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  1. Long time no see guys. I just posted a quick fix for TimedPay mod that will work on WU 1.8.0.X. https://github.com/whisper2shade/TimedPay/releases/tag/v0.2.1 Have fun.
  2. I'm working on a new version and rewriting a lot of the code, just give me a bit more time. No idea if i can make GL channels work, but i'll try.
  3. Guys, i haven't forgotten about you. It's just the real life that's throwing roadblocks for me right now. I haven't even read the rest of the thread yet (i will). I just wanted to say that i'm still alive and will continue with this mod. Just please be patient.
  4. Sorry guys, i've been off for a bit - RL stuff. I still need a bit of time to sort out stuff, but i will continue with my mods next week.
  5. Sorry guys, i've been off for a bit - RL stuff. I still need a bit of time to sort out stuff, but i will continue with my mods next week.
  6. I just noticed that post, i'll have to look at it some more.
  7. The bot will create all required channels for kingdoms, villages and possibly alliances and then it will assign the proper permissions to view the channels to members of those villages, kingdoms and alliances so that whoever can view the channels in wurm can view them in discord.
  8. The bot will require permissions in the future to create/manage channels and user roles.
  9. The bot needs write permissions to write the messages in discord.
  10. That's because it is deliberately ignoring messages from bots. Could be made configurable in the future to allow this. I have to experiment with it a bit. We'll see. Right now i'm working on the autocreation of proper channels and management of villages as well (with proper permissions for village citizens).
  11. I tested it already and the steam id checking works.
  12. A good guide is here: https://discordapp.com/developers/docs/topics/oauth2#bots I might write some tips later after i make it more feature complete. Right now i'm working on the ability for the bot to create all needed channels for kingdoms and villages.
  13. I have fixed the kingdom names with spaces problem and deployed a new version. I have added a new property to configuration "useUnderscore" If true, kingdom names with spaces will be represented with underscores instead of spaces on discord (#freedom_isles) if false, the space will be removed (#freedomisles) Have fun