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  1. Sorry got word jumbled. What i was trying to say is, if off deed or on perimeter, allow them to act like blessed lamps when secured. I'd rather do that than mess with a huge oil barrel which requirement was removed a long while back, rather than have them re-add that and screw up some code somewhere, just let us bless brazier pillars, secure them, then they relight with day / night cycle.
  2. How bout if they're secure on deed or perimeter ( for brazier pillars ) that they relight as if they was planted.
  3. Allow a bonus to leading animals based on Animal Husbandry. +1 Animal at milestones of Animal Husbandry So at Drover at 50 skill +1 Leading ( Total 5 Animals ) Granger at 70 skill +1 Leading ( Total 6 Animals ) Rancher at 90 skill +1 Leading ( Total 7 Animals ) Zoologist at 100 skill +1 Leading ( Total 8 Animals )
  4. blah nm, lol misclicked on forums
  5. Totally agree that this should definitely be a focus, as well as Retention of those new players. Incentives really don't work, or fit in with a game like Wurm ( meaning absolutely new player incentives ) Defeats the purpose of playing wurm long term to see those rewards. Some folks 4 hours in to the game, love it, or hate it, but the focus should be on why do they hate it. Yes controls can be a lil clunky and confusing, but honestly is not a reason to not play a game, unless you have to be a pretzel flexible gymnast to use the controls. The tutorial, it's been reworked, worked, redone, over hauled. Honestly for a game like wurm, it's almost impossible to have some kinda of 'intro' that would give you an overview of Everything. The basic essentials are somewhat covered, but because of the complexity of how to do something while playing wurm, like, make a campfire, takes different actions that to cover them might be meaningless to some folks that just want to get started and jump in. You see it plenty of times in CA or even global, how do i light a forge. Then the usual response of did you do the tutorial? answer is, No, it didn't make sense to me. Some folks refer to videos to see how to start and what the play style is. Me personally when i check out a new game, i google 'Gamename Screenshots ingame play' or somethingl ike that to see what the ui looks like, graphics, first person over the shoulder, or watch a video of actual game play. I hear more and more folks doing the same with wurm and skipping the tutorial, perhaps adding a link to a Video of someone ( staff ) doing the tutorial from start to finish would be helpful as well, and Official Video. Just a thought. There are suggestions on character appearance, lack of diversity in how your character looks, beeing looked at and hopefully worked on by the Team. There's been a suggestion of a Mentoring System, where a new player can be 'joined' or 'linked' with a older player to sorta like priests share favor, they would be able to share a skill pool of the older player. Limited time and range, but would give them the benefit of actually Trying out some skills they might not normally be able to do while non-premium or as a new player. Wurm unlike other games, has not real set A-B-C-Ending way to play unlike other games where you watch a full play through video from beginnig to end and see the whole game. In the past there have been those that have streamed their play time from beginning as a new player to settling to building their deed. This would go to promotion of the game and hopefully a inventive to retain new players by showing them what they can accomplish. Wurm is a hard work game, it is Not a gimme game where you go raid a boss and get gear, or do dungeons and get experience. You skill up, you grind, you work and you build. You participate with the community to build your reputation up as either a good guy or bad buy or a however you want folks to perceive you as, or you can just go be a hermit in the mountains. The variety of playstyles is almost limitless with Wurm, but the end is the same, YOU did it, no one else, You accomplished this.
  6. ASDW, up, down, left, right arrows... .hit your number pad key use those arrows, whats not to understand? These keys have been the staple of movement since ... well, forever as far as I know at Least 40 years of computer game play. Is it possible that they don't understand how to move withtout a control pad? And see the last quote on how to set your own movement keys to your own peferance. Sht dude, if you think new players have a hard time moving around on basic use movement keys since mosses played duke nukem, wtf do you think is gonna happen if they can't right click anything to open a chest, embark on horse, or hell even Eat or Drink something. Don't think there's enough combo hotkeys on a standard kb to cover every conceivable variable that a person can do in wurm with out being able to right click menu some commands. Cause gawd knows players have never Ever had to explore a games settings and adjust them...
  7. Remove a CA helped me figure it out.
  8. Brahahahahhahahaha omfg that made me laugh so freakin hard. Follower of Vyn, Builds a Vyn colossus. Next day 'F you vyn i'm going Fo' Builds a Fo colossus Next day 'F you Fo i'm going Mag' builds a mag colossus .... You see the picture here of how stupid that sounds to build a colossus to your faith then piss on it changing faith and building another? Lore?!?! Wtf dude, what freakin Lore!! Does your deity shine a bight light down increases your stats, domain, blessings, castings, give you a pat on the back? There is no lore behind building a colossus, if there is, Point that sht out so the rest of us can understand the LORE behind the limits placed on the colossus. Please.
  9. Server and in game location helps on where this deed is located. Names of deeds don't really mean much if folks don't know them.
  10. If a Bee Hive is empty allow us to stack more than 1 on a single tile please. This does Not mean Inactive ( as they are occupied by Bee's ) but when creating new ones, have to do it single, finish, move it ( or load it into a boat for easy imping ) But as far as 'storage' for empty bee hives, allow us to stack them on a single tile.
  11. Does anyone have a link to where a developer posted that indeed Cared For Animals absolutely will not die of old age ever thereby making them immortal?
  12. Allows the use of Restoration on existing items to reveal signatures, much like how improving them does. Can use the same table but instead of Quality limiting the letters, let Restoration limit them as well. Would give Archaeologists something else to do besides sit in front of fragments all day. I don't think skilling up should be very high on this, much like how Analyze works with Prospecting, gives some skill up but not as much as actually restoring fragments would. Anyways just a random idea.