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  1. Sleigh Idea is a hit I think, and yeah, the lights could be different in a lot of ways like the lamps now
  2. The ability to make christmas lights stockings and other such items would be Great, Christmas lights could be like crafting 5 of iron lumps with green and red dye, then putting them all together with wires or string to make a string of light. Stockings could be like making cloth shoes with a dye twist or something close. if you have other ideas leave them here and maybe this year or next year they will get added. (Probably next year)
  3. @jaytooYour the Winning, you can pick up at the location. Or we can talk about delivery. Pm me in game at MiniKilljoy
  4. Starting bid: 10 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Buyout: 50s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: NOT ACCEPTED Big Thanks To the Following People: Laval for making and Imping the Smelter Pukaria for making and attaching the rune Archnerd for Helping me add these Pictures. Smelter is at D 15 on Harmony, my deed is Jones Landing Pick up or I will Delivery for 2s Extra. Have Fun Wurming
  5. Yes, the map is still being updated, I have fell into an illness and am finding a part time person to update the map for me, as I am drained from most of my energy for this. Please just bear with me and the map will be updated soon.