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  1. GUI PvP/General Fighting Improvements

    you can bind TARGET_HOSTILE already which should work well enough if everyone would use it. Can bind it to T and bind TARGET to something like CTRL+T.
  2. What do you think

    id make the whole bottom except for the little 1x1 with the roof out of stone and use high rope fences instead of stone at the top
  3. WTS Seryll Plate Set

    bump. looking for around 60s
  4. WTS Seryll Plate Set

    I want to sell this. All pieces but a vambrace and two gloves have a 10% damage reduction rune. PM me offers here or on Discord (Capi#1337)
  5. The starter deed has a teleporter to the showroom that shows all beds rugs and so on
  6. Forgot login pw

    Send an email to with you details.
  7. Might as well allow anything you can plant to be planted right on the corner while you're at it.
  8. hota statues

    from Discord: Egard: WTS ADDY HOTA STATUES, all kinds and colors. Current stock : 7 man vs bear, 6 wolf vs bison, 6 bull vs bear, 4 dragon, 8 nogump, 6 scorpion, 6 snake vs man, 7 deer, 7 lady of the lake, 7 demon
  9. PC Phynx

    Bump. Might sell if the price is right.
  10. Halloween?

    human skull masks and witch hats and the old stuff can be looted
  11. PC Phynx

    Magician Phynx the 12th Eidolon [Belligerent Viking] - Smoke from sol - Slime of Uttacha - Green Cherry - Blood of the Angels - Scroll of binding - Tome of Incineration Still a lot of 3x from the epic transfer.
  12. When work it mixes the for of the due with the red of the seryll. It's like painting addy or glimmer helmets. Those looks like due mixed with yellow and blue respectively
  13. Buying source

  14. Buying source

    pref liquid but crytsals work. PM me here or on Discord Capi#1337