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Found 18 results

  1. No reason at all why we can't unpack starter deed tiles, specifically on PvP servers. We've all seen it before... Guy logs out with a cart for 3 months and tiles get packed. This happens with like 10 guys and the starter deed looks like trash. These tiles are packed for 6+ months and build up quickly. I understand maybe that players shouldn't be able to pave/unpave starter deed tiles to prevent destroying the intended paved areas and that maybe some malicious players might destroy every paved tile to make walking through the deed annoying as hell... but at the very least find a servant to pay 50 iron coins to monthly visit every starter deed in the game to unpack tiles/grow grass
  2. Depending on who you speak to, Jackal was either a great start or not so much, but the lodestones that are left behind to remind us of that unique time in Wurm history are stuck in their locations for the most part. At this point, they are souvenirs and mementos. And a fun place to redeem rift points. Please let us take them with us if we move. Thank you.
  3. So one of my suggestions is to add the ability to marry someone. Also allowing the ability to craft wedding like objects and wedding rings. Idk what type of bonuses you could give to a couple but I noticed a lot of IRL couples play this together, myself included, but I think it would be great to have. Also, updating the way animals are tamed/claimed for a deed or player. Right now, guards still register a tamed monster as aggro, even though it isn't thus they will attack them when on the deed. I think the coding should change so that when a creature is tamed by a player, there is a coding tag associated for that player, then the player can add a permission to the animal to be allowed to be messed with by the deed that he belongs to and or other players. That way, when a player accidently dismounts on someone's deed, that animal isn't auto locked into that deed because of the permission set up. I can understand that permission being enabled for PVP servers, as a way to prevent someone from riding into a town, doing damage, then mounting and riding away but it should be auto disabled for PVE towns. Or you can just do auto-branding feature like I mentioned above where when tamed it's auto marked to a player and isn't considered a hostile creature or still a wild animal.
  4. Would be nice if Thatching be came a more diverse skill. Possible Recipes. - Straw Hat - Straw Basket -Lobster trap -Fish Trap Would be nice.
  5. Currently the material requirement for sleeping bag is so insane that it is only ever useful as a decoration. it takes like over 200 materials to make one. early game its too difficult to aquire that much wool easier to make a bed. late game you probablay already have a place to sleep or max sleep bonus or a place to go home. - Sleeping bag should be an alternative before you can make a bed. (this is how it is in most games and makes sense) - another option would be to add a "primitive bedroll" that gives low sleep bonus like 30% but is easy to make like 20-30 items. (does not require loom , spinning wheel fleet of sheep)
  6. New statue types! Gold Statues Silver Statues Etc.... Statues This would greatly increase the use of gold and some of the other metals while also adding alot more diversity to designs.
  7. Gardening Skill Changes! *Allow for placement of shrubbery, hedges, trees and flowers freely instead of central planting or random planting. This idea could be tiered based on your gardening level.. *allow for free placement of hedges aswell, provided you have the corosponding gardening level . example : bush requires level 20 gardening for free placement of the planted bush. etc. I think this is a very simple but important addition. This allows for more customizable flowerbeds aswell as better landscaping options!
  8. Hey guys! i know it has been suggested for quite awhile! Lets get some armor stands/weapon racks that actually display armor or weapons that are inside their inventory!! The biggest thing i love about games like this is the amount of customization you are able to do to better immerse yourself in the game! I think with these simple fixes we could be a few steps closer to a perfect game!
  9. Over the course of a few months since I started playing, various people who've lived on my deed have either moved or or quit playing without notice. By quit playing they've, either communicated they're not coming back, or failed to get back to me on multiple inquiries outside of the game. My suggestion comes into play here, when someone stops playing and has no intention on coming back we really really need a way to deal with locked items such as BSB to say the least of all the other items that can be locked. I'm not the kind of player that really cares to control everything on deed, I like players have their own freedom. What doesn't make sense to me is how illogical it is to not allow the major of a village not be able to unlock specific items so that they can be removed or repurposed. It's driving me nuts! I have no way of removing or reusing stuff and I'm left with a giant mess... The solution shouldn't have to be, "push" everything off to a corner. I'm not sure how something like this can be addressed as I'm not aware of any other threads related to this topic, nor do I understand the development history of the game and the choices behind this specific decision. If anyone would like to comment in agreement or disagreement I'd like to hear your thoughts and equally it would be really nice to see a post from a developer on the matter. From yours truly - a irritated new Wurm player!
  10. Since we are seeing people suggesting whole-sale changes to the game as QoL changes, I'll offer a real QoL suggestion. Could we have an option on rare items to turn them into normal items? Or at least some way to force them into bulk containers. Kind of tired of having rare dirt littered all over my deed.
  11. That one's pretty simple. It would be nice to be able to access the right-click menu of containers from their inventory window (right-clicking on the title seems pretty intuitive, I just tried it and was disappointed that it didn't work). I can mostly see it being useful for furnaces, so you can examine to see how hot it's burning when your screen is full of open windows and it's hard to actually right-click on the object.
  12. Alright, so I've been workin on the idea of making a public deed, an artisan's guild, if you will, and was thinking that it'd be neat to let people be able to use good, rare, and enchanted tools to work on stuff here... But then you run the risk, of your nice tools walking off... So I had the thought, what if we could chain them to a tile, or a new plantable item or something, and then they can't be taken more than 5 tiles from that location, traded, or put into a container, thus keeping said tool on the deed for others to use it freely? I know it's not a perfect solution, as the player could still just hold it in their inventory and prevent others from using it... but still it's a step towards the idea at hand imo *Update* (10-22-17) Wanted to post my new post here for people viewing this for the first time can see that the direction I want to take this idea would be different than the original idea I'd posted:
  13. Trealia welcomes you! A new world ready to be claimed by ambitious adventurers! But be wary, this world is not without dangers... Wild beasts and monsters lurk around every corner, hungry for fresh meat. Luckily the first settlers and adventurers were able to build a magnificent little town in which to receive newcomers and be safe from all harm. Complete with places to train skills from pottery to fighting, a mine for iron, a big cathedral, wonderfully decorated... And of course a big harbor and market... It may make it hard for you to ever leave! But alas, you can't stay there forever, soon, you will want a place of your own to safeguard all your hard-earned money and items, and lay claim to your own little piece of this new and untouched world. Trealia is waiting... ----------------------------------------- We have implemented an extensive list of mods that generally serve to improve Quality of Life and/or add some realism. Skillgain: x3 Action Speed: x5 Mob Count: 150.000 Aggro Rate: 40% We have a very active Discord community. All public information and maps can be found on our website:
  14. Not sure if posted in right section (if not, then mods please move it). Please let us use the Repair keybind in the crafting window. You can already right-click on one of the loaded items and choose repair. The Repair keybind even works on the toolbelt items, seems an oversight that it's not working in the crafting window. Please have Wurm remember the position of the crafting window and what was loaded in it if you log out with the crafting window open and things loaded. Icing on the cake and maybe not easy: Please make an option to make the crafting window smaller. Maybe like this: (don't know how to embed a picture ) Thanks Ostentatio
  15. To put it simple, while transfering from one bulk container to another, I suggest the addition of an option to transfer as much as possible instead of "As many as I can carry" (refering to the menu below) When transfering thousands of heavy materials such as shards, bricks, dirt, etc it takes eons dragging the stuff from example crates into bsbs. While dragging items from non-bulk containers into bulk-containers there is no limitations, so there isn't really any reason why we shouldnt be allowed to transfer as much as possible from one bulk container to another at once.
  16. Right now it is very easy to compress a window, but you need to click what seems like a single 1 pixel wide target to expand it again. Add normal Expand and Compress buttons as large and obvious as the current X to close in the corner.
  17. Everything's in the title. This would definitely hurt noone, but could help with making crafting more comfortable thus improving QoL a bit.
  18. with the devs wanting to implement new quality of life changes, I thought i'd suggest the thing i've been wanting for some time now combining common keybindings into one new keybind (keep the old keybinds also though as they have their uses) so something like this: open/close to one keybind lead/stop_leading to one keybind load/unload to one keybind drag/stop_dragging to one keybind climb_up/climb_down into one keybind would also like an embark/disembark keybinding for both creatures and vehicles