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  1. When draging crates from container to container some of the same wood type will give that messege. Full or Empty or Partial contents in crate. QL doesn't matter, rarity doesn't matter. For example trying to drag 7 crates from wagon to crate rack, got this error over and over. Dragged 6 from rack to wagon no problem, tried again. Tried single Lrg Crate, Birchwood to rack from wagon, error. Closed out rack, wagon, error Disembarked, error. Reloaded logtime, error. This also seems to happen if i'm moving stored bsbs from rack to rack, or if i'm moving a bunch from inventory to rack. Zero Lag.
  2. 3 nights ago saw a male champ turtle swimming around just north-eastish from my deed in the inner sea area ( and where it says inner sea ) just below magic mountain.
  3. No matter where you sac at, on your deed, another deed, in the wilderness, the bonus will goto your deed. Found that out at an impalong when folks started sacking thinking it would add to the impalongs deed bonus, it doesn't. it goes to their deeds if they're part of one. No clue where it goes if you're not part of a deed or part of a deed on another server.
  4. I'm not a wurm code diver but i'm betting deed density has something to do with it. I've noticed on Indy the rifts appear in about 5 regular areas, granted there has been the oddball Waaaay the F out there location.
  5. Whats the Hard Number leather working requirement on making them?
  6. I'm betting since coastal deeds are spread out up and down the coasts, fog spiders can't spawn in deeds, that they're further inland. The ones I have encountered are usually 30+ tiles away from the coast, and coastal deeds.
  7. Hell yeah thanks for the idea. gonna go make 10 alts, farm the affinities, wait a couple weeks, see what new ones they get and get those as well till their premiums run out. ( being totally sarcastic to the absurdity of this type of crap )
  8. That's an interesting idea and something I will pass on. I've seen a suggestion thread for it and the initial reduction in decay has already gone in, adding anything such as that would require art assets which take a little longer. Not really, you have a Bookcase that well, can't do anything but look nice, just make it a container, hold items, rename it 'Showcase' or something else ( hell i dunno a name for it )
  9. I have the following Items, let me know if intrested. 3 Rare Marble Brazier Pillars 1 Rare Rectangular marble table 3 Rare Iron lamps 1 Rare Silver Hanging Lamp 1 Rare coffin 1 supreme small colorful carpet 1 Rare imperial street lamp 1 Rare marble planter ( no flower planted yet, you can choose ) 1 Rare large crate, cedarwood 1 Supreme large barrel, cedarwood
  10. If a double drawbridge yeah i can see it being balanced for pvp, acts like portculus lowers when person aproaches ( like a door ) if locked, can have permissions set, that way, on pvp can be picked and effectively lowered and for pve still gives the permission system of allowing folks to pass throu. ( would have to watch for folks putting them on 'public' bridges and restricting crossing ) Otherwise +1
  11. Just move priest spells to skilled priest spells. The more you cast it the higher your skill level the better the spell. Put skill gain in the spell with difficulty on par with gaining channeling. Example. Vyn priest, 20 skill level in CoC with 40 Channeling mean effective skill ( some random brain surgeon calculation ) means an avg of 30ish CoC when cast. That way can just give all the whitelighter priest whitelighter spells, and bl all bl spells and be done with it. No more random spell list and the 'Oh crap this list is unbalanced fix it later routine' that we've come to expect anytime a new playgod with followers and priests are introduced. This way if a priest chooses to focus on combat, they can, or enchanting, or healing.
  12. Not really. Built floors are still above ground level, to me and others that looks horrible, so we used paved tiles as our ground floor. All this means is, we use an ugly looking above ground built floor = no snow OR we use our regular flat with the bottom of the house paved tiles and Get snow. Least it's halfway towards the goal of Zero snow in All houses.
  13. Placing satchels on your tool belt, keybinding 'sow' to T key, putting seeds into the satchels, placing mouse around center of the screen, rotating screen so mouse would hover over tiles, hitting 1,T, 2, T, 3, T planting 1100 tiles for my first time. When Hvergi explained to me I could just activate the seeds inside the satchels on the toolbelt by hitting 1,2,3 i said 'OMFG this is So much quicker and easier than activating each seed, right click planting'
  14. +1 But would like it to be an Actual hitching post and to make it reasonable, have it be blessed by a Fo priest.