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  1. Well I had something typed out but it got lost in the merge. I agree this needs to be changed back. Stick to the old rule and then just actually enforce it. If people derail or it turns into chatter they get warned, repeats get muted, or have their trade chat powers removed. Yes it can be an issue sometimes where it turns into too much, but having the solution be taking out market information that could be helpful to others is in my opinion a bad solution. Aside from digging through forums to get an idea of price which can be outdated or old or hard to find or even removed (since people like to just clear their threads on sale) doing PCs in trade is one way to keep up to date on the current market. There are also times when a PC given is just completely wrong, whether it's just based on old sales or old players coming back using old information or somebody trying to change prices. There are those who give PC information not to gain themselves but to help the person looking and getting wrong information. I much rather see price checks and the odd constructive discussion on prices pop up in trade then the posts that are just the exact same post every 30-60 minutes all day every day, or for auctions and posted on the hour for a week to promote an auction etc. In the end, I think this is a bad move and should be changed back. For those who do enjoy the market aspects of the game it's helpful information.
  2. Bump! A few have come and gone having reached their 100 faith. Still a few aiming for 100 or others just using the spot as a place to hang out and work on their priests alongside others. Always looking for new faces. Whether you want to reach 100 faith or just have a place to work on your priest for a while with others we welcome you. If interested you can just show up to the location or send me a PM here or ingame
  3. I haven't tested the changes personally, but after reading here and hearing feedback it seems like a bit of a let down. Not really an overhaul but just more of a combat update/combat UI update. Being that I was gone for a long while and returned just prior to steam launch I must say I feel a bit let down with this "overhaul" that was supposed to launch alongside steam originally, and from just a quick look through some of the posts I could find on it has been in some way in the works for 2 years (or more) that this is what comes of it? I posted asking for some update on the roadmap about the portion of the roadmap dealing with hires and the dev team. Hopefully we can get some answers here or there about just what is going on behind the scenes, because if this is it then something around here really needs to change...
  4. Can we get an official update on this portion of the road map? Some actual details of what is going on behind the scenes. Edit: I am also curious, whether the just released information from GameChest Group about the new marketing agreement they made ( To cover their sub based businesses which I assume includes WO ) covers a part of this for the marketing, and whether this new information played any part in the change of community manager or whether it changed that role.
  5. Rite Of Spring!

    Updated with timer of when we will be casting
  6. Rite Of Spring!

    Hello Indy! Rite of Spring has become available finally so the SFI sermon group is looking to cast it this weekend! As a few of us need the journal entry, like we did with the recent RoD we are looking to organize the cast time so others who might need the journal entry could get it as well! The casting will happen at the sermon site on indy, around P10/11 on the coast. We can offer summons for those who need. If you are interested in taking part please post below or PM me ingame on Tek to get signed up. Currently we are planning 3pm EST on Friday. If you can spread the word, hopefully we can arrange this without it getting sniped Current Casters: -Tek -Tokeito -Vynnx -Xaray -Venger -Bladeboorg -Ginko
  7. Some changes to my area as seen here in the Pylea area. As well could I get "The Powers That Be" added right to where I put the yellow deed square below and to the right of Pylea by that tower The road going from the Kinoss Autobahn to the deed square is also catseyed highway
  8. Would love to see this! Big +1
  9. [03:38:37] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  10. [03:16:34] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  11. [01:56:25] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  12. Things are coming along nicely, still room for more! A few have come and reached 100 already.