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  1. Ah, well all is welcome. So what numbers should I be looking more at?
  2. Map size is 2k the regular Ocrea map. I don't have any player made ones yet. Would you like to help me with the server? Positions are available.
  3. Brand new server! Eventually will become a cluster as the community grows. PVPVE (PVE will only be INSIDE the capital city.) Everything on this server such as events or content all depends on the players. You play how you want! Everything is community funded and community ran so make your mark today! Don't forget to join our discord. Map: Ocrea 2k Maximum Creatures: 50,000 Skill gain rate: 2.0 Charistics start value: 20.0 Mind logic skill start value: 20.0 Body Control skill start value: 20.0 Fight skill start value: 10.0 Overall skill start value: 1.0 Player combat rating modifier: 3.0 Action speed multiplier: 3.0 Minimum mining hits required: 40 Breeding time modifier: 5.0 Deeding is free until at least 3 kingdoms are established. There is currently no community map, I haven't worked out how to get one set up. Help would be greatly appreciated. Role-play is currently being worked on due to having issues getting the forums established. PVP will be faction based. A PVE area will be established in the center of the map as the capital city. Player made kingdoms are allowed and encouraged. Anyone who claims "No Kingdom" will be considered a bandit. Working on modifying the game file to reflect this. Discord: I hope to see you in the land of Zaylander!