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  1. Think I got it all fixed for you. let us know if its still wrong
  2. Close Thread, Choice been made. Thanks to everyone who will help
  3. Updated Thanks Got it added Thanks for telling Added, Happy Wurming
  4. Things like this truly help A LOT, just make sure the coords are right. and if you could put them in the format would be even better. Thanks Emmett
  5. This would probably be best tbh, I just kind of messed up my wording on the post.
  6. Hello everyone, After the first map dump this pass year a lot of the highways are off track. It is difficult to tell which are actually Highways, and which aren't. I am wondering if you guys would mind me removing old highways after each dump release and only add new highways that were built afterward. What do you guys think? Any feedback is welcome, let's just keep it civil on all counts. Thanks for your Time, MiniKilljoy - Community Map Manager
  7. All updated, sorry about the late update.