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  1. The timers do not seem to be a bug from my understanding, as timers even higher then 20 per sip are possible (Much like how 1 bite pizza can reach up to the breaking point around 45 hours, which is a known bug but basically no priority for a fix since those hitting it are only a few players) I would love to see the beverage system actually fixed but knowing there are exploits in parts of the system that have gone unfixed for years I just gave up on waiting for fixes and the system as a whole to be safe (though I know they are being used by others unpunished, I don't personally want to potentially face a ban) My advice would be to put in a ticket, and have the GMs talk to the staff to see whats intended or not, as in my case that is what I did for certain things around beverages. Or see if you can get a dev through discord.
  2. I'd be all for more beverage things and cooking in general but I think before they think about adding in new things to those two systems they need to put in some time fixing some of the issues with them first (things like affinity timers breaking, exploits that have been around for years unfixed) I am a fan of anything new in these systems though - after some time is put in to fix long standing issues from the major revamp of the skills.
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    Bump! Still looking.
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    Looking for bulk glands. If on indy through wagon ill take any crate full small or large. If not on indy I can pick up any coastal location for large volumes. Ideally looking for 1k to 2k total, more if price is right. Could also be interested in similar for fat, minnows, sardines, perch, roach, bladders, 80+ ql fowl or seafood meat as well. Forum PM me with what you have and your price
  6. One thing I personally would love to see from the team, though I doubt it will ever happen, is a shift to transparent bug issues. A public tracker using trello or something where people can see reported bugs and see what's being done about them. Or even some updated stickies in the bug sections that aren't years old. Really think it's time there was some real talk on things like bugs from the team and some accountability. Show us what's bugs, what your plan to fix it is, and for things that can't or won't be fixed see what other solutions the community can come up with. Also things that are "known exploits" that don't get fixed forever and there is no communication on should just be accepted as features. People are using them unpunished but being in the know and being told not to do it and seeing nothing get done about the problem is a huge issue to me. Same with being told that a bug or issue is low priority because few players hit that level and the solution just being to not do that thing as good is just lazy.
  7. I share many of the concerns in this thread. Really any negative change to speeds of carts and wagons should be undone. The question really is what good does the change serve? This is a huge qol change in the wrong direction in a game that really can't afford it in my opinion. My other concern is what happened to the whole thing about testing things more on test and getting feedback and that somebody was taken onto the team to be in charge of patch testing etc? Or was that just thrown out again.
  8. Checked before I headed off to sleep and had a bowery premade so just mailed that and a random to you Enjoy
  9. Tester sent. Just let me know here or in a PM (on forum) what it says and what custom you want and I can make and mail it when I am back on later today
  10. I do agree that we need a few rounds of big bug fixing. Some things going on a year if not years unfixed.
  11. Sent. Well bobhope wasnt the name so had to dig through profile and go off other posts, so sent to farscape