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Found 14 results

  1. Looking to offload this dirt as it's taking up too much space in my warehouse and I will likely never use it. Free delivery to coastal deeds on freedom servers. (Can deliver up to 12.9k) Starting off - 70c/k Knarr load or more - 60c/k All at once+pickup - 50c/k SOLD
  2. Welcome to my shop, feel free to browse! All items are discounted and I am accepting offers on everything. Large Chest Weapons Rack Honey Barrels Rune Merchant Wine Barrels Visit this Google Doc for what each rune does, I am selling for 2c/QL. Not sure what the Honey and Wine goes for nowadays so please offer. Wine was made before the big cooking update. Also Selling 776 Beeswax at 45.09QL. May Libila guide you and have a nice day. #bringlibilatofreedom #libilaistheonetruegod #blacklegionliveson
  3. Happy Midsummer! Message Niki in the Wurm Discord for a exclusive 5% off your order! s=silver i=iron Why am I charging iron? I developed a new system and software to keep track of sales using character logs. This is private use for now. Thanks for the cooperation! Items that are not marked are low QL and blank. Rare Large Shield, Iron 4s1i Rare Sickle, Iron 4s2i Rare Leather Knife, Iron 4s5i Rare Lantern, Iron 4s6i Special deals: Rare Crowbar, Steel 5s Ever wanted to be like Gordon Freeman in Half Life? Now you can! HL3 Confirmed? (You can wield it yes, and it glows!) Rare Scythe, Steel 6s Rare Staff, Steel 10s A unique weapon, which does blunt damage.
  4. Tired of chopping down a forest on your own? Tired of filling up your 200 planter racks? Tired of spamming wine barrels for your beloved alcohol? Tired of making hundreds of pottery bricks that use up tons of clay? You have come to the right place! CURRENT STOCK: Erevorn's Variety Workshop now accepts orders for: WOODCUTTING: FINE CARPENTRY: POTTERY: GARDENING: FLETCHING: BLACKSMITHING: MINING: MASONRY: SHIELDS AND SHIELDSMITHING IMPS: DIGGING: OTHERS: RESOURCES FROM HUNTING: Special bargain deal! *For every thousand of mortar you order you get 100 pottery bricks for free! *Bargain available from 4pm CET +1 22-06-2017 until the CET+1 midnight of 30-06-2017 . If it turns rare, supreme or even fantastic it's yours! Contact Erevorn in-game or via the forums and place your order now! 1. Crates not provided unless agreed otherwise - additional payment of 10c per large crate and 5c per small crate. 2. Delivery coastal free over 4k items ordered; otherwise - 1s. 3. Delivery in-land possible ONLY on Xan - 2-3s depending on the difficulty of the road. 4. Bulk goods and services not listed above are ALSO available upon individual valuation and agreement. 5. Estimated time of completion per order - 1 week unless agreed otherwise. 6. You can cancel your order until it has been loaded and the transport is out.
  5. New to the game? Have a town that needs to supply your new members with enchanted skillers? Have a few coopers to spare for a deal? If you said "YES I DO SHAZ!!" then you've come to the right place. Heavy discounts on a hoard of Circle of Cunning (coc) enchanted tools with 70+ power. All tools are iron unless otherwise specified. 1minute mailbox time! Prices are 2copper per power with a base of 30copper @ 70c: 70c = 30c 75c = 40c 80c = 50c 90c = 90c (+4 per power) ex. 77c item is 44copper. Sales List: Butchering Knives (all 58-60ql) 70c 71c (x2) 72c 73c 74c 76c 77c 79c 81c (x4) 82c 83c 85c 86c (x2) 87c 88c 90c (x2) 93c 96c 32ql 65c/65w (50copper) Carving Knife 16ql 74c 15ql 75c File 8ql 83c 24ql 92c Hammer 47ql 70c 57ql 73c 6ql 73c 16ql 73c 8ql 74c 56ql 75c 56ql 76c 9ql 76c 54ql 77c 53ql 79c 53ql 79c 32ql 80c 40ql 84c 76ql 93c Hatchet 20ql 71c 21ql 75c 38ql 78c 78ql 79c/83woa (1.4s) Leather Knife 35ql 73c 44ql 96c Mallet 71ql 75c87w (75copper) 71ql 71c64w (70copper) 18ql 83c60w (80copper) 55ql 66c66w (50copper) Needle 69ql 79c Pickaxe (iron) 32ql 70c 56ql 71c 59ql 71c 56ql 72c 38ql 72c 57ql 78c 59ql 81c 57ql 82c 33ql 82c46w (+20copper) 48ql 83c 59ql 85c 30ql 87c 24ql 88c Pickaxe (steel) --> ADD 10c to cost! 50ql 70c 42ql 72c 44ql 72c 37ql 73c 38ql 77c 50ql 77c 51ql 78c 44ql 80c 42ql 83c 53ql 83c 46ql 85c 33ql 87c Rake 9ql 69c (25copper) 16ql 70c 46ql 75c 35ql 75c Saw 13ql 79c Shovel 45ql 74c 59ql 74c68w (+20copper) 51ql 73c75w (+30copper)
  6. Make an offer on what you like, I will COD to first reasonable offer. Pickaxe, iron QL 20.02 WoA 59 Shovel, iron 83.04 QL WoA 86 Shovel, iron 51.53QL WoA 71 Sickle, iron QL 70.97 BOTD 79 Breast plate, steel QL 43 AOSP 91 Hammer, iron QL 78.78 CoC 57 Hatchet, iron QL 81.28 WoA 35 Large anvil, iron QL 76.07 WoA 45 Rake, iron QL 48.69 WoA 70
  7. --- SOLD --- I'm offering several nice skilling tools, enchanted with "Circle of Cunning", so they will increase your skill gain when used: Special discount prices: 1: Small iron anvil (COC 75) ............. 50c(*) 2: Cedarwood mallet (COC 54) ............. 40c(*) 3: Iron hatchet (COC 66) ................. 40c(*) 4: Steel pickaxe (COC 68) .................50c(*) 5: Iron pickaxe (COC 89) ................. 70c(*) 6: Iron hammer (COC 70) ...................50c(*) 7: Iron hammer (COC 44) .................. 30c(*) 8: Iron hammer (COC 67) ................ 50c(*) 9: Iron rake (COC 60) .................... 40c(*) 10: Iron needle (COC 60) .................. 40c(*) (*) Sold
  8. Some really nice 4 speed horses, all are clean without any negative traits. Low price to sell quickly 15c for Aged horses and 20c for the Adolescent & Foals. Pick up at Nexus Landing in P22 on Xanadu.
  9. Lots of enchanted items need to go from my dragon hoard please take a look and thank you! Some items are unable to be mailed and will be required to be picked up sorry! If you're unable to see images click here: Looking for horse related merchandise? Click here:
  10. Looking to purchase some scissors and a needle above 50ql and with 45+ coc on each of them. I can pay only pay 50c (not including mailing fee) each on them so give me your best offer
  11. Located at Northern Deli (24.5x 7.5y) 1 pickaxe: 55c 2 pickaxes: 1s 5 pickaxes: 2s 25c 10 pickaxes: 4s All 20: 7s Want 85ql instead of 80? Add 10c per pickaxe! Message in thread or by PM on the forums(or ingame) with details on your purchase, as well as where you live!
  12. Due to being in a good mood today, there will be 25% discount at Fjalkes Forgeworks for the next 12 hours - this applies only to orders received by forum/pm
  13. Aloha gang, If you happen to be on Exodus or passing by, why not stop by Opulence and pick yourself up a skilling tool from merchant Skilling_Tools during today's promotion where everything is 50% off? Remember, it's 1 Day Only and you must stop by in order to take advantage of these discounts. Don't forget, we are right HERE.
  14. Offering a wrongly purchased settlement form for 9 silver, pick up at Kalayaan (independence) <17x 37y>