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  1. On Things Current

    As a new Steam player, this has been a learning experience of what’s tolerable in both gameplay experience progression and the monetary cost of maintaining that progression. I still don’t understand why people would subject themselves to a game they sound genuinely miserable playing/paying for when they know what to expect out of the development team. I started on Steam launch day an excited 15 player village of mixed previous players and new players. It wasn’t the action queue grind of skilling up or the limits of the Java graphics and limited server capacity performance that quickly lost the new player enthusiasm. It was the premium monthly cost of having a subscription and deed fee at a much higher cost than any of the popular MMORPG’s. This alone made people quit. We are down to 4 weekly players in my village now. Many of our neighbors have quit and the villages continuing in our area are unable to recruit because the player base keeps dwindling. This is a niche game and a small but passionate community and will always be because what I outlined. It sounds like Wurm has heard all of this many times before and are completely okay with it.
  2. Two of those deed owners can be found on Melody discord. Check the mayor list once you join the server to find what users own what deed.
  3. Melody Discord

    We’re at nearly 50 active users. That’s like 1/3rd the server active user base! Join up if you haven’t. Thank you for connecting with your neighbors!
  4. Melody Discord

    Hello fellow Melodites! The topic has been brought up a few times about the need to get Melody residents connected with recruitment, commerce, services, community projects, mayor contacts, organized events and more! My neighbor and I have setup such a Discord server and are encouraging all those who want to advertise, mingle search for players and be known within the Melody server community. A list of channels/features we have setup: - Wurm Online information dump channel with a full list of current online resources and tools. - Community Projects are non-personal deed related projects that contribute to the server. Roadways, highways, tunnels, water ways/canals and structures built by players. If you have such a project that you'd like to post assistance, please add the type of project, location, proposals and what labor/material services are needed.Community projects channel. - A list of deed/settlement mayors who join the discord. - Streamer and content creator advertising channel so people know when your content is live. - Village recruitment for those looking to join or recruit for an established deed. - Marketplace to move your product: WTS - Wanting To Sell / WTB - Wanting To Buy / WTT - Wanting to Trade / PC - Price Check specifically for Melody. - Services channel provides a place to look for and advertise your labored work. Looking for skilled up? Want to advertise your own services? We got a channel for that. - Deed Planner gallery posting and design services so people can get great design ideas from great visionaries! - Bot support for spam, role assignment and XP. All users are auto assigned a citizen role, mayors and content creators get a special role with verification and GM's / forum moderators get their own role when verified as well.
  5. Still looking for daily active. Check out the post above for updates. Our deed now: Where we see yourselves with the daily active we have:
  6. Possible to get our deed (Northern Rivia) updated? I was mistake on the placement. This is correct.,801
  7. Rivia has picked up about half a dozen people who are either finding it difficult to skill level solo and need projects and people to help them along, are unable to keep up deed costs and want a homestead within a community without the costs, or refugees from other villages who are leaving for Cadence server. We’ve been lucky to have good mentors for our newer players and priests to support our specialty needs. We have 13 daily active good people but we are looking for more! Low drama, good laughs, cooperation and no forced skill grinding is what has attracted players to us. Discord and a mic is encouraged. Say hello, hang out and decide if it sounds like it’s for you.
  8. To give a little insight to anyone wondering about the reasoning behind this, here is two direct quotes from Samool, long time wurm developer: AND TL:DR; This is because CCAB is still seeing large numbers of new players showing up is anticipating even more new players with initiatives coming later this month Practically all coastal areas on Harmony have been deeded over and practically all desirable terrain on Melody has been deeded over, leaving new players VERY limited options for where to settle themselves, if they don't want to join an existing deed.
  9. Steam launch player here. I'm on Melody and it's no where near full. Why even do this? The player population has significantly dropped off since Steam launch with many deeds are going abandon and soon to be vacant land. Basing this new launch off of deed count and not actual people playing, is a huge mistake. Code Club, you can only launch on Steam once. Don't get ahead of yourselves. Harmony, don't be naive enough to jump to this new server.
  10. When the image loads, you should see a prompt in the middle of the image to ‘load full resolution’. It is indeed 3800x unpixelated. I’ll try and get an alternate download link if that doesn’t work.
  11. Not sure if it would be of good use for you, but I upscaled the image resolution to 3800x and used bi-linear smoothing to clean up the image. Cheers
  12. Settlement: Northern Rivia [,801] tysm
  13. I’ve noticed highways on established/veteran servers tend to be a bit chaotic/organic and at times, not easy to navigate. Because of the odd shape and wide bodied water ways on Melody, would it be beneficial to start discussing proposed land routes across the map? Roaming the map, it appears people have begun their own highway sections to accommodate their own deeds and needs. Factoring in map terrain elevations, shortest possible routes and contribution from the community villages surrounding these possible highway locations, what’s the best way to coordinate this plan and what proposals do you have to bring to the table in order to begin construction once people are satisfied with their deed situations? I know this is not a simple question or discussion but one I thought people might be intrigued to start thinking about.
  14. Melody Map?

    Question, How does one take a census of the map to assure its accuracy of information? I thought this was done through a data dump annually by the devs.