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  1. PvP Holidays

  2. Giant walnut info

    It's done. Thank you.
  3. The Screenshots Thread

    Majestic. We're not fit to lick their boots.
  4. Updates the current pvp community want

    These are great suggestions. +1

    You can apply here.
  6. WTB All Black Tomes.

  7. WTB All Black Tomes.

    I'll throw in a little bump here.
  8. WTB All Black Tomes.

    With the new system I'm suspecting a few new tomes to pop up. I'm looking to buy , Smoke of Sol, Libram of the night and the Black Tome. Contact me here, will pay you a fair market price for them.
  9. The red cherry

  10. Wurm Online Steam Release

    That is a good problem to have.
  11. Wurm Online Steam Release

  12. Increase the /random range.

  13. [NoBug] Lightning does not show up

    I did not and I see that it works. I thought this was a on target spell, is it AoE or how does it work?
  14. Used a giant Walnut today, it gives me everything accordingly , (title , res and so on ) though I can't actually use the spell in any way.
  15. Libram of the night