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  1. LOL, Ygg you are So bad. Love ya all. If you do want to help with upkeep can get in touch with Hvergi, Lyhrinae, Chaoshaze, Lilychaos. They all have access to the token. But yeah half of Gardens is on Tichs old place, Nirav next to me got the rest. But I was in that area for most of the shenanigans that went on that we can't talk about lol.
  2. Chaos was trying to send me a link of all the work I'm missing out . on. Right now been still looking for a place close by, ( within 40 to 50. miles ) but so far almost all the places have a 1+ year waiting list. The two that only had a 3ish month list ( estimated ) didnt have anything on the ground . floor or accessible for a wheel chair, they was on the 2nd or 3rd floors. Jabirta went to stay with her son who lives about 3 hours away to look for apartments around his area, but i s seeing the same problem up there as well and some that would be totally out . of budget to afford. We're both also looking at renting houses as well and I'll be looking at a few tommorow. The support everyone has show is the most amazing thing through all this and we both are grateful for everything you all have done and said. Big BIG hugs to everyone and gawd yes all my friends who know me know I love to give hugs. Be safe, love yourselves and one another and be kind to those around you. PS, I'm so gonna finish that 300 lamp order and buy a couple of those cute backpack skins for 5s a piece for Jabs n Me lol. Stormblade n Jabirta
  3. Haha I remember when exploring and ran across this place and the trenches. It appeared to be a once deeded area but then abandoned. The trenches surrounding the area are VERY deep so be mindful of that. Happy hunting and be safe Stormblade (ps wish I could be there)
  4. For Mentors my thoughts on this was that a new player could 'link' with a veteran player and much like priest linking, it has a certain range, but allow new players to 'boost' their skills to a certain amount above current skill. For example, a fresh made character could link with a friend, as long as the vet player has a set amount of skill, Carpentry 50 skill for example, and boost the new players Carpentry skill 10 points allowing them to experience building their own house. Skills already above the 20 limit cannont be boosted. Perhaps premium vs non not being able to be boosted as well. While boosted the player would still skill up but at a reduced rate, much like using a 99 ql, 99 woa tool to grind with, hope that makes sense. Once this link is established, long cool downs are needed to change mentors, 3 days to a week. Both players need to be online. Possible rewards for mentoring, a title, sleep bonus, or this could even be added as an optional entry in the journal.
  5. I just want to say thank you everyone, for all your warm thoughts and wishes. We've had a few tears from all the love you all have sent us in this trying time. Big hugs to each and every one of you. Stormblade & Jabirta
  6. Hi everyone, just wanted to say, thank you and love you all for the warm thoughts and support. The house took 3 years to remodel and less than an hour to be gone. When you cook with oil please Please be very careful because all it takes is a few drops for a flash fire to start. We've managed to salvage some clothes, this kindle, but both computers burnt to scrap and everything else. The fire just spread so fast, Jabirta and I was cut off from each other. I thought she was trapped in the fire. The cats where no where to be seen ( they passed from the smoke, all together so there was no pain for them ) I grabbed a shirt covered my face and tried toget get to her. She got out the side door, the flame shot out from the kitchen hitting my left arm and left side of face. I got out the front, ( those know my joke about walrusing ) and floped out the front door rolling and scooting across the yard till some friends grabbed me and pulled me to saftey. All of this took place in about the time it took for that to be read. Everyone has been so supportive during this awful time. With words, hugs, prayers and anyway they've been able to. Lilychaos put a page together for a way of friends and family to help if they can. A very very close friend asked how they could help, I said I could use a hug, they sent me 3. Never fear, I Will be back, cheerful, moody, lots of fun, always there, and never to far to come help. Love your family, pets, friends and neighbors. Don't waste your energy on hate instead spend it on the ones you love and care for. Don't drag someone down but instead help lift them up, and always always be ready to give someone a hug, cause you never know that just might the differerance in someones life. Love you all Stormblade ( Mike )
  7. someone add stormie gardens, I cant with what im using to read the forums with
  8. This project is truly a great memorial to Independence and the community old, new, and to those no longer with us.
  9. Jumped off a 2 story building, on deed, zero damage ( repeated for 10 minutes ) Jumped off a 75 slope hill top on deed, zero damage ( tried 4 times ) Jumped off a 117 slope side of hill Off deed, zero damage ( tried 3 times )
  10. Thanks to Aromas long lasting pizzas was able to hit 90 masonry, carpentry, animal husbandry and blacksmithing. Highly recommend Aroma for all your pizza needs.
  11. True but do we Really have to have all those listings for Fails? Honestly they serve no purpose.
  12. This is totally true when you are chopping down a tree or bush and in the middle ( the tree has not been fully chopped down ) and you get a moi. There is Zero benefit from this when this happen. The End Chopping Action moi's give a rare log, or scrap ( with some bushes )
  13. Honestly, I quit recommending the Albia maps to new players, for one it doesn't show enough information for a new player, aka Deed locations. By default if it did show deed locations ( don't have to include the name ) just show some indication of where a deed is, or that land is taken up by a deed, then I'll go back to recommending this map. As far as a topo map, really don't matter to me one way or the other. As a long time explorer of Indy, I'm familiar with a lot of the topography ( except the south eastern section of indy only been there a few times ) but for those that barely or hardly ever explore Indy it can be frustrating to realize that yeah this road goes up one side of a mountain and down the other.
  14. Create Item of Each Stone Have made Benches completely of each type Gravestones, Fountains ( of each type ) Nothing registered. If this is for building walls or a house, or fence, needs to state that instead, or even bridges, to say 'create a Structure' made of stone marble slate and sandstone instead of Item.