "we don't like". Of course you can have a different opinion than us. That is good. But Im getting tired of people dragging this out so kind of major conspiracy against players. We do not spend our whole day to keep track of your opinion and log it and check if we like it or not. That sounds ridiculous. And expanding this topic to some global issue might make sense to you but doesn't improve the situation.
  2. Current state of discord moderation.

    Well I searched by your name and found nothing beside your staff file but that's nothing that's about breaking rules or anything
  3. Current state of discord moderation.

    Of course you can get banned in game for doing something on discord. So can you when you talk on irc or in game why would discord be different. And why would we not work together? It doesn't make sense to have discord fully separate ignoring anything that happens on other platforms. And for toxic players: its not a decision made by a moderator on its own. It's a decision by the GM team for example this And no you don't have an almanac. In fact you don't even have a case file. We are not sitting at our computers hacking on our keyboard collecting data of users. If you never broke a rule you don't have a case file.
  4. Current state of discord moderation.

    The origin of those bans is the GM team not the Discord Moderators
  5. Current state of discord moderation.

    What exactly is too strict or censored? Please send it to me. Pm works. I do not want anyone to fear posting on discord. People only get banned on discord if they have a long history already or are so called toxic players.
  6. Current state of discord moderation.

    There is no need to close it. Why would we close it. Nothing ghere breaks rules and I welcome healthy discussions.
  7. Current state of discord moderation.

    Prophs ban on discord was a result of him getting removed from all our platforms
  8. Current state of discord moderation.

    Anything moderators do is logged. Once an issue comes up I can review it precisely and take care of it. But yet I have never received any kind of complaint or pm about something (from the top of my head) that needed any investigation. So please: If there is an issue talk to me. I can not review issues if they're not brought to me. If you feel treated wrong or if you think there is some kind of censorship going on then just pm me about it. I can see anything that happens on discord when it comes to deletion of message and bans. I do not want anyone to feel like staff is filtering out conversations for any reason. I do not tolerate such behavior by staff and it has not been an issue thus far. You can contact me 24/7 on discord or here on the forums and I'm more Than happy to listen to you and take care of any issues that may rise. I am currently at work and only have the mobile way to post here so please bear with any mistakes I made.
  9. Valrei Invasions

    All mobs are spawned by GMs and will be spawned so nothing around the starter deed gets killed by them. We will watch out.
  10. A New Elevation

    What if you can only place them in that radius if the deed was drained? Or could you always disintegrate on epic I forgot. A drain basically allowing 24hr of disintegrating and mine door placement
  11. A New Elevation

    Maybe make it so you can not place mine doors in enemy influence/within x tiles of an enemy deed to prevent this? The second might be better to allow traps still. Maybe have a block for it within x tiles around the token of the deed. x being the longest side of the deed + 25 tiles or so.
  12. how to locate deeds?

    set teleport marker to the deed and you get the coordinates. Alternatively use the GMTOOL and search for the deed in the dropdown menu and look at the token coords.
  13. Independence Down

    Independence is back online!
  14. Independence Down

    It should be back relatively soon.