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  1. Hello all! We have a little server ready for you! Join our fresh community and be part of a new great adventure! https://discord.gg/4XpYUAF
  2. It should be possible to make a script that checks all accounts pertaining to the same SteamID, and for example check the oldest and/or most active one for skills and such to see if this account should be rewarded any.
  3. Only real difference I see in your config and mine, is that I put the actual Discord server name (not number) in mine, and works perfectly, within its limitations (messages from other bot not being relayed) So maybe you need to put <Server Name> rather than <234328947...>
  4. This is a great idea, and a nice start for a mod. It would be awesome if you could make options/conditions for the reward. For instance: Activity: A player standing there doing nothing, does not count. At least *some* activity has to have been registered during x amount of time to qualify for a reward. Skill: for example, in case your server uses bounty mod like most do, players above X fight skill do not qualify. Deeds: Is player owner (or otherwise part of) a deed? Then, if that deed has more than X amount of time worth of upkeep, they do not qualify. Banks: does player have more or equal to X amount of money in bank? Doesn't qualify. (smartasses saving coins in chests and boxes? make coins decay there super fast with other mod) Alts: Possible to check player database for all players with that steamid (also offline), and apply restrictions and conditions based on the one with highest skills, etc...? Those are some things we've come up with, discussing the implementation of this mod on our server. I would love to implement it once it's not too easily abusable. Great work so far and I hope you continue to add some features! Hopefully some of the ones I mentioned! EDIT: Those would all be optional, and separately switched on or off, and configurable, in an ideal world. (players on our server, after reading my post here pointed out that tthat wasn't clear)
  5. Trealia welcomes you! http://drcwurm.epizy.com/ A new world ready to be claimed by ambitious adventurers! But be wary, this world is not without dangers... Wild beasts and monsters lurk around every corner, hungry for fresh meat. Luckily the first settlers and adventurers were able to build a magnificent little town in which to receive newcomers and be safe from all harm. Complete with places to train skills from pottery to fighting, a mine for iron, a big cathedral, wonderfully decorated... And of course a big harbor and market... It may make it hard for you to ever leave! But alas, you can't stay there forever, soon, you will want a place of your own to safeguard all your hard-earned money and items, and lay claim to your own little piece of this new and untouched world. Trealia is waiting... ----------------------------------------- We have implemented an extensive list of mods that generally serve to improve Quality of Life and/or add some realism. Skillgain: x3 Action Speed: x5 Mob Count: 150.000 Aggro Rate: 40% We have a very active Discord community. All public information and maps can be found on our website: http://drcwurm.epizy.com/
  6. Not every server admin is by default a modder, though. And without any mentionable mod support, being welcome to mod, doesn't get you there. Hope it gets there soon.
  7. Still, if you make the Wurm Online features in a more "open" kind of way, you'd also be making it easier on yourselves later porting them to Wurm Unlimited. I mean, since Wurm Unlimited launched, if you make the features more open and configurable to begin with, so you could, on the WO servers, enable/disable options, setting them how you think is most appropriate for the WO servers and lore, but still actually leaving them open to be configured later on, seems to me all you'd then have to do is include them in the next WU update or somethig along those lines. My point is; why do everything twice?
  8. BUMP!! I disagree with all excuses above. At least make it an option, (default option: disabled, if that makes you sleep better)... let every server admin and community decide for themselves what to put in and what not. In a world where 4 players are the same person, the game in question is 90% community mod balanced and 10% dev balanced... I think we can agree to disagree Woiuld really like to see more of a user friendly approach from the devs, rather than doing it their way cause <random reason that seems appropriate>. Let people decide what to enable or disable on their servers, and block it off any way you want for your offical WO servers? Wouldn't that be a more human approach? Maybe fix some of those new and old bugs along the way, before releasing yet another horse texture and wall texture and bridge texture and whatnot. Falling off(read: through) bridges while driving your cart over them,.. doesn't help if the bridge is slate or marble. Still sucks. On the off-chance that this doesn't get buried under the rug at first sight: Thanks for reading and I hope someone will start taking better care of this game, cause it has an incredible amount of ignored potential.