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  1. I've been up and down that canal before, sadly I lack the mind logic to drive a Caravel (by .25).
  2. Close please

    *Bump, still in need of a Deli brand*
  3. Is it winter yet?

    All I ask is to make 'grass' not look the same as roads, to make road travel actually possible (instead of guesswork of where the road is).
  4. Close please

    *BUMP, still looking. Come on, Deli. Please be nice. I once praised you guys of being the nicest server of the Freedom Isles*
  5. Unannounced nerf to smelting pots

    *holding sign that says "DEATH TO #WOGIC!!!" on it* PROTES-- wait, crap. *scratches out #Wogic for "UNRELEASED 'FEATURES'"* There we go.
  6. Tip - Moving Forges

    Just last night, myself and my alt were pushing an (unneeded anymore because I converted to another God) altar off my deed. Might try this 'push to center' thing the next time I need to push something off-deed, that can't be loaded into a wagon.
  7. Close please

    *BUMP, re-opened the need for a Deli brand*
  8. Valrei International. 065

    Indeed Retro, that was an awesome Impalong. You nearly had us with that Avatar of Libia boss fight at the end.
  9. When you need solid bridge support

    I thought this was Release for a second, as I remember a set of bridges similar to this (on the near NW side of Rel). And a deed named "Vertigo" up there.
  10. Just wanted to say, earlier in the year as I explored Pristine by horseback, I came across this place and thought "this would be perfect for an impalong". Should had known this was prime to be since 2013. Glad I was able to show up, as I had quite a lot of fun. It did have kind of a rocky start; being ready yet also being early, but at the end.. this was one of my favorite impalongs. Thank you to Virus and the staff for everything, and the GMs for the shows-- the battles were great. I hope to make it for next year's Impalong (with hopefully some Weaponsmithing to add).
  11. Close please

    *BUMP, still in need of a brand from Deli. Hope to receive one before Friday as I'll be prepping for the Pristine Impalong*
  12. Close please

    Thanks for the brand, Oblivionnreaver! OP has been updated. Deli remains. One more brand is all I need.
  13. Are your horses completely MESSED UP?

    Only in Xanadu. I can make my horse walk sideways too.
  14. Close please

  15. Changing weight force re-checks horse speed traits

    I have had several instances of bison with a wagon, take 10 seconds to upwards of 10 minutes until they speed up. This easily happens when you hop out of the wagon for a minute or two, then hop back in. And all of these are 5-speeds. Though, I'm not sure if this is related to the OP (I hope it is though).