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  1. when you first light a lamp on deed during the day it will stay lit for the day, into the night, and turn off the next day, then it starts the night and day cycle of being lit. As of now, the only way to have a lamp lit during the day, is to go upto it, and light it.
  2. would rather just have blessed lamps stay perma lit.
  3. Wouldn't count on 30 minutes or less or it's free ;p
  4. LOL for all those wanting to ride the wagon while it delivers.
  5. West of black hole, there was an old abandoned mine, at least there was around 9 or so months ago, that angle up towards the rift area in the side of the mountain. I remember it went for some 40 or so tiles at an upward slope till it was blocked and I got bored turned around and came back down. Marked the area with a yellow arrow from my 2012 map dump
  6. Hopefully a step in the right direction: Wagoners Repairperson operate a special wagon for their deliveries repairs for deeds. When making a delivery, repairs, the wagoner Repairperson will load his/her wagon, inventory and drive it walk from the origin to the destination, unload repair the goods, damage before returning to his/her home deed. staring spot. Rather spend 10s for a npc that does this than a wagoner. or a monthly extra 1s in deed upkeep ( hell honestly I'd pay a 50s one time fee for this ) Interesting on the Wagoners, sad that it has to rely on the new highway system, hope the big chunks and holes in the highway system aren't to bad for these guys / ladies to roam and deliver.
  7. First, ignore what wulf has to say ( or at least take it with a grain of salt ) otherwise you'll pull your hair out, get frustrated and quit. He does have a lot to offer as far as experience, but like I said, most of what he says, take with a grain of salt or in other words take what you need and leave the rest. As far as RNG goes on creating, i found wurm to be the best one ever. EQ RNG fail, you loose your items or half of them, Poof, gone. WoW no RNG on creating at all, hit a button go afk for 30 minutes ( boring as ###### ) .. Wurm, RNG you have a Chance to succeed on creating something. Higher the skill, higher quality mats, higher quality tools all improve over time and increases your chance. After a while, yeah it goes towards the boring side, but at least you see all those days weeks years of hard work paying off. this is not a Gimme game. If you're used to quick rewards, wurm don't have that. RNG plays a part, but the biggest part is your dedication to your project, work, whatever you're doing atm. That is where the pay off comes.
  8. cod rare iron knife for 1s to stormblade
  9. Imp your boat to 80+ql get a speed rune on it and you won't have to worry bout No wind.
  10. this is why i think it'll be taxidermy LOL was just thinking bout that, i feel sorry for the poor idiot that everyone convinces to brand the dragon on deed.
  11. Center of my church
  12. Some new trait ideas. Sturdy = Produces more meat when butchered Has a healthy coat = produces more leather Strong organs = produces more animal parts when butchered
  13. Figured out the beehive situation. FSB still no clue on, Stormie Gardens, last time inspected was few weeks ago ( only keep weekly logs sorry ) was around the same time planted down 6 more fsbs in the area, those where secure at the time.
  14. FSB on deed, not secure [02:05:20] A storage bin made from planks and strengthened with iron ribbons. Ql: 10.576701, Dam: 94.54743. Bee Hive just made, on deed, not secure. [19:43:51] An enclosed structure in which some honey bee species of the subgenus Apis live and raise their young. Ql: 24.328186, Dam: 85.73023. Well over 30 days on upkeep. No idea why these items took over 90 damage in 2 days.