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  1. Derby of 1075

    Interesting. It seems the event happens at 7pm my time. Hopefully I'll win a ticket, I'd love to get my hands on an additional 10 sleep powder.
  2. Goodness, that map is old. Was that like, two weeks since the new servers opened in 2012-2013? I also noticed the SE lake (that I currently live next to), there used to be an island there? Wow.
  3. I like it, however, you have confused me on "if the horses sell". This is for importing one's horses cross-server, not buying new ones.
  4. This thread is based off of my (apparent) one-sided suggestion about dealing with a lack of permissions when it comes to bringing your favorite animal cross-server. Now I realize that throwing a tent down outside of the perimeter of a deed and hitching the horse, is a good workaround to not having perms cross-server. But there's an idea someone gave me, that I don't know where to post it (or even if people would be willing to incorporate this system). The idea, was of trusted individuals on every server, willing to 'rent' a spot for one's horse (where they would brand it and then turn perms over to you). And as long as this person's deed stays, the perms will. But how much would such a service cost, and would it be based of a RL day, or a RL month? Like for example, I give you 25c and you brand my horse, and let me use it on your server for a month. But this becomes a problem that the person would have to be active, and write down the names of all the people they're helping with this, and how long until the month is over. I hope to have a civilized conversation about this (or something related to this). And to the mods, please move this thread to wherever you feel is appropriate for this kind of discussion.
  5. I wish to buy a 5-speed female horse (color doesn't matter). It also must be between an Adol to Old (no Foals, or Ven). I'll travel to any PvE server (except Xanadu, because of it's size and I'll likely get lost trying to find you) to pick it up via creature cage. Looking for a reasonable, competitive price (I have no idea what the current average is for 5-speeds). If you're interested in selling, please either contact me ingame ('Dragonhead') or in here if you're unable to reach me (with your ingame name). ----------------------- Purchase completed. Thank you.
  6. Definitely agree with the OP. Being able to cut the speed to park exactly where I'm aiming for, would be awesome. And I also love the set sails suggestion, to just go where the wind takes you (when you're bored and you have nowhere particular to go). +1
  7. This is what I was told (but not this detailed) by my neighbor, but is this 'age poll' a 50/50 chance? And will you be notified if the poll rolls against the creature (or just see an empty cage)?
  8. This question comes from the warning when loading a venerable creature into a creature cage; "The venerable fat {creature name} is venerable, and may die if it crosses to another server." So I'm just asking (for the ones actively taking their animals cross-server), have any of you had a ven actually die on you while crossing? For me, I've been lucky (so far). But I feel my luck will eventually end. I mean I could 'easily' breed to (hopefully) get a new 5-speed horse, but with my Animal Husbandry only 25, I don't have the required skill to see all five speed traits (let alone any negative speed effects).
  9. It would mainly be for the PvE servers. And that cost doesn't cover the 4s and 21c per deed founding (which would be (in total)): 25s and 44c (not including the cost of my only deed). That's a bit expensive (and also ridiculous). This is why I feel there needs to be an alternative means (that would be reasonable enough for both parties to agree with).
  10. Alright, I know the creature cages just came out a day ago, and I wasn't there for testing. Because if I was, I would be asking to keep permissions of branded animals cross-server (or some kind of new craftable nametag that says "It has been branded by and belongs to the settlement of {deed name} in {server name}"). If you have branded the animal, people should be able to see this brand on other servers (instead of saying "Wogic's the reason the brand magically disappears after crossing servers"). Now I realize most people are going to be against this, saying "Wurm isn't a soloable game, you're supposed to play with friends, or own a deed on every server." Not everyone has time, or wants to make friends, or have the money to afford deeds (including the upkeep) on every server (so they can explore every server with their horse). That's why I say, a special branding or some kind of nametag (perhaps based on one's Animal Husbandry skill) could be attached to the creature cage (since you cannot attach items to the horse while its in the cage), that would transfer the permissions off-server. Of course, the item should have decay.
  11. Sorry for the lengthy delay. No, I wasn't using a rope. I tried that, and that gave the option. In my defense, I had no one telling me this (I was planning to be a part of the public testing for the creature cage, but couldn't). But I'm very glad this is not a bug. There is one thing I need to mention (that I'm not sure if it would be a concern down the road), but when I was on the other server and checked the permissions, it showed how I was not a part of a village and stuff. Is this normal? Like, if I add my alt to this (with full permissions) and go cross-server, will he have full access (as I do)? And of the 'horse color bug', this was fully cleared up by the GM who answered my ticket. I have updated the title to Solved. Thanks so much, Darklords.
  12. I'm actually reporting two bugs with the creature cage (one major and one minor). Major: I put my horse in the cage, loaded it up and took it cross-server. It survived the trip. Went over to the mainland, unloaded and 'Opened' the cage. Selected the horse, and I see no 'Unload Creature' option. I tried doing this off of a deed as well, still no option. Loaded it back up and went back home (to my server). Unloaded, tried to unload the horse.. again, no option. My neighbor suggested that I should be able to unload it in a structure. Tried my house... still no option. Tried relogging, still no option. So I made a GM ticket. I cannot bash the cage (to get it to 80 damage, to free it), because it says there's a creature in the cage. Added a picture of what I see; Minor: A visual bug. The horse turns brown when in the cage (when it's actually gray).
  13. Valrei International. 060

    Super stoked about these upcoming updates.
  14. The Gaussian Roll - Mathematical Analysis

    Cool. So now instead of putting the blame on Wogic, I can blame this. Thanks.
  15. Poll Wurm Veteran Status

    Started in Gold 2, but 'Dragonhead' isn't my oldest char. 'Benie' would be my oldest (which is owned by my friend who's been in Wurm much longer than I have), but it was about that same year (2008). I've been off and on. Took a long hiatus in 2011. Came back 2015.