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  1. Also happened to me, i just happened to have an empty domestic beehive 5 tiles away on opposite side of large iron fence from the noisy domestic beehive and the queen migrated ( took about a week ) not sure if there is a 'max' distance between the empty and noisy beehives, but it is possible they can migrate at least 5 tiles away, domestic ones anyways, haven't tested a wild beehive distance.
  2. Not only that but years ago ql actually made a difference in that lanterns shined light upto 5, 10 tiles away lighting up all around you, now, even at 90+ql, you Might light up 1 to 2 tiles around you.
  3. Not really the same thing. The Epic skill boost and Freedom to Epic ( and other way around ) conversion was a totally different system. With this it is more of Small Metal Shield Skill = 89, Small Wooden Shield = 65, consolidated skill would then give them the highest, Small Shield Skill = 89. Don't think folks would complain. And yeah wouldn't want to give ya a headache over something like this. My thought was that, the game should evolve, not stagnate, after all, even cavemen went from swinging clubs to using swords to machine guns ( not that we'd ever get machine guns lol ) Also wasn't aware that artifact fell under the warhammer section, should be added or noted on the wiki that it does.
  4. Carpentry Knife and Butchering Knife. Just combine them into Knives. Med Metal Shield and Med Wood Shield = Combine to Medium Shield Small Metal Shield and Small Wood Shield. Large Metal Shield and Large Wood Shield. Seriously, 6 skills for each single different shield type? Hell, Small = small, med = med, large = large Also, Move Shield Bashing to a shields subskill. Weapon Head smithing, pointless after 20-30 skill. Blade smithing = pointless after 20-30 skill. Bowery and Fletching should be subskills of archery, face it, i could make the worlds best bow and arrow, don't mean i know jack about building a house. Weaponless fighting, should include non-traditional weapons, frying pans, shovels stuff like that, or just rename it 'Non Traditional Weapons' Healing, get rid of it, just move First Aid upto the main skill, no subs or possibly add some later, Covers / Salves ( for improved chance of sucess not based on ql and luck ) Clubs skill, just move Huge Club to Mauls, or move it into Misc Items like Iron Hammer. Hammers. ( according to wiki ) Yet none of these items are in there as subs. Just move warhammers ( is there such a thing? ) Table of Weaons Nope, so absolutely pointless unless it's some kinda Legacy thing from Waaaaay back when. Milling, "A skill used in the creation of flour from cereal crops.' should be under cooking as a sub skill. Just my 2c worth of thoughts.
  5. New guard dog for my boat.... I call him Elvis.
  6. ... within game rules and implemented mechanisms! Oh now that craps funny as hell to read. Fountain pans? Oh i know, most recently Alt Farming for affinities? Yeah we see how these implemented mechanisms can be changed.
  7. This sentiment is exactly why i refuse to play Warcraft anymore. When the developers decided to dictate to Me, the Player, how I should be playing, then it's time to move on. Whats next, Oh sorry guys to prevent botting we're only gonna allow 5k actions per play time within a 24 hour period. If this is an anti-botting measure, it is a piss poor one and should be fixed, corrected, an updated realistic measure put in.
  8. Sowing affinity here I come.
  9. Nah, it's simple, here's the math and the point of the window of opportunity to gain an affinity..
  10. +1 Seriously was looking forward to the bulk transfer que, went to smelt lumps and 'WTF?!?' still had to drag and drag and drag.
  11. I keep my animals in 2x1 pens, single animal, males go into their own pens and I might see not in the mood once every few months. Cows I keep females in open field so they roam, I see not in the mood a lot with them. Perhaps its the roaming around vs being stationary? No clue just may be coincidence.
  12. When draging crates from container to container some of the same wood type will give that messege. Full or Empty or Partial contents in crate. QL doesn't matter, rarity doesn't matter. For example trying to drag 7 crates from wagon to crate rack, got this error over and over. Dragged 6 from rack to wagon no problem, tried again. Tried single Lrg Crate, Birchwood to rack from wagon, error. Closed out rack, wagon, error Disembarked, error. Reloaded logtime, error. This also seems to happen if i'm moving stored bsbs from rack to rack, or if i'm moving a bunch from inventory to rack. Zero Lag.
  13. 3 nights ago saw a male champ turtle swimming around just north-eastish from my deed in the inner sea area ( and where it says inner sea ) just below magic mountain.
  14. No matter where you sac at, on your deed, another deed, in the wilderness, the bonus will goto your deed. Found that out at an impalong when folks started sacking thinking it would add to the impalongs deed bonus, it doesn't. it goes to their deeds if they're part of one. No clue where it goes if you're not part of a deed or part of a deed on another server.
  15. I'm not a wurm code diver but i'm betting deed density has something to do with it. I've noticed on Indy the rifts appear in about 5 regular areas, granted there has been the oddball Waaaay the F out there location.