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  1. free imping

    Is this limited time free dragon armor thing still available? If so, can I please get a red set (with the 80ql imp) and also send to Dragonhead?
  2. Are you planning to do the south side of the server, Moogien?
  3. Logged in a few days ago, and I found two piles of animals right outside the walls of my deed (sheep/cows/bulls/chickens/roosters, and a horse). Guess they're still working on it.
  4. Thanks for the responses, everyone. Glad to know it's still being worked on.
  5. Sounds fun, and something to do after the Indy Impalong.
  6. I personally feel Rifts should be once a month. Having done my first Rift (and having another one popping up a week later), felt like a 'community grind event'. Though I also support that people who put in more effort, should be rewarded more. Fair's fair.
  7. Bumping as others do need to see this topic, though I also have to give my opinion here. I joined this several months ago, however the topic of discussion seems to mainly be about the Chaos server (and not so much of Freedom). I was hoping to see a Chaos and Freedom chat channel, for people who are into PvP and PvE (instead of just one chat channel). Just my two cents.
  8. Disclaimer: The following is all my opinion. Came back to Wurm a day ago since the changes of the experimental release were moved over to the stable branch, and I have to say, the new color of the water is... why? The lake infront of my deed is emerald green, so is the canal that goes into said deed. I liked the original color. It looked more realistic. If this wasn't a change to the color of water at all (but the way it's reflecting the area around it), I..just don't like it. I'm sorry. I don't know what it is, but the emerald green is really ruining it for me. It's like a ton of algae was pumped into the water. Is there a way to switch back to the original?
  9. @zigozag, all three of these issues were reported by me, on Page 90 (please go look). Also, the diagonal tiles being full thing, has been a bug for a pretty long time. @Warlander: Fantastic work!
  10. Warlander, I posted a bunch of bugs earlier in the month (Page 90, before you went on your holiday), and I noticed none of them were addressed in your latest updates. Could you please look at them?
  11. armour

    Thanks for lowering the value of Dirt in the market... used to be 1s for 1k.
  12. +1, but I feel the purists will be all "lol ur so casual just doubleclick scrub". I for one want this idea to be a reality..
  13. I don't see any disadvantages, and it makes Wurm feel more realistic. +1.
  14. This gets a +1 from me as well.