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  1. PvP Holidays

  2. [Done] Giant walnut info

    It's done. Thank you.
  3. The Screenshots Thread

    Majestic. We're not fit to lick their boots.
  4. Updates the current pvp community want

    These are great suggestions. +1

    You can apply here.
  6. WTB All Black Tomes.

  7. WTB All Black Tomes.

    I'll throw in a little bump here.
  8. WTB All Black Tomes.

    With the new system I'm suspecting a few new tomes to pop up. I'm looking to buy , Smoke of Sol, Libram of the night and the Black Tome. Contact me here, will pay you a fair market price for them.
  9. The red cherry

  10. Wurm Online Steam Release

    That is a good problem to have.
  11. [NoBug] Lightning does not show up

    I did not and I see that it works. I thought this was a on target spell, is it AoE or how does it work?
  12. Used a giant Walnut today, it gives me everything accordingly , (title , res and so on ) though I can't actually use the spell in any way.
  13. Libram of the night