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  1. One of the biggest reason why i won't take in villagers is because permissions are almost an All or Nothing deal, or I pen them in, cutting them off from the rest of the deed. Would be nice if i could set aside an area within my deed for a specific person and not have to cut their access to the rest of the deed. +1
  2. Long time post about adding stained glass windows. Heat Sand in furnace till it turns to glass ( in a container cauldron ) add metal lump for color, gold, silver, iron, copper, tin. Oooor add gems to get your colors, Place on open window like a tapestry, Bam stain glass window. ( made a post about this long time ago )
  3. I'd say grats and good fortune. Much like traveling the desert and running across a pile of gold coins in real life next to a skeleton.
  4. Then why we're these players warned, then banned?
  5. Animations back on, away from combat but still could see it, bandaging. Stayed on for about 5ish minutes maybe more.
  6. Just tried to log on same settings with animations turned off
  7. Rfit, Indy, Stable, on horse, animations on, not using a bow or archery. Retro / Arch, said on a horse and haven't crashed yet. Was just about to target a rift creature and crashed. ( gonna turn off animations see if that helps )
  8. Any word yet on if / when this will be fixed?
  9. So for those folks that want to put people on kos, way stone 3 tiles away from your preimter, change the road to a single tile going within 3 tiles of your perimeter, waystone on other end. There, no highway within 3 tiles of your perimeter right?
  10. Haha these new crate racks will give me an excuse to acutally make More crates ;p
  11. It was done because it could be done. As always there will be jackasses that do crap like that, skirting the technicalities by being jerks and usually getting their rocks off by doing so snickering in their moms basement like the trolls they are.
  12. Side note, thought about this after I posted, thinking it's cause we can use both a mallet and iron hammer to make the wood floors with, so not recognizing either the activated hammer / mallet in inventory, nor the one in the crafting window, so shows both options for wood plank floors.
  13. Welcome to wurm. Glade you decided to tough it out and give it a chance.
  14. When you plan a floor, crafting window and right click build shows 2 wooden plank floor options.