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  1. It is really good. Steep curve to get into the action but it really needs some life.
  2. hi im back now and need opponents
  3. It's normal that you drop everything on a pvp death. If you would have died to mobs you wouldve kept your gear. Log out in a safe place next time not out in the open.
  4. [15:53:34] Eternal slain by Capi Looks like you got found before you left the world
  5. cod both mining potions to Lmonkey
  6. Well digging does scale. Just not the slopes you can dig. So you get scaled up ql dirt but can't dig higher slopes than actual skill x3 Same for paving
  7. This is for epic only: You have the option to toggle epic curve on. It scales up everything though. There are skills that arent affected (Body stats, meditating, fighting etc) that dont change. would be neat if you can fix that.
  8. I wouldn't mind a mentor system. I know that from a couple other games and worked alright. Though it can be difficult to find someone in your timezone or whatever.
  9. thanks. cod to Lmonkey please
  10. cod mining potion to lmonkey
  11. if you happen to sell those supremes at some point hit me up
  12. I mean. It makes sense. More and more people get really high skills and offer their products. Simple supply and demand. But there are things that are pretty static. That mostly applies to bulk work though. The rule of thumb 10i/action is still pretty much valid. People usually give a little discount though.
  13. cod mining blood to lmonkey for 3s
  14. mail me those rare shoes (to lmonkey) for 4s each thanks