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  1. Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee dies at 95 Full Story
  2. And that is exactly the problem with WO. Until and Unless the developers evolve as well as help the game itself evolve it will stagnate, dwindle and die out. Oh sure you might say 'but we're still here' then count how many posts that mention, I took a 2-3-6 month break, or I play off and on over the years. You are correct, posts like this do very little to influence the game. The developers have their so called 'vision' of the game and we have ours, i'd guess 99 percent of the time they don't even come close to each other. Now for my few cents on how to attract new players. Over the top perspective. Get over it. Dam near every game out there has it, if you can't find a way to do it, then fine, if it's not cost efficient to change the engine of the game, then fine, but for Fk's sake quit saying 'It gives an unfair pvp advantage. The only advantage it gives is that the combat system ( wich blows even by 15 year old standards ) is like playing a mud, move forward, hit attack, wait for results. So yeah, quit saying it gives an advantage, cause it don't. Hotkeys. Yes we have a tool belt, but you can't hotkey something on it. But we have macros, OMFG, not everyone understands wtf a macro is, and threads pop up, 'Is this macro against the rules' over and over. Hell how many of us would go out and fight crap more if we could hotkey our attacks and stances and defenses? Hell that might even help improve the pvp attraction as well. Lastly. A clear focus and direction of the game. As far as the general player knows, there is none, it's 'what are they working on this time?' Where do the developers see the game in 1, 2, 5 years? or hell if thats to much time, how bout Months. Yeah we get updates but that doesnt' really tell us much. Retro has come a long way on getting info to us, but honestly, still feel like the developers are throwing darts at a board going 'Ok we'll work on that this month' with no clear vision or direction of where to take the game.
  3. Only problem I have with the new forums so far is the headers being barely visible...
  4. Also around that time WoW went to Sht, literally with crappy expansions and folks left fed up with the bs. Few other games was released, some folks went to those ( and some that i've talked to in game ) came to wurm.
  5. "The Daily Wurm Chronicles' - See how life is by following live and recorded streams of players in their day to day life in the wonderful world of Wurm!! - Come one come all join the excitement as you watch players build Fantastic Buildings, fight Unique Creatures, participate in Great Battles, Explore forests, dark caves, abandoned ruins of old towns. Don't miss out on the adventure of Wurm Online!!
  6. Why bother with this at all? During my time playing, 80 percent of my sales came from In game, the other few are ones that I actively seeked out ( looked and read the forums to find ) and made. Most folks that buy or sell, new players, will ask In Game, not some 3rd party site that has no connection to wurm. So they post on both forums make it even messier, so one auciton gets 2 buyouts on both forums, then wtf are they gonna do? Thats like posting an auction on Ebay and cragslist ( lol sorry ) and 2 folks saying 'buyout for 4g ) ok, who gets it? Then the person gets a F'ed up reputation of being a double dealer. If you're looking for a way to improve the buy / sell / auctions sections on the forums, then how bout first cleaning up all the Closed auctions that are done, Make it Mandatory that aucitons have timers, Add a button for the original poster that says 'Close' and it closes and locks the post. Reputation - hell most of the folks that play know the names to look for and the names to Not look for, again, no real way to do that, even with a down vote / up vote system that could easily be abused by spoofing ip's and fake email addys. Again with No connection to wurm, there is no Real way to verify user names, and if it Is connected to wurm again why do you work more towards improving or even changing the existing forums. Security, not even gonna go there, but no way in hell do i register for 3rd party sites connected or not connected to wurm for the purpose of wurm activites ( PvP forums ring a bell to anyone? ) so yeah, good luck with that. Support. NO support at all means you risk being screwed over. At least with the Official Forums that isn't a risk for players. So to recap. 1. Clean up the current ( delete or archive into a seperate section on the forums ) Closed sales. Sales posts over 30 days, auto close and archive. 2. Clean up the current ect ect Auction Section. 3. Possible add to the profile of the poster 'Sales Reputation' link it to upvote / downvote ( again have to keep and eye on that for abuse ) but easier to monitor by the player themselves, after all it is OUR responsibility for our own reputation, not someone else. 4. Security, sorry, but personally, I will Never register for another site that is connected to Wurm activites ( playing ) and not be supported by the Wurm Staff officially. Anyways, good luck.
  7. Truely INSPRIA-tional Congratulations on you're accomplishment that makes wurm well worth the hard work to achieve.
  8. Sorry if my post came off as aggressive and condescending. ( p.s. I went back read throu the rest of the posts ) I was trying to point out the video's you linked was from years ago at what some consider the height of the PvP community. ( insert drama, bs, behind the scenes in game and out of game crap going on ) and the community dwindled, yes, it did. Wish none of that crap ever happened What I"m trying to say is, we need inspiration, not gimmics, not 'heres your bone have at it' type stuff, but True Inspiration. INSPIRE me to come PvP. Thats what I'd like to point out that is severely lacking in the PvP community relations. Give us that UMPH ooh yeah I want in on that. We hear word of mouth of this and that going on, but Inspire us to come join in on the fun. Yes, I see PvP as fun, do I do it constantly, no, just every once in a while when I"m truly inspired. I have friends that PvP and they're always trying to talk me into moving to chaos, or as I recently did, try epic. I just can't get that feeling of inspiration of OMFG THIS IS SO COOL, ya know? It's probably there, but dang if I want to sit around inside a deed in a castle doing gawd knows what for hours on end ( heck I do enough of that on Indy as it is ... and it's boring ) Honestly I liked how it used to be PvP rewards stayed on PvP as a Reason to continue PvPing ( please no arguements on that ) I just think that there should be some inspiration there as far as bringing in fresh players, old players or converts, Let them earn some kind of reward that keeps their intrest and keeps the PvP community growing. ( as always I Love MCs video's, now That is a person that can inspire others )
  9. I quit reading after this guy linked 1-4 year old videos of Grand Battles ( ooooh aaaaah ) LoL and then noticed 14 people 'Liked' his post. W T F. Seriously, I've seen video's of dead horses getting beat on that was newer than the ones you linked. But, hey, PvP's not dead...
  10. Honestly I read it, didn't even Think about it being april fools and was getting pissed the more and more I read it ( next time, make it a Lot more funny and Heck of a lot less serious ) No seriously, reason I was getting pissed was, i was thinking, Oh Great now even MORE crap to micromanage on ever single action I do, W-T-F!!! aaaah F it, i'm done with wurm if this goes live. reason being I log onto wurm to enjoy it, not micromanage and to hell with it, if i log on die from smithing, or cooking something on my own deed inside my own house. On an april fools joke scale, I give it a 5/7.
  11. Also happened to me, i just happened to have an empty domestic beehive 5 tiles away on opposite side of large iron fence from the noisy domestic beehive and the queen migrated ( took about a week ) not sure if there is a 'max' distance between the empty and noisy beehives, but it is possible they can migrate at least 5 tiles away, domestic ones anyways, haven't tested a wild beehive distance.
  12. Not only that but years ago ql actually made a difference in that lanterns shined light upto 5, 10 tiles away lighting up all around you, now, even at 90+ql, you Might light up 1 to 2 tiles around you.
  13. Not really the same thing. The Epic skill boost and Freedom to Epic ( and other way around ) conversion was a totally different system. With this it is more of Small Metal Shield Skill = 89, Small Wooden Shield = 65, consolidated skill would then give them the highest, Small Shield Skill = 89. Don't think folks would complain. And yeah wouldn't want to give ya a headache over something like this. My thought was that, the game should evolve, not stagnate, after all, even cavemen went from swinging clubs to using swords to machine guns ( not that we'd ever get machine guns lol ) Also wasn't aware that artifact fell under the warhammer section, should be added or noted on the wiki that it does.
  14. Carpentry Knife and Butchering Knife. Just combine them into Knives. Med Metal Shield and Med Wood Shield = Combine to Medium Shield Small Metal Shield and Small Wood Shield. Large Metal Shield and Large Wood Shield. Seriously, 6 skills for each single different shield type? Hell, Small = small, med = med, large = large Also, Move Shield Bashing to a shields subskill. Weapon Head smithing, pointless after 20-30 skill. Blade smithing = pointless after 20-30 skill. Bowery and Fletching should be subskills of archery, face it, i could make the worlds best bow and arrow, don't mean i know jack about building a house. Weaponless fighting, should include non-traditional weapons, frying pans, shovels stuff like that, or just rename it 'Non Traditional Weapons' Healing, get rid of it, just move First Aid upto the main skill, no subs or possibly add some later, Covers / Salves ( for improved chance of sucess not based on ql and luck ) Clubs skill, just move Huge Club to Mauls, or move it into Misc Items like Iron Hammer. Hammers. ( according to wiki ) Yet none of these items are in there as subs. Just move warhammers ( is there such a thing? ) Table of Weaons Nope, so absolutely pointless unless it's some kinda Legacy thing from Waaaaay back when. Milling, "A skill used in the creation of flour from cereal crops.' should be under cooking as a sub skill. Just my 2c worth of thoughts.