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  1. The heightmap was painted by hand using photoshop with a black canvas and brushes, without auto generation software. Dropbox has changed the way files are shared, the links have been fixed
  2. sorry about the delay to reply I made this map when WU was released, I believe that now, after several game updates, it's good to Rebuilt the database again. To make sure that the map will be according to anything that has changed in the game. http://www.rheyansgaming.com/tutorial-how-to-install-custom-maps-clean-your-database-in-wurm-unlimited/
  3. Photoshop, GIMP, Krita, Painter, etc will be the best choice to hand painted textures. You don't need to use 3D paint softwares to make hand painted or tileable textures, you can, but you will have better results if you just use one software, i use photoshop. Hand painted texture (and texture in general) is based on the reproduction of materials. So to have a good painterly feel, never use filters, only brush and eraser, observe and reproduce all kinds of material. Always use references!!, even if the paint is fully stylized or cartoon. Don't paint with mouse, use a tablet like a wacom or any good one. Control the brush hardness and opacity/flow as needed and understand values, light, shadow. To paint good textures, it is good to practice painting various materials into a cube, cylinder, sphere or other shape (aways using a light source). This will train your eyes on observation (aways use references, real or digital *photos*), light, shadow, values, and will give you more experience to recreate all kinds of material. Avoid relying on tutorials!!, paint and draw is pure training. if you know the foundations, you know everything you need. You will always be able to develop your own techniques and style doing it over and over. Don't rush, take your time, use all the time you have to learn. when you are confident, make challenges for yourself. you can you paint in 5 minutes? Simple is better, try not start a paint with detail. Big shapes + values and slowly the details will appear. Try paint the same thing several times from start to finish, without using anything from the previous painting, every time you will be better and of course faster. From time to time, rotate, zoom in/out and flip the canvas. It will "clear your eyes" and you will see the paint differently, spot errors, etc, aways work Exercise painting materials like all this below, it's really fun! and you will learn a lot.
  4. Where are the converter/importer/exporter for .wom 3d model files? how can we mod the assets now?
  5. I know, but don't have Discord. Even big MMOs like Final Fantasy XIV and Guild Wars 2, WOW have it integrated with wiki, chat and game item database, also alot of games and game studios with official servers. So, a mod like that can make it easy for every wurm unlimited server to have integration with a official Discord hub for the server that also comes with voice channels.
  6. In Minecraft we can have cross chat Minecraft server <-> Discord server. Something like that would be cool for wurm unlimited Heres the Bukkit Discord Bot http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/lxgaming-discordbot/ http://www.technicpack.net/article/we-love-discord.125 So, Wurm servers can have a official Discord chat server with cross chat with people playing and people can talk even if they not playing, using the mobile app web browser ou qualquer coisa que rode o Discord. Is it possible to do? https://discordapp.com/
  7. Just to share this public discord server. This is a portuguese server but feel free to join if you want learn portuguese Abaixo o link para o servidor público Discord para o Wurm Unlimited e Wurm Online Discord link -> https://discord.gg/2443crK Também existe um grupo no facebook
  8. I have frame limiter enabled with 60fps cap using ReShade the game runs at 54-60fps in fact, if I don't look the fps counter, i don't notice any difference. CPU 8% Memory 31% (wurm, reshade, steam, internet browser, teamspeak, system and software services running ) if i turn it off, CPU drop to 7% and Memory still 31% GTX 970 vídeo card here these are the enabled effects in the profile i shared above, nothing with high performance cost The game is so beautiful with depth of fieldThe mountains in the horizon are usually low poly, spiked because of the terrain lod. The depth of field disguises this problem and the horizon looks great.Unfortunately if the outline is on the focus shifts to each object/tile with the blue outline. If you play without outline you can use depth of field and ambient occlusion (AO has a high performance cost) I hope one day they put native shaders with these options, shaders can do wonders
  9. It works with WU, the only things with problems are Depth of Field and Ambient Occlusion because the way wurm works (objects outline on mouse over, if you turn it off, you can use DOF and AO but needs to be adjusted to not blur the interface), the rest works perfectly. ReShade site http://reshade.me/ A presset i did with subtle changes, most color and some flare https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22781761/Downloads/WurmUnlimited-Reshade_presset.rar Most color correction, lens flare, bloom. everything easy to set up, turn on and off and adjust as you wish It is easy to create a profile from scratch, but you need to adjust everything turn off the native wurm bloom ("glow") to use ReShade Some example screens Color, Brightness, Contrast, Texture Shapness... Depth of Field Embos Lens effects, flare I do not know if this is the right place to post this....
  10. Resize window is not exclusive to Wurm. There are several games with great interface design and resize/reposition options Console games and multi platform game usually do not have this options, for some it is not necessary, but there are exceptions. Final Fantasy 14 is a good example of good interface, 100% customizable on PC and Console. [[ I'm not talking about the game here, this is about the interface ]] You can redefine size, position, what to show/hide, behaviors, commands remapping, in addition to all the visual elements like damage information, buff/debuff info, spells, party, skills, tooltips, etc. 100% customizable. Even the HUD customization is easy and intuitive. Each player can customize te user interface to their personal taste. [spoiler]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFd3NODKcyo A game with so many commands, so many options, actions, skills that also works extremely well with controllers is a good example of a well done UI, UX design. I am not implying that Wurm should have controller support, just showing an interface that works well, besides the complexity of the game, even with controllers which has limited buttons compared to mouse+keyboard combo. Code Club should invest in hire a UI and UX Designer or a company with good skills/portfolio to rethink and redesign the user interface.
  11. Almost all negative reviews (and many positives) complains about the interface, UI, GUI, UX and interactions as the weakest point of the game. like it or not, they are all correct. I love the game, but i agree that the interface is dated, clunky, unintuitive and UGLY, yes, appearance is important also.right click fest, lists, unnecessary options, disorganization, confusion, extremely text-based, poor visual elements....."But you can bind almost everything..." even this is dated, not everyone likes to play as if playing a musical instrument by pressing keys A ravamped modern interface, looking more like a game instead of a business management software, with pretty and usefull visual elements instead of pure text and customization option (XML based) would do wonders. A good game mechanics is important, but also the interface design that controls the mechanics Many people have become used to play Wurm the way it is for many years and can not visualize that there are serious flaws with the interface. They find everything perfect and can not accept or visualize something that is different. "because the interface is perfect for this type of game, for Wurm" NOPE, this is just what is available and it is bad. I agree with 100% of the reviews that complain about the interface and interactions, but I'm still enjoying the game. For some people this is not an enjoyable experience and it is totally understandable. http://www.dtelepathy.com/blog/design/the-importance-of-ux-design-expanding-audience-of-video-games http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/AnthonyStonehouse/20140227/211823/User_interface_design_in_video_games.php
  12. have you tried this by creating missions? you can create missions with XX time to complete and it can be restarted, in this way you can make a kind of mission that every 24 hours gives X coins to the players. (if it is possible to reward failing missions) you can also make missions with goals to give the coin reward. http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/133326-mission-example/
  13. this is so useful!!! [request] would it be possible to also have a GM speed mod while flying? (can be separated from this mod, something optional) The flight speed cap is 56km i think, too slow when we want to walk/fly around large maps100km, 200km, 300km would be better to go quickly from one point to another and fly aroundwhen we create custom maps, it's good to check if everything is ok. Teleport is not an option, we do not know the coordinate to place A or B.. and the speed mod would help in maps editing using the gm tools.
  14. Update/redo shaders to support these 2 maps + 2 sided material (option) Is there a way to add support for normal and specular map and option to have 2 sided material with mod? if the game supports these maps, it would not be difficult to gradually update the models, terrain, etc to add these maps. That would be a huge graphical advance, the game would look much better **perhaps with a shader update if possible, a option to have depth of field in game @_@ image for those who do not know what it means Full size image link http://i.imgur.com/gpSHjMj.jpg
  15. Coins for playtime

    I thought it was to have a way to get money lol