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  1. [SOLD] can close/delete

    Bump, still up for sale
  2. [SOLD] can close/delete

    Awesome thank you.
  3. [SOLD] can close/delete

    Thank you for letting me know, I added the images links at the end, mine letting me know if those work for you?
  4. [SOLD] can close/delete

    Thanks, I've noticed myself. Although I'm not leaving wurm just moving to another location.
  5. [SOLD] can close/delete

    Still up for sale
  6. [SOLD] can close/delete

    Selling my deed 57 x 22 at H12 Xanadu asking for 25s Has 6s in coffer Water front connected to outer waters [23:27:12] Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [98] Clay on deed Mountain right behind it that has iron and silver 6 oak trees on deed a number more along the outside 8 bsb's // 2 fsb's // 2 forges // 6 ovens // 25+ street lamps on deed Close hunting grounds Deeds been in place since server's opening day Comment below or PM Shuouma ingame if interested Links to the images above just incase they are not working for you
  7. Weekly news #40 Changing Times

    So what project will the staff be working on then? Is it another sandbox style game?
  8. Maybe you should lock up your things. Its your own fault someone was able to come by and take what they want. There's locks and house settings for a reason, use part of the game to protect yourself just like players will use part of the game to pick up items.
  9. WTB 20Silver [Bought]

    Sale complete, can close thread
  10. WTB 20Silver [Bought]

    Are you on Xanadu? other wise CoD a 20 and 10 silver coin to Shuouma and once I see it in the mail I will send payment to your paypal.
  11. WTB 20Silver [Bought]

    bump Still looking, comment here if you're selling
  12. WTB 20Silver [Bought]

    Looking to buy 20Silver coins 1E per silver, might buy up to 30silver. Ingame name Shuouma on Xanadu
  13. Change Price Of Sleep Powder To 2 Silver

    -1 the only reason ppl are selling powder at 2s is because you get one for free each time you sub your account from the servers shop(pay euro's for account time)
  14. +1 its to easy now to enchant items with little risk