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  1. bump again
  2. Anytime, bumping this one.
  3. Snoo's Sold. Only the priest left. Any bidders?
  4. still up
  5. bump
  6. I appreciate the kind words. This was though never intended as me needing sugar coating or to cause people to start discussions regarding my choice.
  7. I'm very grateful for your comment, this actually made my day. Thank you
  8. It's a Vyn priest.
  9. Due to recent events I can't bear to continue playing this game So therefore I'm selling my two characters. Comes with drakeset and a bunch of rare weapons and other goodies. Path of Insanity level 6 <-- SOLD Path of Knowledge level 10 , comes with some decent cool stuff. Vyn priest. Both toons got premium way into next year. Send me offers trough PM, I'm in no rush to sell these.
  10. External and internal is not the same, change external IP to the ipdress from the outside. Go to to find out what it is.
  11. Not true, The copyright owner is still the original creator of these pictures. You have no legal backing on those wagons.
  12. COD Black opal to Snoo thank you.
  13. I agree with Redd on this one, Players gods are removing the uniqueness of the real gods, Mycelium can even be spawn at Freedom just keep it on Deed and no problem, let Lib come over
  14. COD Skull shoulder pad and Boar shoulder pad to Snoo please.
  15. +1