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Found 15 results

  1. 21k+ dirt/sand on behalf of Gravitycat. asking prices: [2s per thousand and return Large crates to Gravitycat or return them via myself] [Large crates can also be purchased at an additional 15c each] RESTOCKING small amounts of dirt/sand at 1.5s per k with delivery in small crates, return of crates not required (low quality dredged by alts of myself) current amount available is 2k and growing. Contact Info: my IGN is Yhargh. Alts are Mauled, Passerby, Shadower. Pm me in game or comment here for more details or chat about purchasing. Discord name is Marsh#9830. just send a message telling who you are in game so I feel the need to accept friend or chat. Delivery Notes: I deliver to all 3 servers, melody, harmony, and cadence. Wagoner can be set up on any of them. Delivery can include off route, as long as a wagon can get there (slope etc.), or a ship can sail there. Please inform if the ship access is deep or shallow draft. Abnormally difficult deliveries may be due a delivery donation, if you feel the urge.
  2. It would be great if wagoners could deliver animals in crates within servers. I'd love to be able to send a wagoner off rather than dragging an animal all the way across a server. Especially if it's multiple animals that need to be delivered, it would save many hours of running back and forth.
  3. I recently detected on an abandoned deed a large stack of crates which were not loadable, but sealed by a wagoner, and being sent from an alt of the former deed mayor to the latter. They were sealed and obviously in the process of being transferred. Those crates can be moved, and bashed (did not try that extensively). The strange thing is that both sender and recipient have not logged in for about a year (and may never return). There is and was also no waystone or wagoner container. In the mail system, a message cannot stack eternally. After 2 weeks it is resent (if not picked up, what happens?). Those sealed crates look unnormal.
  4. Wagoner figures are missing (not in bed and not on the chair). Both male and female figures are missing. FIXED Wagoner vehicle currently has a freedom wagon fabric texture covering - assuming this is a bug as it also obscures the view. FIXED Camp fire is not currently lit (daytime) FIXED
  5. For those wanting to travel more and longer travels but do not because of time/lag, it could be great to be able to point A from point B by paying wagoner.
  6. Hi Everyone I started a new long term project to connect the East Coast to sommerholt with an Highway and subsequent Wagoner, especially to connect my village Langrange Indiana, located in L26. Is kinda big and realize gonna take a long time, therefore asking for any help anyone could provide. Could be beneficial to a lot of villages, and also could be an incentive for people to build villages and populate an area of the map not very populated. That means more possibilities to commerce, develop and improve a community around that area. I would divide the project in two steps: Lay down a two lane road along the way I started it, but takes long time to modify terrains, leveling/terraforming, and paving with cobblestone Put catseyes and waystones Going to be time consuming to do all the catseye and waystones and put in place, checking links. Following some images and obstacles I found along the way Lagrange to Serenity On this first image there is a 2 lane bridge already, didn't check permits in dzolo gon area, but should be alright, but there is a problem on the bridge connecting serenity cove to dzolo gon, 1 lane bridge, thinking maybe drop dirt under to make a 2 lane road, no idea if u can add a second lane to that bridge Serenity to hiddenvalley Shouldn't be problems Hidden valley to Sanctorium Sure 2 lane on bridge, need to check permits for terraforming and paving, already catseyes and waystone in place at sanctorium, already connected to sommerholt from that point If anyone can help, give advice or even start to pave or putting catseyes let me know. At the moment cannot work actively on this project due to RL work but try to work as much as possible. Thanks a lot to everyone, let's make this possible in the future Byez Enniskillen
  7. Hello everybody, as a somewhat established player (who enjoys multitasking with multiple characters), I ought to throw my hat into this ring. For reference, my characters are: (Main) (Nahjo Priest) (Paaweelr Priest) ~~Toolmaking~~ I offer toolmaking (or improving) according to my main characters skills, most prominently: Carpentry Fine Carpentry Blacksmithing Fletching Pottery Bowyery Ballpark ranges for prices: 91QL 1s 93QL 2s 95QL 3s 97QL 4,5s I'll take orders in anything, as long as the requested QL is reasonably achievable with my skill. I reckon these are the only ones at marketable levels, though. I also have a small contigent of items assembled from fragments, which come with runes. A list of these can be found at my clobbered together website for archaeology artifacts (If you are looking for specific items, I pressing CTRL+F since it's not paginated. Also "^" and "_" next to the column names are sorting buttons with placeholders I never bothered to put something proper in, sue me.) Archaeology artifacts can be bought directly for a modest price (mostly negotiable, see the "price" column for an idea), or come free if you commission them to be improved (and enchanted). ~~Architecture~~ I also "rent" my building plan if available, which is sizeable with 99+ carpentry, for a travel fee to whereever you need me to go for your project, 1s max. Building plan status: Available ~~Mine management assistance~~ Radrohn may visit your mine to help organise it; Strongwall casts to collapse insavioury tiles, and 90+ prospecting to help you find your best treasures and also ascertain the precise quality and quantity of exposed veins. And excavate veins at the usual 10i/action, with a focus on doing the job quickly; or maximizing the QL of the ores mined if requested. ~~Farming orders~~ Crops: Tulon can farm ~95QL produce from crops; by default, most of my crops are garlic, so I'm well stocked on that if you're interested in something to chop for your own priests. If you're looking for specific amounts and crops, I'll take requests to replace my current crops to fulfill a commissioned order. Milk: Tulon will also fondle cows for you. If you're into that (you weirdo). Milk comes in small barrels for 20c each. Wood: Up to 97,5QL wood logs can be produced as requested. ~~Enchanting ~~ Check their respective niarja links for their channelling skill! Based on personal experience, I can offer +90 power casts with Tulon (e.g. BotD, Nim) 80c +80 power casts with Radrohn (e.g. ED, MS, FA) 50c As rare as shattering has fortunately become for me (except on low quality items, obviously), the same old caveats apply. No guarantees that it will always work out in your favor, and when commissioning an item from the archaeology artifacts, shatters on items below 80QL are to be bought to compensate for the damage. When commissioning over 80QL, the risk is on me. A simple matter of quality assurance, I hope you understand. Check the Niarja entry for current skill levels to see if I can fulfill your needs. I'll try to keep them a bit more updated for whoever may be interested. Other items of marginal interest and use on sale: Large, sealed amphoras with maple syrup, min 70QL. Active beehives (of indetermined amounts. They're taking over. Send help.) Common stone bricks (~6K) Hopefully more interesting items on sale: 2x unfinished rare forge 2x rare rope tool (1 oak, 1 birch) 2x rare fruit press (1 oak, 1 apple) 1x rare plate leggings, iron Fell from the back of a wagon 95QL Plate gauntlet, lead [AosP 44, 5% less decay, 5% less damage] (50c) ~~Location and infrastructure~~ I'm located at G18 Xanadu and hooked into the larger Xanadu highway network, so wagoner delivery for bulk is possible and preferred. For non-bulk, I have a runed mailbox, larger items that require it will be a bit slower in the mail, currently, but less than half an hour. That's the general gist, but if you find any task that my illustrous ensemble of dissociative identity disorder incarnations can do for you, just shoot me a PM, I'm open to anything.
  8. All other unused forms, For the Merchant, Trader, even Settlement forms, when they're are new and unplanted, they crossed the servers in your inventory. I happened to have some money on me while passing through release so bought 2 Wagoners intending to plant them in Deliverance when i returned. Now i have 2 forms stuck on release. I have seen nothing to warn me of this limitation/bug prior to purchase. Please enable unused wagoner forms to cross servers.
  9. Via Wagoner connected to the greater Xan highway system or pickup at Q11 (ocean access). 10k available, 2s/k, 5c per crate if delivered per wagoner, but I will accept their return and will pay 5c for the empty crates back. You can PM me in game or here, same name
  10. I just tonight sent a delivery of 2 full crates of 300 mortar from my deed at U18 - to Greendog at L13 on Deliverance. Upon receipt and checking (as soon as the consignment had arrived) the recipient told me both crates were missing 15 mortar each. It seems wagoner contents are susceptible to very quick off-deed decay. Please would you address this, so that purchased goods do not go missing within the few minutes it takes for the wagoner to complete its delivery? Thanks. Even though the crates were checked straight away in this case at Greendog - it would be good if we could also remove decay on crates that are still sealed, and perhaps reset the decay timer at the point of unsealing, to allow the recipient to get them back to their deed if necessary, and stored away. Your logical endeavors are appreciated!
  11. Wagoners were designed as an alternative way to ship bulk items, but as I understand it they're only currently capable of transporting crates. Bulk items can also come in liquid form, so it seems reasonable to suggest that perhaps wagoners and their containers should be modified to also allow at least small barrels (and maybe other types of liquid container) to be shipped.
  12. Dismissed a wagoner at night and moved to a new place. The old location still retains a white glow where the campfire used to be.
  13. After several hours of testing and trying, i found the following (also discussed with CA Alectrys) At fist the game wouldnt allow me to plant a wagoner container at all (on deed), went to another deed (in alliance, another deed i own, full permissions) and the same happend there, I couldnt plant the container. I then went into the perimiter of that 2nd deed and the same occured, could not plant. I then took the same toon out in the open (not on deed or perim) and it allowed me to plant a container I headed back to the main deed and fiddled some more, i added another waypoint at a random location on deed (only had one previously) and it allowed me to plant the container (both mayor and villager) Went back to the 2nd deed and repeated the procedure, but could still not plant. Not sure about the extra waystone, but at least something is fuzzy with the alliance permissions. Hope to have shed some light on the matter Macoofer p.s. very cool that you can actually see him do his thing and ride around
  14. “Look kid, if you keep poking that..that...whatever that thing is, it’s eventually going to wake up and eat you.” - Sir Landon prior to the Samling incident After last weeks news, we've spent the week working on the changes coming to epic, as well as ensuring that the transfer skill adjustments are fair to both sides. We spent an awful lot of time running those calculations (millions!) and seeing the results was pretty cool. This week won't be the huge reveal that we did have planned, as those have taken slightly longer, and we want them in and tested prior to revealing it, but I have some exciting news for you this week anyways! Epic transfer recap To recap the end result, epic accounts will transfer to Freedom with a reduced skillset. Reduced skills will have 3x skillgain until they return to the same level they were on epic however. A player has put together a total skill dump converter, allowing you to see what your epic skills will be after the transfer to freedom, check it out here: Bulk movement Another thing coming with this update (there's so many things!) is the ability transfer items between bulk containers without constant clicking! Moving from one container to another will trigger a timer, that moves as many as you can carry each second (ignoring 100 item count, just weight limit). This will surely make Shifting contents of bulk storage a breeze (and save those wrist injuries!) Wagoner info As we revealed a few weeks ago, the wagoner will be a Wurm Online exclusive NPC, that handles delivers between players using the highway system on each server. There's a lot of detail to go into with how to use them, so our awesome developer, Tich, has taken the time to write up a handy guide for you all! It's still a work in progress, and could change before release, but we'll make sure to reflect any changes in this document before that! Community Content This weeks community content is the impalong with the fire and sand alliance! Today is the first day, so get on down there and take part! There's games and competitions, as well loads more to pass the time, I plan on dropping in and watching some people die, and maybe even getting my steel and flint imped, it's getting pitifully low... Check out the full details here, and I hope to see you there! That's it for this week, I'll be back next week with more news and teasers of whats coming in the next major update. Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  15. Eclipse - Yaga Hi Everyone! This week saw a (slightly bumpy) update which will be the last content update before the big one, with the new skill, Valrei overhaul, and a whole bunch of new systems and changes. We'll go into detail with each one over the coming weeks, starting today But first... Patch Notes The wagoner! The introduction of the highway system was part 1, with part 2, we introduce the wagoner! Remember this hidden person? The wagoner provides a way of sending bulk items (e.g. bricks, etc) to a particular deed in a semi-automated way. Deliveries may be pre-paid or CoD. A maximum of 20 large crates may be sent in a single delivery, and transport runs between deeds. Wagoners operate a special wagon for their deliveries. When making a delivery, the wagoner will load his/her wagon, and drive it from the origin to the destination, unload the goods, before returning to his/her home deed. Wagoners use the new highway system to navigate, so the origin and destination need to be connected to the same highway network. The wagoner will be available via a contract sold on traders as well as public ones at starter deeds. They may be set to charge a small fee per crate delivered, or free use. Mine door showcase We've teased the gold and steel mine doors, but today we reveal all four of the new ones! The rock one will remain the same to blend in of course, sometimes standing out isn't in your best interests. Community Content - Official Discord As discord becomes more and more popular, there's been a few questions about getting an official discord up and running, and today we launch it! Discord is a text and voice chat system that can be used on mobile, in a browser, or on a desktop client. It's a great way of connecting and getting to know your fellow Wurmians out of the game so jump in and try it out today (we may even include some giveaways!) Simply follow this link, sign up if you haven't used Discord before, and get started! There's more to come before the next update, We'll be catching up with the guys from Factional Fight and we'll be revealing all the details about the new skill in a special video starring myself and Budda! I know you're all as keen as I am for that, so keep your eyes peeled! Until then though, keep on wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team