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I've had so much fun playing on Trealia,and on the older maps of this server,I have played a bit less this month,but I'll keep on playing until it vanishes from the server list :),which is hopefully an event far in the future :D

We have players from all around the world from Polish to dutch and Hungarian (that would be me ;)).But the long distances don't change the fact that this game is lovely even with all the bugs and annoying design choices.

If you want to have a bit of a head-start I'm sure a lot of people will help you if you ask on discord,I hope to see you there soon c:

So all in all great community,always fun to talk to in-game or on discord ;)


(If you would like to talk to people there but your English is not the best,fear no my friend,the writer of the message had the same feels back then :),chatting with all the people there improves my English more than the lessons in my school :P)

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Moved to Wurm Unlimited PvE Server Listings & Advertisement. :)

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