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  1. I think this would be a great thing for Wurm. Would it be something that could somehow be shown ingame during the tutorial? Not sure how doable that would be just an idea. Some video topics/ideas: Client Basics (Brief overview of the options menus and settings and what they all do, how to keybind in the menu, what the chat tabs are) The wiki and ingame crafting list Starting tool set, and what things are for and the importance to keep them A basic overview of tools - "This is a blacksmithing set, a carpentry set, leatherworking set" etc How to interact with the world - Basics of movement, examine, interacting with things in the world, mention of weight and speed, slope etc, climbing. Navigation - How to use the highway system, community maps, ingame map, landmarks and navigation basics, compass, plotting course on ships, highway destinations. Basics of Woodcutting - tree types, ages, cutting down/chopping, forestry (sprouts, picking, planting) Basics of Digging / Terraforming - borders, slopes, terrain types and tiles, dig/level/flatten Prospecting 101 - basic guide to looking for ores Mining 101 - opening a tunnel, different mine directions, borders, reinforcements/cave ins, ores Survival - Stamina, Water, Food, CCFP, Tent, Basic cooking Starting a homestead (The deed making process) Overview of permissions system and how it all works (Deed permissions, vehicle, chests, houses etc)
  2. Seems shortly after some of this discussion here and in the stream that the official community streams ended? Was 2 each sunday for a bit, then just 1, and none now? Was there any information about what happened with them?
  3. I think a part of why threads like this don't get an answer from staff is that they feel the current policies are enough and that the game mechanics speak for themselves. Over the years policies like the FCC and enclosure rules and even highways were taken from being policies defined by a rule, but where ingame actions could still happen, to current day where the policies line up more with what is possible in game. The general idea of deed it or lose it has always been a hot button issue and there are a lot of threads just like this dating all the way back to the dawn of time. There are also a lot of threads like this over the years that try to classify what is stealing and what isn't (and the difference between what is and is not stealing in the world of wurm versus how we try to define it from the real world) There is the play nice rule, which has a few examples listed in it. One thing I noticed was that in those examples, and even in the rest of the rules and PSAs etc there is no actual mention of stealing (other then the specific mention of stealing a deed from the owner) This came to my attention recently after my return from a long break where I had a conversation with a player who wanted to borrow something high value from me to complete a journal task. I had said I was not comfortable with it as I am just returning and do not know them or the reputation they have at the moment etc (To be clear, they have a good reputation I later found out and have traded with them nicely since) but I mention that because upon explaining I was not comfortable with it I was told that stealing it/not giving it back is a bannable offence and that GMs would just get my stuff and give it back if something happened and ban them. Which I though to myself okay sure that might be the way the GMs handle it, but after digging around on the rules pages I saw nothing about stealing items, scamming, etc in the sense of giving somebody items for the purpose and they turn around keeping them. Which is why I was uncomfortable with it because what is done in practice amoung GMs could change GM to GM or day to day, and there was no in writing protection there. That brings me to the community stream with Retro where I mentioned and asked about how there is no official rules about stealing/scamming items in those ways and whether with the steam launch and influx of new players maybe it would be a good time to put those into writing - as wurm grew out of the small community game it has been. The answer was basically that there was no need for official rules about them, and that GMs handle things case by case but that at the end of the day that is what makes player reputation important in the world. The above story, plus some recent finds on the forums searching the topics which I will add some pics of a few relevant comments at the end have lead me to believe that the lack of policy on these things is intentionally the policy but that that the game mechanics define what the rules are (Minus the obvious things like exploiting a bug, or times where a patch might cause unintended mechanics) When you make a character and first drop something it warns you in a pop up that you must agree to (and select if you want to see the warning again or hide it forever) but it basically states that items in the world are not safe from people taking them unless its on your deed, in your house secure etc. Whether the below images were made when the person was staff or not (not sure if at the time of the post they were staff I mean) but it's what leads me to feel like the game itself defines what is stealing or not. Stealing being disabled on freedom - would cover something where its an unintended use of mechanics to take something. But that items in the world not protected by the provided game mechanics are "take" instead of steal means that it's not classified in the game world as stealing. That you can bash a fence and go in, and that the horses or animals etc are able to be lead or taken or killed. So I think the real thing to think about with all of this is that the game makes it pretty clear what is and isn't stealing or taking or property or not. After all stealing is defined as taking somebody elses property - which wurm as a game/world has classified property as being things on your person, or protected properly using the game mechanics etc. So the question really comes down to not is it stealing or not, is it allowed (since it was allowed by the mechanics in a way without abusing bugs/exploits) but instead is a question as players about whether it is morally right or wrong. But that is a question that everyone will answer differently and has no set answer as each person has their own sense of what is moral. I think these below responses in the past to similar topics though are what has made me a believer that the mechanics (not exploits/bugs etc) are set a certain way and that those define what is stealing or not to the game, and the question really becomes as a community game where reputation matters its more of that if enough people think it morally wrong then the punishments from the community (in terms of trade, help, etc) would be the punishment. sorry for the quality of the pictures, was a rush snap. Edit also found this clipped from an old Enki post when enclosures and fcc were removed: In approximately two weeks time in conjunction with the removal of the Enclosure Rules we will be shutting down the Freedom Code of Conduct system as it interferes with the intended sandbox aspect of activities in Wurm Online. Everyone has the ability to prosper under the protections of a village deed either by obtaining and planting a deed yourself, or by joining with friends. While joining a deed is encouraged, living and working off deed is still possible. Should you decide to live off deed in the wilderness, you are solely responsible for the maintenance and security of your items and animals. To this end you are solely responsible for any losses of items and animals etc... This includes making sure that all boats, carts, wagons, containers, gates, doors, etc. are properly locked and managed.
  4. Mist lake...

    Good luck! I hope things work out at the new home
  5. On the hunt for a variety of things currently so decided one thread to track it all would be best. If you have anything on the list or want to take an order contact via forum PM or ingame on Tek; please have prices in mind when contacting. Rare Pottery Bowl Rare Grindstone Meat in Bulk, Any QL Meat in bulk, 90+ql Bulk iron, any quality. skiller bucket 100+coc More will be coming and will keep this list updated
  6. Ohhh so many ideas! Where to start... Nevermind...
  7. I think making it more of a mix of the two clusters would be ideal. Showing off the southern cluster and the history is great but showcasing the progress of the northern cluster would be great as well. Rotating between them, or doing half and half would be a good middle ground. More so then which server is being streamed things I would like to see, that to me seems to be a huge missed opportunity by the team (especially in the launch weeks where twitch viewership for Wurm spike by over 1000%) would be: - Dev streams, where there are QA times and special guest devs on the streams, done by Retro but featuring different dev team members. - Mayor guests on the streams that Retro interviews and showcases their work, villages, projects etc - More than the sunday stream, I think one way to do so would be to utilize the VEN network to stream on the official channel. So set days set things are officially sponsored streams on the main channel, similar to what they did with the steam stream on launch - A thread that after each stream highlights things that were discussed, questions asked and answered etc. A place where people can see information that was provided on the stream without having to be there Of course this would all take effort and really putting some time into the twitch side of things, which I doubt will happen, but twitch has a lot potential for things if the team really put the effort in
  8. 81,09ql rare hammer, iron - 103woa 91coc // 5 COD to Tek please
  9. Could I get a tester and 3 randoms (10kg or 20kg will take either) COD to Tek when you get time
  10. Looking to buy a drake set, PM me with what you have and the price. May also consider scale set instead. Could potentially arrange payment on either North or South cluster, new cluster may be at different rate. CLOSE, Found
  11. I agree with what most have said, having them divided makes sense. One day maybe they will join them but launching on steam it was the right choice to make. However, my one thought where I might be the unpopular opinion side here is some of the pointing to the population of the new servers versus the old cluster and saying that it was a loud and clear that it was what was wanted. As I shared some of my thoughts in another post recently some of the wording used both on steam, the pinned steam discussions, the official streams, and the popular twitch streams it was heavily pushed to the new steam players that they should be playing on the new servers. As well as calling things "old" which sort of set a different tone. I spent a good 30+ hours in various streams over the weekend and it was not uncommon for there to be confusion with people thinking steam client could only go to the new servers, and that the "old" cluster was for the vets. What I personally would have liked to happen would have been sticking in official things as North and South Freedom, and maybe stating that one is fresh for the launch and one is the existing cluster that has been around forever - but that both were accessible and options for new players depending what they wanted to do. I also feel like the forum title "old freedom market" sort of implies that its some ancient archive to be. But other than those issues, I completely agree they should be divided until the time comes where there is not much critical difference between clusters. And I do hope this isn't all some long term plan to gradually close the "old" chapter of wurm for the new.
  12. Not sure if I am the only one, but I feel like there should be more of a universal naming plan for how things are being named, titled, referenced etc. I get people in the community will call it all kinds of differing things but I think in official sources there should be some sort of uniform use. Some places use the North Freedom and South Freedom titles, some places use "New" and "Old", and in terms of community names (mostly thinking in terms of the official streams etc) some use "Steam Servers" and "Old Servers" To me this just seems a bit confusing, but also after spending upwards of 20 hours in various streams since Friday it seems to be confusing a portion of the new players, but also gives the impression that basically the newer servers are the servers everyone should be on and that the older servers are some old ancient relic and not relevant to the steam world. I also think having the market forums renamed to "old freedom" can be further implying this idea that it's old in the sense of not relevant. Some suggestions related to all this that I can think of would be: - On official wurm places, using the terms "North Freedom" and "South Freedom" universally, rather then things like new or old - Perhaps split the Freedom Isles Category into two, a North and South with each category having its market area, and then each server having its subforum in the category. - Maybe some clearer documentation or messaging in general that the North is a new cluster separate from the South but that both are viable options to start on depending on what the player wants. Some common things I am seeing in streams caused by some of this is that new steam players not understanding that the steam client can access both clusters, and that they have the option to play in the older servers if they wanted to instead of the new cluster. Some see the old cluster and think thats for the old wurmians who use the website client. Some have also pointed to pinned threads in the steam discussions where it says to chose the new cluster, and gives no mention of the option that they could play the other cluster if they wanted to. Though most of the above things also make me wonder a bit more whether the plan here is to heavily deter people from the old servers in hopes that the old cluster can one day go bye bye for the new?
  13. Just wanted to post that the portion of highway in the yellow box here has been removed, the main highway it linked off of was untouched.
  14. Am I missing something? You can level up or level down... And removing level won't end anything as above says, lots of folks flat raise over level.