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  1. : WMADD LatLng(448.64074, 540.125)=Crossroads Public Market
  2. 1079, 342 Crossroads Public Market
  3. Absolutely Ridiculous, ANOTHER map??
  4. Server Merge

    So ive been told that possibly in the future the new steam servers will connect to the original wurm servers in some way, is this true?? Just looking for some idea what to look forward to. Thanks
  5. Can you PM me the solution??? [16:24:02] > Info > GrangerFeature > smile cond: You smile at a venerable fat horse. [16:24:02] > Info > GrangerFeature > attempting to start processing creature due to line: You smile at a venerable fat horse. [16:24:02] > Info > GrangerFeature > extracting object name [16:24:02] > Info > GrangerFeature > object assumed to be a creature [16:24:02] > Info > GrangerFeature > processing creature cancelled, AH skill or server group unknown for player Superfly (skill: ; server: Name: Xanadu, WebStatsUrl:, ServerGroup: FREEDOM
  6. Please Add High Tide Harbor 2615 x -388 Thank You
  7. Norhaven Online

    We are back... Running on our own server equipment, family server. Visit us using the Wurm Game Launcher "Norhaven Online" Jump on Discord and chat us up! New Highways being setup, we are paying silvers for road builders as well as skilled people for towers. Youll get 200 Tiles for FREE and never pay upkeep, expand your deed with coin earned for Bountys on creatures, earn extra for burning corpses Once you've bought extra times for your deed, they are yours, no upkeep! Check out our map:
  8. Deeds and Upkeep

    Looking for some help managing deeds on my new server, Id like to offer a specific amount of free deed space then players can add more times by purchasing them, without any upkeep, what's the best way to do this?
  9. Norhaven Adventure

    Finally opened our new computer store, and one of the first items on my list was to install our OWN wurm server, no paying hosting fees, no crazy cost for ram... We reset our old server and moved to a 8192x8192 map, packed it with 75,000 creatures, and set it for adventure setting. FREE Deeds, but there is upkeep... Skill gain is set at 2 Dig Like Mining, Crops wont DIE if you take a break... Small amount of mods.... (No Spell Priest mod this time) Join us via the WURM Launcher at: ---=== Norhaven Adventure ===--- Looking forward to seeing you!
  10. Looking for active players! We have a PVE Map as well as a large (4096) Survival Map. Check Out Lands Of Norhaven!
  11. Naming Map 2 Help us name our second map! Click here: And place your vote on existing names, or make up your own!
  12. Spawn in point is Norhaven Harbor - Where you can find Merchants, Livestock Sales, Portal to PVP Mountian, as well as the new Portal to The Survival Server, Im attaching a couple pics, this city was completely player built, we had a city raising, and traveled from across the map to help build Norhaven's Main Port.