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  1. I would bring my alt (so I can stay at the Lunalong), but he has no prem and isn't a fighter. He would just get in the way.
  2. (Ignore this. I just noticed that Kittenhold is now gone from the map)
  3. I've been noticing this since yesterday. I thought it was a bug with multi clienting, but it happens with just my main. Cross into Xan, it's pitch dark. 30 seconds later, Sol finally sets itself correctly. Sure this isn't some new time zone feature, to show that Planet Wurm is round?
  4. Rest in peace, Tich. I shall flatraise in her name -- for she taught me how to, back in 2010. You will be greatly missed.
  5. Greetings...

    Saw your post and wanted to send a note- I take it you are set on establishing your own deed?  Just wanted to check and see where you were on your plans for moving to Xanadu.

  6. So I made this thread back in July, and I still haven't even started the process of saving. That's why I wanna know if either an FX 8350 or 8370 would work as an upgrade for my 4350 (yet not be like the 9590 of it jumping 100c on boot up). I know it wouldn't be a solid upgrade, but I just want a stepping stone to work up to a Ryzen 5 2600. Also, would it be compatible with my current motherboard (listed in the link)? If not, could I please have a recommendation for one that is?
  7. Thank you all for your suggestions, feedback, and help to curb some of my concerns. That should do it.
  8. I really like the concept. Best of luck to you.
  9. Greetings, Xanaduians. Seeing more deeds pop up than disband while I was briefly there for a few days, began to make myself ponder if it's a good idea to move here (from Cele). One of the reasons, being of how massive the server is. How on some roads, the only structures around is the occasional guard tower (or maybe not even that). The feeling that it takes 3 or so hours to get from one end of the server to the other, I really enjoy. And this, is pretty much the main reason why I'm greatly considering of moving. Being an explorer, I enjoy long trips. I also notice how nice the community is. And I hope, that I could possibly ask (of my below set requirements) if there are any potential candidates of this matter. I'm not asking for people to be looking around for one person, just... any spots you folks may had come across in your travels. Here's my set requirements; 1. Flat area (modest sized) that's next to the ocean (with a deep bottom infront of it). I'll also settle with a deep lake (with an all boats accessible canal). 2. Mine nearby. 3. Resource deposits nearby (tar/clay mainly). 4. Catseye highway access nearby. 5(most important). No neighboring active deeds. The reason being, is I just prefer to work alone. -Optional: A guard tower nearby. As I said above, if you folks know of anything that closely matches these requirements, please let me know (to get a general idea of where to look). There's also other factors that are keeping me from considering of moving. With how massive the server is, I feel there's got to be unique issues I must be made aware of; any hidden dangers of living in Xan (other than the mobs (some being champ), and of course the lag). Such as; 1. Extremely long downtimes. 2. Server Shutdowns that might revert previous hard work. And anything else of the sort, that I should be aware of. That should be it. To the ones that got this far, thank you for reading. Hopefully, I'll see you all in Xan one day (as a resident).
  10. Interesting how this starts on the day the NEXALong ends. Count me in. I can do BS and Carp.
  11. Signing up for this. I can do BS and Carp. Will let you know if I'm not able to attend. Also need a room for myself and my alt (one room, two beds if possible).
  12. I've had a love/hate relationship with Wurm since I started in 2009. I actually took a hiatus in early 2011 'till late 2015, because I was so sick of what was going on; The grinding, the failures, the 'wogic'. And having neighbors. I honestly don't get what keeps this game going, especially how it's lasted this long. And the only things that keep bringing me back, are Impalongs (helping others and making the grind a bit less of a headache), server exploration via boat/horseback.. and of course throwing another month into upkeep. That's really the only reasons why I'm still playing.. other than the memories I had with this game (some bad, some not so bad).
  13. I've been up and down that canal before, sadly I lack the mind logic to drive a Caravel (by .25).