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Found 6 results

  1. The title says it all. Is it possible to have a small server (on my own computer), that I could join, and also have a friend that can join as well? And if so, how harsh on system resources would it be?
  2. Hello all! We have a little server ready for you! Join our fresh community and be part of a new great adventure!
  3. Hello Wurmians! I figured it was time to post on here to invite those who may be interested to join my now public server. Started mainly with alliance members from WO we aim to be a smaller sized community server - though obviously the more people the better, we want to make sure everyone gets along and we avoid some of the less appealing 'community' things that go on in WO. We currently have 5-10 players on the server and online at one time changes from none to 5-6 throughout the day. So if you are looking for a high population server we are for sure not that - though there are several great high pop servers out that that might be better suited for you. We aim to be a community based server, meaning that while not everyone will be best friends we can all get along enough that there is no drama in the game - after all we are all here to enjoy. Whether we eventually become public with a strict ruleset still has yet to be decided but for now we are content to slowly grow in a healthy way. Whether you are brand new to wurm or a vet you can find a place here. All new players are given 10s to start a basic deed. Outside of that deed costs are normal like WO and require silver that you can attain either in-game through forage or traders, or through our donation shop. There will also be jobs at some point, referral bonuses etc that will allow players to further pay for deeds without needing real money. It's a hot topic whether servers should monetize and while I am not out to make the big bucks obviously it would be nice to cover the server costs as well as stockpile some to secure the servers long life. All donations are visible to the public and monthly statements are posted to show everyone exactly what comes in and what goes out for things like the gameserver, website, teamspeak etc. We are hosted on a beefy 64gb server that I also use to host other game servers sometimes - there is room to expand as the community does or if we go public. Maybe one day add a PvP map. As we grow there will be staff positions available, though you shouldn't join just expecting those. 3x Actions Timers and 4x Skillgain; with some custom skill tweaks *Currently testing 5x action timers to see how it is Increased Weaponsmithing to match other skills Deeds are normal, guards cost 1s to hire instead of 2s 4096x4096 map Newfoundland by Xeon Priest Restrictions removed - Anyone can priest 20 minute prayer timer - no cap per day Prospecting Mod, Meditation mod, Crop Mod, Priest Mod etc 24 hour non rotting crops 75k creatures with 45% aggressive Drama free Digging like Mining Surface Mining tweaks Boat Tweaks 25% less time between meditation levels and MORE... For full information and how to apply please visit The server is now OPEN to the public and anyone is welcome to join!
  4. Nothing special, just somewhere for the casual player to hang out. Location: France Map: Vanilla Creative Kingdom: Freedom, all spawns at a fixed location. Skillgain: 20 Action timer: 10 Base skills: 30 (inc. Body & Mind Logic) Free deeds and traders are enabled, there is one currently at the starter deed who starts with 1s. Breeding is set to 5 Wurm days (1 real day) Field growth stages at 4h each. Events & Activities I've just opened the Maze of Infinity, not for the faint hearted. Halloween treats all around!
  5. Selling A 5x5 Island with a 3x2 house, enough room, to farm and have animals. Message me back if interested. Killopkiller
  6. So, I've seen a lot of players raging/getting up set about hunting grounds being deeded. SO I thought I would share a little something with everyone that may or may not blow your minds. It's short, needs a bit of work. And of course some coins. Well lets get started on making your very own deed protected hunting grounds! Now dont jump to the quick post and say "Monsters dont spawn on deeds", because you'll just make a fool of your self to those that read all of this Starters! You will need either 3friends and yourself, OR 4 characters of your own. All most be paid accounts apon fulling this guide. Second, You will need to find a nice large area clear of houses/deeds and such. Third, Have one of the deeds placed sized of North-south 5 x west-east 25(within the deed setup screen) or 11x51 total. This will cost you 11s 22c to place and 1s 12c 20i a month in upkeep. Now you maybe wondering Why would i place such a thin but long deed. Well that's because you want to BOX in your hunting ground. Now you will want to have your other character/player drop a deed either along side the first placed deed but going North-south 25 x west east 5 with the perimeters touching of course. You will do the same on both sides of the first placed deed, making a U or C shape. Once that is done, You will want to place the fourth deed closing the area in. SO, now you have an enclosed deeded box, This is where the work starts. Lastly, Your going to want to fence in the area, Either on the outside or inside of your newly made deed box.Remember to put up gate houses on the perimeter of the deeds so players cant bash their way in saying they didn't see any finished houses inside/linked to the fencing. And now, You and or your group can now have your very own hunting grounds. Just need to change the tiles to either grass or steppe depending on what you would like to hunt. You can use any size deed you want, but for this guide I thought about going the cheapest and worth while starting your very own hunting grounds with. Notes on costs for each deed and size: (times by 4 for self doing) 11x51 deed costs: 11s 22c to place, 1s 12c 20i monthly upkeep 11x101 deed costs: 22s 22c to place, 2s 22c 20i monthly upkeep 11x151 deed costs: 33s 22c to place, 3s 32c 20i monthly upkeep 11x201 deed costs: 44s 22c to place, 4s 42c 20i monthly upkeep