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  1. Wurm Online Steam Release

    That is a good problem to have.
  2. [NoBug] Lightning does not show up

    I did not and I see that it works. I thought this was a on target spell, is it AoE or how does it work?
  3. Used a giant Walnut today, it gives me everything accordingly , (title , res and so on ) though I can't actually use the spell in any way.
  4. Libram of the night

  5. PC on character

    Roughly 60s
  6. The Screenshots Thread

    Really cool picture I snapped when charging artifacts. Gives this wurm wibe that I like so much.
  7. Tree climbing


    Look at this dead kingdom, preparing for the nights events at the halls of glory!
  9. Bring Back Heirlooms Section of the Wiki

    I remember Excalibur. It's still here, but this was prior to the metal update (first one) where you could not make weapons out of steel. This is all I could find on Excalibur, I agree though, heirlooms need to return. It reads. Only one in existence: Excalibur. It is considered an heirloom. And yes, the original page about Exaclibur seems to have been deleted by Seedlings over here. It reads This page has been deleted. The deletion and move log for the page are provided below for reference. 18:17, 5 October 2016 Seedlings (Talk | contribs) deleted page Excalibur (Inappropriate for wiki main pages, contact for alternative solution)
  10. Holy Scrolls

  11. Chaos loot mechanics