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  1. fine fishing rod, willow 70ql COC88 - 90c cod to Tek please
  2. Got some skillers, great quick service
  3. WTB Priest

    Looking around for any priests other than mag to fill out my roster now that I have returned to wurm. Primarily looking for a Vyn but open to others. Doesn't have to be really high end; so if you have one for sale feel free to send me the info. Ideally something that has good faith, channeling, farming, cooking etc but again open to consider all If you have one feel free to PM me with a skill dump or link as well as your asking price (May also be interested in crafting characters, feel free to PM those as well if you want)
  4. SOLD Looking to sell sleep powders, currently have 22. 1 silver each, or 20s for the lot. open to offers though in PM Willing to deliver to any coast (excluding chaos) if taking all of them. Otherwise, pick up Kinoss Bay area on Indy
  5. WTB 50s

    Looking to get 50s Please contact through PM with your price, amount you have available etc.
  6. WTB - 20s (close)

    Found seller, please close
  7. Looking to buy 20s, I am paypal verified. Send me a PM if you are selling with your asking price in euros
  8. Updated today adding in some new mods: - Bounty mod added - Digging like mining - Boat tweaks - Harvest helper - Lowered time between med path levels - lowered guard hiring cost - surface mining now lowers each action
  9. The server is now open to anyone who wants to join, the password has been removed Information can be found at the new forums at TekPK.net
  10. I know it's a long shot but figured I would post up here, there are a few things serverside on a dedicated box I would like to get some help with as my knowledge is slightly limited in some areas. If anyone with a good reputation in the community would like to assist me with some of the tasks (for compensation if required, we can discuss) please PM me here Mostly looking at getting some assistance with setting up domains, websites, the web admin tool setup would be nice (tried but keep messing it up) or general advice for servers backend etc Anyways if your interested in helping let me know in PM. Can be one time help, just advice, or an ongoing server helper position.
  11. you can see the mods on the mod section of forum, at the moment only using things available through ago's mod loader. Prospecting mod makes the cave floor work like rock surface for prospecting, crop mod adds an extra crop per harvest and gets rid of rot, meditation mod lowers the time between levels as well as removes some of the timer cooldowns and restrictions like moving the rug, priest mod makes it so anyone can priest, 20 minute prayer timer and no cap per day as well as max favor needed being 90 so no linking required at the moment no custom mods or code changes so that updating patches is easier while I learn about making my own mods with the mod loader.
  12. Hello Wurmians! I figured it was time to post on here to invite those who may be interested to join my now public server. Started mainly with alliance members from WO we aim to be a smaller sized community server - though obviously the more people the better, we want to make sure everyone gets along and we avoid some of the less appealing 'community' things that go on in WO. We currently have 5-10 players on the server and online at one time changes from none to 5-6 throughout the day. So if you are looking for a high population server we are for sure not that - though there are several great high pop servers out that that might be better suited for you. We aim to be a community based server, meaning that while not everyone will be best friends we can all get along enough that there is no drama in the game - after all we are all here to enjoy. Whether we eventually become public with a strict ruleset still has yet to be decided but for now we are content to slowly grow in a healthy way. Whether you are brand new to wurm or a vet you can find a place here. All new players are given 10s to start a basic deed. Outside of that deed costs are normal like WO and require silver that you can attain either in-game through forage or traders, or through our donation shop. There will also be jobs at some point, referral bonuses etc that will allow players to further pay for deeds without needing real money. It's a hot topic whether servers should monetize and while I am not out to make the big bucks obviously it would be nice to cover the server costs as well as stockpile some to secure the servers long life. All donations are visible to the public and monthly statements are posted to show everyone exactly what comes in and what goes out for things like the gameserver, website, teamspeak etc. We are hosted on a beefy 64gb server that I also use to host other game servers sometimes - there is room to expand as the community does or if we go public. Maybe one day add a PvP map. As we grow there will be staff positions available, though you shouldn't join just expecting those. 3x Actions Timers and 4x Skillgain; with some custom skill tweaks *Currently testing 5x action timers to see how it is Increased Weaponsmithing to match other skills Deeds are normal, guards cost 1s to hire instead of 2s 4096x4096 map Newfoundland by Xeon Priest Restrictions removed - Anyone can priest 20 minute prayer timer - no cap per day Prospecting Mod, Meditation mod, Crop Mod, Priest Mod etc 24 hour non rotting crops 75k creatures with 45% aggressive Drama free Digging like Mining Surface Mining tweaks Boat Tweaks 25% less time between meditation levels and MORE... For full information and how to apply please visit wurm.tekpk.net The server is now OPEN to the public and anyone is welcome to join!
  13. Any plans to make something similar with bringing wood types back to bsb/fsb/chest etc?