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Found 2 results

  1. In Minecraft we can have cross chat Minecraft server <-> Discord server. Something like that would be cool for wurm unlimited Heres the Bukkit Discord Bot So, Wurm servers can have a official Discord chat server with cross chat with people playing and people can talk even if they not playing, using the mobile app web browser ou qualquer coisa que rode o Discord. Is it possible to do?
  2. Good Day Everyone, You may or may not of seen Wossoo's latest post on the Wurm Blog (also in forum and Twitter) about an upcoming test of a new IRC bot we have been developing. If you have not seen this yet you can read about it here. The test is going to be conducted on Thursday 23rd August 2012 between 8pm and 11pm GMT time in the IRC Channel #WurmTest. I am putting this post together for those who do not know how to currently use IRC. IRC is available within the Wurm Game or also out of game using various IRC Clients. IN-GAME IRC To use the in-game IRC please follow the below instructions: Press your F1 key while in game or use the Console option to open the Wurm Console In the Console screen type 'irc' without quotes and hit the return key on your keyboard. You will now see two new chat tabs open under your other Chat tabs titled 'Server' and '#Wurm' The Server tab is a required tab but you can ignore however closing this tab will end irc for you. #Wurm tab is the main Wurm IRC where alot of us geeks can often be found :-) You can now close the console window but the x or F1 again. To join the #WurmTest channel go into either the Server tab or #Wurm and type: /join #WurmTest Now hit enter, You should now see another new chat tab appear called #WurmTest You are now in the channel where the tests will be conducted. OUT OF GAME IRC IRC is actually hosted by Rizon and is available to anyone using almost any IRC Client. A couple of Popular IRC clients are mIRC and Mibbit which are both free. Rizon also have an online chat client For those of you using a installed IRC client if it is pre-populated with a list of servers there is a good chance Rizon will already be listed as its one of the big players. If not here are the details you need: Server: Port: 6667 (note if you have problems connecting you can also use ports 6660 to 6670 and 7000. Rizon also host SSL connection method on ports 6697 and 9000 but this is for slightly more advanced users) For all IRC Clients including the web ones you should be asked for a nickname and default channel. In the Default channel enter #WurmTest for this test session (or normally #Wurm for normal chat). In the nickname box enter the name you wish to have (note each name has to me unique if you choose a name already connected you will either automatically be assigned another or asked to change it. INFORMATION ABOUT BOT TEST As already announced by Wossoo's post there arew a few different features of this Bot and I won't relist them here however I would like to add that during the testing stages there is a command that allows you to report bugs. If you run into any difficulty during testing either ask one of our team who should be online during the test or use the following command: .dev /{your message here} Your message will then be sent to me for review. Note that this bot is not programmed by Wurm game devs and is completely seperate please do not bug Rolf/Wurm Devs/GMS etc about problems with this bot, please notify the PR Team.