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Found 25 results

  1. Purebreds H is proud to present our horse selling business on Harmony and Cadence! All horses for sale are free of negative traits. 100 horses are available to buy! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEWS!!! Purebreds is now also selling horses on Cadence, at the brillant Eckywecky Market in i24 (Destined Spirits deed). There are many of my horses there including 4-draft and 4-speed ebony blacks, available from self-service pens. Be sure to check the updated list in Ecky's shop, because horses sell very fast there atm. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Harmony horses. NB! There is no self-service sale on Harmony, we have to chat in game. Look for my posts in Trade Chat or talk to me here in the forum. 4-draft/3-draft horses These horses all have the 3 main traits that make your carts go woosh! Most of them also have easy on gear, but that does nothing. Multiple of each coat are available: Ebony Black, Appaloosa: 3 silver Black Silver, Blood Bay, Chestnut, Gold Buckskin, Skewbald Pinto, Piebald Pinto, Grey: 2.5 silver Black, Gold: 2.5 silver (males only) 3-draft/2-draft horses These horses are missing one of the main draft traits. They are great for your breeding stock. Multiple of each coat are available Ebony Black, Appaloosa, Skewbald Pinto: 50c Mules - the faster choice! Mules are faster than draft horses with same number of traits. 4-draft/3-draft mules: 3 silver 4-Speed horses Multiple of each coat are available Ebony Black: 1.5 silver Black Silver, Skewbald Pinto, Gold Buckskin, Appaloosa: 70c Blood Bay, Chestnut, Piebald Pinto, White, Black: 50c Rare trait horses 1. 4-draft Skewbald Pinto male mature Callsilver (strong body, carry more, nimble, easy on gear) - 15 silver 2. 3-draft Chestnut female AH Sadnorth (carry more, nimble, easy on gear, + certain spark, + vibrant) - 7 silver 3. 3-draft gold male AH Hastesea (strong body, carry more, nimble, + certain spark, + vibrant) - 6 silver 4. 3-speed black ebony male mature Rolfkicker (fleeter, strong leg muscles, water trait, + immortal, + graceful eater, + stationary) - 3 silver 5. 3-draft gold buckskin male YF Tariclover (strong body, carry more, easy on gear, + chance of twins, + USH, + stationary) - 3 silver Location My main place is Harmony M13 on the west coast of the bay. Map is seen at the bottom of this post! (as said above, now also selling horses on Cadence, i24) Purebreds is on the main highway grid that also connects Heartland and Harmony Bay. (If you come from Heartland it is easiest to go over the bridge in i12). Ingame character: CistaCista. Contact on Cadence: Eckywecky. Delivery Delivery (to a spot reachable by corbita) is 2-3 silver, depending on server and location. Harmony server and coasts of Cadence is 2 silver. Public services! Grooming on Purebreds H and on the sales deed Treasure Island is FREE for any visiting player! Also, a visiting player can get 1 FREE mating with one of our best stallions and with me as the breeder. (GENESIS CASTS: 1 cast for FREE, and up to 3 casts for 50c etc. - maybe no Fo priest atm) These offers will remain free for all as long as we are not completely overrun. So go ahead, camp out at our wonderful deed while you grind out your AH skill on our 100+ horses. Some food can be provided
  2. Hear ye, hear ye! As of earlier today, I've refounded the Academy of Enlightenment. A small hint to its predecestor on independence ran by me and Dannyiron from 2009 to 2013 During its 4 years of being around the Academy was home to a several dozen players, many were tought the basics of Wurm in its crude basic form, while some quit, others stuck around becoming long term players of wurm. I have noticed during the past 4 months on Northern Freedom Isles that no such thing as a newb academy exists, or at least that I am fully aware off (correct me if i am wrong). Our goal: Help new players find their way into Wurm and earn their footing, hopefully making them long term players as Wurm notoriously has a steep learning curve and low new player retention percentage. Who am I? Most know me as Elwood from the Southern Freedom Isles, born on Jenn-Kellon home before migrating to independence to join Dannyiron as a elder before eventually moving across the servers throughout the years. I have been a CA myself so I know how important certain aspects are to new players and how to keep their interest in the game. Elder Team: Elwoode Ilyich Quelliz Allies: Genehunt Location: M-16, just off the highway east of Overture How to contact us? Either pm Elwoode ingame, or Elwood2 on the forums, if you cant wait you can head over to our discord server and file in a request and we'll try to get back to you as soon as we are able too. Sponsors: Shout out to Dunsel for providing us with horses! our grattitude cannot be expressed with words! Progression of the deed
  3. Delivery to shore on ship available! Pickup at Melody T15 N/E. Contact [ /tell GamerrZero ] ingame for deals and questions or reply to this tread if im offline. Current stock: Mortar 14,84QL : 2k - price 4s/1k Stone Bricks 17,85QL : 2k - price 2s/1k Small Nails 27,47QL : 1k - price 3.3s/1k Small Crates : 85 - price 13c/each
  4. Hello all! The people of melody are looking for help! We are working on the groot tunnel wich opens up a root from the south Sea to the inlands of melody for quicker access of trading and travel. The tunnels name is "Groot tunnel". The stone is almost all removed, there are 15 ore veins we need help removing. Some iron of medium QL and others. If you are a tradesman or high class wheel an dealer, this opens up more opportunity to you as well! So grab your pick axe with woa and coc and give us a hand! Everything you mine you are free to take with you so bring a boat with loads of storage. The entrances are S15-S16.
  5. just a cow looking into your soul - 2/18/2021 got a visit from this guy, wonder what he's thinking - 2/19/2021 the sheep look so silly from this perspective - 2/18/2021 while making a kiln, I just turn into a ball of dirt, now I need a shower lol - 2/18/2021 mountain lion says, "stay awa from the meat" lol - 2/17/2021
  6. Beautiful Shot of some of the surrounding area of my deed. 2/7/2021 Couple of my tower guards helping me fight off a huge anaconda 2/7/2021 as I create a road to a tar pit for easier access, I take a look back at the beautiful scenery 2/9/2021 the light behind me hitting my head almost gives an angelic appearance :). 2/9/2021 had to do a double take on that beautiful view 2/9/2021 updated shot of my deed "Hilltop Abode" 2/9/2021 updated shot of my deed "Hilltop Abode" 2/9/2021 the bulls are a big help in hauling stuff 2/9/2021 ummm what the heck is happening here? sheep calf hybrid? lol 2/9/2021 just a lone guard standing out in a sea of sand 2/9/2021
  7. Hi there my name is Zenmo! My settlement reside in the NFI on Melody, located at R16. I am currently looking for settlers to join me! I have been going mostly solo since the launch on steam with the exception of a 2 month hiatus. I have a decent sized plot that i have been leveling out over the months when it fancies me, and am about half way completed with that project. There are currently two highways and a underground boat tunnel(under construction) that connect to my settlement. My goal long term is to turn a good part of my base into a marketplace(maybe a couple years down the road). but have plenty of space for other ideas as well. There is plenty of room to set up a place to call your own! I am part of an alliance and am in good standing the the two others around me. If you feel like joining me feel free to message me or find me in game!
  8. Are you tired of being alone? Are you tired of struggling to make it? Just the thought of going out and getting eaten by a troll again makes you sick doesn't it. Let me tell you a little bit about Dunvegan. We are a quiet little village, nestled in the mountains. We chose to keep our natural beauty rather then have our land look like a paved parking lot. Here, let me show you some pictures. And a few more here: Thats just a taste of what we have. Heck..we even have our own castle. Look and see! We also have access to the sea! We have every resource available you need... In fact ...the only thing you! Housing is available. PM me in game. Ruaridh is the name. Located at O19 and expands out from there.
  9. This is my first deed ever "Hilltop Abode" when I used to play wurm before iI never really gave the deed thing a try. But now I own a deed in a beautiful area on Melody and I am enjoying the deed life. I started this deed back in august of this year. Thanks for looking! Below is a collage I made from various progress shots of my deed over the course of a few months. dates are located on bottom right of each picture. *Note* the motto is stunning mountain views
  10. Rose Respite Shipwright Rose Respite Shipwright located at E9/E10 Melody offers a wide range of nautical craft. Rowboat (3 in stock, taking orders) Time to build is 1-2 hours 2 Cedarwood 1 Cherrywood 2s Delivered 1s Pickup Sailboat (2 in stock, taking orders) Time to build is 4-5 hours 2 Cedarwood 5s Delivered 4s Pickup Corbita (2 in stock, taking orders) Time to build is 2-3 days 1 Lavenderwood 1 Lingonberry 10s Delivered 8s Pickup Cog (1 in stock, taking orders) Time to build is 5-7 days 1 Cedarwood 14s Delivered 12s Pickup Knarr (0 in stock, taking orders) Time to build is 8-12 days 1 in progress 30s Delivered 28s Pickup Caravel (0 in stock, taking orders) Time to build is 14-16 days 36s Delivered 34s Pickup There is currently 0 order(s) in progress, with 0 pending. Overland transport/delivery is possible for an extra fee Please contact Opaveus to see if coverage is provided in your area Accessories Creature Cage 75c Blacksmithing Services BotD (WoA + CoC equivalent) Enchanted Tools Pickaxe head, iron BotD 50 75c Pickaxe head, iron BotD 45 70c Rake head, iron BotD 55 75c Imp service up to 50ql for Blacksmithing, 40ql for Armor, 35ql for Blades and Weapons Archaeology 1 Raspberrywood Tenon 2 Blueberrywood Tenon 8 Thornwood Peg 1 Applewood Peg 1 Camelliawood Peg 1 Raspberrywood Branch 1 Camelliawood Branch Other Services Clay For special orders, Shipbuilding, and Other Services, Contact Opaveus in-game or leave a post below with details and I will get back to you as soon as possible For Blacksmithing items and services, contact Gorgoth in-game or leave a post below with details. For Archaeology items, contact Opaveus in-game or leave a post below with details.
  11. Hello fellow homesteader, Are you tired from the road? Tired of fighting off the monsters of the land alone? Have your spirit templars quit because of the hazardous duty? Or do you need a place to stay and learn from others? Trying to save up for that nice little patch to call your own? Rose Respite Shipwright is needing your help! We are currently looking for all roles yet you are free to choose your own path. If you already have a chosen path in mind or want a profession to strive towards to help even more, we currently need Masons, Fine Carpenters, Laborers, Leatherworkers, Sculptors, Potters, Foragers, or Farmers. About Us I started this deed as a solo player. After a little while, two new players set up a homestead near me. I could tell they needed some help and so I invited them to join my village. Together we have grown as friends and I have expanded my deed from a simple 10x11 (110 tiles) to a 43x40 (1720 tiles) deed. We are a fairly active village with 5 members and there is normally at least one player on with only a few hour gaps. We are respectful, and enjoy helping others to learn this awesome game. We are located at E9/E10 on the Northwest Coast of Melody. You are welcome to come by and check out the deed and visit with the locals. What is in it for you? As mayor, I ask that you help your fellow citizens and allies if they need help. Any money you make is yours to keep, but I ask that you chip in to the deed upkeep or give a fellow citizen a fair payment for his work if it is above the normal day to day request. I also provide you with a free apartment that is either a 2x2 or a 3x2 space with great views that you are free to decorate any way you please. The apartments are first come, first choice but the choices won't let you down. The Amenities A large coastal deed with central guard tower and 2 spirit templars with another guard tower nearby, easy access to a Trader, Merchant, Wagoner (future), Enchanted Mailbox, Community Ships, Public Mine with room to expand, Well, 2 Clay pits, and a Tar pit. We also have community carts, rowboats, and sailboats available to accommodate your trade craft. Mountains and Dense Forest with Linden, Fir, Chestnut, Pine and Linden. Maple, Oak, and Cedar scattered around the premises provide enough lumber for most crafts. There are nearby areas of untamed wilds still ready to be explored by hunters and adventure seekers. Being on the Northwest coast makes traveling to other servers a breeze as we reside about 5-10 minutes from both the West and Northern server borders allowing for quick access for both residents and customers. Sit on the beach, fish from the docks, or take a leisurely stroll along a paved mountain path (*no guarantees on safety ) Active Projects Because of starting as a solo deed, I am a little behind but we are quickly catching up. I have received a beautiful set of deed plans back from the architect and I have just finished acquiring a large amount of the materials needed to build. The deed will have a public kitchen\tavern, workshop, large docks and shipyard, and provided player housing. A lighthouse has also been added to the deed With just the few of us, it is difficult to work on these major projects while trying to coordinate trades and fulfill ship orders in order to make money to fill the coffers and pay the man. But don't worry about the deed as it is well paid for. If you are in the market for a ship, please check out my merchant ad below: The Player Housing building is complete. I am now working on the Kitchen/Tavern and the Workshop. Below is the proposed deed plan. The current deed as of November 1, 2020. My Humble Beginnings as seen in Katspurr's video below: Rules Please be respectful to your fellow citizens, neighbors, and alliance members. No griefing or stealing. Act like an adult when needed. Your reputation means something in this game. I encourage you to aspire to be self sufficient but feel free to ask if you need help. I do not require payments or tithes or taxes but donations of money to the deed upkeep or materials to the community is welcome. I am fine with any buildings being constructed outside the proposed village center as long as the "Settlement may manage flag" is checked. This ensures that in the case of a player leaving for good, that space could more easily be utilized in the future if needed. How do I join? Contact the mayor, Opaveus, with an in-game tell message, look for our ad on any village recruitment board, or leave a message here on the forum. My alliance neighbor, Jadis, may also be able to give you a free teleport if you are on Melody and you have already utilized a free village teleport or you just want to check out the area. We can help you move or give you a ride to the deed, if needed, as we have a large fleet of available nautical craft and can load cargo. I look forward to meeting you and being a part of your Wurm experience! To Do List for Villagers/New Recruits
  12. Citadel, part of Oathkeepers Alliance, is looking for three active and friendly players. Located along the coast in Q16. Join a friendly settlement with a growing alliance, in beautiful south central melody with a great view of the sea. We currently have two deeds with space to make your own. There is an established mine, animals to tend, fields to farm, boats to build, and local sermon groups. We are approximately 10 mins from Overture by boat and about 15/20 mins to sea server boundary. There are alliance friends from different time zones that play, hang out, and help each other to advance their characters and skills. Leave a note here or contact Severo or Travellerx in game.
  13. I’ve noticed highways on established/veteran servers tend to be a bit chaotic/organic and at times, not easy to navigate. Because of the odd shape and wide bodied water ways on Melody, would it be beneficial to start discussing proposed land routes across the map? Roaming the map, it appears people have begun their own highway sections to accommodate their own deeds and needs. Factoring in map terrain elevations, shortest possible routes and contribution from the community villages surrounding these possible highway locations, what’s the best way to coordinate this plan and what proposals do you have to bring to the table in order to begin construction once people are satisfied with their deed situations? I know this is not a simple question or discussion but one I thought people might be intrigued to start thinking about.
  14. We have a growing village on Melody recruiting new and experienced Wurmians. See out post in the Melody sub-forum.
  15. Melody Discord

    Hello fellow Melodites! The topic has been brought up a few times about the need to get Melody residents connected with recruitment, commerce, services, community projects, mayor contacts, organized events and more! My neighbor and I have setup such a Discord server and are encouraging all those who want to advertise, mingle search for players and be known within the Melody server community. A list of channels/features we have setup: - Wurm Online information dump channel with a full list of current online resources and tools. - Community Projects are non-personal deed related projects that contribute to the server. Roadways, highways, tunnels, water ways/canals and structures built by players. If you have such a project that you'd like to post assistance, please add the type of project, location, proposals and what labor/material services are needed.Community projects channel. - A list of deed/settlement mayors who join the discord. - Streamer and content creator advertising channel so people know when your content is live. - Village recruitment for those looking to join or recruit for an established deed. - Marketplace to move your product: WTS - Wanting To Sell / WTB - Wanting To Buy / WTT - Wanting to Trade / PC - Price Check specifically for Melody. - Services channel provides a place to look for and advertise your labored work. Looking for skilled up? Want to advertise your own services? We got a channel for that. - Deed Planner gallery posting and design services so people can get great design ideas from great visionaries! - Bot support for spam, role assignment and XP. All users are auto assigned a citizen role, mayors and content creators get a special role with verification and GM's / forum moderators get their own role when verified as well.
  16. (picture soon i been lazy, sorry) What is HOTSNPVPPHD? Horde of the Summoned New Player versus Player Players Housing Development. It's a free pre-built and stocked housing area (2 individuals per house) with the necessary items to help get started quickly such as forges, bulk storage bins, and beds. We're aiming to encourage new players on the Northern islands (Harmony, Melody, Cadence) to come over and try out Defiance and PvP. If you are currently on the northern islands, and want to try PvPing, send me a private message with some basic information about yourself (name, discord, experience, time zone, pvp experience, any past kingdom history, what interests you). We have a portal right outside the house ready for use. If you are enjoying it, you can always create your own house too! Note: You do not have to commit full time to living here on Defiance, we're happy to have you hop between the PvE server and Defiance. Why try Defiance? You have a chance to gain permanent affinities from killing enemies and always gain a temporary timed affinity. One affinity = 10% skillgain in that skill. You gain karma for each kill. Defiance is a full loot system, and you gain easily acquire valuables off players. There's no cooldown between transferring between Defiance and the other islands. You can come over and PvP when needed. A unique different perspective on the game. See how to work together in a large kingdom. Daily PvP, both large and small skirmishes. What do you need? A forum account Discord Working microphone Helps to speak English, but we have some Russian players Contribute in some way. While we want to have new players, we can't provide with everything. A good village requires everyone to contribute in some way - smithing, crafting, farming, breeding Again, if you're interested, send me a PM on the forums!
  17. Hello, We are seeking New Players and Old Players, deed is at q16 on Melody. 42 by 67 Big, big Forest with Birch wood and Linden wood. Iron, Marble, Lead and copper atm. Im in a really Aktive Alliance that Build Already at the Canal o16 a bridge and also the travel to the main City Overture is like 20 mins max. we are around 10- 20 ppl in the ally. and im trying to flatten the land, create a Farm, Housing from Marble and slate and also a little castle at least on the top of my small hill we also take care of New Player that is willing to stay in game and we will help ofc. Ingame Name Bravestone (Mayor), Kroweyes (Deputy)
  18. Been looking for a place to belong with active villagers. I am Masonry, Carp rn. Was a Farmer and Cook as well. Just looking for anything in any of the servers for PvE. PM. Astro#7419 if you think youd like me as an addition.
  19. The sleep bonus pool should be shared between all servers in the Northern Isles cluster; Defiance, Harmony, and Melody. For example, if you have 3 hours of sleep bonus on one server, you have 3 hours on all the servers. If you use up 20 minutes on one server, you lose 20 minutes on all the servers. Seeing as account/character skills mostly cross between servers, it makes sense for the sleep bonus to cross too. This would stop people feeling like they're forced to play on any specific server in order to use up their sleep bonus, and instead give them the freedom to grind wherever they please.
  20. You are not a Wurmian. You are a survivor! After the much anticipated launch of Melody, your friends have all but deserted you, left to fend for yourself in the wilderness. You want to level, craft, farm, have a place for yourself and prosper while having a fun time doing it with like-minded people. Northern Rivia is a diplomatic, resourceful and cooperative village of 16 daily active players looking for those who want to continue their journey to end-game and beyond. Located NE of Overture at the inner coastline of grid I-20, you are welcome to check out our progress, tour our large 60x deed complex and get a discord invite before you decide to commit. We have access to a rich mine, tar, clay, and sand pits and enough standing forest to source a toilet paper factory. We are currently focused terraforming to be a main trade hub location with housing and farming districts, while leveling up skill proficiency and gathering resources for the big build. We have a friendly alliance with our village neighbors. We’ll be preparing for refined crafting, farming and shipping goods soon after. Be warned, we are competent but a little weird. Contacts: Vilgrith Discord: Pride@7093
  21. Sellind my deed Q16 Melody 2h time Marble 99ql 10k bougth with rod Slate 99ql 10k bougth with rod 3 copper veins lead vein iron vein Highway bound and 15-20 mins travel to Overture !!! reachabel with boat and over land. 42 by 92 Large Birch wood forest + Linden Wood Start Bid: 80s Buyout 150s
  22. What the title says really! We have an almost unprecedented population of players on Harmony, all searching for livestock to keep and mobs to practice fs on. As a result, apart from high level creatures like lava spiders, hell scorpions and crocodiles, the number of animals found in the wild is extremely low. Players like me looking for livestock are having to go on huge trips to perhaps find a single cow that's been lucky enough to survive the players skilling fs. This also puts new players coming in at a disadvantage, as they'd be extremely lucky to find anything to pull their carts. I also know of some people who had a locked off deed pen broken into and all their livestock killed, presumably by someone skilling. So please, please can we have upped spawn rates on Harmony? Even if it's just for a while it would be very useful for breeders, skillers and new players. Pretty please?
  23. Hi all, We have a bunch of people but we have a lot of land to work. Need another 5 more and we'll be set. Come visit us at H11 on Melody or just pop in our discord and say hi. I play most of the day as do some of the other members. We have new and vet players. You really should check us out before leaving the game. We are really enjoying this game together and working well together!!! See you soon. H Discord:
  24. Mount Wurm is looking for new players to join it's developing settlement. We are primarily going to be a large market based community, with residential and common areas throughout the deed. We have specific plans for our property and this will be very organized and planned out, so if you are looking to drop buildings everywhere this won't be for you. The current deed is 37*29 located at the mountain top south of overture, with plans for expansion if possible. New players welcome (most of us are new and learning, but are dedicated). The following positions are immediately available. We want DEDICATED people to their professions and skills, meaning if you apply for these you should expect this to be your job within our community (and we hope you will thrive to be the best at it). We plan to follow a Master/Apprentice format for players considering most are learning (it is melody after all), so come join and strive for that top spot! All new players joining Mount Wurm will be given welcome packages and a Large Cart to make the journey a little easier. This sheet will be updated as positions become available or are filled. Reply below or join our Official Discord for more information. See you on the mountain!
  25. looking for new and old players to make a new group of friends to help each other if interested contact me on discord GlobalVector#0044