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  1. I saw this right infront of me. Called for the guards, and saw one in the 'run' position, then goes back to the 'idle' position. This has happened since the last major patch(that happened a month ago). Do the devs expect everyone to be well-geared and have 70+ FS to defend ourselves for now on? I'm actually glad I did.
  2. Thank you, Warlander. You're awesome. EDIT: New error with 2.8.8. Affecting 'Animal' objects; I also have a few older errors for you. Was hoping someone else would had posted these, but it looks like I have to; 1. Sandstone slabs/bricks don't show up on a freshly created Export. 2. Lavender hedges show up as wooden fences on a freshly created Export. 3. After exporting my deed and throwing it in DP, the token's needle is pointing South (instead of North). I can send you my .MAP file if needed. 4. When doing an arched bridge in DP, it doesn't matter what steepness I pick as it always defaults to 5. Do have fun with your vacation, Warlander.
  3. Bulls aren't fleeing from me. Also, I have horses trying to go through fences and walls on my deed. In ways, I kind of like the fact the horses are walking about in my pens; makes them feel more 'alive' than only used for transportation. But when they are able to be halfway through a wall (or look like they're about to glitch through a gate), there's a problem.
  4. +1 to the above suggestion. In 2009-2010, I used a 2D-only planner called Mapper, that had trees in 2D. If it's possible to see something similar in Deedplanner, that would be very awesome.
  5. Got another bug report for you, Warlander. Sandstone fences claim they require Marble bricks instead of Sandstone bricks.
  6. Getting a bug with the 'Planter rack' object;
  7. I get the same thing.
  8. I have deeded in Cele. Dragontail Hideaway, S21 on the World Map - Y44 X38 on the Celebration Community Map.
  9. Thanks for the head's up, Retrograde.
  10. Interesting. Thanks for that info. I'm going to give it a proper name.
  11. There's a lake SE of Deadnoob Sea that's unnamed. Has this lake had an official name in the past? The reason why is I'm planning to move from Indy to Cele (on the SW side of that lake), and I want to name the deed after the lake.
  12. The 'challenge' is to know this is the same as real life, that nothing is going to given to you, and you have to work for it.
  13. Jaz, you seem like you have the best deal that I've ever heard. Let me know when you're available and I'll mail you the set.
  14. I'm in need of gear-reimping to 70QL (will go for 80 if the price is good enough). This is what I need re-imped; copper chain jacket [currently at 64.27 copper chain sleeve (2x) [currently around 68.88] copper chain pants [currently at 62.55] copper chain boot (2x) [currently around 71.61] copper chain gauntlet (2x) [currently around 71.29] I realize copper is more pricey than iron, but I don't got 10+s to give to re-imp everything (everytime the gear drops into the 60's).. which is why I'm making this thread to get some good prices. I can pay in other ways, such as making bricks to order (however they would be around 23.44 stone-cutting). Let's try make a sensible deal to benefit both parties, alright?
  15. I found a gray-colored horse near the northern Indy border, with a shark swimming around it. Lead it back to my deed. The horse has no equipment. If you're the owner of this horse, contact me ingame ('Dragonhead') or a message in here(if I'm not online). Pickup at Oceanside Retreat (NW corner of F10 on the World Map | between 12/13y, 9x on the Albia roads map(right on the mainland)). If I receive no contact within two weeks from the start of this post, I will assume this horse is ownerless and claim it as my own.